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Guitar Hero 5 - Game Only (Wii)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Parental Guidance / Release Date: 2009-09-11 / Published by Activision

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    7 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 21:52
      Very helpful



      Very fun for people who enjoy music.

      I bought this game not long ago, when I wanted to try something new in the video game section. The game is really fun but at first your fingers might get tangled, I remember me playing it for the first time ever, without even reading the instructions before playing, I missed almost all notes.

      At the start of the game when you turn it on you can choose to play career, quick jam, roadie battle and other stuff. If you choose career, at first you will get a chance to customize your Guitar Hero and his or her guitar, then you will be allowed to choose the difficulty from beginner, easy, medium, hard, extreme and hero. Then you will be able to customize other characters of your band, I didn't bother because it would take too long since the game is controlled by the guitar not your standard Wiimote and nunchuck so I just picked random, but you can if you want it to be a good-looking band ;). Finally you name yourself and the band. You play songs at different venues, as you play songs you earn stars depending on your performance, there is a number of stars you need to collect to advance to the next venue, also the songs you perform at the venue will not unlock until you completed all of the other songs before it or sometimes it gives you a goal. It took me ages to move on to the third venue, I unlocked it before I completed the venue, as in play all the songs, so I had to play them before I could move on. You can play with any combination of instruments, drums, guitar and mic.

      If you are no good at a song you can play it in quick jam and practice it and practice, and remember practice makes perfect!!! You will be able to play any combination of instruments as well, so all your friends and family can practice, practice, practice!!! I remember me and my friends playing it, I was on the guitar with another friend while my other was on the drums, I bought the full kit, I should say the band pack which includes the mic, drums, and a guitar, only one guitar, my friend already had one so he gave it to my other friend and he switched to drums since he never played them, we played the quick jam and career, we had a great laugh at our own mistakes that were sometimes so stupid but most important we had fun, I tried singing and playing guitar at once but too hard!!!

      You can also play Mii freestyle where your Miis play instead of the Guitar Hero's you can play drums even if you dont have them with your Wiimote and nunchuck using the feature Air Drums.

      You can also create music and share it on the internet and download other peoples creations, I tried to but I stink at it, you can use drums and guitar. Its very fun.

      At first using the guitar may be hard and your fingers may get ''tangled'' but soon you will get the hang of it, also strumming and pressing the buttons at the same time may give you hard time also, I pressed the button and strummed later which did not work you have to do it at exactly the same time, well you can do it in a space of 5 milliseconds time.

      Its hard at first but pays you out at learning it. it pays you in the currency of fun!!!

      This is a standalone version which means this only includes the game so it is necessary to buy a guitar, you can buy it as a multi pack, which I recommend than buying it separately, since its cheaper together. Have Fun!!!


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      24.01.2010 21:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A decent entry in the GH series that's worth picking up, just beware of issues with RB drum kit

      I only bought this game because I wanted to play 'Rammstein' which is my favourite band.

      I had already bought Guitar Hero 3 and enjoyed that so I knew I would have some fun with this one and, for the most part, it's pretty good.

      The line-up is as good as ever but I found some timing issues with the guitar in multiplayer if the drum kit from 'Rock Band' is connected.

      If you play the game like that, more often than not, you will miss a lot of notes because of the timing delay.

      We tried going into the options and calibrating but to no avail.

      Perhaps it's fine when it's played with a GH drum kit but it doesn't work too well with a RB kit.

      The game also supports microphone, bass and lead guitar.

      Other than that, it's like your standard GH game, it's addictive and has lots of replay value.

      If you have never played GH before, you can pick any of these games to start with and this is as good as any to begin.


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        08.01.2010 09:19
        Very helpful



        For all those who wanna rock but haven't got the musical ability - like me.

        Guitar Hero 5 ("GH5") is a musical game available on many platforms including the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play station 3. The concept of GH5 is simplistic but absolute genius and involves grabbing a guitar controller, following the music and strumming the correct notes at the appropriate time.

        ****Are you ready to rock?****

        In order to play GH5 a guitar controller is required and without one you're going to struggle somewhat. The guitar needs assembly before first use as it comes in multiple parts. Setting up the guitar is a piece of cake and simply involves connecting the "string" section to the body of the guitar by pushing the two sections together until they "snap" in to place.

        Personally, I think the guitar looks cool straight out of the box however for those of you that wish to personalise your guitar and make it more individual there are two sheets of stickers supplied. The designs include "rock n roll" items such as flames, skulls, dragons and other old skool tattoo pictures so there are loads to choose from. I think the stickers are quite naff although I appreciate it is "each to their own" and I appreciate there are people out there who will think different.

        ****Let's Rock on****

        GH5 is a game that is easy to play but extremely difficult to master. At one extreme there is the beginner mode which simply involves strumming at the right times, fingering is not necessary. On the other extreme expert mode is frantic and requires excellent eyesight (you need to see the notes coming), lightening reactions, excellent hand/eye co-ordination and a good sense of rhythm. The large difference between beginner and expert modes makes GH5 accessible to gamers of all ages, levels and abilities.

        Career mode sees you choosing one of the set up characters or creating your own and then setting off on your musical career. With the choice of playing the lead guitar, bass guitar, drums or being the lead singer at a different number of venues there is plenty of opportunity for several hours of game play.

        As you progress through the career mode additional features are unlocked including new venues, additional songs and accessories for your band members. These accessories include outfits, different styled instruments and the like allowing you to "pimp your rock star". The unlocking of venues and songs is a great feature that serves to increase the longetivity and playability of the game, however I do question the customising of the computer characters. Personally, I have never been a fan of this and consider it no more than playing "electronic dollies" that adds nothing to the game although I know there are several people that do not share this view and will think that this feature improves the game somewhat.

        In addition to the above there are various challenges along the way where you can gain badges and gold/platinum discs etc. Such challenges will include things like being in double point mode for a specific amount of time, hitting a minimum number of notes in a row or reaching a minimum score.

        If you don't have the inclination of career mode, or just fancy a quick jam then quick play would be a good option. In this mode you can select the song and the venue and get strumming. This mode is ideal for social occasions and playing with mates when you only have one guitar and are constantly changing players between the tracks.


        The graphics are brilliant and look very authentic and "rock n roll". The band members are all 3D polygon rendered characters that look similar to the type of characters found in the Gorillaz music videos. The art work is exceptional and the attention to detail is perfect. Throughout the entire songs "your" band are on stage and you get to see all members rock out as the camera sweeps around and focuses in during the individual parts, including your solo. The stage lighting is fantastic and very realistic and the whole scene is like being in an animated music video, it is amazing.

        What I find most surprising is how smooth the animation is. With so much going on I would have expected there to be times lags or blocky graphics, especially given the Wii has a weaker processor than other game consoles, but I have not come across any instances of this and there are no flaws as the tracks progress.

        Personally, I think the exceptional graphics are wasted on this game. Guitar Hero 5 is all about the music, playability and ensuring you hit the right notes at the right times. If you are like me then you will find yourself so engrossed on what note is coming next you won't have the opportunity to really appreciate the graphics. I find the experience of playing so captivating and focus on nothing but the next notes.


        This game is all about the audio, therefore it was imperative that the producers got this aspect spot on otherwise the whole game would have been flawed. There are no problems with the audio in this game and it is absolutely fantastic.

        The exact quality of the sound will obviously be dependent upon the system being used to play the game, after all playing the game on a top of the range television complete with a surround sound speaker set up will be far more superior than playing it on your parents 14 inch black and white portable that was bought a couple of decades ago.

        I have an average surround sound system that was bought a couple of years ago and I find the quality brilliant. It is clear and there is no distortion or 'white' noise even when the volume is cranked right up.

        There are over 85 tracks for players to strum along to. The play list is varied and contains some classics, such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Sultans of Swing, Ring of Fire, Hungry Like the Wolf amongst many others, as well as some more 'unusual' tracks, such as Maiden Mother & Crone, Back Round, American Girl and Runnin' Down a Dream. A full track listing is available on loads of different websites, and if you want full details then I would suggest inserting GH5 song list in Google and hitting search.

        If you manage to get through all the tracks in beginner, easy medium and expert modes, or get bored and want something else to play then there is the opportunity to buy more tracks. Tracks are purchased by going to the music shop section and downloading the track directly so you need to have your Wii linked up to the internet to do this. The additional tracks aren't free and with individual songs costing around 200 Wii points each (which is more than £1.40) they are not cheap either. There are some album packs and multi track packs available, which costs a bit less per track, but there are not that many available at present and there are many fillers.

        ****Multi player****

        The multi player functions of GH5 are fantastic and second to none and there is a large variety of things you can do. You can play with mates locally or online. You can go head to head and have battles (whereby you have to score more points than your opponent even if that means a bit of 'dirty play' by sabotage), play as a team in order to progress through the game and earn as many points and awards as possible, or simply have a friendly jam by playing a few tracks together. The combinations are endless and the only way to find out just what can be done is to experiment.

        Neither my mates nor I really use the online gaming community (there is nothing worse than being beaten by a 10 year old in Japan or America) so we stay away from the internet and tend to have head to head battles locally. These are great fun and provide hours of entertainment although they always get very competitive and usually end up in petty squabbles and arguments that go on for days afterwards, or until the next session.

        The GH5 community is massive and there is a large following so if you are an online gaming fan there will be no problems finding an online tournament to compete in. I have entered one in the past and found it very easy to do although I must say the competition is fierce and there are some fantastic gamers out there who are way out of my league and scoring at least 3 times more than me.

        ****Using GH5 with earlier versions****

        GH5 allows you to import tracks from older versions of Guitar Hero you may own. This is a fantastic feature as it not only stops the need for keep having to change discs (I find this very annoying and breaks the flow of the game play somewhat) but it also enables you to play the older tracks using the new features of the latest version.

        The ability to import older tracks is great in principle, although it does have some issues in practice. Firstly, it is only possible to load tracks from Guitar Hero 4 World Tour. In order to do this you need to ensure you have kept the booklet containing the unique 16 digit number. So for those of you who invested in used copies (where the booklet has been lost or the number already logged) or those of you who are using copied or backed up versions of the game (Tch. Tch. Shame on you) you will not be able to use this feature.

        Secondly, you have to pay a 'nominal' fee to import the tracks. These are tracks that you, the player, have already paid for once and now you have to pay again. Personally, I think this is wrong and the producers shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

        Thirdly, you can only import some of the tracks from World Tour. Of the 86 tracks available only 35 can be imported. This is less than 50% which is absolutely ridiculous. This means if you want to play a track that cannot be imported then you will have to revert to your original copy of World Tour which kind of defeats the objective of this.

        Importing the tracks is very easy and is done via the game store section of GH5. It is quite self explanatory from the game itself however if you get stuck there is a step by step guide on the Guitar Hero website.

        When I saw the opportunity to import older tracks I jumped at the chance without looking in to it first. I naturally assumed it would simply mean I could play GH4 and GH5 from one disc and enjoy all the benefits GH5 provides. I was unaware only a selection of tracks could be imported and I was unaware I would have to stump up more cash. I would not recommend importing older tracks as I think there are far more negatives than positives.

        ****The Guitar Hero website****

        As previously mentioned Guitar Hero has a massive following and has its own dedicated website for players. The details of this can be found in the instruction leaflets with the game.

        It is possible to set up an account and link it to your particular version of GH5. Once again this is very easy to do although there are full step by step instructions on the GH website. Once you have signed up and linked your account to your game it is possible to see your gaming stats on your PC.

        At first glance I thought this was fantastic and assumed it would show all the tracks I had played and all the relevant stats (including highest note run, percentage achieved, stars awarded and the score) enabling me to access these on my computer and show my mates just how well I had performed. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case as you can only view your last 5 tracks played, which is really no good at all. Your stats will show how well you performed in online tournaments, but if you are like me and don't really participate in these this is also a useless feature.

        ****Price and availability****

        GH5 can be bought from loads of different retailers including specialist game shops (GAME, HMV, Game Station etc.), general electrical shops (such as Currys), computer shops (such as PC World), general shops (such as Argos) and major supermarkets (such as Tesco and Asda).

        With so many places selling it you'd have thought getting a copy would be no problem, however I purchased my GH5 bundle between Christmas and New Year and stocks were low and if the bundle wasn't in stock (as was the case with GAME, Argos and HMV) then it was only available for home delivery (as was the case with PC World and Currys Digital) and there was no way I could wait for 2 -3 days.

        I actually ended up sourcing a bundle from my local Tesco Superstore, which was not only very convenient (I didn't have to get in to the centre of Norwich and battle with the bargain hunters) but it was also the cheapest at £64.97.

        The price of GH5 varies significantly. Tesco sell the bundle for £64.97 in store (it is £65.00 from Tesco Direct excluding P&P) which was the cheapest retailer I found that had the bundle in stock.

        The online stores of GAME and HMV claimed to have the bundle for sale for around £60 although these items were out of stock and being on a pre Christmas special promotion I doubt they would be that cheap when they were next in stock. During my search I found the following prices;

        Tesco - £64.97 (Tesco Direct £65.00)
        Argos - £79.99
        PC World and Currys Digital - £69.99
        Comet - £79.99

        I should point out that I wanted to buy the bundle on the day and was not prepared to wait for delivery, therefore I didn't bother checking out the places I would normally try first, such as The Hut.com or Amazon.

        The price differential is quite substantial therefore I would definitely recommend shopping around if you want to buy this game.


        Cheats usually assist the player in progressing through computer games and are particularly useful in strategy or puzzle games if you get stuck, however this is not the case with GH5. Using cheats in GH5 only seem to unlock venues, tracks and accessories for your character. The cheats do not make you any better at the game, as this can only be achieved by plenty of practice.

        So, if you want to pimp your character there are loads of cheats available and inserting "GH5 cheats" in Google will provide plenty of sites for you to do this.


        Overall GH5 is a fantastic game and I think it is one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are stunning, the audio is fantastic, it is as equally entertaining and enjoyable whether you are playing with a group of mates or on your own, there are loads of tracks (with the opportunity to get more as required) and there are many, many hours of game play.

        Whilst I think the game is fantastic, I do think the producers are getting greedy and are starting to exploit gamers a bit too much. The ability to import tracks from previous versions is a great feature but to have to pay again for the privilege is not really fair especially when less than 50% of the tracks can actually be imported. In addition, the cost of additional tracks is absolutely disgraceful especially considering you can download an MP3 file for much less. After all, you are not actually buying sheet music.

        The online statistics feature is also a big disappointment. I was expecting it to record statistics for all tracks I had played and been able to produce the statistics with the touch of a button, however this is not possible. Displaying statistics for the last 5 tracks played is very poor, especially given the technology available, and I think a lot more needs to be done. The site is also very, very slow and the load-up times are excessively high. Once again there really is no need for this and more needs to be done, and I for one will not be using the site until it considerably improves.

        (This review is posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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          05.01.2010 18:53
          Very helpful



          Try it at a friend's first and watch yourself get addicted!

          I am writing this review from the point of view of someone who has never played any of the other Guitar Hero games, so does not have a point of reference with regard to whether this one is better than the others in terms of game play etc. However I am assuming that anyone buying such a game for the first time might well just buy the most recent one to be released, so if this is your first experience of the phenomenon, here is what I make of it.

          Firstly like a number of other people with whom I have spoken, I was initially sceptical, and I can understand why some would argue that if you really want to learn to copy your idols, why not invest the time and money in a real guitar and lessons? However even with this doubt in the back of my mind, I found it impossible not to get hooked on it.

          For those looking for a manageable introduction to the game, I would perversely skip the Beginners section altogether, which I found very hard, and move straight to Easy mode, which allows you to see the various coloured individual notes as they scroll down the screen, rather than trying to get you to press all four buttons at the same time. In terms of specific songs, I found Vampire Weekend quite a good one to start with, and Blue Orchid by the White Stripes isn't bad either.

          As far as the songs on general are concerned, there is obviously a strong American bias, and if I am honest, I would probably have left quite a few out which are included, especially as it is particularly hard to 'play' songs which you have never heard before! It can also get a bit tiresome when you are starting out to heard the first minute of, for example, 'All Along the Watchtower, as you try and fail repeatedly to get the buttons right and are thus forced to start all over again! However overall it is simply a lot of fun, so much so that I think I'll stop here and go and have another go at being Jack White!


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          01.01.2010 18:09
          Very helpful



          Good, but any different?

          Guitar hero 5 is yet another installment in the Guitar Hero franchise, which has bought such games as (other than 1, 2, 3 and 4) Guitar Hero Metallica, DJ Hero, Aerosmith, Band Hero etc. It follows on the same theme as the previous 4 with a few updated graphics as well as a whole new playlist with more songs than before.

          Having ever only played Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, I was looking forward to playing the newest installment. The songs on the game are much better than previous I thought, songs such as Rock Show by Blink-182, a couple of Nirvana songs, Steady as she goes by Raconteurs, Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World, White Stripes, Band of Horses etc. There are at least 20 brilliliant songs on the game whereas before it's only been a choice of 1 or 2 songs to play constantly. The graphics are slightly updated from the previous games, the interface on the menu screens are easier to navigate and look at and during gameplay there's not so much about the screen, which, although easier to see, lost a little with being able to see how well you were doing...although they have added more I preferred the GH3 interface during gameplay.

          The gameplay is obviously almost exactly the same, with the added benefit since band hero of drums and vocals also included in the game, the guitar has been updated again although previous controllers still work with the game. I have to say the only reason to purchase this game would be to get the new songs. I'm unsure whether you can downloaded the song, for the 360 or ps3, but if you can for previous games than I'd just stick with that. The game is pretty much the same as GH3, and most likely the others, with the songs updated. The basic premise of the game, is exactly the same. Obviously it cannot be changed too much but the franchise seems to be making money without an awful lot of effort being put into each new game. It seems like a series which will continue for as long as it's deemed worthy enough to pay for without challenging itself and putting out new games where they generally don't need to be.

          The game itself is great fun, playing along with your favourite tracks is very fun, but no more or less fun than it was with GH3, other than the difference in songs. If it were possible to just download these songs I would have done. However since, i'm guessing, it's not possible to download the same songas, Activision will continue to bring out more games with updated songs and people will still want it. I hope in future they just allow the songs to be downloadable instead of purchasing a whole new game.

          Overall, the game is very fun to play, it has a brilliant playlist and overall the game just have a shinier and more modern feel to it. However I don't believe it warrants the extra £40 or so just to ultimatly play the same game with new songs. Obviously with the drums and vocals incorporated into the game there is more to do and after copying rock band, that itself should deem it worthy enough to but on its own, however if you have Rock Band or Band Hero...there really is no need for this game.


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            03.11.2009 17:53
            Very helpful



            Fantastic game.

            Guitar Hero 5 marks a significant evolution from the previous games in the series, not so much in terms of gameplay - which is largely the same - but the overall feel and features. The wii version this time recieves full support for downloadable content, many new modes where some are not even available on the more powerful consoles and Mii integration.
            The gameplay is as you would expect on the great brand name of Guitar Hero. By now, many people will be amassing quite a collection of guitars, and there is instant access to the songs in multiplayer. For many days, I just played this and not the actual game! The setlist this year is brilliant, a great mix of contemporary such as Muse and Arctic Monkeys and old favourites such as Iron Maiden and Bob Dylan. The patterns you are asked to play fit in well, a major problem I had with guitar hero 3, where I felt they didn't. Multiplayer is obviously fun, and the new modes such as roadie challenge are great little surprises on the disk. Full of content, full of fun, this game is a must buy, particularly for newcomers.


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            14.10.2009 10:13
            Very helpful



            Another fine addition to the Guitar Hero series

            Despite that over the years I have amassed a sizeable collection of video games for various games consoles; very few of those games have had me more anxious to purchase them than "Guitar Hero 5". Even though it has only been a short time since the release of their best of game "Guitar Hero: Smash Hits" the wait for the games was next to unbearable for me.

            Finally the release date of 11th September rolled around and my then newly purchased Rock Band: Beatles found its self taking a backseat even though I had only just purchased it two days beforehand on "Beatles Day".

            -How to Rock

            So for all of you who have never experienced this fantastic gaming series and genre here is a brief explanation as to what it's all about. Basically the game revolves around you press various buttons in time to a pattern of dots that move along the screen, as you press the buttons correctly the song that you are playing will sound correct but if you should miss a button press then the song is interrupted. Sounds really easy and repetively boring when you say it like that now doesn't it, but do wait there is more.

            Firstly lets do away with the regular gamepad controllers and instead replace them with mock instruments, that's right instead of pretending you are playing a guitar or drums you actually do just that. With the guitar the buttons that you press are located on the neck or fret board of the guitar however this would be too easy and not like a guitar at all so in combination with pressing the buttons you must also strum the bar in the main body of the guitar at the same time to play the note. In a similar way the buttons on the drum kit are activated by actually hitting the different drum pads in much the same way as a proper drum kit. Along with the guitar and drums all you budding singers can get to join in as well as courtesy of a USB microphone you can wail along with the songs as well.

            -Do I look like a Rock-star?

            As with all games that are available on the 7th generation consoles the Wii version will never keep up with its big brothers the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as far as graphics are concerned, however this being said in comparison to the previous Guitar Hero titles graphically wise the game is becoming far slicker looking with much better animation from the band as they perform the songs you play on stage. Along with this the ability to generate the look to your performer has been given a greater array of options with the addition of a large number of additional hairstyles, clothing and accessories available.

            -So Much Music and Only Two Ears

            As you can imagine the whole point to a game like this is the music and without a doubt this game certainly provides for all on that side. Alongside some classic oldies such as "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" by Elton John (I know Elton John's not exactly all that hard core rock but what can I say this tune absolutely rocks hard) and "2 Minutes to Midnight" by Iron Maiden a good majority of newer tracks are included as well, such as the fantastic Kings of Leon with their song "Sex on Fire" and Beck with the song "Gamma Ray" from his 2008 album Modern Guilt. With the exception of the live tracks that are included in the song list all of the tracks are master recordings meaning that unlike some of the earlier games in this genre all the songs are performed by the original artists. Alongside the already extensive 85 songs that are included with the game those of us who have their Wii hooked up to internet are able to download a number of additional songs for use on the game, the only downside to this is the fact that a good majority of them will cost you the princely sum of 200 Wii points. This being said though there are a few tracks on their which are free of charge such as Stan Bush's "The Touch" from the original Transformers movie. Now if you are a real Guitar Hero freak like me and have the games "World Tour" and "Smash Hits" there is also the option to download a number of the songs on to this game as well, this is great for those of us who only have the "Rock Band" drum kit as it now allows you to play songs from "World Tour" on the drums as well. There is still a charge for downloading these extra tracks as well but the price is much better with the 35 songs from "World Tour" costing 350 points and the 21 songs from "Smash Hits" costing 200 points.

            For a full list of the songs that are available on this game you can check out this list on Wiki


            You will also find information on the available songs for download as well.

            -How long can I Rock?

            Even with just the 85 songs that come with the game itself this game has a lot of room for playing especially when you take into consideration that there are four different instruments to master with difficultly levels ranging from beginners to expert. In addition to this the game also allows for four players to join in together to play with each other this ability has been enhanced over the previous games with the addition of a new gaming mode for this edition of the game called "Party Play" which allows players to jump in and out of a song as they desire. The game also allows the players to use any combination of instruments they want so no longer is there a fight over who gets to play the guitar as long as you have enough controls everyone can play guitar or drums or sing.

            -Is it a Hero or Zero?

            With each and every time that a new game in this series is released the enhancement over its predecessor is very quickly apparent and this game is no exception, the addition of the ability to combine any combination of instruments is a great addition to the game. However the one thing that stands out more than anything else is the fact that Activision have been kind enough to get my set of "Rock Band" drums working with this game which has really added a new level to the game for me as now not only do I have to try and get to hard level on the guitar but my drumming ability now needs a heck of a lot of work on it to make it past medium level. With the inclusion of the downloadable content this game in my opinion is by far and away the most comprehensive in the range and with new tracks becoming available each month it just keeps getting better and better. The only downside to this is the cost of tracks and the fact that I am going to have to go and buy a 32GB SD card now to hold more songs on it.


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