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Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Publisher: Nintendo / Driving / Genre: Racing / Genre: Action / ESRB Rating: E - (Everyone) / Max. Number of Players: 4 / ESRB Descriptor: Mild Suggestive Themes / ESRB Descriptor: Mild Cartoon Violence

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2010 15:57



      Great for kids and families.

      First of all, lets be clear about what this game is and is not...it is not a game for hardcore gamers who like a challenge. However, it is absolutely fantastic as an introduction to gaming for kids. It is basically a racing game with very simple controls, basically shaking the wii remote and nunchuk, and easy steering and manoevres. The characters will also appeal to young kids-the Kongs, who are all monkeys and the Kremlings who are their crocodile enemies. You can unlock characters as you play.

      There are various modes to this game:

      There is an initial training mode to get you used to the controls.The training mode teaches you how to turn, jump and attack anemies as well as using the "boost" that gives you an extra burst of speed when you have collected a set amount of bananas. Because the controls are simple, any player will be up and running after a quick run through the training section.

      Grand Prix:
      Various sets of tracks which get progressively harder. If you come top of the podium at the end of all the races, you can unlock extra features and difficulty modes. The tracks are nice and varies with great graphics and music.there is a space track, desert tracks, jungle tracks, ice tracks and ruins, to name but a few.

      Vs mode:
      Gives you chance to have up to 4 individuals competing against each other at once on either individual track or on the grand prix circuits. This is easily the best feature of the game, but you will need a wii remote for each player.

      Candys challenges:
      A series of challenges which get harder, the more you complete. Typical challenges would be collecting a set amount of bananas, or defeating a certain amount of enemies. Completing certain challenges unlocks various characters.

      This is a really fun game to play as a family or at parties, even when people are unfamiliar with gaming because it is so simple. the graphics are bright, the music is fun and not irritating and this is a good buy because it has been out a while and you can usually get it quite cheaply from high street game stores, or in the preowned section.


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      24.11.2008 15:06
      Very helpful



      A colourful detailed game for younger gamers or family fun

      Donkey Kong Barrel Blast I believe is the US name for what is Donkey Kong Jet Race in the UK. I think The US name is better as Jet Race suggests some kind of jet/aircraft racing game. This is not. However as I got it as part of a console package rather than a game I chose myself, I cant complain too much.

      This game lets you race as a variety of Donkey Kong characters who fly around on what I originally thought were bongo drums but now appear to be barrels! This strange flying idea is powered by the player drumming the Wii-mote and nunchuk to accelerate and then throughout the race various power ups can be used to give extra speed and there are weapons to use against other players.

      Races can be completed and won to give access to more race tracks and characters. The race tracks are all well detailed cartoon environments that will generally appeal to younger gamers but the multi player option will let adults join in for more family fun. I found the controls slightly hard to get the hang of at first but after some practice this game should be easily played by gamers of all ages.


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