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Guitar Hero 5 - Guitar Bundle (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Parental Guidance / Release Date: 2009-09-11 / Published by Activision

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    2 Reviews
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      05.06.2011 17:18
      Very helpful



      Great Game, Brings a new dimension to the Wii

      The game has a really good set of songs in my opinion, from classic rock songs to new songs.
      What i like about this is the fact that there is a song for most tastes, its not too "rocky" that avergae joe who likes the most famous songs is left feeling a little confused at all these unfarmiliar songs, but it does have some really good songs that die hard fans will love.

      The Wii remote fits inside of the Guitar and comes through a little window in the front of the guitar. The whammy bar on the guitar allows you to rack up more points, and gain bonuses, and makes the guitar sound.. wobbly...
      It was the first Guitar hero i brought and i was really surprised by how good it was. Since then i have brought the previous games to see how they compare, but Guitar Hero 5 i think will always be my favorite, the song selection really does it for me.

      The guitar itself which houses the wii remote is very robust, and durable, and i would imagine that it could take many years of regular game play. The buttons are made out of plastic, which the corresponding colours, and look to be very durable, and haven't shown any signs of wear as of yet. The star power button and strumming button has a rubbery texture to it, allowing for a better grip when playing some of the more challenging songs.

      You can create your own band with multiple players, using the drums mic and guitar, as well as creating characters for each player, and creating a logo. However, this can be time consuming, and i did get a bit carried away with creating my character, but also the controls on the guitar to scroll through these menus were a bit finicky.

      You can choose to play as quick play, or as a band. Playing as a band allows you to unlock new "venues" and new songs, there are also opportunities to get bonuses, which will win you outfits, and guitar designs etc.

      At first i thought it would be impossible to get the hang of, after seeing one of my friends get 100% on pretty much all of the songs on difficult.
      And on my first attempt, on easy, i failed miserably. However, the game isnt so completely difficult that you give up before getting anywhere. After trying some songs a few times, and looking for songs with more recognisable tunes, with easier notes, you do get the hang of it.

      As you go up levels, from easy to medium to hard etc. you find that a button is added. On beginner, you just have to press all of them at once. Its just about getting the timing right really. Medium uses 3 buttons in the song, Hard uses 4 and so on.
      Whilst pressing the corresponding buttons, you have the "strum" the guitar by clicking a lever like button at the same time. At first its a little weird, but becomes second nature as you play.
      There is also an option to go through the songs section by section, at veryin speeds. This is great if there is just one part of a song you cant quite get your head around, or if you want to hear it slower. As well as this is the option to make your own guitar music with your mii.
      This game is highly addictive, its great for playing with your friends, just round up all your remotes and guitars and play. However, you can spend hours playing alone, perfecting every note and gaining the highest scores. Gives hours of fun, and achy digits!


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      15.01.2010 13:01



      One of the best games available on the Wii

      While I haven't been a massive fan of the Wii in general, this is probably one of my favourite and most played games. I don't know the names of most of the songs, so wouldn't be able to help in that respect, but will give you my opinion on the game itself.

      At first, for someone who isn't a guitar player, this was not the easiest game to nail. However, once you get into it, and move up the levels, it can be a really great game to play.

      The easist level requires only three notes/buttons. As the music plays, the notes you have to play come up on the screen, and you have to play the right note at the right time. The medium level requires four fingers, and then the hardest levels, for those with quick finger work, have five buttons, meaning you need to slide your hand along the guitar. The notes and buttons are colour coordinated. You also need to "strum" at the right time too.
      At the end of each section there are "battle" against other characters which you need to win to progress.

      As I said, I didnt know most of the songs. The ones I did made them more enjoyable to play, but I also found I liked most of the ones I didn't know before.


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