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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii)

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    130 Reviews
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      28.03.2015 17:23
      Very helpful


      • "Mind blowing"
      • Fun
      • Addictive


      • Glitchy

      Overall it is very good

      This game is the best game in the whole goddam world.This game is so addictive my friends have played it for 2 days and wouldn't come out of their house to play.There are many great characters in this game like Sonic!Mario!Peach! you heard about the old stuff now to the main parts the Bad parts of the game.The game is too glitchy once,me and my friends played Mario vs sonic and the thing crashes.Like OMG! How could it crash on me!But when you switch off the Wii and on it again it is as good as new.But sometimes your volume drops to nothing...like you can't hear anything for like 5 whole minutes!Then the volume comes back on.But then again the game has fun controls and easy controls.You can play as a whole family.The problems i stated could be fixed with an simple on and off method which isn't very hard.


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      28.02.2015 17:48


      • Fun


      I cant stop playing

      I received this as a gift and in only 3 days, I am addicted. Some of the sports are challenging to play, and certain characters are out of place (such as Tails trying to throw the hammer), but that is what I like about this. Enough parts are easy to keep from being frustrated but challenging enough so that it is not boring. A very nice touch is the gallery in which there are challenges to meet on 5 different levels, which also give Olympic triva lessons. No matter your skill level or your interest, you should find something you like to do with this game. Highly recommended.


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      11.01.2012 10:16



      fun for all ages, great for friendly battles!

      This was my first game played on the Wii and is still one of my favourites. It's a simple game with lots of mini-events. You simply chose the event you want to play, chose your character from either Mario or Sonic's world (or a team with a mixture from both) and play the event.

      I think it's best played with a friend or two as the competition is a huge part of the fun, but I have played on my own and enjoyed a lot of the events. It's not a game you complete as such so it's something you can just pick up when you fancy playing.

      Highlights for this game are the Archery, Shooting and Gymnastic events for solo and group play and Running, Swimming and Canoeing for group play. There are a few unlockable events which give you an incentive to do well. I am 20 years old and played a lot with my parents, boyfriend and friends, but almost all the events are suitable for children (although any adults playing against them might have to go a little easy as sometimes pure arm strength beats all!).

      I also own Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics and the original Beijing game is far superior; why mess with a formula that works? The game is best played with a nunchuck but is not Wii board compatible.


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      29.12.2011 16:17
      Very helpful



      A good family game

      I have had my Wii for a few years now and buying games for it isn't something I do on a regular basis and tend to wait for birthdays and Christmas. Whilst my husband has various sports games for the wii I prefer to play on things like my Wii fit and party style games where the whole family can join in. Last year I received Wii Party for Christmas and was hoping that there would be a new version out this year but was disappointed to find there wasn't, so instead my husband brought me Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, its a similar style to the Wii party games you can buy incorporating all of the Mario and Sonic characters, its perfect for the whole family and everyone had a go on it Christmas day.

      The game comes in the traditional Will game case, this is made from a bright yellow plastic and opens up like a book. It has a very colourful paper label wrapped around the front and back of the game, this has the name of the game "Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" written in the middle in various different colour, a lot of the case is taken up with a large picture of Mario and Sonic, in the background are various pictures of London including Big Ben and also scenes from the different games you can play. The words Wii and Nintendo are written in the corners of the case but are not really that noticeable. The back of the label is quite similar to the front in that there is a picture of Sonic and Mario on it as well as scenes from different game, however this is much less 'busy' compared to the front of the case. The disc clips in one side of the case with a button in the centre of it, pressing this releases the game from the case, the other side is where the instruction booklet sits.

      Getting Started
      Setting up the game is very easy and really doesn't take much, once you have put the game in the Wii and selected it from the main menu you need to set up a record, this simply involves typing in your name or a nickname, basically anything you want your record to be called, in total you can set up 4 separate records which is handy if you want to keep your scores separate to anyone else who might play the game. Once you have done this you select a flag represent which country you would like to be. All of this information can be changed at any time using the Options menu. Once you have selected your records name and chosen your flag you are ready to start playing.

      Main Menu
      After setting up your record/ profile you are taken to the main menu, this has a large picture of Mario and Sonic down one side, and down the other are the options you have, these consist of
      *Single Match - Here you can play individual events in whatever order you like, you can either do this alone as an individual player or with others
      *London Party - This is a party style game where you navigate around London taking part in various games and challenges along the way
      *Bonus Mode - In this section you can unlock additional music for during the games as well as Mii outfits
      *Records - This is quite self explanatory, here you simply check your records, achievements and stickers (which are collected during the London Party)
      *Mail - This shows your in game progress in the form of mail received from different characters, if you have mail this is shown in the corner of the screen
      *Options - As mentioned before this is where you can change any of your profile setting.
      Single Match
      This as I have mentioned is basically where all the Olympic events are listed and can be played individually either alone or with others. IN total there are 31 events you can play, 21 are listed under Olympic Event and 10 are listed under Mario and Sonic Dream Events. The evens you can take part in are basically the events which happen at the Olympic games, these come under different categories including
      *Athletics - 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, 4 x 100m relay, Long Jump, Hammer Throw, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw
      *Gymnastics - Uneven Bars, Trampoline, Rhythmic Ribbon
      *Aquatics - 100m Free Style, Synchronised Swimming Team
      *Canoeing - Canoe sprint 1000m Doubles
      *Equestrian - Show Jumping
      *Badminton Doubles
      *Beech Volleyball
      *Table Tennis Singles
      *Pistol Shooting
      *Track Cycling - Team Pursuit
      All of these appear on the first page once you have selected to play Single Matches, once you have chosen your game you can choose from a further 3 options which are
      *Versus - Everyone who is playing (this can be up to 4 people) play against each other
      *Team versus - Here you can play a multi player match where you play either 2 on 1 or 2 on 2
      * Co-op Play - Everyone playing (up to 4 people) play on the same team.
      Personally I have only ever played the versus option so far, I have done this as a 2 with just me and my husband and with 4 other people, with some of the games the screen will be divided into however many people are playing so you each have your own screen, this depends on whether you take part in the activity all at the same time or separately, again this depends on which game you are playing. I did wonder how easy it would be to play with the split screen but the game is still very clear and I found it easy to focus on only my screen without watching what everyone else was doing. Whilst you are playing in your screen tips will appear in the corner as to what you should do with the Wii remote for example tilt the remote or shake the remote, again I did wonder how annoying this would be but the tips do appear discreetly in the corner of your screen so you can easily see them but so that they do not interfere with play. I thought this was quite a good idea and it did really help when we first started playing.

      Once you have selected your game in Single Match (although this is the case no matter what option you are in) you choose how many players you require, you can have up to 4 people playing at once. The next screen you are taken to allows you to choose which character you want to be, these are a variety of characters from both Mario and Sonic games and include
      *Donkey Kong
      There are several characters you can be but there are too many to list, next to each character are their different abilities including Power Type, All Round Type, Speed Type and Skill Type, the instruction book advises that some characters are better suited to certain games compared to others. Personally I do not select my character using this method and always opt for the cute characters including Yoshi, tails, Blaze, Amy and so on, needless to say when the men play then tend to go for the more horrible looking characters. The final screen you get taken to is the Pre Event Screen, this shows you the rules, controls and tips for the game you have selected, once you are ready you simply click Go to Event and the game starts. After the game has finished you can choose to play the same game again without having to go through all the previous options, select a different character, select a different event or quit the game all together.

      London Party
      This is a game which can be played with up to 4 people, it is set in London and you participate in a party style game to win stickers which need to be stuck on your sticker sheet, basically the first one to fill the sheet is the winner. When you start the London Party game you can choose to view the rules or just start playing, obviously viewing the rules is the best option if its your first time playing, this is what we did and we found them clear and easy to follow and it really helped with knowing what we were doing, although I don't think you get the real idea of the game until you start playing it for yourself. Basically what we found when playing the London Party is that it is made up of 5 different events so to speak.

      *Scheduled Events - In this event Big Ben will toll when a single match is about to start, you can choose one of four events and then start the game against the others who are playing or the computer if you are playing alone. To receive stickers for your sheet you need to finish in one of the top three places.

      *Free Time - During Free Time you can wonder around the streets of London and talk to different characters, they will invite you to take place in events which you can choose to do or pass on. If you trigger this event by speaking to a character first you receive a bonus sticker, again as before to receive a sticker you need to finish in one of the top 3 places.
      *Rotary Chance - This only happens as the game progresses and each contestant has the chance to throw a dart at the board to earn more stickers. When I first did this I didn't find it overly clear in explaining what the point in this was, I have since learnt by reading the instruction booklet, at the time this seemed a bit pointless.

      *Interim Report - This is basically a report held by 2 characters to say how everyone is doing and how many stickers they have received and how many each person needs to fill their sheet.

      The London Party mode was the first thing we played on this game and I did find it a bit confusing, it wasn't overly clear what you had to do and we found ourselves muddling our way through it. Personally I think we would have been better playing some of the single games first to get the hang of things and then moving onto this option. I did enjoy it and I think now we know what we are doing more and have had a practise at some of the games we will find it easier and more enjoyable. This is quite good if there is a group of you as you get to play some of the single games against each other but there is a point to it with the aim of collecting all of your stickers first to be the winner. I do still find the sticker sheet a bit confusing as you can still loose stickers once you have won them, this happens if certain characters appear when a sticker is placed on the sheet, you also have to be careful not to place a sticker over another as you will loose one of them. This is one mode which we definitely need to practise a bit more to fully understand it and complete it properly I think.

      Bonus Mode
      I have had to read up on this in the instruction booklet to find out what this is as this is something I haven't actually bothered to look at but after reading about it will be. In the bonus mode you can access different bonuses obtained by playing both single games and the London Party mode, to gain bonuses you need to gradually improve your records obtained by playing the different games. Here you can earn scratch cards where if you match 2 characters the same you receive a prize, you can also dress up your Mii in different costumes obtained as prizes from different characters, you are informed of these in mail received in the mail option as described earlier. The final option here is the jukebox, again as mentioned before different music can be earned to play whilst you are partaking in different events. As I have said I haven't actually looked into this section of the game as I have been concentrating on the games themselves but this is one to look at once you have got the hang of everything else.

      Dream Events
      As I mentioned earlier in the Single Events you can also play Dream Events, these are Olympic type games including Dream Long Jump, Dream Rafting, Dread Discus, Dream Uneven Bars, Dream Hurdles and so on, however they take part in non realistic settings such as in the clouds, also other characters from Mario and Sonic games appear to try and stop you from achieving your goal. These are played in the same way as the original Olympic events in the single mode but whereas the Olympic events take place in various stadiums and realistic settings the Dream Events are more as you would expect a Mario or Sonic game to be.

      Price and Availability
      As I have said I received my Mario and Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games Wii game as a Christmas present however I have found out that it is available from Amazon for £29.98, personally I feel this is reasonable for this type of game as you can have hours of fun with it. It is fairly priced compared to similar games, although the price does depend on where you buy it from as I think it is available in various supermarkets and game shops.

      My Opinion
      I have been very impressed with this game, I enjoy playing these party style games as they are ideal to play alone if you have a bit of spare time but on the other hand are perfect to play with a group of you, the games are very easy to play and are also very well explained so this is suitable for both children and adults. When we played it Christmas day it was all adults playing but we soon passed a couple of hours working our way through the games, since then me and my husband have played this with just us two and have found it just as enjoyable. Even though we have now played a lot of the games it is still fun to go back and try to beat the top scores and current records. Throughout the year we have had a lot of use out of my previous Wii party game and I feel that this one will be the same. This makes an ideal present for someone with a Wii and is ideal for a few hours of fun if you have people round, you do not even have to be particularly into computer games or even very good at them, everything is explained in detail and all the instructions are easy to follow. The instruction booklet that comes with the game is also clearly laid out and explains all of the sections in great detail, personally I hate massive instruction books which take ages to read through, but this one is not very long but still explains everything you need to know, even I have read through it and I never read the instruction books on things. Personally at the moment my favourite section is the single events option as it gives you a chance to work out all of the different games there are, but I think once I have got the hang o these we will move onto the other options. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone with a Wii as it will give you hours of fun.


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        27.12.2011 11:44
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An enjoyable game and the type that work very well on the Wii.

        I've not bought that many games since purchasing my Nintendo Wii, as I don't seem to have the time to play on it that often. That being said, I do like sporty games as I think it shows the unique control system off to its best. With this in mind I decided to buy Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, produced by Sega.

        I bought the game for £19.99 from Game, but it is now probably a bit cheaper and even more so if you take the time to search on the Internet. The game is based upon the Beijing Olympic games in 2008 and there is a follow up game, which has just been released based upon the London games, so it's probably even cheaper to buy now.

        A with any Wii game, to load is as simple as placing the disc into the machine and clicking on the icon on the menu screen. Getting to the game itself is just a case of waiting for it to load and then clicking through the usual start up screens and warnings about flinging the Wii remote across the room. (Still never done that thus far!)

        The game has several different modes to play through and a whole range of different events based upon actual sporting events at the Beijing games. These include running races, various jumping and throwing events, as well as a selection of other events such as fencing, gymnastics, rowing and shooting to name a few. The controls vary quite substantially between events, so it's not really feasible to go into them here. Suffice to say they generally involve shaking or moving the remote in a certain way that reflects the action required. An example being shaking the remote up and down on running races to simulate the legs pumping. Some games also involve pressing a button at a certain time such as to throw in the javelin.

        You can select any of the characters to play with, and each one has differing characteristics based upon their persona. Smaller and weaker looking characters are generally not great at the strength events such as javelin but may be experts at running fast, and vice versa. There are a few solid jack of all trade type characters too such as Mario himself, but this can make winning individual events a bit more tricky, but you should place well in all.

        The first gameplay option is the Single Match, and this basically is used as a training option, with just one challenge to complete. You can choose which event you try out on, but it's not particularly challenging, with the computer players being a little rubbish so consequently I don't do this much except to practise some of my weaker events on occasion.

        The second option is the circuit mode, and this is by far my favourite gameplay mode. On the first levels you have a 3-event challenge to compete against either other human players or computer opponents. The events are pre-selected, so you can't just pick your favourites, although this does add to the challenge. If you can finish in 1st place in all of the beginner level challenges, you will unlock the next advanced level, which takes the form of a 4-event challenge, and the computer is a lot more competitive across the board. Again placing first in all of the advanced level challenges will unlock the final master level. This takes the form of a 5-event challenge and is pretty hard to win, with the choice of character being of the utmost importance based upon the selection of events in each challenge.

        There is also the option of the free challenge, which allows you to pick your own customisable 4 or 8 event challenge and then play this. The computer competitiveness is that of the beginner level, so unless you are playing this with a friend, it should provide too much of a test, especially as you are likely to select your best or favourite events to make up the challenge.

        There is also a mission's mode, which basically provides you with a range of scenarios where you have to achieve a certain task. This is effectively your chance to play the role of a match fixing cheat, as not all scenarios challenge you to win. I find this option a little bit strange in a sports game and for this reason alone I don't play this one very much.

        There are two more options on the main screen, neither of which I have given much time to. Firstly there is the records section, which displays your highest scores or best times. This is moderately interesting if playing against friends for bragging rights but has little other purpose in my opinion, and lastly there is the gallery option which is basically a small encyclopaedia of all things Olympic. This might interest some people out there, but I would prefer to use the Internet to do some fact finding, and stick to using my Wii for game playing.

        By far the best option in this game is to get another Wii remote on the go and play against friends or family. I play with my wife and this adds the extra dimension of a bit of competitiveness which can be lacking when playing purely against computer opponents. All of the events work pretty well in the multiplayer mode, by either splitting the screen into however many parts are needed, or by taking it in turns on the events which are individual in nature. One slightly annoying thing is that you don't get to see all of your computer rivals having their go at the events, but you are kept up to speed with the running order at all times so you know what you need to achieve to win.

        The graphics on this game are just what we have come to expect from the Wii. They are slightly over the top on the cutesy factor, and are chunkier than you would find on any other platform, but this is the charm of the Nintendo Wii, and they all work very well in this game. The detail level when playing the individual games is very good indeed, and you do imagine you are in the arena competing after a while, and I find the addition of a quick reminder of how to play each game before starting it to be a nice little touch.

        Sound wise the game is also pretty good, with no annoying sound track playing. Authentic crowd noises, and sounds, which are reflective of the event you are attempting are the name of the game and this game doesn't disappoint. Again its pretty much what we have come to expect of the Wii and it definitely adds to the game playing experience.

        So to sum this game up, I would definitely recommend it to any fans of Olympic sports, or fans of other competitive multiplayer sports games on the Wii, and for the price that it is now available for you can't really go too far wrong. The individual single play mode is enough of a challenge to keep you entertained for many hours, but as with most Wii games the real fun comes in the multiplayer modes. Its not perfect by any means, with the fact that you don't see your competitors taking their turns at the individual events being a tad annoying, and it does lack any sort of realism, however I would say that if you are looking for realism you are probably playing the on the wrong console.

        Thanks for reading this review and it may also appear on Ciao under my same username.


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          16.12.2011 12:28
          Very helpful



          see review x

          I kept looking for the game cheap on Ebay eventually I bought it for £10, I wanted to buy it for my kids, as they did not have a lot of games plus mainly for myself as well, I had played this game on the nintendo ds before so I knew just what was entailed. Although maybe I did not realise it was as strenuous.

          To start with you have to press the A and B button together to get to the start screen, it will then tell you to pick a slot to open data from, you can save up to four different games, just pick the one you want to load and click ok. When you get to the main menu you have five different options which I will list below.
          Single match

          This is where you can pick to play any match you want from any of the events, you will only get to play the one event in this but you can keep choosing different events to play on, I find this is good for a practice if there is some events that you are not that good on, but I do find this a little boring and not as competative.

          Circuit mode

          When you first start on this, you only have the beginners class available to play. You need to win all of the events in each of the circuits, in beginners class you only have 3 events in each circuit to come in 1st place. Once you have come first in each of the circuits it will then unlock advanced class, which yet again has five circuits, but this time you have to unlock each circuit, you do this by coming in 1st in the circuit above. In the advanced class you have 4 events in each circuit, but as long as you come first overall in the circuit it will unlock the others.

          Once you have completed all of the advanced class stages it will then unlock the masters class, which is pretty hard and I have yet to complete this part. In this one you have 6 circuits to unlock, which so far I have only managed two, each of the circuits this time have five events to play, but it is harder to beat the computer so you need to be really good for this one.

          Then you have free circuit where you can chose from 4 or 8 events of your choice or you can chose to have random events, this is not as competative so I do not play this one.


          This is where you have certain missions to complete for all the characters all together there are 16 characters each with 6 stars to obtain, but these are not as easy as just winning the events, you have to do what is instructed, so you could be told to win a race in 4th place, or o jump to a certain height. There is lots of different things that they tell you to do. When you have won that event as stated you then get a star next to that event to let you know you have completed it.

          This is quite a hard one to do, and I have yet to still complete all of them, so I am not sure what happens when you do complete them all but eventually I will do lol.


          This is where you can choose to read up on trivia about the olympic games with lots of questions and answers about many things to do with the olympic games, To be honest its not something I have really looked much at, as I bought this to play the game not read about the olympics.


          This is where you can find all your records for times on each of the events you have played in and also it shows what trophies you have won.

          What events are there

          In this game there are many events which you would expect to see at the Olympic games. These include:

          100 meters
          110 meter hurdles
          Long jump
          High jump
          Pole vault
          Table tennis
          Skeet shooting

          This list goes on and on there are plenty of different events to chose from, to list them all I would be here forever lol.

          Is it a multi player game

          Yes it is, you can use mutli player in one of two ways, you can either take it in turns at missions, or you can challenge each other but to be able to race against each other you do need an extra wii remote for every extra player playing.

          The controls

          The controls do vary, but each event tells you what to do to complete each event. its mostly by moving the wii remote about in your hands but some events do you the buttons, but as I said you need to read up on the instructions under each event.

          My overall opinion

          I find this game rally fun to play, and it very challenging, a lot of times you get games that can be completed in no time, I have been playing this for months not and am not even half way through completing it. Even when you do complete all the missions you can still play this game as a multi player game, or on your own just for the fun of the races.

          The only thing about this game is that you do use a lot of arm movement and you do have to move it pretty fast,so it does get very tiring. The first time of playing the I had aches in my arm muscles the next day, so you do need to take it a little easy and not play it for hours on the first day like I did lol.

          I would recommend this game for anyone to buy, however it may be a little harder for the younger ones to be able to play. My kids are 9 year old and they have only just picked up on how to play it, after a lot of coaching from me, so it can be quite a hard game to play, but once you get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun and well worth the money.


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          30.11.2011 11:15
          Very helpful



          Olympic fun with your favourite characters

          Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Nintendo Wii

          ** Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games **
          Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games isn't actually one of my games, it is my uncles game, however I like it that much that I've 'borrowed' it from him with the intension of giving him it back... maybe one day! This game was released at the same time as and is based on the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008.

          Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, contained inside the box is a game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is clear and simple to follow.

          When you first play Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games you will need to create a new profile, this is simple as you only have to enter your name and select your country that you wish to represent. After creating your profile you will be given the options of how you wish to play the game.

          The main events in the game are categorised in the same way that they are in the real Olympic games. The categories include rowing, gymnastics, athletics and table tennis to name just a few. There are also Dream events to take part in, these are based very loosely on Olympic events and combined with various Mario or Sonic games to take the event into another reality and provide a different way to enjoy the event. I don't like the dream events myself because of the fact that they are not like the real events and sometimes seem a bit silly.

          Before each event you are given the options to view the rules and look at the controls for the event as they do vary a lot from one event to another. There is also a practice option for you to have a practice before you take part in the actual event, I recommend the practice event especially for the Rowing events as I found it took me a while to get used to using the Wii remote as if it were an ore while pressing a combination of either the 'A' or 'B' button or sometimes both together as the event instructs you to. Some of the events also require the use of a nunchuk so make sure you have one to hand, although most of the events have the option to play with just the wii remote alone.

          You can choose to play the game as either a character from the Mario and Sonic games or your Wii mii character.

          If you choose to play the game in single player mode this is a good opportunity to practice all of the events in the order you wish and as many times as you like. I have a particular love for the trampolining event and I enjoy spending a lot of time playing this in the single player mode. Trampolining involves a combination of swinging the wii remote around to make your character bounce on the trampoline and then when you have enough height you will be given combinations of buttons to press to perform various twists and flips before your character lands.

          If you choose to play Circuit Mode you will take part in a certain number of events and compete against other players in multiplayer mode or computer controlled players if there is just you playing, you will be competing to be the best in each event and win the Circuit overall by having the highest number of points accumulated.

          The events I particularly enjoy are the trampolining which I have already mentioned, I also enjoy the athletics as the sprinting races can get really competitive, especially when we are playing them in multiplayer mode. I strongly recommend wearing the wii remote wrist strap while playing most of these events as the wii remote could quite easily accidentally slip out of your hand in the heat of the moment trying to shake the remote to run faster than your friends! After I had a bit of practice at the controls of rowing I also began to find this event rather enjoyable.

          There are two events that I don't enjoy, these are the swimming because I find it really hard to get the timing right between moving the remote to swim and pressing the 'B' button to let your character take in air to keep their speed constant. The other event I dislike is skeet, this is one of the shooting events and I find it to be a bit drawn out and takes a while to complete with no real excitement to the event.

          The multiplayer mode in the game is ace! My friends and I have had many evenings of entertainment being very competitive with each other in the events. We can literally spend hours playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and we usually pay for it the following morning with aches and pains from our determination to beat each other.

          ** Controls **
          The controls of the game in general are easy. All of the events have the option to view and practice the controls required before the event starts. I find this to be particularly useful if I haven't played an event for a while or if I am playing with friends who aren't familiar with all of the controls.

          ** Graphics and Sound **
          The graphics in the game are great! The events are bright and the characters in the game are very well animated. Overall the whole game runs really smoothly. The sound is also great, the sound effects during the game are realistic and the music in the menus is quite gentle.

          ** Price and Availability **
          Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games is currently available from Play.com for £11.99 with free delivery and also comes included in some of the Wii console bundles that are available at the moment.

          ** My Experience and Opinion **
          I enjoy playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. I don't really play this game so much on my own, however when we have a wii night this game is always a firm favourite and I just hope that my uncle doesn't want it back anytime soon! Overall I would recommend this game for both adults and children of all gaming abilities.

          Thanks for reading :)


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          10.11.2011 00:03
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          On your marks get set... PLAY!

          The Past
          As I have mentioned in past reviews, I grew up playing games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), most of my favourite games when I was younger included my favourite plumbers Mario and Luigi and their dinosaur friend Yoshi, and of course Princess Peach, who always seems to be running into bad luck and getting captured by the villain in this game King Bowser. I spent hours trying to rescue the Princess in games such as Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3, Super Mario World 1 and 2, The Lost Levels and of course Mario 64 when Mario became for 'advanced' on the Nintendo 64 console. The Mario Franchise has brought gamers worldwide countless hours of entertainment, and their games were one of my favourite past times when I was a child.

          However I have yet to introduce Mario's rival when we were growing up and choosing games to play, Sonic (a Sega creation). Sonic games were based around defeating the evil Scientist Doctor Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnic) to stop him from stealing all the chaos emeralds and taking over the world, as part of his master plan he turns animals into robots that get in Sonics way of saving humanity. I played a number of Sonic game that were released on a number of different consoles including Sonic, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles on the Sega Mega Drive and Sonic adventure on the Dreamcast. The Sonic Franchise (by Sega) was popular within gamers also when I was a child and a well matched rival for the Mario Franchise (by Nintendo).

          The Present
          After Sega stopped creating consoles, Sonic became a multiplatform game, I am not sure on all the legal 'mumbo jumbo' but basically this means that Sonic can appear on a number of consoles such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii or DS. This is how Sonic came to appear on a Nintendo Wii game. In this game Team Mario competes with Team Sonic in the Olympics to find out who is the victor and to settle the decade old question, who is the best 'game character' ever.

          Playable Characters
          There are sixteen different characters that you can choose to play with on this game, eight on Team Mario and eight on Team Sonic. Each character has different levels of Speed, Power, Skill and Stamina, this makes playing with each character a little different and gives the game a more interesting twist.
          Characters that are available to play on this game include:
          On Mario's team you can play as, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Peach, Daisy and Yoshi.
          On Sonic's team you can play as Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, Vector, Doctor Eggman, Amy and Blaze.

          There are in total 20 different events that can be taken part in on this game, they are varied and an a few examples include Archery, 100 metre swimming, Running, Relay Race, Pole Vault, Rowing, Shooting and Table Tennis.
          I think that there is a good number of events to play in this game, in my family we really enjoy the swimming race and the Shooting, we can get really competitive when we are playing which makes the game more enjoyable as we are always trying our hardest to beat each other's high scores or win an event, this almost adds to the games playability in my opinion.

          Game Play
          When you are not playing against family and friends in this game you can also play in a range of different ways these include:
          Single Event
          Single events in this game is when you play one single event once, the aim of the single event is to break the World Record which is simply the highest score a player has ever achieved on your game. Single events are fun to play on this game as they don't last too long so you can play a range of them easily without getting bored and they give you a chance to practice for whenever you are playing in circuits against your family and friends or the computer.

          Circuit Event
          On circuit events you play against your friends and family and also the computer with different difficulty levels available to choose including Beginner, Advanced and Master class. Eight different competitors take part in the Circuit event. In the circuit event you play against these characters in a number of different events (that are pre-selected) to become overall champion of the game. This is another good feature in the game as it allows you to play more than one event at a time, meaning you won't need to set up each event every time. Playing against the computer also gives the Circuit event a good twist as on Advanced mode they can be quite hard to beat, pushing you to play harder to be better at the game.

          Mission Mode is when you complete missions that are attached to different events, for example some of the missions that can be set for you to complete include, beating a certain character in an event, or finishing a race in a certain race. When you complete all the missions on this game you win a prize, this gives you a sense of completion on the game, instead of it just being about bettering everyone's scores. The mission mode on this game is great fun to play and can be quite challenging the more challenges you complete.

          This game is fantastic for multiplayer, you can play with 1-4 players at a time, every player can play against each other to come first in events. You will need up to 4 Wii Remotes and 4 Wii Nunchucks to get the full play out of this game. You can play single matches against each other or longer circuits (these are described in the game play section of my review.

          The graphics on this game are what you would expect from the Nintendo Wii, they are bright colourful and cartoon styled, they could be described as quite child-like compared to games available on the Xbox or Playstation, but I think that this is what attracts Nintendo fans as games are light hearted and fun to play/look at.

          The music on this game is motivating and gets you pumped up to participate in the races. It is upbeat and has a fast tempo and is not out of place compared to what you would normally find in a Nintendo game.

          User Interface
          The user interface on this game is really easy to understand and it is not difficult to navigate through the game to your desired event or mode to play. Even those who are 'inexperienced' with technology should find no problems using and playing the game.

          Cost and Availability
          You should be able to pick up this game in any Game, HMV or Gamestop locally, or if you can also purchase it on the internet. I bought this game for £34.99 in Game as this was the best deal at the time, however I bought this a year ago so I think that it hopefully may have decreased a bit in price. I got a lot of play time out of this game and think it was a great buy.

          Final thought
          This is a great competitive game that is guaranteed to get everyone up and moving, in my family we love getting competing for high scores or to come first in different events. This game has great multiplayer functions this makes it all the better to play at a party for a bit of good natured fun. I would definitely recommend this game as a family activity as is a fun way for kids and adults alike to get a little bit of extra exercise.

          *also posted on ciao under lorrainek858*


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            06.11.2011 08:43
            Very helpful



            Become an athlete in your own living room with Mario, Sonic and friends!

            Firstly to all those keen game reviewer I apologise in advance for the following review. I'm not "down with the kids" or particularly clued up on gaming terminology or technology in general actually. However I do own a Nintendo Wii and although I claim not to "not play computer games" I must admit Mr Lools and I bought the Wii only a month after it was brought out and we often can be found on an evening competitively playing games on it or even when I have put my toddlers down for an afternoon nap I secretly have a quick game on the Wii. We do not own a large amount of games for the Wii but the games we do own tend to be competitive, interactive and can be enjoyed with friends. One of the most favoured games is Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games.

            ***Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games***
            The game was initially introduced as being the first game in which Mario (traditionally a Nintendo character) and Sonic (traditionally a Sega character) appear together in the same game for the first time ever. However since the introduction of the Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games in 2007 there have been further games in which they have appeared together.

            Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Fames is based on the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the events are set in the venues of these games. The characters in the game are from previous Sonic and Mario games. The game is a series of mini games based on athletic events from the tack, field, gym and pool.

            The Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games is available as a game for a variety of different consoles however my review will be based on the game for the Nintendo Wii. The game is available from a number of retailers both in stores and also online. When we first purchased this game at the end of 2007 when it came out, we paid £35 from Game. Since then the game has massively reduced in price and now (November 2011) retailers including Play.com, Amazon and Tesco sell it for around £15.

            ***Characters and Games ***
            Before you start and play the events you can select a character who you will control. The characters in the game are various Nintendo and SEGA characters who have appeared in past Nintendo and Sega games. These include Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Bowser, Tails, Knuckles, Yoshi and Princess Peach. Each of the characters have a list of skills and strengths which will put them at an advantage when playing certain events. For example Sonic has a high speed strength putting him at an advantage in track events like the 100m, whereas Bowser has a high strength characteristic making him at an advantage in the field throwing events. When you play individual event games it is easier to select a character based on their characteristics however when you play a tournament it is best to select a character that has more all-round strengths.

            There are 20 Olympic events featured in this game for you to play. These include the 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, 400m relay, hammer throw, javelin, high jump, long jump, triple jump, gymnastics (vault), trampolining, table tennis, fencing, archery, swimming, and rowing. The variety of different events to play is very good. Some of the events are easier to master than others (and are more fun to play) however you have the option to play individual events or a series of events/ challenges where you compete in a tournament and get a medal placing based upon your performance over a number of events.

            These are a good idea in my opinion as there is a lot of variety as they include a mixture of track, field and indoor events.

            ***My Experience***
            I do not own many computer games or consoles but I like the concept of the Nintendo Wii because it is so interactive and this is what attracted me to buying a Wii and allows up to four people to play at any one time.

            Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games can be played as a single player game or with up to 4 players playing it. To play the game each player requires a Wii controller and the Nunchuck controller and the sensor that sits on top of the TV picks up the movements each of these controllers. Mr Lools and I only have 2 Wii controllers and 2 nunchucks so generally only play in a 2 player mode even when we have more guests in the house as we do not have enough controllers. We have played in 4 player mode when friends have brought their own controllers over, although I would say you do need to be positioned quite far back from the TV to ensure that all of the controller sensors are picked up by the TV. When playing with 4 players we have often found the players on each end when standing in a line have not performed as well in this game mainly because the sensor has not picked up their movements.

            As far as Wii games go Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games is one of my favourites as it is so interactive and fun to play because there is a competitive element when playing in a multiplayer mode. Generally most of the events are easy to pick up and easy for new players to play. This is a real social game and I find even if people are not actually playing the game, especially after a few drinks everyone gets involved cheering each other on and laughing at the people playing the events because of the fast vigorous movements that they have to do to play.

            I do think some of the games are very tiring which is why I find I can't play this game for long periods I simply get too tired and often find my arms ache the next day from playing this game. Some events are more tiring than others, others are easier to play with the controls which is why I find some more enjoyable than others. Although the events are very easy to pick up for new players I often find that more experienced players are at an advantage when playing this game. However there is a handicap function to give new players or children more of an advantage making this a fair game to play in theory, especially when competing in tournaments.

            Before each event on screen instructions are shown. These show you the actions you need to make with the controller and the nun chuck and also what buttons on the controller you need to press to do certain actions. I think this is very good especially for those that have never played the games before (for example when we play as a group of friends). The instructions are very clear and straightforward which are easily understandable to those who are not familiar with the Nintendo Wii and also very easy for young children to understand. In fact when I played this game against my seven year old cousin when babysitting he picked up the controls immediately and within 3 games he was better at the games than I was!!

            The various events and games are split into different sections. There are the track events which consist of 100m, 400m, 4X 100m hurdles, 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles. Although probably some of the easiest events actually play, in my opinion these are some of the most physically tiring events and the basic movements you make with the controllers is to wave them up and down in a running movement as fast as you can. The player that does this the fastest is usually the winner. The 100m and 400m games are just basically running however with the other track events you have to press certain buttons as you make these running actions in order to trigger actions like jumping over hurdles or changing over the baton in the relay race.

            The field events consist of long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, hammer throw and javelin. With the jumping events and the pole vault, you use the running action you did in the track events and then press a series of buttons on the controllers and flick the controllers upwards in your hands to make a jumping action. For these events the timing is extremely important and you need to coordinate the actions you make with your hands to build up speed and then ensure you flick the controllers as close as you can to the board so you do not do a false jump in order to gather momentum to "jump" as far or as high as you can. These are quite simple events to play and certainly not as tiring as the running events but they do take some practice and as a first time player you are at a disadvantage to more experienced players.

            I find the hammer and javelin events quite difficult and even though I have played a number of times I never seem to get the timing right. Mr Lools is very good at these events however I find with the hammer event I can seem to create a fast enough spinning movement as you need to rotate your wrist around quite fast and then throw at the correct point. I find if I throw fast enough I release and flick the controller too late and throw the hammer outside of the correct area or I slow down and the hammer may stay in the assigned throwing area but it does not go very far. The javelin is a lot easier but it is more of a flicking than throwing action and it is quite misleading initially as you tend to find you need to start your throw sooner than you would expect With experience and practice you gain this understanding but as a new player I find most people get disallowed throws as they go over the throwing board.

            There are the Aquatics events consist of the 100m freestyle and the 4x 100 freestyle. Each of the characters have a different stroke which means depending on which character you are you have to make different movements with the controls and press different buttons to make a swimming action. The key to being successful at this event is the speed you press tied in with ensuring you keep your stamina up which means you have to press a trigger button at a certain point to ensure your character has enough energy to keep moving. Because of the movements you have to make with the controllers these events are tiring but also more complex than the simple track events because of the need to concentrate and press buttons at the correct time.

            There are two gymnastic events which are vault and trampolining. I would say these are by far the easiest events and in my opinion do not take a great deal of skill and new players can easily pick these up. As you bounce you simple twirl, shake the controllers and press buttons and your character does a series of acrobatic moves. Personally I just wave my arms about and seem to get a good score although after the first few attempts at these events they do get a little boring.

            The other events include table tennis, fencing, rowing, archery and shooting. These take a little more skill and accuracy however are at a lot slower pace than the track, field and aquatic events and you get less tired. You simple need to press buttons at the correct time to ensure you get a good score. These are not the most exciting of events but when you play in a tournament break up the events and give greater variety not to mention giving your arms a rest from all of the fast movements of the other events.

            When you play the events you can play singular events or you can play tournaments where there are a mixture of events and you get a medal and placing based upon your score and performance over a variety of events. If playing in front of a big group in a social environment we tend to do singular events to ensure everyone gets a turn at the game. However in smaller groups or as a couple Mr Lools play the tournaments meaning it is fairer as you play different events which makes the competition a little more exciting and not so one sided.

            With the tournaments as you play you unlock further tournament options which also unlock dream events. These are dream race, dream platform, dream table tennis and dream fencing. The dream events are basically like the standard events just a little more like standard computer games where you pick up certain items to unlock various actions and powers. These are fun to play but in my opinion not my favourite parts of the game.

            I'm not a big gamer so I would get technical but the quality of the graphics in my opinion and experience are simply ok. There are times when the graphics look a little basic and when running in some races you get a pause or it becomes very difficult to see your character and you have to follow a little arrow pointing at your player. The pointing arrow does remind me of quite traditional older computer games I used to play years ago.

            I'm generally not a big fan of computer games however I would say Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games is definitely one of my favourite Nintendo Wii games.

            At £35 it was in my opinion rather expensive however at £15 it is definitely better value for money and a great game to play with others as there are so many different competitive events to master. Even though we bought this game over 3 years ago it has been played many times and still continues to be played which makes it a worthwhile purchase even with the high price tag!

            Because the game is so interactive I definitely think that this is a game better suited to playing with others rather than on your own. The element of competition makes you really work hard and I find my arms really ache from all of the shaking, swinging and moving the controls about. You can play the game on a one player mode against the computer controlled characters however I do find that the game does not have the same attraction when played in this way especially once you master each of the events and it becomes very easy to "win".

            I tend to play this game with other adults (usually after a few beverages and the competitive spirit takes over) however I think it is a game that children will also enjoy. Some of the events are a little complex to master the controls of but the amount of instructions coupled with the ability to give players a handicap makes this a suitable game for adults to play against children.

            A great Wii game that Mr Lools and I enjoy although I'm sure my next door neighbours might not have the same love for the game when they hear all of the cheering, thuds and bangs that occur when playing this game.


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              01.11.2011 22:17
              Very helpful



              fun sports game

              I only really play with our Wii console now and then when we have company - for us it's more of a social entertainment than a console that we play for hours on end. Therefore, I tend to choose games that are quick, easy and fun to play and have good multi-player options. I like sporty games and games like Mario Karts, which is why this particular game appealed to me.

              THE CHARACTERS

              Various Nintendo and SEGA characters appear in this game, all of which you can choose to control. The characters available in this game are Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Princess Peach and Tails. Each character has it's own strengths and weaknesses so you need to select the right character for each game.

              THE GAMES

              There are 20 Olympic events featured in this game, so there is something for everyone. The events include 100m sprint, hammer throw, high jump, archery, trampolining, table tennis, gymnastics, rowing, swimming and fencing.

              Each of the games have different controls and there is a tuition option before each game so, if you are anything like me and forget from one minute to the next, you can always remind yourself how to control your character. The controls are usually quite simple and a lot do involve the nunchuk so I would recommend that you have one or two of these available. Having said that, there are one or two games that I just haven't ever managed to get to grips with, especially the archery. I find the controls for this fiddly and I never seem to do very well at this game. Whilst some might like this and see it as a challenging aspect to the game, I find it frustrating and it detracts from my enjoyment. I can only imagine that younger children would find this very frustrating and it could make them lose interest quickly.

              The multiplayer options are really good and it is fun to compete against your friends and relatives over short events. It makes the game very social as everyone can join in over a short space of time rather than leaving a lot of people to watch and have no involvement. Having said that, if you like to play by yourself against the computer characters, the game is not so good as the computer characters are quite easy to beat so do not represent much of a challenge or incentive to improve your skills.

              There are also 'Dream Events' which make the game more arcade like and surreal as they take Olympic events and morph them into video games. Personally, I don't really like these but I can see how they may appeal to more regular video game players.


              I enjoy playing the games and everyone we have played with has thought the game was great fun. The games can be very energetic and you can easily break into a sweat whilst playing - this can be a positive or negative depending on your viewpoint!! For me, some of the games are a little too tiring - especially swimming - and this means that you do not play for as long as you might like to.

              There are also options to place a handicap on a player. Although I have not personally used this, I can see that this is a good idea as it can create a level playing field for all and everyone can enjoy the games with a possibility of triumphing. The graphics and sounds/music are also good and make the game enjoyable.

              OVERALL OPINION

              In my opinion, this is a great game to play with others when entertaining. It is enjoyable for all ages and has a nice competitive edge. It is not good though if you are looking for a gentle, easy game to play as it requires a lot of energy and is quite an active game. There is enough variety in the game to keep you occupied for several hours at a time (if you have the stamina!) and there should be an event that appeals to everyone.

              The use of cartoon characters rather than athletes makes the game more fun and appealing to younger generations. There are also games with varying levels of difficulty which is a must for me as I am neither a complete novice nor a pro, so I can find something somewhere in the middle - I enjoy trampolining as the controls are simple and it's all in the timing (it is also much less vigorous than some events!).

              We paid £23 for the game and, like I say, only play it now and again. I don't think that this is bad value but, if we played this a little more, the game could become a little monotonous. For me, it is a good game to play every once in a while rather than one that will give you something different each time and can be played over and over.


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              08.10.2011 19:16



              excellent fun for all the family

              so much fun. this is a must have for any family as the characters are all very well known from earlier nintendo games including favourites like sonic the hedgehog, tails, mario, luigi, princess, toad etc. each character has different skills so look at their on screen data, pick your favourite character then follow the on screen instructions to participate in the mario version of the olympic games. these include high jump, relay, swimming, javelin etc, the games are fun and definitely competitive. laughed so much watching wario running. best bit is the more you play the more games you can enter. good fun competing against siblings, parents, friends etc. some challenges seem much harder than others and takes a while to get used to the controls on some of them like the high jump. make sure you keep a clear space around you as there is a very high chance of hitting something as you swing your arms about. even young children can join in with this one and if there lots of you playing keep a video camera to hand as the results both on screen and of the participants can be hilarious. would recommend this to everyone. not a game which you'll play all the time but can become addictive and definitely one for a family night in

              who is this aimed at?
              everyone. no matter how young or old everyone can enjoy this game. great for family use or for a group of friends. can be played alone if you are determined to beat you own high scores but far more entertaining with others.

              ease of use?
              very easy to use. every olympic activity shows you the controls before starting - usually either shaking the wii controller and nunchuck or flicking them at the right moment to achieve the best results

              extras required?
              far better with a nunchuck and a wii controller. not so much fun without and some of the olyympic games require this in order for the game to be played

              cost and value for money?
              as this game has now been out for a while now you can buy this new or pre owned - currently for less than £20. definitely value for money.

              frequency of use?
              initially couldnt put it down. bought it around christmas as everyone on holiday and spent most days trying to outdo each other. once over the initial amusement this game is still very playable


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                07.10.2011 23:35
                Very helpful



                a top game and a good laugh

                Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games or also know as Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics for me is probably my next best game to the basic free sports games you get with the Wii.

                Its the second game I ever bought for the Wii and I still have it. I've always liked Olympic sports games ever since I used to play games like 'track and field' in the arcades. Remember those things, arcades, its a place where people use to go before people had games consoles in every house where you stood up in massive rooms by the seaside or in a town centre and it was full of games to play on large screens spending all your pocket money.

                The game itself is really easy. It is a collection of 24 events based on the Olympic Games events and you pick a character to compete in these events or against other computer controlled characters or other user controlled characters. You gain points based on events to unlock other events and eventually you can compete in all available events. Basically there are 3 modes, Circuit mode, Single Match, and Mission mode and they are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. Within these modes you have several categories of events, athletics, gymnastics, shooting, archery, rowing, aquatics, fencing, and table tennis.

                Within those categories you have things like the 100m dash which is my favourite, and the relay race and the hammer throw and javelin etc.

                Overall its probably the second best game that i've played for the Wii so far. It is so much fun watching people swing the controllers as fast as they can against each other and watching people physically jump over the hurdles thinking its what you do.

                I guess that's the best bit of a Wii its the watching of people play it especially if they are not used to playing on a Wii. The game itself I like in a family environment because it can be quick and not take up all the evening and its also actually a good way to keep fit because it does give you a sweat on especially if you really get into it.

                The graphics are nothing to talk about but perfectly acceptable for the type of game it is. Same goes for the music.

                overall its a good laugh and nothing to take to serious which is the main reason for getting it.


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                06.07.2011 20:11



                A great Wii game to have

                I must say its a real thrill of a game. Its really addictive throughout the family, and gets your fitness levels going wild, as it uses interactive motion movements through the controller, so its 5 stars in fitness wise. The game it self has a wide variety of missions and game modes to complete. The main events are racing, with 100m race, 200m, 400m, 400m hurdles and so on. There's also tracks such as table tennis and swimming which is equally exciting, and I find the table tennis game mode the funnest. You can play with up to four plays in the multiplayer competitive mode, whilst playing a majority of modes. There's also a few added on bonus games which can be played, which some include flying, which of course is not realistic in terms with real life Olympics, but having said that they are so much fun. It's really fun when you team up with more than one controller, it makes the evening when playing together so much funner. The hardest mode of all must be 'Fencing' as its difficult to understand the basic techniques of the controls, and 70% of the times the computer wins.

                Overall a recommended game. Its exciting and suitable for the whole family, a must get game if you own a Wii!


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                23.11.2010 21:43
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                1 Comment



                A fabulous family game that can keep you playing for it for months

                I have always enjoyed the Mario games on the Wii console, so when 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games' became available in the shops, I was first in line to purchase it. This game was released for the Wii in November 2007. It is the first time Mario & Sonic appear in the same game.

                What is it? - Well the idea is you play as one of 16 Mario or Sonic characters and compete in an Olympic event. You can compete in the following modes:

                Single Match - One event only, use for training and improving your skills
                Circuit Mode - 3 or 4 events put together. You will compete against other players.
                Mission Mode - All the characters have missions to complete, not always involving coming first. Some can be quite challenging.

                The Characters - Are split into categories of their special skills. These are Power Type, All-Around, Speed Type & Skill Type. An example of this is Sonic is extremely fast and would be better at speed events, but he is not very skilful. He would therefore be good at 100m sprint, but poor at Javelin. This does not mean you cannot win with characters not designed for that event, because you can with practice, but it is easier if they are suited for the event. For the circuits you must decide what skills are most important for the events in that circuit.

                The events are separated into the following categories:

                Athletics / Gymnastics / Shooting / Archery / Rowing / Aquatics / Fencing / Table Tennis / Dream Events.

                Each section has numerous events in them and some will be unlocked as you play the game. They can be unlocked by receiving medals or trophies in events, playing as various different characters, completing circuits, successfully completing missions. Bare in mind you must sometimes win an event with a character that is not suited to the skill. Such as Bowser may need to win a fast running race in the mission mode, so practice events with several different characters.

                Athletics - Is split into track and field events. In the track events you will find short sprints, hurdles, long distance and relay. For track events you will find the jumping and throwing events, such as long jump, high jump, javelin and so on.

                Dream Events are fictional events created for this game. They usually involve trick/treat boxes found in other Mario games such as Mario Cart.

                Controls - You can play either using the Wii remote on its own, or with both the remote and the nunchuk. I would recommend using both as the control of your movements is then more accurate. Each event is controlled slightly differently, but you can check controls before you begin each event and they are all similar and simple to pick up. Timings are usually the key in this game and speed in the sprint running events.
                This Wii game can actually be a great way to work out. The sprint races or sprint to jumps and throws can make your arms and shoulders work hard and if you play it for long enough you will feel quite warn out at the end.

                My Opinion - This game can be played for months without an end in sight. There are so many parts to this game to try and complete, it can be played for hours on end. It is entertaining enough to keep you trying. When I brought this game, I played it almost every night for 2 months. I could have played it even more than this, but I felt I had completed everything I wanted by this point. That is much better value for money than most Wii games that can be completed in less than a week. I never quite managed to finish this game, but trying to unlock new events can keep you going. I remember when playing this game my shoulders were hurting for weeks and I even lost weight because I forgot to eat most nights. I love the sense of achievement you feel when you break a world record, complete a mission or unlock a new event.
                Some of the events have little twists that are unique to this Wii game. For instance the 100m sprint you can achieve a dash start if you anticipate the gun without false starting. In this sprint the start you achieve is crucial and a dash start almost guarantees gold. The jumping events rely entirely on your take off timing and gentle flick of the remote at take off point. Too hard and your jump will go no-where.

                Although most of the events use the same idea behind the controls, each event has different techniques to achieve success.

                The Track and Field events are my personal favourite, specifically all the hurdles events and the high jump and long jump. For the trampolining, timing on the bed and fast accurate fingers on the remotes is key. Later in the game when you have unlocked the Vault you can spend hours trying to perfect your twists and somersaults with accurate landings.

                Extras - There is a section on this game that shows the medals, trophies and records you have achieved and another section with Olympic based trivia. This section includes mini games that unlock the trivia answers. Neither of these sections is very useful and I believe you will spend most of your time attempting to beat your scores.

                Summary - When this game was released it held the top spot in the charts for several weeks and even returned to top spot several times throughout the year. This is not at all surprising as it is a highly enjoyable, addictive Wii game that can be played indefinitely. The Wii console is supposed to be interactive and have us working a little harder whilst playing, well this game actually achieves this. This game is a great family game and is suitable for children and adults. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of buying a new Wii game. Be aware that due to its popularity, even though this game is a few years old now, it can still be fairly expensive. Often over £30.

                I rate this game 10 out of 10.


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                  21.10.2010 07:47



                  Another excellent game on the wii for the whole family

                  This is another fantastic game on the Wii and combines two of the best loved gaming characters Mario and Sonic.

                  At the start of this game you can choose which character you want to be from a number of mario and sonic characters or you can use your mii character. You will see other mario and sonic characters competing against you in the events.

                  What I really like about this games is that there are lots of different events to choose from including rowing, swimming, trampolining, shotput, high jump, long jump, relay race and much more. My favourite is the trampolining as you have to complete a sequence of moves with the wii remote at the right time and I am always trying to get a better score.

                  I think this is a great game to play with friends and family as anyone can do and it the controls are simple and easy to understand and competing is so much fun. You can either play single match mode where you just try to win one event or circuit mode where you can choose several events to compete in and the aim is to win overall.

                  This is a game that keeps you entertained again and again and even if you haven't played it for a while when you play it again you can have a great time.

                  I think the graphics on this game are really good and it is lovely and bright with all the mario and sonic characters so adults and children both love it.

                  I would recommend this game to everyone.


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