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Kung Fu Panda 2 - uDraw Compatible (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2011-06-10 / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      Not very good at all!

      Kung Fu Panda 2

      After I brought the kids a Wii for Christmas 2008, we have been slowly adding to our pile of Wii games. After we watched the latest Kung Fu Panda film (which was actually quite good!), we decided to add this to the collection. So we ordered it on eBay for a pretty good price of £6. I thought that was a damn good deal as it is still pretty new out. I wish I had looked into it more and wondered why it was so cheap .. but it's too late now!
      The Bombshell

      Only after I had ordered it and received it did we realise that it wouldn't end up costing just £6. Instead it would cost us £46! Yep, stupid me didn't read it properly! It turns out that you have to buy a uDraw with it. This is basically an interactive pen and paper which transmits your drawings into the Wii. As we had already brought the game and the kids really wanted to play it, I forked out for the uDraw as well. I also figured that they were releasing lots of games with this new software, so I would be saving if I brought it before everyone cottoned on. How wrong was I! So I had the overpriced uDraw and the cheap game ... were they any good together? Or had I brought what they would have given away?! Lets see!
      The Story

      It pretty much follows on from the film. Po and the other members of the Furious Five are out to save Kung Fu. You have to help them. Be it fighting wolves, gorillas or dragons! The characters are also similar to in the film, and Po is still the hero of the story. The story follows on pretty well and it does fit in if you have watched Kung Fu Panda 2. If you haven't it may be a bit confusing but you soon grasp the idea.
      3/5 stars for the story. It does continue on from the second Kung Fu Panda, but the actual story itself is nothing special. It is pretty much the same as most other games like this. You have to clear some levels, complete some mini games and then you win. Not much thought gone into it! It has only redeemed itself 3 stars because it follows on from the film pretty nicely!

      This is the one plus in the whole game I think. With many different Wii games the graphics are quite a big let down and look like they haven't had much time spent on them at all. However this keeps up the quality set by the film and does look pretty good. The graphics are crisp and definitely good quality. The colours are also bold and vibrant - very impressive!
      4/5 stars for the graphics! They aren't too fantastic but amazing when you think I only spent £6 on the game itself.

      To be honest, it reminds me a bit of a Nintendo DS. To make Po do something, you have to use the uDraw. If you want him to kick, it is pretty much impossible. You move him around by moving the stylus around the uDraw. If you want Po to move backwards, you simply move the stylus backwards on the tablet. And to jump or duck you have to press buttons on the Wii remote, which slots into the uDraw tablet. I'm pretty good at video games etc., but even I struggled with Kung Fu Panda 2. Learning to do combos is just unrealistic. The training isn't too bad and does help you quite a bit. If you decide not to do the training, I will warn you that you will feel completely lost! Controlling the uDraw is difficult and you do need to practice before trying on the real game. They teach you how to do kicks, dodge, punch etc. etc. though once again the crazy controls do hold the game back. This game may be better on say the Xbox if you don't have to use a stylus and instead get to use a controller. Then again, knowing THQ (the people who make the game) they will probably make you have a kinect! And a Playstation move on PS3 ... it really would not suprise me in the least lol!
      The mini games are also pretty bad. One of them is just colouring in pictures which does suit the uDraw quite well. This isn't to bad at first but eventually even the kids got completly bored of them. I think it would work quite well if they just used the uDraw tablet for the mini games. I haven't really played the other mini game that much, but the colouring book one pops up quite often. Fun at first but, like I said, it just gets repetitve and annoying after a few goes of it.

      The one thing I can't fault it on is the fact that it doesn't lag at all. Everything is quick and very prompt. Once I had made a movement on the uDraw tablet, the movement came out a second or less after on the screen. It was pretty fast. That is when it does detect the movement though, which it doesn't half the time.
      However, that just isn't enough. 0/5 stars for the Gameplay as it is just a waste of money. I do not understand why they have pretty much forced the uDraw tablet on you. The controls are pointless. They have tried the same kind of thing on the DS and it failed ... so why do it again?! You have to suddenly swipe to attack and half the time it doesn't react to you anyway. I think the story had depth to it, but the controls have just ruined it.
      Another Little Thing

      Another simple thing that they haven't thought of is that fact that not everyone is right handed. If you are left handed (like me) it is also very difficult. You have to hold the stylus with your left hand and cross your right hand underneath to press the buttons on the Wii remote. This is incredibly uncomfty and means I can't play the game for more than 5 minutes at a time. This problem could be sorted so easily just by even putting to Wii remote sized holes - one on each side. But this is another show that they haven't done their research. Say they let 100 people test the uDraw - it's pretty damn likley that one of the 100 different people would be left handed and be able to report back a little thing like that!

      This isn't really a huge factor for me, but I know it is for some people, therefore I will say a little about it. I find the background music incredibly iriitable and so I will admit, usaully end up turning it off! But when it is on, the sound effects aren't too bad really. Whenever enemies are struck they make a kind of groaning noise which is quite realistic. I will be honest, I am not sure if the voices in the game are actually the actors voices or not. I don't think they are but I maybe wrong. Though Po's voice does sound familiar. However after a while the whole sound - voices and all - gets tiring and we, like I said, normally play without the sound!

      1/5 stars for sound. Just annoying!
      Longevity and Difficulty

      Another let down! I know the game is aimed at kids, but my daughter is 11 and has completed it. Even my friends daughter who is 5 had no trouble with it. This might sound all good, but it also means I have wasted around £40 for 2 hours entertainment ... not good at all! And once you have finished it, there is nothing else to keep your intrerest at all. I understand that they don't want to make it to hard as kids will struggle, but they could add different levels etc. Even having just an easy and a hard level would help it a bit. Saying that though, I wouldn't really want to play it much more!

      Once again, the game itself is incredibly easy to finish, but the uDraw game tablet makes it incredibly difficult! Like I said, it took me and my family around an hour and a half to finish the whole game and all of the achivements so it isn't that hard on that front. In some ways, that was because we were swapping over every five minutes though, as it was a bit boring! So the difficulty part of it was easy - yet the complexity and controls were impossible. Not a great combination really!
      0/5 stars for the difficulty and complexity as even they didn't really go together! It feels like this game has just been thrown together to match the uDraw - but it doesn't match it at all. Surely the uDraw should match up to the game and not the other way around?! Once again ... not good!

      I know some people like this so I will add in a little about it.
      Kung Fu Panda 2 The Game was made by THQ and premiered on May 24th 2011 in many different countries. It has been released on the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's Playstation 3 and the Nintendo DS. It didn't get a great reception (suprise, suprise!) with critics rating the Playstation one the worst. The playstation version recieved a bitter Metacritic rating of 31/100.

      It is rated at Pegi 7 becuase of all of the fighting in it. However, I think that is a bit off the mark as I have had 3 year olds playing it and they have been fine!

      I really was bitterly dissapointed with this game. The film had set high standards, and the game just hasn't followed up. THQ have forced the uDraw tablet on us and they haven't thought it out enough. We have just given up on Kung Fu Panda 2 and I don't think it will be long before we end up selling both the game and the uDraw on eBay. Don't waste you time with this game.Even the game that came with uDraw was crap! Don't get sucked in by how amazing it looks!

      Everbody likes Kung Fu Fighting? Except when it is on the game!
      Would I recommend? Definitely not!

      Thanks for reading! Please rate and leave a comment :) x

      *Also Posted on Ciao under the same name*


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