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Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (Wii)

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Genre: Role-Playing / PEGI Age Rating: 7+ / Published 2009-02-20 by Konami

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2011 19:04
      Very helpful



      a great game if you're a fan of micro-management

      A while ago I got relatively bored with the Wii games I had. Many of which never even left the shelf that had become their home. So, on a mission to find new games that would get played I came across Shipwrecked: Lost In Blue.

      Like all other Wii games this comes in the typical white rectangle box which contains the game itself, the instruction booklet and the health and safety booklet.

      What Is Shipwrecked: Lost In Blue

      This game follows the story line of a young boy who is the son of the captain of a cruise ship. On board the ship one day it runs into trouble and a fire breaks out. When the alert goes out the ship is evacuated and you all end up on a lifeboat. However, something gets caught in the lifeboats propeller and you go to check it out, in doing so you end up thrown off the boat. Instead of trying to rescue you the other people on the lifeboat simply throw your suitcase out to you and leave!

      Eventually, you end up washed up on a deserted island with your pet monkey, a bag with a lighter in and a water bottle. You then have to try and survive with these few items.

      The game has several endings which include escaping the island, being stranded there for ever (if 100 virtual days go by) or even death.

      Game Play

      Game play can be quite repetitive sometimes. The basic premise of the game is to walk around the island collecting various items such as twigs, driftwood and food. These items all go into your bag which inevitably gets full and you need to throw some items out. There are mini games such as digging in the sand in order to dig up clams for food, chasing away snakes and spiders, cooking and fishing.

      Each virtual day involves exploring the island you are currently on (there are at least two - I haven't discovered all the endings so there may be more) and managing your health, thirst, stamina and health. Your health pretty much manages itself as long as you take care of the other three but there are illnesses, poisonous plants etc. which may affect your health negatively.

      Your eventual aim is to get off the island and be rescued and so each day should consist of exploring more of the island or completing tasks, such as building rafts, which will eventually lead to your rescue or at least your survival until help comes.


      Is replayability even a word or is that one I've just made up? Anyway, I have quite happily played this game many times over. If only because I want to find out as many of the endings as possible. So far I have discovered three, I am led to believe there are more and so will keep searching for them.

      The only annoying part of replaying the game is the incredibly long story that you have to sit through every single time the game starts. There appears to be no way to skip this and it lasts around 15-20 minutes. Also the first island isn't the most exciting but then once you work out what you need to do here and where everything is then this is fairly quick to complete.

      Despite these flaws this is a game that can be replayed over and over without it seeming too repetitive and definitely isn't one that will just sit on the sideline after it's been played once.

      Music And Sound Effects

      There is no music in this game except for that in the mini games. To be honest this music annoys me and the sound effects, including the bleeping that comes from the remotes aren't much better. The only realistic part of the sound effects are the waves crashing on the beach. There is also the occasional spoken word but this is part of a text that can be read on screen. Because of all this I tend to just mute the sound when playing and this doesn't affect game play at all.


      The graphics to be honest aren't brilliant. Graphics aren't the Wii's strong point anyway and this game is a prime example of why. There is very little attention to detail and the graphics remind me of a much earlier version of game consoles.

      That said the items are recognisable and the game play itself isn't affected by the poor graphics.

      Warnings And Suitability

      This game requires a nunchuck and so if you plan on buying this you will also need to purchase a nunchuck if you don't already have one.

      It is suitable for children 7+ and contains elements of violence (you need to kill some animals for food)


      The recommended age for this game is 7+. I think this is about right, although more repetitive then difficult there are some areas that I feel would be too difficult for younger players. However it's also challenging enough to keep me entertained without me feeling that I need more of a challenge.

      However, there are also areas that although not particularly difficult as such it can be hard to work out where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do so you can end up walking around in circles for several days! So this isn't the game for you if you lack patience when it comes to things like that.

      Price, Availability and Recommendation

      This is available on Amazon for £13.50 new or from £9.94 second hand.

      This game is all about micro-management and reminds me somewhat of Settlers castaway so if this is your kind of game then I highly recommend this one. I do however understand that this kind of game won't suit everyone and so if micro-management games aren't for you then you're not going to enjoy this either.

      I'm giving it 4 out of 5 because of the poor graphics and the frustrating game play at times.


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