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Just Dance (Wii)

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80 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2009-11-27 / Published by Ubisoft

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    80 Reviews
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      18.11.2012 13:15
      Very helpful



      A good, fun, family game.

      I bought just dance for my daughter's birthday not long after it come out after seeing lots of adverts on the TV for it. We are a little over run with games consoles in our house and the Wii isn't one of my favorites as the technology is a little lacking compared to other things on the market but it's good for parties and my daughter loves it and Just Dance is one of her favorite games to play on it.

      Although there are now many more titles available in the just dance series, this first game seems to be quite popular still and is easy to come by new or pre-owned.
      I paid around £17 on Amazon when I bought this, you can now buy it from there for £13.99 with £1.99 postage and packing, which works out about the same price still! It was cheaper a little while back, the price seems to rise and fall every now and then.
      Game also sell Just Dance at £7.99 for a pre-owned copy and if you buy from their website the postage is free, for some reason the w new copy from there is currently cheaper at just £6.99. Game have Just Dance in their offers quite often, which is worth looking out for.
      Game station sells the game at £7.99 and seem to have only pre-owned available. They also have free delivery from their website.
      The price is ok, about average for a Wii game that has been out for a good few years like this one has, it's not a bad price for a successful Wii game. I paid more as it was a newer game and I was happy to do so, if buying it now I'd have gone for a pre owned one to cut costs though.

      As the title would suggest the game involves lots of dancing. To play you hold onto your Wii remote and follow the Dace moves on the screen, you then score points for getting the dance moves correct and in time with what is shown on the screen.
      The screen shows you a black background with neon dancers. You see the more of the shape rather than the dancers features. You also have a thing to keep score for each player, these scores look rather like colored bars on a bar chart and each one has it's own color and a shaped marker picked out by the player at the start of the game.
      The game can be played single player or multi-player and you have the option of choosing from different songs or allowing the Wii to choose for you. You can also choose between short versions or long versions of the song, or even a mix of a few different songs! If playing multi-player you can have up to four people playing. This means the adverts for this game that had been shown on TV were a bit misleading as they seemed to have a whole room full of people dancing!
      When dancing, as well as having an eye wateringly bright person on the screen (and you do have a different person for every different song) you have some stick figures at the bottom of the screen to show you what dance moves are coming up, I found this a bit hard to follow though as you can't really tell what these little stick figures are trying to tell you.

      As you only use the Wii remote (no nun-chuck, no dance mat or any other equipment) the game is quick and easy to set up but not very easy to play. When you dance, you dance with your whole body and Just Dance is only picking up what is going on with your right hand, even then it seems to tell me I'm dancing excellently when I'm not doing the right thing or not registering when I'm doing something right. The controls for this game could be much better and sadly can't compete with games on Xbox kinect and the like.

      The Wii itself doesn't have the most amazing graphics when compared to other games machines, so it's no surprise that this game isn't the most stunning to look at. The graphics are ok, nothing spectacular and quite basic, but to be honest with this kind of game you're too busy jumping around having fun to care too much about the graphics on the screen anyway.
      Fun, amusement and working out
      This game is fun to play in a group, my daughter often gets me to play with her, I sometimes get this out when people are over and me and my partner have even been known to stick this on for a giggle on a Friday night when the kids have gone to bed. The fact that the controls aren't the best at registering the moves sometimes actually makes it more fun as it seems to level out slightly the better and worse players taking part in the game.
      In single player mode this is easy to get bored of quickly, but it is good for a work out. Some of the dances are very energetic and you do find yourself really jumping about quite a lot, well I do anyway! The way that you are following someone on the screen makes this very similar to a work out video and it would be quite good for this purpose although a lot of the moves are sillier than you'd ever find in a work out DVD.

      The game states on the packaging that it is suitable for ages 3 and up. Although a three year old could play this it's probably better for older kids (I'd say probably five or six and up) as it can be quite tricky to pull off some of the moves which could lead to little ones being frustrated. This is the sort of game that will get all of the family joining in and it is suitable for most ages.

      The songs on Just Dance are mainly 80's pop hits such as Cindi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun and New Kids on the Block's Step by Step but there is a bit of a range to choose from. The full song list can easily be found using google.

      Since this game came out there have been other Just Dance games released. There is not much difference between the games other than new songs. I would say you're better off buying the cheaper first one rather than a newer release unless you have preference over songs.
      I've also seen a Just Dance Kids for sale but I have not played this one.

      This is a fun game and not a bad price, but although the graphics can be overlooked the controls are pretty bad. Overall I would recommend this as a good, active, fun game for the Wii, but only if you don't have access to an Xbox kinect as the dance games on there blow this right out of the water!


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      24.08.2012 17:05
      Very helpful



      See review

      ~~Just dance Wii~~

      Having first seen these Wii games on a TV advert I couldn't wait to try them, they are games that I can play at home for fun or for fitness, and we also have Wii weekends (before I became pregnant) were we used to take the console and loads of games to a friends have a bbq have a few drinks and start the rather hilarious dance offs.

      The game itself was produced by Ubisoft who are a leading games manufacturer, they not only make Wii games but they can also be credited to their PS3 and Xbox games such as Tom Clancy and Assassin's creed I therefore knew that the game was going to live up to expectations due to their strong background in creating excellent games.

      There are at present 3 different Just Dance games for the Wii, with the forth one being released over the next few months, this therefore provides you with an insight into how popular the games have provided themselves to be, as the company have gone on to develop three more since the original. However, for this review I will be focusing on the first game. I would like to add I have all three that have been released to date and do not have a bad word to say about any of them, all I can add is that as the newer games have been released they have had additional features to each one so I would recommend taking that into consideration when you choose your purchase. I say this because if you purchase Just Dance 3 first then it might ruin your expectations of the original Just Dance game as it does not have all the features that the third one does, this does not however, make the game less enjoyable. They also have a separate game that follows the same lines but is specifically for children this is called Just Dance Kids.

      The packaging of the first Just Dance game is quite bright and catchy. It features four of the "characters" in which the game is played through. The background is predominately black with the characters in striking neon outfits posing certain dance moves. The front also features the title of the game, the Wii logo, age rating of 3 years and upwards and a few of the featured hits. On the reverse the colour theme continues, it states that up to 4 players can play this game at one time, that it is EDTV/HDTV compatible and supports 50/60 Hz. The reverse of the box shows game screen shots to illustrate accurate accounts of game play and each screen shot is accompanied by an image depicting the actual player completing that specific move. Again on the back is a more comprehensive list of the songs on the game with them boosting that there are over 30 chart topping tracks from a wide range of music genres. I think this is great as it appeals to more people as there are a least a few songs that everyone will know. Another advantage is that they are all the original songs sung by the original artist, I find a lot of games use unknown artists to reproduce the songs for less money and they sound awful.

      Some of the songs included in this game are:
      * Girls just wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper
      * Eye of the tiger by Survivor
      * Pump up the jam by Technotronic
      * Kids in America by Kim Wilde
      * Acceptable in the 80s by Calvin Harris

      Inside the box is the user manual guide, it is very basic to understand but I believe that like many manuals of its type that it is unnecessary as the game explains itself when you start it for the first time, and the console gives you step by step instructions on how to play the game, the game itself also has an electronic manual built in should you need to use this for any particular reason.

      The game requires you to use a Wii remote but apart from that you do not need to pay for any additional equipment like some dance games require. I would suggest that you fully charge the controllers before using the game as if they are not fully charged it can affect the scoring; this is also highlighted in the user manual. The game requires you to copy the character's dance moves and your score is uploaded in the corner, I found that the scoring has been extremely accurate for a game of its type, as you would expect it to be quite indecisive due to the fact it is only recording one side of your bodies movement. I would recommend you clear the area in which you are going to be playing as you do move a lot and do not stay in the same spot, again this area will need to be expanded to accommodate the amount of players who are playing.

      The game can be played through 3 different modes which are quick game, challenge and warm up. I find that quick game is good for one player and if you want to do a work out or just simply play by yourself. Challenge is good for those party nights in and I would recommend that all users do the warm up mode before continuing on to the other modes. It is important to realise that even though they are computer games your body is still being physically exerted so you still need to warm up and cool down in order to minimise the risk of injury to yourself. There are also two ways to select each song you can either do it manually and you pick them yourself or you can chose automatic and the game will choose one for you. Each song has a different level all songs are well labelled so you know which level that particular song is. I find it extremely beneficial as it means that even if you are not the best of dancers you can still try the beginner/easier levels until you are able to work your way up to the harder levels.

      When you have selected your song, you will be given an icon on the game in which it will show you the character to follow and also your score. To find out which one you are simply shake the remote and the icon which is situated on top of your score bar will shake at the same time. There are 3 different points which you can get for every dance move; these are bad, ok and great. The more greats you get in a row then you will qualify for bonus points. There are pictograms at the bottom of the screen which depict the move which will follow the present one, this is good as it allows you to see what to do before it happens, and can help you win points against others who aren't paying attention to this helpful extra. The characters are easy to follow and do not overcomplicate moves which means that a young child would also be able to play the game quite easily.

      I think this game is great, I have played it with my husband and our friends and their children and also my parents have had a go. It really is one for the whole family and is a great way of exercising and having fun without having to pay a fortune on a gym membership! The amount of songs means it takes a long while to get bored of playing and scores are saved each time so it gives you a goal for the next session. I would recommend having all the Just Dance games in your gaming collection as they really do appeal to a great spectrum of people. I was shocked when my husband and his friend played as they are two big strapping guys and you would not catch them dancing if they went out on a night out, yet in front of the TV and in the comfort of their own home they turned into a pair of dancing divas, even if you do not want to play yourself but others in your family do, I can guarantee you will still have a laugh at your families expense! It is quite fun to see the competitive side of people come out and is a great addition to a night in!

      The price as of writing for Just Dance Wii is as followed (prices accurate as of writing 24.08.2012):

      Amazon: £15.99
      EBay (new and used): £0.99-£10.12
      Play.com: £16.99
      Asda: £16.00
      Game: £15.99
      HMV: £18.00
      Tesco: £16.00
      Thehut.com: £14.95

      Review also on ciao under the same username


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        07.03.2012 13:29
        Very helpful



        You'll work up a sweat

        When Just Dance came out I went straight to Play.com to order it. The adverts had caught my attention showing lots of people dancing at a party. Me and the girls had started to have regular Wii nights were we played various games after a drink or two and I thought Just Dance would be a good addition to our montage. The impressive track list also looked great and I knew the majority of the songs.

        I ordered it from play for £24.99 with free delivery, (it is now available from play.com for £13.49). As soon as it arrived I immediately gave it whirl. The game comes in a standard white Wii plastic case. On the front is an image of 4 coloured silhouettes in a dance move. On the back there is a track list and instructions. The game installs and loads quickly and all the menus have a pink background. The game is easy to use and select the tracks you wish. There are 30 tracks in total which include:-
        Katy Perry - Hot 'n' Cold
        MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
        In The Style Of Irene Cara - Fame (cover)
        Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
        Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
        Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
        Trashmen - Surfin' Bird
        Blur - Girls & Boys
        The Rednecks - Cotton Eyed Joe
        Britney Spears - Womanizer

        You can play each track in a short version or full length version. When you pick the track you pick an icon to represent you and can add in your name. The tracks begin and you each get a column that shows your points. The more correct moves you pull off the higher your score. Up to 4 players can take part at anyone time. To play you simply hold the Wii remote in your right hand and follow the moves. You are shown the moves by a large image of a dancer on the screen and also in a smaller form at the bottom of the screen which also shows you the next few moves in advance.

        The dance moves are easy to follow but if you're slightly out of time you dont get the points. The dance moves seem to be concentrated on the arm - the right in particular where you hold you remote, and I would have preferred it if it could have been a little more extensive and given you more leg moves. I suppose with the Wii this is restricted but they could have got round it with perhaps having a leg strap to hold your nunchuck like on the EA Active.

        Also although there is 30 songs you can get a little bored and Just Dance 1 does not give you the facility to download more which would have been better, thankfully this feature was added on Just Dance 2.

        Overall this game is great for kids and grown ups alike. Get a group of mates and stick this on and you'll have a ball. Easy to use and follow it provides hours of entertainment.


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        25.01.2012 02:09
        Very helpful



        A game every dance lover should have

        I first saw Just Dance after buying my Wii and the whole concept looked great to me. Throughout the years I have had many dance games such as the PS2 where you had to have a dancemat just to play. However, Just Dance exceeds all of these by making the dance mat non existant and using the smaller, more easy to use, less chance of having annoying issues Wii remotes!

        The game is rated at three plus, and it is true to this rating, the controls are really easy and just require you to be able to follow the dance moves on the screen. Most of the dance moves are pretty easy to understand, and even if you have trouble the first time, once you play it again, the whole routine becomes a lot easier. All you need is the Wii remote, and you are set to go, and with up to four remotes you can include all your friends within the game.

        The graphics are all pretty clear on this game, and throughout the game most of them are bright and inviting. Although having played previous models, they look less developed than them, and the backgrounds are not as colourful and interesting as them. However, this doesn't alter the gameplay, as it is always pretty clear to see what the dancers are doing and you can follow them easily. Everything is clearly laid out, as the action bars showing the dance moves flow well at a good place with the characters placed in the centre of the screen.

        The main aim of the game is simply to play through each song and dance accordingly to the actions shown within the pictures. You are awarded different points for how well you carry out the dance move whether it be from Bad, Ok or Great or extra points for Combos. The game also has nice added features such as the Shake feature and the Golden move.

        The songs included on this game have many different genres, and everyone in my family loved this as we all have different music tastes. All of them are chart hits and most of them will be recognisable by everyone, as the song list includes things like "U Can't Touch This", "Fame" and "I Get Around". The choreography always fits these songs and matches the genre or lyrics included throughout the song. My whole family could follow out the dance moves, and each routine has a difficulty level so each of us could choose the one that was best suited to us.

        Before you start playing, Warm Up Mode is definitely the best way to go as this allows you to get ready for the game, and avoid the day after if you skip it and all of the muscles throughout your leg aches! There is Quick Play mode where you just put on a song and dance for the moments where you just want to play straight away. But there is also the Challenge Mode, where you can either pick the songs and run through the choreography or choose Automatic and have the game decide for you. As you can see there is a wide variety of gameplay choices on the Wii, allowing you to always have the best option of gameplay available!

        Not only are these available but there are also ingame modes, such as Classic where you just play straight, Last One Standing where you aim to not lose all your lives and Strike a Pose where you must freeze and pose when it tells you to. These added little bonuses are great for playing alone or with friends as it adds to the overall competitiveness of the game and makes the game a lot more interesting.

        Overall, I would say that Just Dance is a game that every dance lover should have. There is a great variety of songs and choreography that will keep you entertained for hours whether you play alone or multiplayer. Although, newer versions have been released and they have been improved with great new features, these may be better to purchase if you are willing to pay a slightly higher price for them.


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        15.12.2011 16:10



        A great game for all the family

        This is a really fun game and I love it!

        The game features songs from a number of different artists and genres, perfect for all the family. I especially love dancing to "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry as i'm a massive Katy fan, so I was thrilled to see one of her songs on the game. The game requires you to hold your Wii remote throughout the song as it picks up your movements and scores you points throughout the game. You can play by yourself or you can play with others (up to four people can play at a time).

        The game is a lot of fun but some of the dance moves are quite complex, which was hard for me to master as i'm a beginner when it comes to dancing! I think some people would pick it up better than others but the best thing about it is that you can practice and practice until you achieve the best score for you. Your score is shown on the screen thoughout your dance and your overall score is then saved to your profile for you to view at the end of your game.

        The menu is easy to navigate through, even the kids will be more than able to select a song for them. There are a few flaws though. Your remote doesn't always pick up your movements correctly and like I said before, some of the dance moves can be quite difficult to pick up. However, you can select the same song over and over if you wish, to try and beat previous scores set by either yourself or your friends. It's good to have a bit of friendly competition sometimes :).

        The game really is a lot of fun though and I would recommend it. Just make sure you have plenty of space in your living room!


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        17.11.2011 23:32
        Very helpful



        Just Dance Wii

        I am in a get fit mood after just having had my second baby and one of the ways I am doing this is by using my Wii machine. I have the Wii fit but sometimes that can get a bit boring and samey so for something a bit more fun I like to dance. I think dance is a great way to get fit and just have fun and this game will definitely have you in fits of laughter and is a very good work out at the same time too!

        Just dance Wii offers players the chance to dance to some of their favourite tracks, busting out all the classic dance floor moves. If you get them right you will look like somewhat of a dance professional but if you get them wrong you generally end up looking like a bit of a wally. The dance moves are more of a hip pop dance move, like something you would see from the backing dancers on the X Factor than say Strictly Come Dancing but are easy to keep up with once you get the hang of them. In order to have your moves register on the screen you need to hold your Wii remote in your hand but the fact that it uses wireless technology is great as holding it in your hand will mean it doesn't get in your way when you are doing your dance moves. The aim of the game is to get more points than your opponent and this is done by getting your dance move correct at the same time as the computer.

        The dancer you follow is a neon bright light coloured person so not one of the regular Wii mii characters but more of a person than a cartoon although its not quite a real person. There are over 200 dance moves on this game and as the song progresses these come up on the bottom of the screen so you know what move is coming next a few seconds before it does and you can prepare for it although when you first start out the moves I think are quite tricky to get the hang of and can have you in fits of giggles trying to get in all the positions. The dance moves are indicated by a little stick figure icon so its easy to figure out which hand/arm/leg or foot you need to make the move with. On the left hand of the screen it will show you whether you have pulled the correct move, blue for one player, pink for the other.

        What I love is that you can also sing along with the tracks as if you are at a real disco as most of these songs are popular songs from the past and present that we all know and it makes the whole thing more fun. The tracks are a great mix of 80's, 90's and present day hits with a broad range over different genres too such as disco and rock. For example,some of my favourites include MC Hammer U can' touch, Katy Perry hot and Cold which is one of her newer tracks on her new album, and Fame which I used to love dancing to at my junior school discos.

        You can play by yourself or you can play with four other people as well. Playing by myself is fun to perfect my dance moves and have a bit of a work out but with others is great fun. Obviously you need quite a bit of room to have four people dancing as unlike with other Wii games where you can just flick your wrist to achieve the same move on the screen I find with this game you do really need to do the lifelike move which is good as otherwise what is the point of the game.

        All in all a fun Wii game that I recommend.


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        10.11.2011 20:34
        Very helpful



        Get buy if you love dancing!

        Just Dance came out around Christmas 2009 for the Wii and other consoles including the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This is an updated version of the 'Dance Mat' game only instead of pressing your feet on different buttons on a mat, you just simply copy the dancers on the screen to gain high scores.
        Game Modes
        On this game there are three different Game Modes, these include:

        Classic- on this mode you simply select a song that you would like to dance to and then copy the moves of the dancer on screen, this mode is really simple and easy to play and is good for single players, especially if you want to practice a bit so then you can beat your friends and family the next time you play multiplayer.

        Last One Standing- on this mode you copy the onscreen dancers, however the catch is if you don't score enough points you are eliminated from the game. This mode can be really fun to play on multiplayer, in our house me and sisters get really competitive when we are playing this.

        Strike a Pose- on this mode you dance through the songs and copy the onscreen dancers then when the music stops you freeze in the same position that the dancers are in, it is kind of a dance version of musical statues, this mode is also great fun and a bit of a laugh to play with a few friends or with the family.
        Practice- this mode is basically the same as classic mode however no score is kept, this mode seems a bit of a waste to me, however it may be useful to others.

        Multiplayer functions on this game are great, you can play from 1-4 players as long as you have 4 Wii remotes and enough room of course to accommodate the 4 people dancing in your living room.
        Track listing
        There is a list of the 32 songs that you can dance to on this game. There is a wide variety of genres of music and also the music selected in this game should be recognisable by all ages, there is something for everyone to dance to.
        Here is just a few of the tracks you can dance to:
        Acceptable in the 80's - Calvin Harris
        A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
        Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
        Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
        Dare - Gorillaz
        Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
        Fame - In the style of Irene Cara
        I Get Around - The Beach Boys
        I Like to Move It - Reel 2 Real
        Jerk It Out - Caesars
        Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen
        U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
        Wannabe - The Spice Girls
        Who Let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men
        Womanizer - Britney Spears

        The graphics on this game are quite good, but not fantastic of course because it is just a simple dance game. The screens are bright and colourful, the onscreen dancers are colourful but don't have facial features, they look quite cartoony however they still have the proper human shape and wear colourful clothes, the screens that the dancers move in front of are plain yet bright and very effective as they make the players stand out instead of distracting your attention to them, this makes it easier for you to follow the dancers movements.

        Price and Availability
        I bought this game in Game for £15 recently, this is a really great price for a Wii game as they are normally much more expensive. You can also buy this game in HMV, GameStop, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys or online, I am sure that these stores also stock the game in around this price.
        Overall I think that this is a great buy, it's great fun to play the multiplayer version of the game and also it is a more interesting way to get a bit of extra exercise than going to the gym in my opinion (I really detest the gym and do anything to stay out of it!). I think that this game has a lot of playability as some songs are harder to master than others, this makes the game less repetitive as well as when you have mastered the easier songs, you can try and start trying more challenging ones. Im really glad I bought this game and would recommend it to anyone loves dancing, even if they aren't very good at it!âEurof

        *also appears on ciaounder lorrainek90*


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        09.11.2011 10:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Time for a boogie :P

        Just Dance. Nintendo Wii

        ** Just Dance **
        In the past I have been the proud owner of many dance games on various consoles, almost all of these games involved the use of a dance mat and mainly the use of your feet to dance. When I saw Just Dance advertised there was no question that I needed to get this game. The concept of Just Dance is that holding the Wii remote in one hand you mimic the dancer on the screen and your movements are picked up by the way the wii remote moves around and you are scored accordingly. To me, this looked great as it wasn't going to be just stepping around on a dance mat that moves around the floor, this was going to use my whole body and looked like a lot more fun!

        ** In The Box **
        Just Dance comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, inside the box is the game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is very clear and simple to follow.

        ** The Set Up **
        Setting up a session of dancing on Just Dance is very easy from the main menu you point and click on Song Selection and from there you can scroll through all of the available songs and choose which one you want to play. There are over 30 songs available, I wont list them all but some of my personal favourites include, MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This, Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger, Anita Ward - Ring My Bell and Dee Dee Sharp Mashed Potato Time. Once you have selected your song and also a little fun logo to represent you a loading screen will appear for a few seconds and then your song choice will start.

        ** Game play **
        Once your song choice is loaded you should give your remote a little shake to make the image in the corner wobble, this shows you that your remote is being detected. Then press the A button and your song will begin.

        On the screen you will see a dancer. This dancer is your mirror image, by this I mean whatever the dancer on the screen does you must copy as if he or she was your reflection in the mirror. Your moves are picked up by the wii remote in your hand and you are scored according to how well you dance. In theory this sounds great, however, I do have a little grumble about this aspect in the fact that no matter how well you dance the remote is not always accurate enough for all of the actions to be picked up and hence you don't get points for what could have been some ace moves. At first I found this really frustrating, but the more I got into the game the more I simply enjoyed dancing around with the freedom of not having to remember to stay in the centre of a dance mat as there isn't one. Taking this into mind I really do recommend having a lot of space around you as you dance as if you are anything like me you will stray far from your original starting point and this can endanger walls, furniture and other people.

        Most of the songs are great fun to dance to, my favourite ones which I listed above are mainly lively and upbeat ones but there are a few less lively ones if you're not feeling so full of energy.

        Once the song has ended there is a round of applause and your score is displayed on the screen.

        One thing I did notice about this game is I originally thought I might be able to get away with the lazy option of using just my hand which has the wii remote in it and just do the moves that involve this arm, however the way the dances are set means that you actually move your whole body without really realising you are doing it. I think it would be possible to cheat and do the lazy option but after enjoying playing properly so much I wouldn't want to waste my time on the lazy way.

        My favourite moment of Just Dance is watching my little brother playing it as he puts his whole body into it and even adds his own little wiggles into songs such as 'U can't touch this', 'Who Let The Dog's Out?' and 'Surfin' Bird'

        ** Multiplayer **
        Just Dance can be played as a multiplayer game in exactly the same way as the single player. I find multiplayer to be a lot of fun and I do really enjoy it but again there is the issue of space and making sure you have lots of it for each dancer. We have had many dance sessions that have ended with a few too many bruised knuckles!

        Playing in multiplayer is where it does become annoying that all the moves aren't picked up by the remote as this is vital if you are having a bit of a dance off with family or friends.

        ** Controls **
        The controls of the game are very easy, you simply hold the wii remote in your hand to mirror the person on the screen and then copy their dancing, there are no buttons to press once you are in dance mode.

        ** Graphics and Sound **
        The graphics in the game are good. The dancer on the screen who you are following always moves smoothly so there are no problems with you missing a move. The special effects for doing a great move are shown well and look pretty cool.

        The sound is of course great! The menu screens have a basic background tune and the rest of the music in the game is the songs you are dancing to.

        ** Price and Availability **
        I can't remember the exact price I paid for this game but at the moment on Play.com you can buy it for £13.99 which I would say is a pretty good bargain!

        ** My Experience and Opinion **
        My experience of Just Dance is often a hot and tiring one, but I enjoy it so much I just have to go back for more. Just Dance is great fun for all ages whether you play alone or with friends and being available at such a low price now makes it even more worth it! If this doesn't justify a purchase then how about it is good exercise too ;)

        Thanks for reading :)


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          06.11.2011 20:14
          Very helpful
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          A great intro to Wii dance if you can get it at a bargain price, don't pay over the odds though.

          I bought Just Dance hoping to use it almost as an exercise video and do a little exercise on the days I was too busy to get to the gym or out for a run, however I'll be honest and say that I haven't ended up using it for that purpose hardly at all! Where Just Dance has proved to be a lot of fun and worth the price is when a few friends are round, as a fun (and funny) alternative to night-in staples like DVDs and Monopoly.

          The concept is simple, its a lot like the old arcade dance mat games I used to play on back in the nineties! On the screen is a dancing animated figure, you have to follow her moves as closely as possible while holding the wii remote and it will sense if you hit the right move on the right beat and give you a score accordingly. There are a few things that make it easier, for one you can see your score as you go along so you know when you're doing well and when you're just not hitting the right beat. Also, little stick people scroll along the bottom of the screen to let you know what moves are coming up in the next few seconds. Its really easy to navigate your way through the game, even if you aren't very practiced at using the way, its really self explanatory and you probably won't have to read the instructions!

          You can have up to four people playing at a time, using four wii remotes, in reality as many people can join in as you have room for but only four will get a score. You can choose from a decent selection of songs to dance to, there is a good variety of tempos, genres and difficulty levels although I admit I would prefer to see more songs as it doesn't take long to get through them all and some more variety would be great. I believe later versions of the game have more songs included. The songs all have either one, two or three stars to indicate how difficult they are, difficulty generally corresponds to how much energy you'll have to expend too! Some of the easy ones get a bit boring once you've done them a few times but they're good for getting started.

          As Just Dance 3 is about to be released, I would expect the original Just Dance to show up at good prices in the run up to Christmas, itwould make a great alternative to charades when the family are round or a great present for the dancing queen (or king!) amongst your friends and relatives.


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            09.10.2011 11:15



            great for parties but not much fun long term

            aim of the game? keep dancing and copy the moves. you can do this in single or mutliplayer mode. its very simple to get started - just select the song you want and copy the moves. i personally found some of the dances quite hard to follow but did become easier in time. all of the songs show their difficulty ratings so you can choose how hard it is before you start. some songs will be more familiar than others. with a group songs like cotton eye joe can be very amusing to participate in and watch others participating. however i found after a go or two it became quite boring and monotonous. played it for a couple of days and havent touched it since.

            good for parties and having a giggle with friends but not really my cup of tea. some of the moves didnt register even though we were copying them to the best of our ability. even the kids got bored of this very quickly.

            Aimed at?
            its a game for everyone but there are only so many dances to take part in.

            yes initially very playable because its different but the novelty wears off very quickly. unless you have a song you really like to dance to it is very boring

            would i recommend it?
            only to people who like particular songs on this game or if you having a party and want a dance off but for general use i wouldnt recommend it


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            06.09.2011 12:31



            A fun game for everyone

            I originally bought Just Dance to keep fit and tone up at home. I wasn't disappointed with the game, and found the range of songs and the featured dance moves really fun. I also found you did feel out of breath after dancing so it is a really good way of exercising indoors.

            There is a range of songs featured on the game including Katy Perry - Hot 'n' Cold, MC Hammer - U can't touch this, Fame, Deee-Lite - Groove is in the heart and Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun. After a while though it would be nice to have more songs on the game, as when you have learnt the dance moves it would be good to be able to learn some more. However, there is always Just Dance 2 I suppose for that reason.

            You can dance to the songs with up to four people so it's really fun at a party or with your family. However, I did enjoy playing it by myself as well and mastering the dance moves!

            The Wii remote picks up your movements and scores accordingly - although sometimes I did get high scores I didn't really mind as enjoyed the dancing.

            The game is also reasonably priced. I think I paid around £15 but I believe it can be bought for cheaper now so it worth while.


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            28.07.2011 23:20
            Very helpful
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            A game where you can feel free to let yourself go and literally dance the day or night away.

            Well I had heard a lot of positive things about this game Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii many family and friends of mine said it was very addictive and a great way of working up a sweat so after their glowing recommendations I decided to try the game for myself and purchased Just Dance.

            First thing that hits you is the funky front cover of the game and this can sometimes be the first thing that leads you into buying any kind of product if it has something that catches your attention. I wanted something that could get me moving in all kinds of directions and doing moves I could never have even tried before as I wanted to get a decent workout and from the very beginning when I first played Just Dance it was clear that this game would do exactly as it says on the tin.

            My first thing to do was to simply try some of the songs to see how easy or hard they were. At first I felt like a bit of a fish out of water and was pleased I had the curtains closed as I did not want anyone to see me making a fool of myself. As the more songs I tried the more confident I became and I was pulling off some really funky moves and getting a proper groove on the sweat was pouring off me but this must have meant that I was enjoying myself and properly getting into it.

            After doing most of the songs I decided to concentrate on the ones I was better at and see if I could improve them first. I would have to say that the song that I had most fluency with and got the most points was Gorillaz - Dare and I pictured the video in my head as it was funny also and then just followed the person on the TV screen and before you knew it I was dancing like a professional and it felt great and after not too many attempts I broke the 10,000 point barrier and when the song had finished there was a lovely sound that came on that said I had make a great achievement and it made me want to have a go even more as I was getting so much out of it.

            I am a bit shameful for confessing this but I got rather good at Step By Step by New Kids On The Block but as the moves were so simple to follow it was an easy song to relate to dancing. Some of the other songs for me that I particularly enjoyed were Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman - I Like To Move It (Radio Mix), Girls and Boys by Blur, Technotronic`s Pump Up The Jam and many more songs that take me back and also make me want to get up and have a good dance.

            A great thing for me too on this game is that if you fancy yourself as a bit of a singer you can do a bit of Karaoke as the words come up on the screen and if you are familiar with most of the songs then you should be singing and dancing like a superstar.

            You can also challenge family and friends and I have not done this yet but I intend to do so in the future. For me this is a great game and a quality purchase that I recommend you give a try as if dancing it your thing you will not be left disappointed.

            Thanks as always for reading.

            Rob R


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              05.07.2011 14:59
              Very helpful



              Good Game, Original, simple and fun.

              Dancing game for the Wii. The tagline says "feel the beat, move your feet!"
              You use the Wii remote to make dance moves i time to the music by using the timeline that runs across the bottom of the screen. The arrow flashes and a move you have to do will appear, performed by a stick figure. Carrying out the moves well is alot to do with timing. Along side this is a brightly colours "professional" dancer. You have to attempt to copy the dancer in the right timing by follwing it like a mirror image.
              How well you do depends on how much you match the moves of the on screen dancer.
              The more effort you put into your moves, the more you are rewarded. As you gain points, they will collect in a points gauge, whoever has the most point wins first place.

              I was brought this game for a birthday present. After doing a little research, the game cost around £22, but i know that it retails for a little cheaper now, as it was released a while back, and jJust Dance 2 is out (which i can say hasn't received the best reviews that i have read!)

              You can play the game from one to four players, so everyone can get involed, providing you have the remotes. But even if you don't, it's still the kind of game that people can dance along with without the remote, being registered by the Wii doesnt matter, i find its just funny to have a lot of people doing the same goofy moves.

              When turning on the game, you find that it is very easy to navigate through the menus, and that there isn's any faffing about ( for want of a more technical term). You tend to just click through a few manus, and then your on the song selection, it's very simple to get started. On the song selection, you can choose between dancing to the full version of the song, or just to dance along to the shortened version. If you just want a quick dance there is also a quick mode.

              There is a good choice and mix of songs, from classics and golden oldies, to popular current chart toppers. Over all there are 30 songs, covering a range of genrea to suit any taste. Some songs include, MC Hammer, U Can't Touch This, and Gorillaz, with Dare, just to name a couple.

              However i do have one gripe, sometimes when playing, the game doesnt respond to the movements of the Wii remote. At first i though it was my dad blaming his rubbish timing and bad dancing on the remote, but after trying it myself, and myself being a brilliant dancer with excellent timing, it does tend to only pick up player one, and not so much player two, Player 2s remote never seems to register on screen as well as player ones does, which i don't think is fair, but doesnt take away too much from the fun of things.

              A plus with this game is it is actually quite good exercise, when i play i become genuinely tired (maybe im a couch potato) but i do feel my heart beating and increased Breathing rate. Also with this is that because your'e having so much fun, it doesn't matter that you're tiring, you just keep going to try and get the highest score. The fact that you know how long the dance will be, it pushes you to finish, it sort of gives you a goal to achieve. Really great!

              This game is such a simple idea in theory, but it has been done really well in the form of this game. The makers of the game haven't tried to overcomplicate things, and has kept it simple, and as close to the initial idea as possible, making it very original and fun. The game makes full use of the wii remote, which i always like in Wii games, i always hate it when they try to crowbar the Wii remote into the functioning of a game and it just doesn't work. This is the perfect sort of game for the Wii, and has longevity in it. The silhouette of the dancer makes the moves easy to follow, the moves are individual anf unique to each song, and you will no doubt develop your favorite routines.

              I would reccomend this game for certain. If you like a bit of a boogie, but aren't quite sure of what moves to bust, this game is probably a good start :).

              5 Stars from me.


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                24.06.2011 10:26
                Very helpful



                Great game that keeps you fit but you have to be over 30 to appreciate some of the music

                I have lots of computers in my house but the Wii is mine. The best thing about the wii is the fitness which is why I bought it. Lately there are lots of games being made for dance fitness and Just Dance 2 caught my eye when advertised. When out shopping in Game with my partner last week I saw Just Dance in the pre owned section it was the old one but as reading the back of the box it seemed very good so at £9.99 I thought I would give this a try.

                The Game

                The idea of the game is that songs are played and you have to copy the person that is dancing on the screen. This can be played as a challenge or just one song at a time. There are different moves and songs and some are easier than others. You can play against up to 4 people and see who can get the most points. I only have one remote so we have to take it in turns. You have two options when you start the dance there is a short version which is not as tiring and the full version that builds up a sweat.

                The Songs

                There are 32 songs on this game and each song is a different dance routine some are more difficult than others:-

                Cyndi Lauper - Girls just want to have fun - this is not a bad dance routine and my 3 year old manages to get quite a high score on this

                Anita Ward - Ring my bell - this is very enegetic routine that builds up a sweat but is very funny to watch someone dance to it.

                Elvis - A little less conversation - I don't find this a very good song to dance to but is easy to copy most of the moves.

                Rednex - Cotton eye joe - this isn't very hard to copy the moves but is a brilliant workout.

                The Trashmen - Surfin Bird - this is the most annoying song that I have heard and try to avoid playing it the dance moves are easy but it is a good work out.

                Blondie - Heart of Glass - I love this song and is easy to dance to.

                The Gym all stars - Womanizer - this is a good song that is easy to dance to but not very energetic compared to some of the others.

                Deee-lite - Grove is in the Heart - This is very difficult and very fast we have not had a good score on this game and it also builds up the sweat good fitness for the disco divas.

                Caesars - Jerk it out - this is one of the hardest songs on the game there is a lot of moving about and gives you a good workout but I am not keen on the dance moves for it.

                Reel 2 Real - I like to move it - This is an in between song which means it has some difficult moves but most parts are quiet easy this gives a good work out too.

                Katy Perry - Hot N Cold - This is an easy song to dance to and is one of my daughters favourite this is a good song for fitness too it will build up a sweat.

                Dee Dee Sharp - Mashed potato time - this is not a favourite of ours it is and easy song and doesn't build up a sweat but is too slow to interest some of us.

                Blur - Girls and Boys - This is a blast from the past it is an ok dance routine and isn't very hard.

                Irene Cara - Fame - Love to dance to this makes me feel like I am part of the film this is a great workout and is not difficult to dance to.

                The presidents of The united States of America - Lump - I'm not familiar with this song and the dance routine is not to my liking but it is very energetic and is good for fitness.

                Kim Wilde - Kids in America - I love this song it is an energetic song that is not hard to dance to and I can really put some passion into dancing to this.

                Technocratic - pump up the jam - This is a blast from the past and is a fun dance routine it is not too difficult and works up a sweat.

                The Beach Boys - I get around - I like this song but not keen on the dance move doesn't build up a sweat but is not too difficult good for the children to try.

                Chic - Le Freak - This is a fun dance routine doesn't build up a sweat and is not difficult to do but still fun to dance to.

                Kc and the sunshine band - that's the way - Not keen on this it is quite difficult to dance in time to and it doesn't give the best workout.

                Iggy Pop - louie louie - something for the boys. Funny dance routine builds up a sweat and is not hard to dance to.

                The B-52s - Funplex - I'm not familiar with this song it gives an ok workout and isn't very difficult to dance to.

                Fatboy slim - Jin go lo ba - this is difficult to dance to and is a good workout I found this very fun.

                Gorillaz - Dare - I like this song but don't like the dance routine but is not too difficult to dance to.

                Dine Brown - Bebe - This is a fun dance to do if you're an 80's fan like me and my daughter likes this one too. It is not too hard to dance to but it isn't one for great fitness.

                Survivor - eye of the tiger - This has never made me laugh so much in all my life as when my son danced to this it is a good workout and a fun routine.

                Kylie Minogue - Cant get you out of my head - not a bad dance routine doesn't build up much of a sweat.

                Calin Harris - acceptable in the 80's - this is a hard dance routine and builds up a sweat and I love this no matter how much it gives me the stitch.

                Baha Men - who let the dogs out - this is the most played my daughter now knows the dance routine and song without it being on and I struggle to get another song playing if she gets on this one.

                Spice Girls - wanna be - This isn't a difficult song to dance to and is an ok fitness routine but not the best.

                New Kids on the Block - step by step - this is ok to dance to and is not too hard but there are better routines.

                Mc Hammer - U cant touch this - This is a fun song to dance to and brings back memories when I do the dance moves. It is a good workout.

                There is a warm up option which is good if you are out of shape like me and I will advise that this is done from personal experience you can cause yourself a lot of problems if you do not.

                I tend to play the quick play so that we all get a go but you have the option of challenge which I only did one song and found I was that unfit I couldn't carry on.


                I think this is a great fitness game that makes fun for the family and I have noticed my children really like it so I know they are getting a sufficient amount of exercise if they are playing it. The game has an age rating of 3 which is true due to my daughter is very good at playing this she is in better time than me and it is teaching her co-ordinace. I have noticed that my one year old daughter who I must stress is nearly 2 is also trying to copy the moves when they are dancing she just doesn't understand that she has to hold the remote. There are different options on the game such as you can play the short version or full version which is good because you can do a small amount to break yourself in. There is the challenge mode which is good if you really want a good work out and the normal mode just to play as a family or with friends and beat them. I really want just dance 2 because there are some better songs on that one you really have to be above the age of 30 to appreciate the songs on this game. I would have enjoyed it better if there were more songs and that you were able to unlock songs the better you got. It is a good way to keep fit and not realise that you are doing it and your children will have fun and keep fit too which is good. It wasn't expensive because I bought it pre-owned but I don't think I would have paid more than £10 for it either way. I would advise this to be bought for fitness routines for adults and children and has been worth the money that I have spent.


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                10.04.2011 18:24
                Very helpful



                learn some crazy moves to send to the dancefloor, brilliant game!

                If you are into looking a bit daft but having lots of fun, whether alone to stay fit or with others to enjoy a laugh - I would recommend this! Especailly is you like the sound track.

                I brought this because it was only £15, as I did not realise how long it had been out. I was not too sure what to expect - like how it would pick up my movements, but the cover explained it all, and I soon picked it up.

                The product --> The game comes in an A5 sized shape, with 4 dancers on the cover and then the Wii sign in the right hand corner. It is quite a colourful and attractive package.

                The cost --> As there is now Just dance 2 avaliable, this one retails about £15-£20 from the internet, argos etc, it can be picked up in most cases for second hand.

                The game is all about the dance experience, being able to listen to new and old tunes and be taught how to do it by an instructor which follows the song. The dance moves are sometimes iconic, and sometimes I have found they can be moved onto the real dance floor! It works by holding the remote and tracking the movements you do by the ones that are on screen.

                The best thing about it in my opinion is that you can challenge up to 4 family and friends too - which is certainly something I enjoy! We have also had up to 8 of us before in the front room just copying the style of the dance anyway, as it is enjoyable without stacking up the points! I also like it because of the songs that are included, a few of them I have written below:

                U Can't Touch This: MC Hammer
                I Get Around: The Beach Boys
                That's the Way (I Like It): KC and the Sunshine Band
                I Like To Move It (Radio Mix): Reel 2 Reel feat. The Mad Stuntman
                Le Freak: Chic
                Katy Perry - Hot 'n' Cold
                MC Hammer - U can't touch this;-Fame - in the style of Irene Cara (cover)
                Deee-Lite - Groove is in the heart
                Technotronic - Pump up the jam
                Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun

                I think my favourite from it is Katy Perrys song - it is fab to watch on screen and copy out by myself with friends and family. I love this game it is fantastic!


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