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Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-11-18 / Published by Sega

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    2 Reviews
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      06.08.2012 15:47
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      Worth it

      Like most Wii games, we bought this for a bit of fun, but ended up with RSI having played it all night, several nights in a row.
      Although there are individual events, the main action takes place around the streets of London in 'party' mode. Here you can play with up to four players (1 of which must be 'human' controlled) for a sticker battle. You win stickers for winning events and doing individual challenges, meaning a game could last for 20 minutes or over an hour, depending on the overall number of stickers to collect for victory (this is selectable at the start of the party). Though beware - it is not always the most 'talented' person that wins overall as bonus stickers and uncontrollable 'swapping' of stickers with other characters is infuriating.
      The computer controlled multiplayer characters also 'cheat' by the use of 'random luck' games, such as throwing darts at a spinning disk, which is spinning so fast you have no hope of 'winning' at. This is annoying, particularly if you like 'dominating' games.
      There are two types of Olympic events - regular and dream (a fantasy version of real Olympic events) which, if you are competitive, will keep you hooked for weeks, whilst trying to firstly achieve a gold medal, and secondly and Olympic/world record.
      There are also a series of around hundred individual challenges (such as receiving five roars in a particular throwing event or making five perfect starts in a hundred meter sprint) which although are fun to do, are ultimately not rewarded for when completed
      Finally - there is a points system (where you earn points for competing) - which can be exchanged for scratch cards. These unlock new clothing items, so you can make changes to a characters statistics when competing. After a while this becomes boring though, as there are only so many types of running shoes that interest me and one is much the same as the other fifty on offer.
      Overall though I would be happy to buy this for someone birthday/Christmas present, which is the barometer I use to tell if a game is good or not.


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        09.01.2012 20:40



        a nice game to have, but try Mario and Sonic at the olympic games (Beijing) first.

        I've had a wii for a few years now and one of my favourite games was the original Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics. I also had the winter Olympics which I didn't enjoy as much and now we have the London Olympics. It's a good game, but I don't think I would buy it over the original Beijing.

        The idea of the game is to choose a character from either the Mario or Sonic series and compete in various olympic events. You can play with up to four people which is more fun than playing by yourself and a few of the events you can play with more than one person even if you only have one remote.

        I found a lot of the events had been revamped and made, well, worse. My biggest disappointments were the lack of archery, the change in shooting as the original shooting was amazing and the change in trampolining. Those were my 3 favourite events in Beijing. In this game the most fun event to play, for me, is the Rowing and even that is a bit boring after maybe two plays. The rhythmic gymnastics is possibly the most boring game I have ever played on the Wii.

        I would say that the events have got easier so it is less fun for adults, but may be better for children. Very few of the events pose a chalenge for me which makes it very dull with little opportunity to play again. With Beijing I used to play with my boyfriend for hours and it was fun, but unfortunately this is just not the case with London - none of my friends ever want to play this game because it's just too easy.

        The addition of dream events (which feature in the winter Olympics) is a nice touch. These are events which are fantastical rather than being accurate to the olympic rules - they are fun to explore but are also a little bit too easy for me. The game is not balance board compatible, but you will need a nunchuck for a few of the events. If I'm totally honest, the game is overpriced to buy if you already have the Beijing game - you don't need both. I would even go as far to say if you don't have either game to go for the original game first as it is so much more fun, despite having slightly poorer graphics.

        ==UPDATE 31/07/12==
        I last played this game about 6 months a go when the olympics was still far away, but since the games have started I played this once and it was slightly more fun while the excitment of the olympics is buzzing around the country. For two weeks only this game might be a bit more fun than I originally thought, but once the excitment has died down I'm sure the game will go back to being very very average.


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