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Let's Tap (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Family & Entertainment / PEGI Age Rating: 3+ / Release date: 2009 / Published by Sega

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2011 10:56
      Very helpful



      Great game at time but could be improved.

      Lets Tap is a really fun game that I love to play with my Nephew.

      The basic idea is that instead of handling the controller you have it on a box and tap. There are five different types of gameplay and I will mostly review the first one as this is the one we play the most.

      The game comes with 2 boxes for you to place you Wii motes on, they have the design of the Lets Tap game. These boxes are a bit flimsy and could do with being sturdier so I would recommend putting the game onto a placemat or if you have it a laptop / dinner mat with a bean bag on the bottom and a flat top as these work really well.

      So the first kind of game that you can play is Tap Runner:

      Tap Runner:

      In Tap Runner you have to run from A to B across the screen from left to right as your little stickman or runner, which player you are is called out on the controller before you start to make sure you know who you are. Don't tap before the start or your character will fall over, though this is a great tactic for those who don't mind using these kinds of methods to win. Once you have started you progress through 16 levels and can challenge either the Wii or friends and family.

      You start to run by tapping quite gently, too hard and you jump and too soft you don't move, too slowly and you move too slow and move, once mastered (takes all of ten minuets) the tapping to make them run comes quite easy and you move onto harder stuff.

      During the races you come across different challenges, so you start with simple things such as hurdles which you tap harder to jump over, again though this can be optimised, so tap too hard and you jump high and lose precious seconds, hit it just right and you glide over the hurdle at optimum pace. As you go through the challenges develop, some example include pumps (tap to make balloons explode to chuck you to the next bit) Electric balls (they Zap you), swings (release at the best time for furthest swing), slides (again you have to tap at the bottom to go flying which can save you at least 5 seconds) and teleporters that zip you around the course. My Nephew loves this part of the game.

      The Wii players in this aren't too hard to beat, the three of them (if you are playing alone) clearly have different abilities, there will always be the good, the bad and (no not an ugly) but the middle one and sometimes beating the fastest one can be a challenge.

      Negatives or Tap Runner:

      --It can be easy to tap too hard and some people will struggle to get used to it.

      --Not for younger Wii users it take some timing and skill to be able to do this, maybe 10 plus or there about is a good age.

      --Selecting what you want to do can be a pain, the system doesn't like double taps.

      -- Only 16 tracks, there should be more.

      -- Zooming can be an issue, if you are playing with someone rubbish it will zoom out and out and out until you can not see what you need to see to be able to move, I guess this is hard to deal with as you would have to go split screen but the game works so well not being split screen that it is impossible to do better than they already try to.

      All of that said I really like playing this with my Nephew and he really enjoys play it (he is 11) and will always ask to play this game if the Wii is an option, and when we do play lets tap this is what he wants to play. If they could get rid of the above bugs and make more tracks for this part of the game it would be fantastic.

      There are other parts to this game which is probably why there is only 16 tracks in the above

      Rhythm Tap:

      This game is a bit boring after not that long but it keeps us amused for a little while in between games of Tap runner. Basically you tap in Rhythm to what you see on the screen, there are varying difficulties depending on the speed of the music and number of taps, clearly this can't be done against the Wii but isn't bad when playing against a friend.

      The other 3 are bubble voyager, silent blocks and visualiser, I can't say I have played enough of these to be able to review them which I guess goes to show that they can't be that good.


      If you can get this game cheap then it is not a bad one to have in your collection for the kids. I think it would be a better game if they concentrated on the tap runner aspect, they could improve this with more tracks and more challenges, a time trial (though it does keep records) and perhaps some way to trip your opponent up or some sort of interaction.

      4/5 because 3 games are rubbish, one is ok, and one is really good but much better, the reason it still gets 4 is because we have such great fun playing this and it doesn't get boring doing the same tracks again and again because you can try to better your times or win on that one track you always lose on.


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      31.10.2010 20:18
      Very helpful



      See review.

      Last Christmas my nieces received a Wii as their main present, so to help my brother in law set them up, I decided to get them a really good looking multi player game to share (has to be multiplayer, they would literally kill each other for a turn!), with this one being the one I decided on!

      The game I will now review is - "Wii - lets tap".

      The idea behind this particular game is that each payer (as long as they have a Wii remote each) can join in on multiplayer games, usually races and such like, with the simply method of lying the remote face down onto a box, and control each movement with a differing strength of tap......sounds easy enough doesn't it, nooo!

      When I went to buy this I felt I had had a real bargain, with it being sold for £24.99, "buy one get one free", so my purse could stretch to getting my kids one as well.

      With the set you receive the game, and when I purchased it what I thought was a pretty, but un-functional presentation box.

      Upon opening it, I realised I got a set that now held enough boxes to start playing the game immediately, with the outer box and then an inner section being ideal for my two to use in to get started.

      To start you simply follow the instructions shown on screen, which in fairness are precise and clear, and more than easy for a 9 year old (going on 15) and a rather over zealous 5 year old (one step forwards and three back!).

      You are instructed to place the remote face down on the box, I was a little worried as we don't have a table in front of the telly and the range would work from the floor, but it had absolutely no problems.

      When setting up you have to go through a little tutorial section, this helps the players get used to the playing method, and also determine what the instructions state as a heavy or light tap (at one point my son was about knocking the remote through the floor, a little excessive I feel!).

      Once you feel you got a good grasp of that, to have to choose what game it is you would like to play.

      I have to say the gameplay is quite stilted in this game, there is a running game, which ok is fun to start with, but gets very boring very quickly, with the animations being quite interesting, but my children do like to see their own Mii characters involved somewhere, and there was no facility to do this.

      There is a jenga style game, which can be jazzed up slightly by paying the "alchemist" version, which simply entails either pushing a block out each, one at a time, or making the pile of blocks into a rainbow, with the maker of the rainbow being the winner.

      There is a game where you go on an "endless journey", simply trying to avoid hitting things, and picking up power packs, and again another quite short lived game, where you have to catch falling balls into a container, which changes slightly every time you collect so many, with the balls changing colour or the containers changing size!

      Finally (of the so-called games anyway!), there is a battle zone game, I have to say my kids quite enjoyed this one due to the idea of the game is to hurt the other players on screen, firing missiles at each other, this caused plenty of entertainment, and more arguments than I can mention!

      There are other activities too, there are fireworks that can be released in time to the taps, art work and paintings can be drawn, though now way to save them, and even a "ripple" game, where you can tap onto a so-called river and create a myriad of ripples over the surface, actually quite pretty to look at, but come on gameplay?!

      My next gripe is of course the tapping method, with this actually being harder to control than paying with the remote in a normal way.

      We started having trouble when actually trying to pick the game to play from the list, with it taking a good ten minutes to even get the remote to register the taps, than five more getting it to go onto the game the kids wanted to play.

      Once through this section and with a little more practise I expected the gameplay to get a bit easier, this unfortunately wasn't the case, with the next section being a screen to pick the players, and the kids having to spend ten minutes on this too, in fairness by the time they got to the game itself, they had practically gone off the idea!

      The graphics were quite interesting though, with the racers and most of the other parts being made of a coloured, but slightly translucent "jelly", and when the races did start my kids enjoyed the racing element, and having to tap faster and faster, though again this game was short lived, getting a bit boring after a bit.

      As you may have gathered I am not a great fan of this game, to me it just isn't detailed enough for my two, though still young they have a great deal of knowledge with computers, and I suppose felt this was a little babyish for them, from my point of view I felt it was a great concept that just wasn't taken to it's full potential, but rather haphazardly thrown together making a mish mash of mediocre games and even worse extra's.

      Sorry but I just can't give this more than one star, it is a good idea badly executed, with interesting graphics but not so interesting games, not recommended!

      Thanks for reading xx


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