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Driver - Parallel Lines (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nintendo / ESRB Descriptor: Blood / ESRB Descriptor: Drug Reference / ESRB Descriptor: Intense Violence / ESRB Descriptor: Partial Nudity / ESRB Descriptor: Strong Language / ESRB Descriptor: Sexual Themes / Max. Number of Players: 1 / PEGI Age Rating: Age 18+ / PEGI Content Rating: Violence / PEGI Content Rating: Bad Language / Output Signal Support: 480p / HDTV Support: Without HDTV Support / ESRB Rating: M - (Mature) / Genre: Action / Genre: Adventure

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2009 23:43



      Shame about controls

      I have had this game for a few months and by the looks of it if you are looking for a GTA style game for the wii this is probably your best bet considering that Rockstar isn't considering making GTA for the wii. Back to the game, it is a pretty good game and does achieve what it set out to do but a major flaw is the fact that you cannot use the wii remote to control the car like other driving games such as need for speed series. Although it has been rated an 18 it could easily be a 15 bar the fact that their is the occasional swear and the senseless killing possible by the user. The story line is decent with the best bit being the fact that instead of roaming different areas of USA instead time can advance therefore you are stuck in New York but you get to view it through the 70's and the 2000's perspective, different cars, upgraded buildings... the works! Another problem is the lack of multi player but I guess it could be overlooked for this type of game. Overall a good attempt at a GTA style game for the Wii.


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      05.01.2009 14:36
      Very helpful



      Tour the streets of New York while being chased by cops and smashing stuff up.

      I'm not the biggest fan of Ubisoft. Yes, they've brought out some good titles but some of the ones I've most enjoyed playing have had serious bugs on them. I only picked up Driver: Parallel Lines because I got it free with another purchase - if it was another lemon, it wouldn't have cost me anything.

      I remember playing the original Driver game back in 2000 on the Playstation. What had been thought shocking at the time doesn't seem at all controversial now. You got to drive around four different American cities, ramming police cars and other vehicles, watching pedestrians dive out of your way, as you tried to complete a variety of missions. It was all ok because you were really an undercover cop named Tanner after REAL baddies. It was fun in its limited way, making you feel like you were in a Bullitt/Starsky & Hutch hybrid.

      Then Rockstar brought out the Grand Theft Auto series which blew Driver out of the water. It really hit its stride with GTA3 and you got to pretty much run over anything in anything. There was even a cheeky reference to Driver, where you had to complete a mission by ramming Tanner off the road.

      After the widely acknowledged lemon that was Driv3r (Driver 3 - see what they did there?) a rethink was needed, and Parallel Lines was the result.

      The protagonist is no longer closet do-gooder, Tanner. Instead, you are TK, a young getaway driver, caught up in some heavy stuff. Another difference is the action takes place in only one location, New York. The rendering of the cityscape is superb. With a massive number of streets to explore, you get a feel for the identity of the different districts of the city. The enhanced naughtiness means the game has been given an 18 certificate.

      As with the GTA series, you are able to run around if you want to, or sieze control of other vehicles. This was always a limitation in the original Driver, as once you trashed your car that was it. Now you can pinch another and resume the chaos. Another GTA similarity is finding missions within the game, rather than choosing a mission and then entering the game environment.

      The greatest improvement is the ability to customise your cars. From paint jobs to nitros, you get to pimp your ride - providing you have the money.

      The name Parallel Lines comes from the fact that within the game you move from 1978 to 2006. This means the whole game environment changes, from the city streets you drive along to the music accompanying you. It's not quite as good as the GTA radio channel changer, but it's good blood-stirring stuff.

      As this is the Wii version, you have the illogical joy of the wireless controls. I've not played the game with a steering wheel, so have had to get used to the 'air driving' experience. There's a lot to control and, at times, I miss the simplicity of the Playstation's console.

      Overall, the game has been enjoyable. It's not Grand Theft Auto, but the experience is more engaging than the original, though not as fulfilling. Recommend it as a second hand purchase or BOGOF - there should be a few copies out there.

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      Amazon: 32.99 (+ steering wheel £39.78 (usually 64.98))


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    • Product Details

      This edition is set in New York City and features an open mission structure unfolding a story of doublecross and revenge set over 2 distinct eras of New York City.

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