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Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: System 3 / Genre: Arcade / Minimum Age: 3

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    2 Reviews
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      05.11.2009 23:27
      Very helpful




      Whilst in Game rifling though the sale section I came across Gottlieb Pinball Classics. I used to love pinball when I was younger so was over the moon to find it and a a snip of £12.99.

      The Game:
      Gottlieb went all out on the graphics for this game, they are amazing!! With fantastic reproduced sound effects from some classic tables, instantly you are transported to an arcade in seconds.
      There are 10 tables in total (although some have to be unlocked) and you have the option of having six different camera angles.
      You can play in single mode or multiplay(4 players max) with a hidden extra of completing certain tables and unlocking Payout Mode

      You use your wii remote and nunchuck for this game which give you the following:
      Launching the pinball
      Left Flipper
      Right Flipper
      Camera angle options
      Nudge (Tilt) table

      The controls are easy to pick up and the flippers are easily accessed and postioned. However, I find the camera angles annoying and not quick enough in the middle of play.
      You are given 3 balls as a standard to play with (oooer missis) but then as you unlock the tables you gain more balls (always a bonus!!)

      Main Menu:
      Gottlieb Challenge-
      You can play for fun but ultimately you want to complete the Gottlieb challenge. This is where you you are taken through a series of tables in order to achieve a minimum score and progress to the next table. You have 3 attempts at each table to achieve a minimum score before you can move on.

      Practice Arcade:
      This does what it says on the tin. Its like walking into a huge arcade. Almost Las Vegas like!!! You can pick and choose to play on whichever table is free. If however you want to unlock tables you will need to earn enough credits from these games to do so.

      Table Goals:
      Each table has a goal and this unlocks further features of the games such as being able to switch the tilt on/off option.

      Play Tournament:
      You can single handlely complete this or have up to 4 players.

      Payout Mode:
      This allows you to play tables and increase your credit balance and in turn you can then unlock Poker/Blackjack ( I have still not managed to do this so I cant say!! But I am working on it!!!)

      Pinball Hall Of Fame:
      Info on the pinball collectors club's museum.

      Options Menu:
      The music on the game is both background and table based, and in this option you are able to adjust the volume.
      Another great feature is the table reflections when the backglass of the table will reflect in the table top. I managed to unlock this feature and it really made the whole game seem even more realistic. Definatly a good one to apply.

      If you forget how to use the controls for this game the menu provides a helpful tutorial.

      What I love about this game is not only the amazing realism of the game, but the fact that I can play for hours and never get bored. The music is an added bonus and different for each game. The detail that has gone into the authenticity of this are second to none and I am off now to have a game!!
      Happy playing!!!


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      04.06.2009 18:15
      Very helpful



      Great game for family and friends who like a good flipping game!

      Console: Nintendo Wii
      Price:£18 (Play.com)
      type of game: Pinball
      Released: 2006
      Developed by: Farsight Studios


      This is a great game if you love pinball and would recommend you buy this for the Nintendo Wii. The game itself is very realistic in terms of sound effects and the sights and sounds of a pinball machine but the actual machine physics are not so great.

      Although the physics are not realistic, it is still quite a nice game to play and very enjoyable for family and friends. There are lots of unlockable extras as you progress further through the game and gain tokens for points which let you to choose what items/games to unlock.

      ~Pinball Machines~

      The game replicates real pinball machines that already exist in real arcades and does deliver on the graphics and effects. You are able to pull levels using the Wii remote and Wii Nunchuck which adds to the realism.

      My favourite table would have to be the bowling pinball machine which is quite amusing to play especially if you play it on multiplayer mode.

      ~Camera Views~

      I must admit that the angles in this game can be a bit annoying and can frustrate you at times. You have a set amount of lives and if they are up you have to start on the first table and work your way through each table one at a time and having annoying camera angles just speeds up the process of how fast you lose your lives and is really annoying.


      The graphics are absolutely amazing and are some of the best I have seen on a console. The pinball's are really realistic and shiny and the flashing LED's make you love this game more and more each time.


      The sound effects are a great addition to the excellent graphics and the older pinball tables have older sound effects which makes this one of the classic pinball machine games.

      ~Any bugs in the game? ~

      During playing this game I came across a small bug. The annoying bug makes the ball disappear of the table and tends to happen when I am about get an awesome record (typical!).

      Although there is a small bug this does not take the enjoyment out of the game.


      This game comes with lots of tutorials in which you are able to learn how to play each table and how to become an expert pinball wizard. You can also unlock flyers which was released when the original arcade machine was first released which is quite good if you like that sort of thing.

      The oldest pinball machine in the game dates back to 1937 (Playboy) and is a real blast from the past.

      ~Modes of play~

      The game has a single player or a multiplayer function. I would recommend the multiplayer mode as the single player mode can get a bit boring if you get stuck on a certain table which does happen.

      On the multiplayer mode you can have up to four players and can compete against each other in a pinball tournament which is great fun.

      ~Pinball Machines in the game~

      El Dorado
      Black Hole
      Big Shot
      Ace High
      Play Boy
      Central Park
      Tee'd Off
      Goin' Nuts
      Strikes N' Spares

      ~Extra Arcade Machines in game~

      Love Meter


      Overall this is a nice pinball game if you have a spare £20 floating around. The game isn't a classic like the name suggests but it is still worth a punt. The graphics and sound are fabulous and you will get your money's worth out of this game, especially if you use the multiplayer mode.

      I feel that this game could of been a great game if it had a few more tweaks to ball physics and without any bugs but I would still recommend this to any pinball nuts out there.

      ~My Rating~


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    • Product Details

      Gottlieb Pinball Classics offers a totally authentic pinball experience and captures all the sights and sounds of a real arcade. Play eleven of the greatest Gottlieb pinball tables ever created, all featuring real pinball table mechanics as well as graphics and sounds. The game features six different camera angles to play in, multi-player tournaments with up to 4 players competing with each other, plus hidden extras like ‘un-lockable’ features and tables. All of this makes Gottlieb Pinball Classics the most accurate pinball simulation ever.

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