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Just Dance 4 (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2012-10-02 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2013 21:12
      Very helpful



      i would recommend

      I am huge fan of the Just Dance games and have them all, so had high expectations when I heard the exciting news the game was being released in October of last year. My first thought was to pre-order it as i knew from experience it would sell out quickly. I then decided to wait as last Christmas there was lots of sales on before hand so though i would wait and see if there was any deal on this. I was unsure whether this was the right thing to do as i love to play it with the family at Christmas. And thank fully I got it from Ebay when they were doing their sales for £15.

      The box is very nice, it features four dancers showing different dance moves. The name "Just Dance 4" is just below the centre with two more logos in the left hand corner advertising wi-fi compatibility and 3 of the 43 songs. The back shows a list of the 43 songs and other features it offers in game play.

      I love this game as it is brilliant for every member of the family; there is new songs, old songs, as well as fast songs and slow songs, ensuring there will be something for everyone to dance to. For me personally i found this Just Dance game has the best songs with ones from, Flo- Rida, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. I also find if i know they song it makes it easier to dance to as you already have a rough idea of the beat and tempo.

      There are lots of different game play options which, you can play the standard game where you pick the song you want to dance to and follow the icon on the screen, there is also the mutli game play, where you can get a group together and have a dance off and i have recently found the workout section.

      I love all sections of the game as they each offer something different different, but for me i found the workout section the best. This is what is so handy about this game, it encourages every to get fit whilst not even realising it. The workout section allows you to pick 3 different time lengths and music types, allowing you to design a workout which you like, then you just dance. You will do one song at low level then depending on how you are coping it will either stay at that level or get slightly more strenuous. In between every other song they have a 2 minute aerobic section when you will follow specific moves.

      Overall i would definitely recommend this game as if offers whole family entertainment, as well as allowing you to use it as a dance game for fun, or a workout tool. It is fantastic value for money as you get so much use out of it and brings everyone together.


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      28.11.2012 11:58
      Very helpful



      A great game to get you moving!

      I have bought every just dance game so far for the wii and so when I saw just dance 4 was going to be released in October of this year I knew it was a game that I would want to buy. I had every intention of waiting to order it for Christmas as we love to play these kinds of games over the Christmas period but in the end I couldn't wait as I was dying to give it a go and so I ordered it from amazon the day it was released!

      For those who are not aware just dance is a game that is made by ubisoft and you basically have dance routines to follow whilst holding your wii remote. They are a great way to make sure you are doing a little exercise but they are also brilliant fun to play and great for get togethers at home when you have had a few drinks! What is great about these games is the fact that they cover a good range of music from pop to rock, new music to classic old tunes and so there is always going to be something for everybody to want to have a go at!

      I bought just dance four from amazon for around £25 but it is currently selling for £23.99 so a slightly reduced price. I think the price of the game is more than fair to be honest considering the price of games such as fifa or black ops which the boys seem to love! My just dance four comes in a wii box which features a fancy looking cover where the dancers move depending on how you move the box. The game looks funky in terms of its packaging and I have to say that the whole look of the game has come a long way since the first just dance game I bought back in 2009.

      What made me want to buy this game immediately rather than wait for Christmas was the fact that the track list was really good for me! The game includes forty four songs and many of these are chart topping songs but with some classics thrown in there too. This edition of the game features one directions what makes you beautiful, call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson and Flo Rida's good feeling but there are also things like I've had the time of my life, the final countdown and everybody needs somebody to love and so there are plenty of good choices on the game. I have to say with this one more than any other edition of the game I was familiar with the bulk of the songs and there were only a few which I didn't know. I think it helps to know many of the songs as you are more willing to have a go at dancing to them if you have an idea of the beat and things!

      From the moment I inserted the disc in to the wii and the game began to load I was able to tell that the graphics of the game had gone up a notch. This has been something that has happened with each edition of the game and when I compare the graphics of just dance one with these in just dance four they are actually worlds apart. The graphics in just dance one was never an issue for me but in number four everything is so much sharper. The colours used in just dance four are bright and eye catching and as you do a dance you are able to appreciate everything that is going on in the background as well in my opinion.

      With this game the start menu is similar to that of just dance three really but does look much sharper. You are able to create yourself a little account where you input data such as your screen name and age which I think is handy for my son especially as he is only seven and the game is able to make allowances for a younger dancer presumably and so a child feels less disillusioned playing the game especially if playing against a competitive adult such as myself! This also stores your data and will tell you how long you have played the game for as a total and your average star rating which is nice to see. You have the option to either play just dance mode or just sweat mode and I will firstly talk about the just dance mode.

      In the just dance mode you are basically going to choose a song which you want to dance to and then follow the choreography trying to get as high a score as possible. In this mode there are some songs which are all one routine but multi player can still be played as you both follow the same dance but there are also multi player dances in which up to four people can dance and have slightly different choreography at points in the dance.

      As always you are rated as you do each move and can either achieve a cross, an ok, good or perfect rating depending on how well you time and execute the move. At certain points in the dance you will be shown a gold move and if you get this one spot on then you get more points and more of a reward. You will also get a star rating for the dance you are doing and I like how there is a bar along the side of the screen showing how you are progressing towards each one of the five stars as you can see if you are close to getting a five star for example. New for this game is the awarding of a style name when you have finished dancing. There are eleven different options for the way you danced and these can range from energetic to cute, great finisher to poser and so it is quite nice to see what you are going to be rewarded I think. As I often get all the gold moves right I am quite regularly called a poser!

      As you dance and earn stars you are also able to add to the mojo gauge which when complete will take you to the wheel of gifts which again is something new for this game. As you dance more and more the mojo gauge is harder to fill and so you need to do more dances or earn more stars to unlock a go on the wheel of gifts but obviously this is so you don't unlock all of the gifts in a short space of time. Gifts that can be won include dance mash ups, alternative choreography or new dancer card avatars. When you unlock a new dance for a certain song you will be able to use your wii remote to scroll downwards on the actual song to see the alternatives. I like that you can unlock new choreography and dance mash ups and you will find that in some songs there are dancers and moves from previous versions of just dance which is nice to see as you get the chance to do those moves again!

      What I have to say about this game is that all of the dances are so much more energetic than on any of the other just dance games and I think this has been progressively occurring with each new edition of the game to be honest. In this game for the final countdown for example you are bouncing around jumping and things and then you need to roll across the floor whilst your dancing partner does an almost star jump over you! In what makes you beautiful you are jumping around a lot too and it is such great fun but also very tiring! I love how I feel as though I am working out as I play this game and I do think it is a great way to exercise at home for people who maybe don't want to or are struggling to go to the gym. I think you need to be quite strict with yourself as you play this game though because obviously using the wii remote with your hands does mean that you could be a bit lazy with your legs and not follow the moves properly but I don't like doing this because I don't see the point in just dancing with your arms. I like to throw myself in to the dances and give it all I have got.

      New for this game is battle mode which is basically a way in which you can challenge another player or the computer to a dance off for five songs. The winner of the most songs wins the battle! This isn't a feature I have played on much but I think it is a great addition to the game and perfect for when you have people round for a few drinks or something!

      In just sweat mode you are able to select a sweat class which is designed to make your heart rate rise and so you are burning fat as you dance. In just dance three I played sweat mode a lot as I could choose dances I knew were going to make me work quite hard but ones which I would enjoy too. With this game you have more of an aerobic style work out to start off with and you may have a couple of songs thrown in there too. I have to say I do prefer the just dancing to a song for sweat mode but I do quite like this version too as you can choose the length of time you want to work out for and it will just work with you which is a good thing. The game will tell you how many calories you have lost as you dance and whilst I don't think this is ever going to be totally accurate it is quite nice as a guide to see if you have burned off anything substantial!

      This game also has a pay and play shop in which you can use your wifi connection if you have your wii set up to do this to go to the just dance shop and purchase new songs for your game should you wish to. You do need to have some pre purchased wii points to do this and each song costs around 300 points so you are looking at getting around three songs for ten pounds which is in no way good value in my opinion. I won't be buying any of the songs in this way as I think there is enough to be unlocked on the game itself for you to get bored with it and want new songs.

      I would totally recommend just dance four, especially as it is coming up to Christmas as I think it makes a perfect party game to play when you have family or friends round. Even when you are on your own though this game is great because it is fun and energetic and gets you moving so you are working out but not really thinking about it in that way because you are having fun. My son loves to play on this game too so I think even younger members of the family can have a go! Personally I can't wait for my sister to get home from Uni early in December because we love to play the just dance games and I have the upper hand in that I know some of the dances now!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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