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Gods vs. Humans (Wii)

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Genre: Strategy / Published 2010-10-01 by Zallag / Nintendo WiiWare

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2011 12:02
      Very helpful



      Check out the demo before buying

      We've only recently gone over to WiFi at home, so the possibilities of going online with the Wii were very exciting to us. On the Wii Shop Channel, you can access Wii Ware games to download to your Wii's system memory or its SD card. These cost Wii Points, which you buy using Nintendo Points cards that you buy in shops or using your credit-card online there and then. It costs £7 to buy 1000 Wii points.

      'Gods vs Humans' is one of those Wii Ware games available there now. The full game can be downloaded for 1,500 Wii points. The demo version is free, but obviously is restricted, a taster to get you to buy the whole thing. (Which worked on us!)

      The game makes me a deity, hurrah! All hail me.

      But those pesky humans don't know what's good for them and instead of worshipping me from afar, they take the notion to build a tower and attempt to get to the portal to break into my realm. Ideas above their stations! The cheek!

      So I have to take time out from my guest appearances in toast & damp walls, to do some smiting.

      In game-play, you need to use both Wii remote and nunchuk. The joystick lets you move up and down the tower, while the buttons let you choose your miracle or plague. It's fairly easy to get the hang of. You set up a profile at the beginning of the game so you can come back to it another time. The game can also be played as a two-player, free-play or in challenge mode.

      There are four civilisations to play: the Norse, Egyptian, Roman and Japanese. You play as gods from each of these, each of varying powers although the spells are pretty much the same.

      There's a 'Respect' meter that is basically your approval rating from the humans, which gives you the power to work miracles or plague your people. If you upset the humans too much, they work faster to build the tower to reach the portal and your power is slower to refill. If they break in, you lose the game. So you have to judge carefully when to use offensive spells on the building or particular humans, and when to use defensive spells to distract and slow down the humans more kindly. I didn't like that one of the spells/miracles is to conjure up a female character that struts across a floor of the building, causing all the workers to stop what they're doing: pretty cheesy... The game does require some patience, as it's often wiser to let your power build up and then really smite those sinners!

      The idea is to bring down the entire tower, and each floor they build has four supporting structures that you attack. If you smash one section, it can damage floors below and the foundations: it's just whether you can sustain your attacks well enough to create a knock-on effect that the humans won't be able to work fast enough to repair.

      As the game continues, new units for the humans appear, such as blacksmiths and priests. These beef up the resistance of your people to your wiles or speed up their building progress. Some carry amulets that make a particular type of spell (such as fire-related ones) useless on the floor they happen to be on, so you have to be aware of what will be effective against them instead.

      The game is described as strategy, but in practice, fancy tactics are a nonsense: you just end up blasting away like crazy!

      Graphically the game is cute and smooth, but I find it a little hard on the eyes: the characters don't seem to stand out from the background too well, almost as though it's not entirely in focus. I find the instructions and tutorial parts fairly difficult to read: the font is too stylised and cramped.

      The music and sound-effects are fine: as with most games of this ilk, the accompanying tune can get a bit wearing after a while. It is pretty inoffensive, which is the most you can hope for.

      I liked the demo version of this game, but having moved onto the full version kind of regret it: it gets very samey. It's too difficult for my six year old to play without drama, and my daughter (11) got bored of it quite quickly.

      If you want to have a go, I'd recommend trying the demo first and only if you're really enamoured of it, should you buy it. That said, it's not a bad price for a Wii game, I guess: 1500 Wii points working out as about a tenner, and it does have a lot of levels to complete (up to 60, I believe, although I can't see myself finishing it, sadly).


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