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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Wii)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2009-05-29 / Published by Activision

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    4 Reviews
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      18.01.2012 17:39



      A game that focuses on metallica as well as artists they have been influenced by

      well this is my first game review ever so it might lack as much detail as other reviews.

      I got this in gamestation for £70 which included the metallica guitar for my wii. i have had this for about two years and i have still not completed the hard section yet as with work and moving house i havent had time anyways more about the game

      Its metallica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what more can you want plus a few other guests as well such as:
      -foo fighters
      -system of a down

      and many others.

      You start by playing at the basic level just to get used to being able to do combos and also hit bonus's with 100 notes in a row and more. As you progress through the game you unlock new gigs new songs and new outfits for your own little person. there are 49 songs in total with metallica taking 28 songs and the remaining songs are from artists thats have influenced the metallica boys. !!

      My favourite songs from metallica were enter sandman and nothing else matters and when i discovered these on the disk i had to get it and start playing it even though they are easy songs i havent dared playing it on hard yet but i will get there once everything is unpacked and hooked up :) You have all the other classic songs as well such as battery, fade to black and master of puppets just to name a couple.

      Once i think of anything else ill update this review !!! i have came to a holt.


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      14.10.2010 16:09
      Very helpful



      Get your rocks off

      Rhythm based games are very popular at the minute and one of the early innovators of the genre was the hugely popular Guitar heroes series published by Red Octane. The series uses either a wired or wireless guitar peripheral with which you strum a sequence of notes whilst holding down coloured 'fret' buttons. Essentially it is mimicking the action of a real guitar so you can participate in set full of famous popular songs. You require no musical ability whatsoever to join in the fun though you need reasonable dexterity and quick thinking.

      Choosing from a set of pre-designed avatars you are able to participate as the guitarist in a band environment and play to a discerning crowd who will raucously cheer you on or boo should you fail to make the grade. Consistently good playing will reward you by boosting a rock meter which when fully charged allows you to acquire bonus points as you blister away at a lightening covered fret board.

      Playing through chapters unlocks new chapters and hence new songs. This progress also unlocks features such as clothes and new guitars for your chosen avatar which you purchase with money you have earned from previous gigs.

      Songs are individually rated with a 5 star system and you need to complete songs with a flawless performance to get maximum points. The game keeps a record of your highest score and the longest note streak you played without making a mistake. Some of the lengthier songs can be quite demanding!

      This Metallica edition features motion captured performances of the band to animate their avatars and they really look great. The lengthy setlist features 28 classic Metallica songs and 21 from their favoured and influential bands including System Of A Down and Motorhead.

      The whole presentation of the game is very slick and the graphics are pretty sharp on the Wii though obviously pale against the more powerful HD consoles. Metallica fans are rewarded with lots of info and concert footage and this will pretty much appeal to most rock/metal fans. The setlist also covers the band's lengthy career so you get early classics from Kill 'Em All up to the latest releases.

      The mechanics of the game are unchanged and will be instantly familiar to those who have previously played the games. If you are new to the series it is easy to pick up with a practice mode enabling you to break down individual songs into their component parts such as verses and solos. The beginner level is very basic and the easy very forgiving. The difficulty really cranks up on the medium setting and the learning curve is almost vertical on hard and expert. There is even an expert plus level if you have the drum set allowing you to add an additional double bass.

      Anyone who can pick up this game on the easy level will have a great time playing it and the fun increases with friends as you mock and pick at their technique. I walk around the room like I am onstage, shouting and pointing at imaginary fans. It is a really immersive and fun game with a very high replay value.

      One thing I would say is that the difference between easy/medium is way different from medium and above. The hard and expert levels are insane and all but the elite will be booed off stage in no time. I play on both easy and medium aiming for long streaks of notes and 100% scores. Anyone who can play above these levels is a legend and I salute them.


      Awesome guitar game with a great set list and slick presentation. Unleash your inner rock god/chick with Guitar Hero: Metallica. Jack Daniels and smashed TV's are optional.

      [Edit] Sorry I forgot to mention that there is the choice of playing bass too!

      Set List:

      Metallica Tracks
      All Nightmare Long
      Creeping Death
      Disposable Heroes
      Dyers Eve
      Enter Sandman
      Fade To Black
      Fight Fire With Fire
      For Whom The Bell Tolls
      Hit The Lights
      King Nothing
      Master of Puppets
      Mercyful Fate (Medley)
      No Leaf Clover
      Nothing Else Matters
      Sad But True
      Seek And Destroy
      The Memory Remains
      The Shortest Straw
      The Thing That Should Not Be
      The Unforgiven
      Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
      Wherever I May Roam

      Alice In Chains - No Excuses
      Bob Seger - Turn The Page
      Corrosion of Conformity - Albatross
      Diamond Head - Am I Evil?
      Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors
      Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
      Kyuss - Demon Cleaner
      Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone
      Machine Head - Beautiful Mourning
      Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
      Mercyful Fate - Evil
      Michael Schenker Group - Armed and Ready
      Motorhead - Ace of Spades
      Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
      Samhain - Mother of Mercy
      Slayer - War Ensemble
      Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster
      Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
      System of a Down - Toxicity
      The Sword - Black River
      Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back in Town


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        29.04.2010 16:28
        Very helpful




        I bought the full guitar hero package in the January sales for £40 and I recently had to buy the disc again separately for around £15 as the dog decided that he did not like Metallica and one day bided his time until I went out and then decided to play his own little rock game with my disc!! Bruised and battered luckily enough it was easy to replace.

        I have played guitar hero on the xbox and the guitar that you get with the Wii guitar hero is a lot different. The wii remote itself has to be fitted and connected correctly into the back of the guitar before you can begin, this can be a little tricky so read up about it first, I forgot to plug the actual controller into the guitar and was wondering why it did not work!

        The Wii guitar has lots of different features so if it is your first time playing the game I suggest you read the instructions. The guitar features a strum bar, 5 fret buttons; green, red, yellow, blue ad orange, a whammy bar, a slider bar, and the guitar itself also has a tilt sensor for rocking on down!

        For those of you who have never played guitar hero before I am going to try and explain it as easily as possible. The controller is basically a guitar with 5 buttons. When you choose a song a screen will come up and as the colours hit a certain point you have to press the relevant button while strumming with the other hand. When you play the correct sequence the tune will sound perfect, if you keep getting it wrong you will get booed off the stage!

        It does sound quite complicated if you have not played it before and when I first started playing guitar hero I was about to give up, I do play the guitar but my co ordination is not great (hence me not playing the drums).

        After a few games my friends children who are seven and eight years old were beating my score so maybe it was just me!

        This is a great game for all of the family and you can get it in lots of different versions including the Beatles songs! I am a Metallica fan and find that the rock songs are the best to play the game with and in no time you feel like a star on stage!

        Some of the Metallica classics included on this disc are:

        Master of Puppets
        Nothing else matters
        Sad but true
        The Unforgiven

        Also guest acts such as Alice in chains, Foo fighters, Judas Priest and Lynyrd Skynyrd appear in the game. In the game itself you will work your way through your music career, the better you play the more points and money you will get.

        Drums and a mic are also available for this game.

        A great game for big kids or for all of the family and great for parties!



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          15.10.2009 18:01
          Very helpful



          Guitar Hero rides the lightening

          Over recent years there has been one genre of video games that seems to have gained more press and attention in the public eye than another and that would be the rhythm based games. The leading companies in this genre are EA games in conjunction with Harmonix who have brought us the Rockband series and Activision with their partners Neversoft with the Guitar Hero series. Now each game series has its unique little selling points but both are pretty similar, but like most fans of this gaming genre I prefer one over the other and that one would be the Guitar Hero series. (Sorry Rockband fans.) So when Activision announced the release of the new Guitar Hero Metallica I found the wait to be almost unbearable. Since I am a massive fan of the "Tallica" boys and since the age of 16 I have tried to learn to play as many of their songs on guitar as my little fingers would let me so I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this game.

          "Enter Sandman" or Metallica should we say

          Released for the Wii in May 2009 the main objective of the game like all the others in this gaming series is to play along to each song in time by pressing different button combinations in relation to what is shown on the screen, (sounds pretty easy now doesn't it.)Beings as the game is centred around the band Metallica a large number of the songs on this game are by them however there are a number of tracks by other artists who have either influenced the band over the years or who the band enjoy listening to themselves. The game carries along the same lines as Guitar Hero World Tour allowing the player to shred the guitar, slap the bass, thump those drums or even wail your lungs out in the singing mode. These parts can then be combined to form your very own super group.

          Getting "Frantic" with the controls

          Now this is the one point of this gaming series that gets to most people as unless you have the additional and sometimes expensive instrument additions to your Wii-mote these games are unplayable. Now each of the controls works in a similar way to their real life counterparts such as the guitar and bass require you to press the corresponding button on the fret board of the guitar neck whilst strumming the bar on the body of the guitar, whereas the drums allow you to hit the drum pads in time and the microphone lets you see just how bad your voice really is. The guitar, bass and microphone work in exactly the same way as with Guitar Hero World Tour, however it is the drums that get a bit of an overhaul as a new level of difficulty is added to test our metal. The newly named expert+ level which allows for the addition of a second bass pedal to the drum kit, and yes you've guessed it at an extra cost as well.

          Graphics that are not "Sad but True"

          Now graphically the Wii is never going to stand up to its seventh generation cousins the PS3 and the Xbox 360, however the real winner for this title graphics wise is not how every tiny detail is there but on the sheer movement and animation of the characters themselves. As with World Tour motion capture has been used with the main characters of the game so James, Kirk, Lars and Robert all play, act and move around the stage just like their real life selves would. In fact there's a couple of great little videos of the guys all kitted out in the motion capture suits rock away on a mock stage. Along with the "Tallica" boys you get to create your own character as well who will perform on the songs that are not by Metallica, plus there are a couple of guest appearances from the likes of Lemmy from Motorhead and King Diamond from Mercyful Fate.

          A soundtrack that's "The Ace of Spades"

          This is really what people who have bought this game have bought it for the music and believe you me it does not disappoint in the slightest. The Metallica song list is fantastic with some classic tracks throughout their entire catalogue even including tracks from the S&M album and the Garage Inc. album as well. With out doubt you will be hard pushed to want to move off of the Metallica tracks and on to the other bands, however that being said there are some absolute corkers there too with the likes of Bob Seger, Corrosion of Conformity and of course Motorhead and Mercyful Fate.

          For a full listing of the tracks available for this game you can check out the Guitar Hero: Metallica Wiki page.


          So will this game "Fade to Black?"

          With 49 songs to play through the initial game will only take several hours to work your way through, however as with other games in the series playing through the game is just never enough as the game not only has five different levels of difficulty (six for the drums) but also allows the player to try and beat there highest score not only on the number of notes hit but also on the number of points scored while playing. Alongside the solo and group game play you also have the option of taking the band on the road or should I say online, as you can compete with other players all over the world in various online head to head tournaments and challenges. In addition to this the Guitar Hero creators have come up with a great way of allowing cross platform usage by providing the Guitar Hero players with a website to which they can register and link their systems too. Through this system players from all over can compare their score compete in online competitions for real prizes and general share tips and hints on how to become better at the games themselves.

          To find out more about the online game play element you can visit their website


          "Wherever I May Roam" will this game come too?

          Out of all the games that I own for my various computers this is the one that I come back to time and time again; overall the game just has everything that I could want in a game. Admittedly the fact that the game is based around one of my favourite bands gives it a majorly huge advantage, but it is the sheer addiction to wanting to fully complete a song without making a mistake and then when you're feeling brave enough trying to work your way up to the next difficulty setting. Which personally for me "Medium" on the guitar is plenty hard enough at the moment and as for singing lets just say that "Easy" is sometimes a struggle so there's still plenty of life left in this title for me. The only thing that I wasn't to keen on was some of the other artist tracks that are on the game however the great majority of awesome tracks on the game more than made up for it.

          Not only does this game provide a lot of enjoyment for myself but even my partner once again finds her own perverse pleasure in it as she sits there giggling to herself as I jump around the living room cursing the T.V. whenever I miss a note. All in all if you liked the other games in the series this will make a fantastic addition to the collection especially for those like me who hold a special place in their musical hearts for Metallica. Now I just wish they would make a Guitar Hero: Iron Maiden and then my life would be complete.


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