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Karaoke Revolution Glee with Microphone (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Release Date: 2010-11-26 / Published by Konami

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    2 Reviews
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      24.12.2011 09:56



      A great karaoke game!

      I purchased this game off Amazon.co.uk a few months ago whilst it was on offer.

      The game comes with a USB microphone which plugs into the back of the console. The microphone itself was a lot smaller than I anticipated. I was expecting a huge "pop star" microphone, however I ended up with this small black microphone. However, after a few days of getting used to the microphone I actually prefer it being smaller as you can hold it much better. It doesn't seem to slip from your fingers and the cord is long enough for you to swish around with it (like pop stars tend to do!). It would be easy for smaller hands to hold to as Glee fans range from young through to old.

      The game really is a lot of fun. It consists of 29 songs, which all feature in series one. There's a few extras on there too, like exclusive clips and bonus songs that don't feature on any of the Glee albums (i.e Hair/ Crazy In Love). I thought this was a nice little bonus.

      The interface is bright, bold and cheerful. The game itself is easy to navigate. It's easy to select which song you want to sing, just scroll through and choose one to sing along to. It doesn't matter if you're not the best singer in the world as the game is just about having FUN. You can start to learn the songs as you go along so you don't have to memorise the words and/ or harmonies. It's a great party game, whether or not you're a fan of Glee. It's one of the best karaoke games on the market in my opinion. Much better than Singstar.


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      05.02.2011 14:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great For GLEEKS!

      I am a huge Glee fan, so for me this was a must have as I love singing along to their songs.
      It's a game for the Nintendo Wii console based on the American TV show Glee.

      This game is called Karaoke Revolution so as you can guess it's to do with singing. It's very much like the Playstation's Singstar games, Lips for the Xbox and Wii Sing.
      The game comes in your usual DVD like case, it's bold, bright and has pictures of season 1's main characters on the front.
      On the back of the case it gives you the song list, there are 29 songs from Season 1. (I will post all songs at the end of the review.)

      This game comes with the microphone, but you can also purchase the game without it. The microphone is black in colour and fairly small, but it's good. As it's small it's easy to store away when it's not in use and it's really easy to hold.
      It's a USB microphone and you simply plug it into the USB slot located at the back of the Wii.
      The cord is pretty long, my Wii is on the shelf underneath the TV and I am able to sit or stand up with plenty of cord left so I can move around at ease.

      Once your microphone is plugged in your all set to go!
      When your on the main Wii menu click the Glee picture and it will load up, it will come to a picture of the Glee Cast and as I found out if you wait about 2 minutes it will automatically start showing a song and video which is quite cool! Otherwise just press A and it goes to the options page.

      Your options are:
      *Scrap Book Mode
      *Quick Play Mode
      *Shooting Stars Mode

      Scrap Book Mode is where you will find songs preformed by each Glee character. Click on your favourite character and your able to sing to their songs from Season 1. If you sing well enough you can unlock items.

      Quick Play you basically just go down the list and pick a song, you then have the choice to sing the song solo, Co-op or as part of a duet. And the good thing about this mode is that you can challenge how good you are and set the difficulty between easy, medium and hard.

      Shooting Star is almost the same as Quick play (you pick the songs, difficulty etc in the same way) but it's an interactive game for up to 6 people and you can gain bonus points.
      I have played this by myself and it's the same as Quick Play, so I don't really understand this option! I guess it's better for when there are 2 or more players.

      Options is for you to turn the song lyrics off or on and to adjust the audio settings. Nothing to exciting!

      - Playing The Game -

      When you've picked your song the lyrics will be shown along the very bottom of the screen and just above the lyrics are the bars in which you have to try and sing to that note. And then the actual video of the song your singing will be shown.
      I know most of the Glee songs and so most of the time I don't have to look at the lyrics which is probably a good thing as the lyrics go by so quickly it can be really hard to keep up and even read!
      Songs like 'Bust A Move' and 'Gold Digger' which have fast rapping can be very hard due to the fact they are fast songs so the lyrics go by so quick.

      When you sing a song like 'Don't Stop Believing' in Scrapbook mode, even though you've chosen to sing as your favourite character you have to sing the whole song! So if you've picked to sing as Rachel you still have to sing Finn's part. This means you have to change how you sing, Finn has a much lower voice than Rachel and Rachel has a powerful higher voice. So you sing low for Finn's part then as soon as it's Rachel's bit you have to go much higher.
      This doesn't bother me to much, as if I had to sing like Rachel for the whole song I wouldn't be getting any points!
      But for others they may find it annoying.

      Another thing is when singing 'Proud Mary' and some other songs in which the whole Glee Cast sing they have put the main part you are singing then straight away a back up part which again you have to sing. This is a little hard as you don't have time to take a breath and so you miss the back up part and miss out on points. And in reality there are 12 members of the Glee Club and one of me! So for one player this is quite hard and maybe something the makers of this game should have thought of first!
      This is probably the only main annoyance for me.

      On the plus side the game does have a few extra's which haven't been aired before! I really love the fact you get to see the whole video for Quinn's 'Say A Little Prayer' this is a great extra.
      There is also unseen bits from 'Taking Chances', 'Can't Fight This Feeling' and you are able to see some small extended clips of the Glee Cast learning how to use wheelchairs during some songs/videos.

      I haven't sang duet or co-op yet as I only have one microphone, which is the one that comes with the game. To sing as a duet you will need to purchase another mic. As far as I'm aware you could be able to use Wii Sing microphones, as long as it plugs into the USB I guess it should work, you can get a microphone for around £11 on Amazon.

      - Overall -

      This game is great for any Glee fan and I'm glad I have it! I think I've already got my money's worth out of the game and my Wii is now being used again!
      As I have said it has a few good extras and unseen footage that hasn't been aired before.
      The game was released November 2010, so just in time for Christmas. But I feel it may have been rushed to get it out on time. There seem to be a few bad points (already mentioned) about having to sing the main vocals and then straight after the back up and having no time to take a breath.
      I think if Konami the makers of this game took their time a bit more they could have produced a far better game! The Scrapbook mode could also be made alot better, as the items you unlock are actually only a few stickers and for me to notice that I had to read a review on Amazon otherwise I'd still be none the wiser as to what the unlocked items are.

      I am still going to give the game 4 Stars as I really enjoy it! I'm not to fussed about the bad bits as I'm not into getting points I just want to sing Glee songs and it's perfect for that, if you don't mind missing out on getting some points while singing.
      And the songs they have on the game are brilliant, there is a good choice and something for everyone. Hopefully they will bring out another Glee Karaoke game with songs from Season 2 on it and maybe they will have got rid of the bad bits and taken their time on the next game if they make one.

      I got this game from Amazon.co.uk and I paid £29.99 for it.
      The price keeps going up and down since it's been released and Amazon are now selling it through Lincus Internet Sales and not themselves.
      You can also get it from Play.Com.

      - Song List -

      1.) And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going
      2.) Bust A Move
      3.) Can't Fight This Feeling
      4.) Defying Gravity
      5.) Don't Rain On My Parade
      6.) Don't Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl (Mash Up)
      7.) Don't Stop Believin'
      8.) Endless Love
      9.) Gold Digger
      10.) Hair / Crazy In Love (Mash Up)
      11.) Hate On Me
      12.) I Say A Little Prayer
      13.) I'll Stand By You
      14.) Imagine
      15.) Keep Holding On
      16.) Lean On Me
      17.) Leaving On A Jet Plane
      18.) My Life Would Suck Without You
      19.) No Air
      20.) Papa Don't Preach
      21.) Proud Mary
      22.) Push It
      23.) Smile (Charlie Chaplin Cover)
      24.) Smile (Lily Allen Cover)
      25.) Somebody To Love
      26.) Sweet Caroline
      27.) Taking Chances
      28.) True Colours
      29.) You Can't Always Get What You Want

      4 DooYoo Stars


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