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EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer (Wii)

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53 Reviews

Genre: Sports / for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2009-05-22 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    53 Reviews
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      05.03.2012 21:57
      Very helpful



      A great game that could just do with a little tweaking to make it perfect

      I got the EA Sports Active for the Wii for £24.99 from Play.com when it first came out. The adverts for it looked impressive, and I wanted to do some more exercise at home as I didnt feel comfortable having a PT at the gym. It came with a leg strap to hold your nunchuk and a Stretch band.

      It arrives in a orange box with a picture of a woman working out on the front wearing the leg strap. It is a eye catching design and looks nice. The game inside has the same design on the cover. The Leg Strap is in a dark blue colour and the resistance band is orange with blue handles.

      The EA Active game is made to make exercise fun and easy to do at home. The workouts target both upper and lower body. When you first load the game you are taken through the set up step by step. You design your own avatar for the game from body shape to outfit. You can then customize your workout and set up the 30 Day Challenge, picking when you will do your workouts and what is included in them. You pick a personal trainer that coaches you through every session helping you stay on track and keep you motivated.

      If you decide to use the 30 Day challenge the game progresses you through the workouts slowly increasing the intensity and levels. You can pick the music and setting of each workout.

      With the game you get a leg strap, that fastens around your thigh with velcro to hold your nunchuk. This means the game picks up your leg and lower body movements and not just your arms. As well as this
      you also get a Resistance Band that is used with the arm exercises and is included in your daily workout plans. With the EA Active on the Wii you can also utilise your Wii Balance Board if you have one and this brings a further dimension to the game!

      You can do many exercises, but to name a few:-
      Bicep curls
      Arm raises
      Roller Blading
      Full Body Circuits
      Abdominal Exercises

      I loved all the exercises on the Wii EA Active and followed the 30 Day Challenge all the way. I lost around 8lbs in this period and my eating habits we hardly changed at all so I would say the EA Active was 70% credit of this.

      The game is so easy to set up and follow. The programs are simple and slowly build your fitness level up. Each exercise can be tailored to your requirements and the medium and hard levels really push you. You easily break into a sweat and start huffing and puffing within minutes of starting the workout. The graphics are OK, they are not the best I have seen and the scenery and avatar do look very false, but as you only use this for exercise you don't really have time to notice these flaws anyway. Each exercise is backed with instructions from your PT and a tune. The music is a little bland but is always set at the right pace. I did find this too repetitive and started to grate on me so I began to turn the sound down and pop on my ipod.

      Overall the game covers a lot of different routines and exercises. It gives you a full body workout and will is great for working out at home if you are not one for the gym. It is also good as supplementing your exercise to add a some toning and conditioning aspects.

      A great workout in the comfort of your on home!


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      04.05.2011 11:16



      A great fitness aid for those looking for an alternative to fitness dvds

      I brought this game for our Wii about a year ago now, and paid £30 for it.
      When you open the box you find, the game, a resistance band with two handles, and a leg strap. So far so good, no other fitness games offered this at the time.
      First you enter your age, weight, name etc and then you can set yourself a goal with a time limit. Again - great.
      you then get to choose your trainer from either the male or female version. I usually use th female one, just because I don't want to look at a computer generated version of the perfect figure while I am trying to lose weight.
      You slide the leg strap up and around your right thigh and make sure you have the pocket facing out (more on this later) and then hold the remote in one hand and the nunchuk in the other, and you are set to begin.
      I signed up for, I think it was the 30 day programme thinking that having a time limit would motivate me to keep doing it. I was right and you do feel motivated knowing what days you have to workout and what days are rest days.
      The exercises are fairly simple, consisting mainly of squats, lunges, bicep curls etc all using the resistance band for added effect. You also have cardio exercises in the shape of the running and cardio boxing. There are other exercises but I cannot recall them all at the moment.
      The lunges etc are simple to complete, sliding the resistance band under the appropriate leg or both for squats and following the trainer on the screen.
      The sports activities are good fun and really do give you a good workout, but the killer for me was the running activites. Well the kick ups anyway.
      You see you put the nunchuk in the pocket on the leg strap to accuratley track your movements during these exercises and I found that a) I cannot do kick ups to save my ife and b) the leg strap slips down your leg during this activity due to all the jumping around you are doing. Other than that it works great.
      I found this programme to be really beneficial and would recommend it to almost anyone, you really don't feel like you are working out (apart from the sweating/heavy breathing etc) and it does make it an enjoyable experience.
      Using this programme in conjunction with a new healthier eating plan resulted in me losing almost a stone in weight, which is always nice.
      The only downside is that the leg strap would sometimes slip when completing the running exercises, espeically the sprint.
      Highly recommended to anyone


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      01.02.2011 20:05
      Very helpful



      A great workout game by far the best one for the wii

      I bought this game back when it came out in December 2009 and I am still religiously sticking to it!. In the box for around about £30 you get a leg strap and a resistance band as well as the game. You can choose a male or a female personal trainer and you can also play two player. You can buy an additional tension band and leg strap on amazon for about £10 which is what I did.

      You have a choice of pre set workouts or you can customise your own. When playing alone it's easier just to follow the 30 day challenge. There are various workouts, you can target the upper body using the tension band. The tension band itself is fantastic it really does work those arms and you can adjust the length of it to make the workout harder. This particular section consists of things like shoulder raises and bicep curls. There is also a lower body section which targets the legs and bum area you get the usual in this section, lunges and squats. The cardio section is my favourite. You can run which is great fun, you have to place the nunchuck in the leg band and hold the remote. The nunchuck registers your movement and the trainer will tell you if your going too slow or too fast. You can also play sports like volleyball and tennis. With the 30 day challenge you log your weight and height at the beginning and then the game calculates the calories you have burned each day. You can also put in any other activities you have done in the day it even has cleaning listed! and the duration that you undertook the activity for. You can also fill out if you have eaten a certain number of fruit and veg etc. You will then get awarded trophies based on your performance.

      On to two player mode, this is definately the best way to play it. My other half even enjoys this game and he is in the army so is a lot fitter than me! You get a team goal to achieve. The screen is split in two. With this mode I find it better to choose activitied rather than use the preset ones. We always pick the fun things like running and tennis. You can also save your customised workouts for future gaming.

      One of the main benefits of this is you can choose the intensity of the game so if you really want to push yourself and burn extra calories you can work harder. Or if you fancy having an easier day you can set the intensity lower.

      I have stuck to this game religiously and I feel a lot fitter, I do go to the gym too but find this useful when I can't get there. The first few days I used it I did ache! The only thing that is slightly negative is sometimes it is hard for your moves to get registered this is usually because you are holding the wii remote or the nunchuck incorrectly. You can watch a tutorial video on each excercise which tells you how to position them both and do the excercise correctly so anyone can get the hang of this. Having played the wii fit game too and wii fitness coach this is much better! It is also compatible with the wii board if you have one.


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      03.01.2011 10:08



      I tried to buy this game from amazon during 2 days, but it is impossible because when you going to proceed and start your payment computer showing "0" quantity, which means that item is cancelled. Amazon site said that item in stock but my trials were unsuccessful. Very dissapointing...Mrs Evans


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      19.10.2010 09:39



      An excellent came which burns calories

      This is a fantastic game and makes it really easy and fun to exercise.

      I paid about £30 for this about a year ago and it has been well worth the money. The game came with the leg strap and resistance bands. You can use it with or without the wii balance board.

      A personal trainer guides you through all the moves and encourages you throughout this game and it doesn't feel so much like a game but is more fun and focussed than regular exercise.

      One of the best things about this game is that it tells you how many calories you are burning the whole way through and it really keeps me motivated and makes me feel like I am doing some good. There are lots of different exercises you can do with this game including running, boxing, dancing, volleyball, tennis, inline skating, jumps etc so there is plenty of variety and it doesn't get boring. You can either follow a routine or make up your own.

      What I like best about it is that I can choose which exercises I want to do and make my own plan up so I can set how many calories I want to burn and choose the exercises I like best.

      One of the things I don't tend to use with it though is the resistance bands as they were no good for me as they didn't provide enough resistance but I prefer a more vigorous workout anyway so it is not a problem.

      One of the best fitness games and is like having your own personal trainer.


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      14.09.2010 03:13



      A great home workout that targets where you want it too!

      Another Wii fitness game that I have bought.

      I had wanted this game for a while but I waited untill it went down in price before buying it. I bought it from Game for around £15 about 3/4 months ago.

      This is a brilliant fitness game that comes with added extras such as the resistance bands and the leg strap. You place the Wii nunchuck in the leg strap and it follows your movements and can tell if your doing the exercises correctly. You use the resistance bands for various different work outs.
      By following your on-screen fitness coach it's very easy to pick up all the exeercises as it will show you exactly what to do. There's also a running track to run around, this means you simply jog on the spot!

      You can choose what exercises you want to do or follow a programme, you can also choose to take a 30 day challenge.

      I like the idea of working out in the comfort of my own home and this is a fantastic fitness game, that allows you to do so many different exercises such as boxing, tennis, volley ball, running, squats and many, many more.

      It targets the whole of your body in different sections so it's handy if there's one thing you think you need to work on and you can devise a workout dedicated just to that area.

      Good Luck!!


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      31.08.2010 14:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Best Fitness Game We Have Ever Had

      We have had this game from the very first day that it came out and I must say - It's fantastic.

      We used to have our own gym room but have got rid of this since we had this game as it gives us all the workouts that we each need and it's like having your own personal trainer at hand 24/7.

      The game comes with elasticated bands which you can place under your feet in different ways to adjust the tension but we preferred to use normal weights as we didn't think the bands could provide enough resistance for us.

      It has activities on it which are suitable for adults and kids of all ages really as we are a family of 5 and we all love a good game on this. The activities range from running, weights, tennis, basketball and many more and is great whether you want to lose weight, keep fit or even get those abs exploding out to impress your partner and friends.

      We like the fact that you can create your own profile and it will keep track of your progress and you can also select which activities you would like to have in your workouts and for how long you would like to do it.

      Our favourite game on here is the boxing with the punch bag - It allows us to get rid of any stress as well as keeping fit and having fun at the same time.

      This is an amazing game for multiple players and will keep you entertained for a very long time.

      We highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of getting it.


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        25.08.2010 01:15
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended!

        Ea Sports Active is yet another fitness game for the Wii; this one however, is one of the more effective games, and I should know, I've bought a few!

        EA Sports is not just a fitness game, it is a fitness kit; the game comes in a box with a Knee strap (for holding the nunchuck) and a resistance band (for body toning exercises).

        The knee strap is attached to the upper leg (either one, depending on which hand you hold the Wiimote in), the strap folds through a loop and then back on itself, securing with Velcro.
        The nunchuck is then inserted into a pocket on the front; this enables the game to sense your leg movements. I find that it is quite accurate in this and can sense, for example, how fast you are jogging, or how low you are squatting.

        The resistance band is basically a long, thick piece of elastic; you then get two thick fabric straps that you attach to it. It is simple to attach and is very secure once you have done this.
        I found that I was a little worried about stretching it too far when I first started using it, but I gradually became more confident with it and know that it is very unlikely to break, no matter how far/hard I pull it.

        It is these additions that make the game superior to others.

        Most Wii fitness games can only measure the movements you do with your upper body (apart from the balance board that lets you wobble around on the spot - not exactly an effective workout!), EA has considered this and has adapted the game so that it is capable of measuring lower body movements as well - thus giving you a whole body workout.

        You have to choice of doing pre-set workouts or creating your own; you can literally put them together minute by minute (or there abouts), choosing from over 25 exercises, many of which have further options within them.

        Turning the game on, you begin by creating your profile (you can save up to 8 profiles); you do this in a similar way to creating a mii, you then go on to add more personal details; age, weight and height (these are needed to calculate the calories burnt during workouts).

        You can then choose to set yourself fitness goals;
        Completing X number of workouts in X days
        Burning X calories in X days
        Working out for X hours over X days

        You can also track your fitness in other areas by completing daily surveys that track things such as how many portions of vegetables you eat, how many glasses of sugary drinks and/or water you drink, how many hours of sleep you get.

        You can also make notes of any extra exercise you get throughout the day; you can add things such as: walking, team sports, dancing, household chores, yard work. You log how long you did each thing for (going up in 5 minute increments) you then say how easy/difficult you found it (out of ten).

        Your workouts, survey results, and extra activities will result in a fitness score for the day, you will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal for the day depending on how you did and this will be displayed on a calendar so you can track your progress and try to improve a little each day/week/month.

        I find this section quite helpful to begin with, although my results tend to be very similar each day so I'm beginning to find it a bit of a chore; it is not compulsory though, so can easily be omitted if you begin to feel the same as I do.

        On to the workouts...

        The pre-set workouts give general all-over workouts that contain a bit of everything; you can select the length and difficulty that you require and the game will take you straight into a workout.
        Personally, I prefer to make my own workouts; I don't like some of the exercises so find the pre-set ones a chore to complete.

        To make your own you have a choice of many, many exercises, each lasting around a minute. The workouts are divided up into four catagories.

        You can choose from...


        Heavy bag (punch bag)
        Targets and heavy bag (there are 6 different Targets and heavy bag workouts, all slightly different for a constantly varied workout)
        Targets and heavy bag - balance board compatible
        Targets (4 different choices)
        Boxing random (a mix of different boxing related tasks, you can also choose from short, medium and long)
        Dance basic (2 choices, plus balance board)
        Dance intermediate (2 choices, plus balance board)
        Dance fast (4 choices, plus balance board)
        Dance fastest (2 choices)
        Dance random
        Kick-ups (short, and long)
        Run and walk (short, medium and long)
        Run (short, medium, long, and very long)
        Run, kick and knees up (2 choices)
        Track random (easy, medium, hard)

        UPPER BODY

        Alternating bicep curls
        Alternating cross knee punches
        Alternating shoulder presses
        Alternating tricep kickbacks
        Bent over rows with tricep kickbacks
        Bent over rows
        Bicep curls with shoulder presses
        Bicep curls with upright rows
        Front shoulder raises
        Lateral shoulder raises
        Standing twists
        Upright rows

        LOWER BODY

        Alternating high knee reverse lunges
        Alternating lunges
        Alternating side lunges
        Alternating side lunges with toe touches
        Alternating standing knee crunches
        Jump lunges
        Jump squats
        Side to side jumps
        Squat holds
        Squats with calf raises


        Passing (basketball, 2 choices plus balance board option)
        Shooting and passing (2 choices)
        Basketball random (short, medium and long)
        Inline Skating (plus balance board option)
        Batting (baseball)
        Catching (plus balance board option)
        Catching and batting
        Pitch, catch and bat
        Baseball random (short, medium and long)
        Back court (tennis)
        Back court and mid court
        Back court and front court
        Back, front and mid court
        Front court
        Tennis random (short, medium and long)
        Bump and set (volleyball - plus balance board option)
        Bump, set and block
        Serve and bump
        Serve, bump and set
        Serve, bump, set and block
        Set and block
        Volleyball random (short, medium and long)


        You can create any workout you wish, made up of any or all of the workouts listed, you can make it as short or long as you like, you can also adjust the difficulty of one or all workouts that you have chosen (choosing easy, medium, or hard). While composing your workout you will see a running total of the workout time, and expected calorie burn.

        I love having such a wide choice, although have found that I tend to stick to the same few things that I enjoy.

        When you are finished you can name your workout and save it; I tend to name them according to what they are, i.e. 'box, dance, jog', then I know which is which.
        You can save many, many workouts of your own, I'm not sure if there's a limit on how many you can save, but we have had around 20 in the past, so you can save a fair few routines.

        When you have saved it you will be asked if you want to start the workout straight away. If so, you will go straight to the first workout on your list.

        Every workout has the option of a tutorial beforehand to help you gain the right posture or position, once you have seen enough you can simply click through to the workout.
        As you work through the exercises there is a bar at the top of the screen that gradually turns blue, showing you how long you have left.

        Throughout each exercise you will see a running time total in the top right corner; you will also see a running 'calories burnt' total in the left corner - I love watching this, lol! It is quite encouraging to be able to see what your efforts equate to.

        I know that Wii Fit does this, although it doesn't tell you the calorie count until the end of the game, it also only gives a set amount that is previously calculated, no matter how much effort you've put in.

        This is where EA Sports excels; it will continually adjust your calorie total depending on the amount of effort you put in, so you know that this is a pretty accurate figure.
        This is a great feature for those like me, whose main goal is weight loss; it is also a great tool for people on a calorie controlled diet, as they can more accurately calculate their daily calorie allowances.

        At the end of your workout you will see a graph of time/calories burnt; you will see the estimate in red, and your actual result in blue. You can then see if you passed expectations.

        When you click off this page you will see a summary page of your workout; it will say how long it was, how many calories you have burnt, you will also get two or three little messages of encouragement from the 'personal trainer' in the tutorial videos.
        They basically say how well you have done, and will comment on which exercises you did particularly well.

        This is quite nice, although I always get really annoyed by one of the comments - as I always do a lot of running exercises they always comment on it, every time he will say something along the lines of,
        'Well done, you looked great on the track today. Even if you were walking, it's still a great way to workout'

        My response is always the same... 'Walking!?! cheeky b*****d, it nearly killed me running all that way!' Lol!

        Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. The only other issue I have with the game is that it takes around 10 seconds to get from one exercise to the next; this may not sound like much, but when it happens every minute or so, it gets really annoying!

        I get round this by simply continuing the exercise until the next one starts; it's not a huge issue, although I'd prefer he exercises to be a little longer.
        I think that the short exercises are something that some people may like though, people who are new to exercise can get lost within long workouts and fall behind, so I think that these short, sharp bursts with short breaks in-between will encourage people to continue who may otherwise quit the programme early.

        So, I think I have covered everything you really need to know about EA Sports Active, and probably a little extra too.

        As you can see, it's a great little workout tool. It can show you the correct way to do certain exercises and monitor your progress; it is also really motivational with; set goals, encouraging comments, and the calorie counter that lets you see exactly what your workout is achieving.

        I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is serious about exercise (beginner or advanced, it can be tailored to any fitness level); it is by far the best fitness game for the Wii. If you are interested, it is widely available and costs around £15-25.


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          12.08.2010 18:04
          Very helpful



          An excellent option for those getting into exercise and wanting to sweat it out!

          Wii Active Personal Trainer

          ***What is it?***

          The Wii Active Personal Trainer is a game for the Wii which acts as an all-inclusive exercise programme. The game is designed to act as an affective workout for people of varying fitness levels as a way of getting fit through typical stretching and cardio activities, as well as using sports to add variety and encourage commitment to your exercise plan. If you're not into your exercise, don't like the gym or running around outside then this could be the solution for you!

          ***What do you get?***

          When your Wii Active Personal Trainer is delivered to your door (that sounds like a boxed human...) you will receive a box that is about a foot in length which contains your game, a red resistance band (I'm not sure if the colour varies), handles to attach to your band as well as a blue leg strap which has an adjustable, velcro strap and has the EA Active logo on it as well as a nunchuck shaped pocket for exercises where you don't need to hold it or where your ability to complete an exercise is measured by bending your legs or jumping which the nunchuck can pick up on from your thigh.

          However you will need your own nunchuck and Wii remote which are essential components of all the exercises (nunchuck does get some time out) and additionally you can add a Wii Balance Board which I own through purchasing the Wii Fit, although this is not essential. If this is added, then the exercise programmes are amended to include it. However, although I like using mine, it is really not essential - it just enhances the game and the exercises you can do.

          ***30 DAY CHALLENGE***

          There are a number of approaches to working out that are offered in this game. There is the 30 DAY CHALLENGE which was one of my principle reasons for buying it - I needed something to push and motivate me and I felt that this was a really great selling point - a constructed challenge to take as apposed to having to select individual exercises or piece something together myself.

          You create your personal profile by adding in weight, height and age to the log. You then select a character with a lightness to you, kind of like the sims, you are given a variety of skin tones, hair styles and colours and can even select your outfit and trainers. You then select your personal trainer - I originally had the lady and now I have the man - I find him more motivating, although they say mostly the same things. Obviously I must like a man telling me what to do!

          You then get to choose the intensity of your workout. I started out low and found this didn't push me very much although I think my mother would have found it quite challenging and it would have been enough to push her. I quite quickly found I preferred being pushed at the higher intensity, really working a sweat and cussing the screen if it hurt or he made me hold it too long! The main gist of the differing intensities is that the amount of reps for each exercise increase, and you'll start doing variations on the primary exercises which make up the core of the programme. For example 'lunges' are a very popular exercise. You begin to experience the basic side to side lunge, and then side lunge with toe tap, jump lunges, back lunge with high knee...it goes on but you'll only access these exercises the further in to the challenge and with the higher intensities.

          You set yourself goals although I always over-estimate my commitment and usually fail...poor me! You only have three choices which I feel is reasonable and attainable if I really put my mind to what I am capable of achieving. I do try really hard to attain them now - they relate to number of workouts in so many days. I've set myself 7 workouts in 10 days which allows me a weekend rest and a bunk off day in my mind. This is fine for now, and the workouts are only between 16 - 35 minutes for me so far so they're not hard to fit in. When I get back to work (I'm a teacher!) then it might be a different story and I'll be able to reset my goals. You can also set amount of hours over a certain number of days and then you can choose the amount of calories you would like to burn over a set period of time. This is fine, but the calories I find are a bit out of your hands so it is hard to guage whether you'll meet that goal without doing additional 'top up' workouts to meet your goal.

          You then strap up, tell it your music preferences and whether you would like to add equipment such as the Wii Balance Board and off you go. When you start out you will get a little bogged down with tutorial videos which can be skipped. Before each exercise there is an image of what equipment you need and where it should be i.e. nunchuck in the legstrap, Balance Board etc...and away you go. At the end of your workout (well done!) you get lots of positive feedback from your trainer who always says you're amazing, an excellent electronic cheer and then you can fill in your journal. This is another feature I REALLY like at the moment because I am giving my whole life in terms of food and exercise an overhaul and I can document my good (and bad!) bahaviour. There are three stages to the journal. For completing all three, you get a gold medal. For one (your workout counts as one!) you get a bronze etc...You also receive a percentage relating to the ups and downs you log. The second log is a food log where you document glasses of water, naughty fast food, amount of sleep etc...and the last log is additional exercise including housework which I think is important to acknowledge!! I am quite motivated by rewards (however small) so even something as minor as taking a minute to fill in the log at the end is satisfying!

          Just to add to my need to be rewarded and acknowledged you also have a trophy cabinet where you recieve trophies for filling in your journal for a certain number of days or completing 200 basketball shoots or doing 10 workouts and a large number of other reasons to be applauded for your efforts!


          Other workout features are PRESET AND CUSTOM WORKOUTS which allow you to trawl through and design your own workout with your favourite exercises (boxing and tennis would be mine) or a preset workout which I enjoy because I like sports and there are certain preset workouts which focus on particular groups of exercises so I can have a sports centred workout which is premade with differing intensity levels for each of them too.


          Additional features include being able to work out with a friend, and I know you can purchase additional items such as a leg strap and resistance band in a seperate pack so you can work out with someone else. This would be great if my partner considered this 'real exercise' but to be honest, unless you've got quite a bit of floor space, it would be a squeeze. I can imagine it getting competitive when running or hitting targets in sports! Other features I really like are the predicted features on this game. For each exercise you get the option to amend the programme (add/remove exercises) and for each exercise there is a predicted calorie burn and time the workout should take. The time and number of calories you are burning are constantly displayed throughout your workout and you are told when you have 5 exercises and less left. For me this is key in keeping me focused and motivated, knowing my projected calorie burn and pushing myself when I see the exercise session ending and I'm not close enough to topping the count!

          ***My Opinion***

          Although I've weaved some comments into the review of this product so far, I think to summarise that I am really pleased with the product but I think it has the capacity to do so much more which HOPEFULLY is being realised in the additional games being produced since its release. I find the higher intensity varies in its ability to push me and I think that has more to do with my weaknesses. My legs are definitely stronger because I am doing the programme and are more toned because of it, but exercises that focus heavily on the bottom half of my body won't exhaust me as much as the programmes that focus on my arms, shoulders etc...because these are weaker. I can definitely see more definition in my arms, and when they tense the muscle responds which previously felt like just a hanging (sadly growing) bulk of fairly weak muscle!

          Negatives would probably just centre around the remote. I got so frustrated the other day I turned it off and today I edited the programme for that date (I had to repeat the one I had switched off because I hadn't finished it...temper temper!) and took out every exercise that I found put too much pressure on certain parts of my body, ones I always recieve negative comments for or which the remote fails to pick up when you're doing the exercise correctly. When I'm exercising I like routine and I like doing things to a rhythm. With the adrenaline pumping I am also a lot less forgiving of remote problems. So I took out side to side jumps because I always get loads of negative comments like "I don't think you're trying hard enough on this" and also I find it puts pressure on my hips. It appeared 3 times in this workout. I took out the bane of my workout life - bicep curls with upright rows because the Wii remote ALWAYS accuses me of not lowering my arms after the initial bicep curl and when I've wiggled and jiggled it a frustrating amount and it finally says to do the upright row, it accuses me of not doing it and the messages which flash up suggesting what could be wrong won't sod off. I find that 20 reps of this drives me nuts. This occured 3 times in this workout also so off it went. My projected calorie burn dropped from 180 to 89 calories making for a very short workout. I find this so frustrating and I hate cutting exercises because I am capable of doing them but its irritating that it can be insensitive on certain exercises.These exercises are few, in fact this is the one that gets me but still, when my workout is being prolonged because the remote isn't picking my movements up, I feel like my times being wasted.

          Another negative would be the lack of ab work and the 'dance routine' warm up and down. It is SO low intensity it is pointless and sometimes doesn't pick me up despite it being just a case of pointing the nunchuck to the left or right, or diagonally. The dance routine occurs rarely but I groan whenever it does. There are then some rubbish moves added in such as doing the 'lawnmower'. All the routines are standing - I would like something which focuses on my abs, something which I would hope to find in the next game. It would be great to have weighing scales and maybe a weightloss feature although I perceive this as a workout game primarily.

          The best bits though would have to be the 30 day challenge providing focus and a point for motivation. The documenting of your time taken to work out and the logging of things outside of the game, as well as seeing the projected calories you could burn and being given a time frame for each workout that differs each time, AND the workouts being varied and getting progressively harder and pushing you more - if you're looking for something to get you into exercise, I really do suggest starting out with this! The list of pro's far outweight the cons.


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            09.07.2010 23:31
            Very helpful



            Workout in comfort and still feel the burn, amazing price for something that actually works

            Only having this game for a week I am yet to see results so this review may be updated. However so far I know that I am getting proper exercise within my own home. For people who feel uncomfortable exercising in front of strangers (gym or running around your town) or can't afford the gym this is one at home fitness disc that you can stick to. I think having it to do with the wii and not being just a dvd already makes it more physical. the accessories included with the disc are a resistance band and a leg strap to hold the nun chuck when doing leg exercises. One the game you have the option to do a 30 day workout which is the option i have chosen which i also recommend. You are given a plan of which days to workout and which to rest. You get a list of the exercises that are included with the choice to not do specific ones which is good for people to exercise but may have injuries etc. Other choices you are given is the level of workout and even the music choice to workout to. The entire workout is tailored to you personally which i feel is why many people will continue to progress rather than give up like usual at home workout discs. You have a set target of calories to burn in one session and you may exceed this amount if you are working harder. Having the leg strap and wii remote really feels like your properly being measured on your level of exercise, and the trainer that you select for your workout will notice if your not doing it right and point it out which i feel reassures buyers that their doing real exercise and not just copying a celebrities dance moves that gave them a size six body. You also have the option to read tips for healthy eating etc. Another thing that reassures your working out properly is when your out of breath and feeling the burn!


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            30.06.2010 00:36
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Much better than other fitness games

            I have played other fitness games on the Wii but never feel like I am doing anything worthwhile. I looked at Active a while ago but wasn't willing to pay £40. Now I got it for under £20 and it is worth £40!

            The exercises are split into different groups cardio, upper body, lower body and sports. And you can make your own workouts by selecting different activities.

            But its the 30 day challenge I really like. Each day you have a different workout to complete working all different areas of your body. If you put the effort in you can get a real sweat. Its fun to do and there are no interruptions, there is good variety from lunges to volley ball, running to boxing and the next day you ache like you have done a work out. Rest days are worked in to the program and fit in with you. It also has a calorie counter. The resistance band is great for making the exercises a bit harder and add a bit of variety. Each new activity is fully explained by a video showing you how to do it correctly and after you have watched it once it doesnt show it again unless you want to. It also stops you if you are doing it incorrectly during the exercise.

            I would say this is great game to help improve fitness and tone up without leaving the house, its also good fun and a great price.

            Having two small children I can fit it in once they have gone to bed as I have neither the time nor money to go to the gym. Also you dont feel self conscious at home so you can give it your all!


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              30.05.2010 16:45
              Very helpful



              I would definately recommend this if you are looking for a fitness game: the best by far.

              Out of the several fitness games i've tried on the Nintendo Wii, this one wins hands down. With EA Sports Active, you actually feel like you are doing some exercise, as opposed to the competition where you don't feel as though you're actually getting a 'sweat on'.

              There is a great range of different activities, each focusing on different areas (cardio, upper and lower body) and can range from; simple exercises (lunges, squats) to sports (baseball, tennis, volley ball) to even little scenarios (roller skating, dancing and running). These activities vary the equipment they use to mix things up a bit. They can use the leg strap (included), the resistance band (included, although it is a little weak), or a balance board (not included). The game uses all of these to great accuracy and the on-screen demonstrations make all the exercises easy to perform, and effective. You can also change the intensity of a workout (light, moderate or hard) to choose how hard you work.

              Other great features include a daily diary, in which it gives you points based on exercise outside the game, and a food/nutrition diary, where it recommends changes to your diet for a healthier lifestyle. You can also workout together with a partner towards a common goal, which adds both a teamwork and competitive element to the game which I find makes you workout a lot harder.


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                13.03.2010 12:44



                good product if your prepared to work, if not then a waste on money

                I bought this product along with the Wii in a bundle package so for me this was not an expensive product. It is a very different product to the Wii Fit. This is defiantly a lot more orientated towards to getting fit and training regimes where as the Wii Fit is much more about having fun with games while getting fit. The personal trainer you get on Wii Active is very good and having them do the exercise on the screen along with you so you can make sure you are doing it correctly is a very good feature. It defiantly does get you working hard and is good for losing weight as long as you don't mind looking a little foolish in your own living room. It gives you targets to aim towards to help your training and if you are anything like me a target is always something that will drive you on, something to train against. Overall a good fitness product but like anything else to do with fitness it only works if you are prepared to put in the time and effort.


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                12.03.2010 23:04
                1 Comment



                A great game for working out and having fun

                I love, love, love this game.
                The game comes with a knee, wii remote holder and resistance band, which you will need for most but not all activities in this game.
                The game has lot's of different options, allowing you to take part in individual activities or to follow a workout routine, which you can even tailor to your own requirements, if for example like me you prefer the boxing and not tings like roller bladding.
                You also have the addition of a fitness goal and can monitor your progress, fitness and weight. After each workout the game will inform you of calories burnt, hours worked and workouts completed.
                Fully compatable with the wii fit balance board, but you don't need this to use the game.
                What I particularly like is that there is a health nutrition quiz that you can take daily to check you are following the healthy living guidelines such as 5 a day and drinking enough water etc.


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                  11.03.2010 14:44
                  Very helpful



                  Excellent way of working out when you don't fancy going out!

                  I bought this in January on a bit of a whim, I'm not usually one to use games consoles and would much rather get out and go to the gym or go walking. However I was getting a bit of the winter blues and fed up with the miserable weather, so figured I'd give it a go.

                  So far, I'm very impressed. I'm pleased with the variety of workouts, and the fact that there's a mix between cardio, 'sporty' type ones like volleyball or baseball, and strength exercises for muscle toning. I tried doing the 30 day workout but life got in the way and I didn't manage to complete it in the 30 days, but it continues until you've completed it. There is also an option to just pick and choose the activities and create your own workout. My muscles certainly hurt after using it, although I can't say I've noticed any major inch-loss.

                  I have found the instructor's cheery voice and 'encouraging' statements get extremely irritating after a while, and sometimes the wii remotes find it hard to keep up, but then you are exercising to a games console so it can't be perfect. I will continue to use it because it's a good way to do some exercise if you don't want to get out and about, and I'll buy the extension pack with more exercises. The lack of abdominal exercises in this version is a little disappointing, but it has virtually everything else. Very impressed!


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                  Workouts feature variety and familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio. Start off with a run, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing. Get fit and have fun in minutes a day!

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