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Dreamworks Megamind: Mega Team Unite (Wii)

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2 Reviews

PEGI Rating: Ages 7 and Over / Genre: Action & Adventure / Release Date: 26 Nov 2010 / Published by THQ

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    2 Reviews
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      06.08.2011 13:24
      Very helpful



      recommended for little ones but any older than 8 or 9 wouldn't be as entertained by it.

      I am a bit of a sucker for a good game. I have fond memories of spending hours on my first playstation and only tearing my eyes away from the screen for food or toilet breaks. As I've got older, I've started to notice how money has taken a dramatic effect on my old gaming habits. I'll stand in the shop for ages swaying between getting a game or not. Two or three years ago my Mum bought a wii for Christmas in a random attempt to keep the family all in the same room doing the same activity at Christmas. It worked. However the power of the wii is that after a while, theres just no temptation to play.

      My best friend is a huge gamer and always encourages me in any way to buy games so it wasn't a surprise that for my 19th Birthday his present for me was a game for the wii. He knew that Megamind was a favourite film of mine because it was what me and my now boyfriend went to see for our first date, 8 months ago. So of course he thought I might like the game.

      the front and back covers make the game look very exciting with bright colours and enthusiastic captions and is very much aimed at younger audiences. I must admit, even to me at 19 the imagery and lettering made it look like a really good game.

      So, Sitting down to play (because theres no dancing about on this game) with the wii controller and the nunchuk which is needed to play the game as it says on the packaging. The videos and story line is really well animated and thought out but its so repetitive that it makes me want to cry. every level is pretty much the same but in a different setting and with different baddies. Its big disappointment for me and with only four levels, I gave up on the fourth and didn't bother playing anymore.

      The addition of the baddies to the team is also confusing because you only have four players on your team and having the original four from the film, why would you want the others? That made no sense to me.

      However, a small child wouldn't even think about that whilst playing and some parts of the game they would find very fun and exciting. The four player option means that they can play with three of their friends, if you have that amount of controllers, of course.

      You can find the game priced at anywhere between £15 to £30 and if you really didn't enjoy the game, at least you can trade it in at CEX for a fiver (which is what I did!).


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      22.03.2011 08:54
      Very helpful



      Ok for the money but wou;dn't pay any more for it

      My son likes to play on our wii from time to time and so after Christmas we went shopping with some of his money he had received as gifts. In HMV we saw that there was a megamind game for the wii and as my son had recently seen the film at the cinema he was keen to buy it. The game was selling for £15.00 which is a reasonable price for a computer game so we bought it.

      The game comes in a standard wii game box which features the dreamworks and megamind names. On the front of the box you have pictures of some of the main characters featured in the game, these being megamind, minion, metro man and tighten.

      This game requires use of both the wii remote and the nunchuck accessory and it is important to note that for multi play each player must have the nunchuck accessory attached to their remote. You can play this game with up to four players. When the title screen comes on you have a few options to choose from but the main options for game play are story mode and battle mode.

      Story mode

      In story mode the basic idea is that you play various levels which complete a story. In the mode you will play through around four or five levels before having to battle the villain at the end. During these battles you must work with the other players which will either be someone else in your home powering the character or the computer. There will always be four members of the mega squad.

      Initially before you start the first level you are given various tasks to do so that you can learn about which buttons on the remote perform a certain task such as throwing an item, jumping or using a special power. This section gives you all of the information needed in terms of the buttons required on the remotes to play the game.

      There are five different levels on the game and in each level you need to use your character to battle with the bad guys and you will earn points for how much you contribute to levels which will show on the team health pie chart. In each level there are different hexagon shaped tokens which will appear now and again and each one will have some form of extra power attached to it. If you get these before your team mates you can earn extra points. At the end of each mini level there is a leader board and this is based on overall performance in the round.

      Once you have defeated a villain you "win" that character and will be able to opt to be them in game play as well as being the members of the mega squad which include megamind, minion, metro man and tighten.

      Battle mode

      In battle mode you can create your own stories from the mini levels used in story mode. The positive aspect of this is that you can create a little story where you battle all the villains in a row if you so wish, or you could just not battle any villains at all. The player is in control of what they wish to do here. The negative aspect of this mode is that you are doing levels which you have already completed in story mode which can become a bit boring.

      Our experience

      My son and I spent some time playing this game together but for the most part my son played this game alone. Story play was actually completes in two days which equated to around four hours or play which I think is a bit ridiculous really. The game says it is suitable for those aged seven and over but my son is only five and still found the game quite easy going. The fact that there are so few levels to work through meant that the story mode was finished quickly and this just left battle mode to consider. As this was revisiting levels that were already completed my son lost interest quite quickly and rarely bothers playing on the game these days.

      A positive about the game is that the animation is pretty good and follows the theme of the movie with Roxanne reporting on the villains and the mega squad's activities. The voice of Roxanne also offers tips to the players in the levels which can be useful.

      In general this game was a bit of a let down as far as I am concerned. However, my son did enjoy playing the game initially until the story mode had been completed so I guess on that basis it is ok it is just such a shame that it was completed so easily. It would have been nice to be able to unlock some bonus activities or something. I think for the price we paid this game is ok, however had I paid anymore for this game I would be hugely disappointed to be honest.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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