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Ice Age 2 (Wii)

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Manufacturer: Sierra / Genre: Action / Minimum Age: 3

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2010 00:49
      Very helpful



      It is an enjoyable fun game, with many little mini games, lots of do and lots to see.

      ICE AGE 2 THE MELTDOWN on the Nintendo Wii

      The game by Vivendi Games was released in 2006 a Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


      The game is a platformer with the ability to move around and explore the Ice Age world from the film.
      The character you play as is Scrat the pre-historic squirrel.
      This little scatty squirrel has to collect acorns, conkers and other nuts on his journey to avoid the biggest flash flood in history!
      Scrat meets lots of his friends along his travels and has to complete tasks (in the form of a mini game), to be able to move to the next level. He is usually rewarded with a nice shiny nut for his efforts - giving little scratty much joy :)

      The mini games are very simple to complete. There are clear set instructions on what to do. If you need reminding, you can go to the front screen which pauses the game and shows you the instructions for the said mission again.
      There are also hint signs within the game which help a great deal.
      There are also great scenes from the film which load up in game when having to complete another mission or when moving to the next level. These scenes seemed to be alot clearer on the game that from what I remember in the film.

      The game mirrors the film quite well in some aspects. There are some levels I didn't really recognise from the film. I think these are just 'filler' levels, after all, Scrat is not followed throughout the whole film, he appears every now and then with his own story which ties into the other animals adventure. So who knows what he is doing in the film in that meantime?!
      The begining level - The Waterpark is extremely easy and the levels continue to get harder as Scrat goes along.

      Not only does this little squirrel collect nuts and complete missions but he also has to battle other creatures along the way, by spinning into them and jumping on to them.
      Scrat has a health bar on the top left of the screen, this obviously goes down when he is injured. To help get his health back he collects fruits and flowers which rejuvinate him.What else can Scrat do?
      Throw stones at enemies
      Dig for hidden nuts
      Climb up ivy and spiderwebs
      Picking up and carrying objects

      The scenery throughout this game is very bright and colourful which makes the game even more enjoyable.
      Some levels are Icy - Scrat slips and slides
      Lava based levels - Scat has to jump from rock to rock ensuring he doesn't fall in the firey pool.
      Mud Bog level - Scrat finds it difficult moving through the bog and cannot jump until he gets to land. He has bog between the land but there is a tall bird he can ride which can easily run on the bog, and can help Scrat reach higher levels.


      You use the Wii remove and nunchuck for this game.
      The Wii remote when moved from side to side allows Scrat to dig, attack, spin and climb.
      The A button allows to jump and double jump (when pressed twice)/Dive under water.
      The B button allows throw pebbles.
      The C button allows Scrat to sniff out hidden objects.
      The + control pad allows to move around the camera angle.
      The nunchuck stick allows you to move Scrat round the screen.

      I found it a bit of a challenge to get used to the controls at first. The Camera rota option is handy and quite often is much needed.


      The graphics are good. The characters are all very much recogniseable as the film characters.
      There are some details of the characters which don't look as smooth as I would have wanted. However, considering that this is one Wii console, I don't think you can expect the graphics to be as good as they would be on other consoles. But they are still good! The gameplay makes up for this though!
      The in game movie clips are extremely clear! Alot more vivid than on my dvd watching the film for some reason.


      The sound and character voices are great! Straight from the film. There wasn't one character voice which I had to question!
      The in game sounds are very good and amusing, from little scratching sounds when Scrat is digging, along with the little effort sounds coming from Scrat when he is doing this (Little squeeks and grunts).
      Sounds of the lava spitting and the russel of the leaves when climbing up trees.
      I couldn't fault the in game sounds.

      The Music follows suit with the film. I enjoyed listening to the films theme tune playing in the loading game on the first time I was playing this game.


      This game is rated a 'U'. It is a game for children. However, I found whilst sitting with my 7 year old playing this game, I was asked to takeover after a few levels she had completed.
      I think it is a little more challenging on some of the more advanced levels. I am always playing games, yet I found it difficult at times.
      None the less, my children were quite happy to sit back and watch mummy play. They found this to give enough amusment, due the gameplay and colours.
      There are some scarier moments, with a big spider. The music became alot darker - this scared my 4 year old!
      The rating is appropiate. However, younger children might be put off by some levels.


      PlayGamesUK.com - £14.99
      www.SimplyGames.com - £26.85
      Gameplay.co.uk - £19.99
      Amazon.co.uk - £15.28 new
      Play.com - £9.47

      As you can see, prices do range quite a lot so it is worth while shopping around

      tel: +44(0)8710752621 (calls charged at 0.10p GBP/min)

      It is an enjoyable fun game, with many little mini games, lots of do and lots to see. It is a game with tasks which make you think how to complete and how to unlock other featurers.
      I really enjoyed playing this game. It was alot of fun when getting past the more frustrating levels.
      There was lots of laughs and fun had in my household.

      4/5 Stars

      I would definately recommend this game! If you haven't got this game for your Wii, go out and buy it and enjoy the adventures of this nutty squirrel! :)

      This review also appears on Ciao under my username theguester


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      23.06.2008 23:04
      Very helpful



      overall 6/10

      The game involves collecting ALOT of nuts,but also involves running, jumping, climbing walls, swinging on vines, fighting some 'angry creatures', diving through water etc. There are also several mini-games (not a lot of them), but with varying themes and motion-controls.

      The game is more for a fun experience than for challenge. The cut scences are nice (dvd quality on the wii), as it breaks the game up and keeps my little brothers and sisters entertained.

      - The controls for moving Scrat are not that good. There is not much intuitive motion controls there like in the mini games. You just push buttons for a lot of movements.
      - You can only save the games in A,B or C options; you cannot save by your name. It seems such an easy thing to include - kids like personalizing their game.
      -I was disappointed that you can't play the mini games alone even after completing the game. You have to go through the game again to do that (too boring). One solution is to 'save' the game at points where the minigames start and load them whenever you want to play a minigame. There are only three slots for saving the game though :(

      Overall, the game is ok, my brothers and sister enjoy it, but i just think it is annother case of you shouldn't make games of films in the cinema.

      All in all 6/10 from me


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  • Product Details

    The Ice Age is ending and our subzero heroes return in this action adventure video game set in a melting paradise of water parks, geysers and tar pits. Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth and Diego the Sabre-Toothed Tiger are back and realize that the melting glaciers will soon flood their valley. Fans will be able to play as their favourite characters from the film, along with everyone's favourite sabre-toothed squirrel, Scrat, and embark on a mission across an increasingly dangerous landscape towards their salvation from a huge glacial dam that is about to break, threatening to flood the entire valley.

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