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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2010-11-19 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2013 21:50
      Very helpful



      Don't bother

      Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 is a game for the nintendo wii console, which is based on the popular novel by J.K.Rowling.
      The game is an Electronic Arts game which was released in 2010.
      It contains violence and bad language and therefore comes with an age recommendation of over 12 year olds.

      The game requires a nunchuck controller along with the original controller to enable you to control the game with both hands. As with all wii games they are simple to start, inserting the disc and pointing to the image of the game on screen with your controller to start it.
      How to play
      The game is simple at first, using your nunchuk controller to walk around and the original controller to look around.
      You are soon shown how to use your invisibility cloak, pressing '2' to put it on and becoming invisible. There is a meter in the bottom left hand corner of the screen which shows how long your invisibility cloak will last. If the meter is becoming low you can charge it back up by standing still, just be careful where you stand as you will be exposed if you bump into anybody, in some cases being exposed will result in failing the mission.

      There are various potion to collect and use on different enemies who are followers of the evil lord voldemort, you can also pick up spellbooks to learn new spells. With a growing list of spells and potions to use, each working on different enemies or situations I thought it was going to start getting a bit complicated but it doesn't as most of the time instructions on screen will tell you which to use at first and you'll soon pick them up.
      Most of the time Harry is walking around with his friends Ron and Hermoine. They will battle enemies too, if your health bar in the top left corner of the screen is getting low you can try to hide out of the way while they continue to battle and it will quickly build back up. You can also use the '-' button to take cover and protect yourself from incoming attacks.

      Missions include finding an item (pressing '+' will cast the 'four points' spell and a blue line will appear to direct you where to go), saving muggle borns (wizards born into non-wizarding families) and defeating enemies.
      I played this game for a few hours but couldn't play it for more than about half an hour at a time because it was just dull. I had no interest in how the game ended as it felt like a complete waste of time. It didn't seem to get progressively harder or more interesting and in the end I gave up on it.

      This game got repetitive and boring really quickly.
      The mission instructions were a bit vague and didn't make much sense, in one mission it said to hold off from attacking enemies for a while, so I wandered around under the invisibility cloak for a while and couldn't figure out what to do, it turns out you need to defeat the attackers to complete the mission so the initial instruction didn't make sense.

      The graphics are quite good but the sound effects are just annoying. The talking in the game seems quiet compared to the sound when casting spells and I got sick of hearing the same words over and over as Harry casts spells in battle. If I heard Harry say stupify one more time I thought i'd go mad and that was only the first mission.
      The cut scenes are actually more entertaining than the game, usually I find the opposite. Having read the book, and with this being part 1 of the game, I think a bit more explanation as to what you are looking for and why would be more useful.
      Although the locations change, each battle seems similar to me and it got really tedious.

      This game was loaned to me by a friend and I'm really glad I didn't pay any money for it, it will be quickly returned. I expected something a bit more challenging and puzzling and got what was a poor shooting game (except with a wand instead of a gun).
      I would advise you to avoid this one to avoid disappointment.


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      31.08.2011 09:15



      I would not recommend this game

      I got this game as a present for my birthday and being a fun of previous Harry Potter games I was very excited. I have never played other Harry Potter games on the Wii so I cant compare but I found this game to be of poor quality.

      Good Points:
      -Harry levels up when killing enemies and his spells get stronger
      -You can use the Wii controller to aim and cast spells
      -You have a special spell which can show you the direction of your goal

      Bad Points:
      -This is basically an interactive movie. Unlike the previous games, this one has very little original content
      -I found the controlls extremely difficult and irratating. Instead of having a fixed camera view you have to turn the camera yourself by pointing the Wii remote at the screen and moving it to the side. This is slow, so when you have to take a sharp turn, you have to stop walking in order to see where you are going. You also have to do this during combat. As I meantioned previously you use the Wii remote to aim and shoot as well as turn. This is irratating if you have enemies behind you.
      -Some enemies such as pixies move about the screen quite fast making aiming difficult, I had to redo some parts over and over again


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