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Movie Studios Party (Wii)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ubi Soft / Manufacturer: Nintendo

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    4 Reviews
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      20.03.2012 15:42
      Very helpful



      Children may like it though not for adults

      Movie Studios Party
      Wii Game

      Having just spent a lot on a Wii console, we were on the lookout for some reasonably priced games which is difficult on the Wii. We went into Games Workshop where they have a selection of reused Wii games and found this 'Movie Studios Party' for £1.98. On hindsight, I am glad that we only paid that amount as if I had paid more I would have been very disappointed. Is this a case of you get what you pay for perhaps?

      The game is recommended for the age of seven plus.

      When starting the game you start off with fewer options as you need to play other games to unlock such options as further games and tournament mode. To be honest, this is not hard to do. All you need to do is play the games once and something new is opened. As well as the above mentioned, you also unlock new character avatars to play with, each of which are based on a character from the movie. Unfortunately, you are not able to play your own Mii from your console. You start off with six characters to chose from and unlock a further two more which does not give you much room for choice.

      There are five movie genres to choose from, each with four games within. Every game is locked in each genre apart from the first, though to open the next two in each one, all you have to do is play the games in front, and you do not even need to score a certain amount! This is great for children, though it is a little boring for adults who want something to work towards. The last game in each genre can be unlocked when all games across the genres are played.

      The games themselves are so-so. There are a few interesting ones, though many are repeated just in a different genre. They are all in a mini-game style and can be played with the Wii remote alone. Such games include moving the remote to match a dance pattern, running away from things, taking photos of ghosts and gems etc and a few more. In my opinion, they really could have been more inventive with the games. After you have played most of them once, you have no desire to play again.

      My little one really likes playing the games, though compared to other games, she spends less time on this. As a game for adults and older children, I would not recommend it as there really isn't anything to challenge you and not enough substance to what it does offer.


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      15.01.2012 02:54



      lots of fun for kids, and you might have fun too.

      While shopping in Morrissons one day I just picked up this game because it was under a fiver and I had only just got a Wii and didn't have a very impressive collection of games.
      As I really enjoy the Mario games like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario Kart I thought this game would be fun despite being aimed at children. The game was a lot more basic than I had imagined, but I still played around with all the mini-games. The box says there are over 20 mini-games across 5 different 'themes' but a lot of the games in the different themes are very similar so in reality there are probably only 5 or 6 unique games. The themes vaguely resemble famous movies such as James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean (but obviously without breaching copyright!). One game I really enjoyed was a dancing game - like a very basic version of Just Dance - it's great. There's also a game similar to Bejewelled and a shooting game which are fun - many of the other games are instantly forgettable. There are different characters to play and up to four people can play against each other.
      I invited my little sister over who is 7 and who had never played on a Wii and she absolutely loved this game so I would recommend buying it if you have children at home or if you ever have kids over. It's so cheap - you can always find it online or in the supermarkets for less than £5 and is actually great value. It's simple, but fun for children and I will admit that I did enjoy playing it.


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      27.11.2011 00:13
      Very helpful



      Don't bother!

      === Intro===
      Since I've just lost a couple of hours which I can never claim back, I thought I'd add insult to injury and waste some more time writing a review of my lost hours.

      Whilst contemplating Christmas decorations and where to put my tree (I know, it's a bit early) I remembered that I have a Wii which I barely use. I also discovered a game "Movie Studio Party" which I'd never played. It was a game that my ex bought, declared was crap, and never played again (having now been on it I see he only played 2 out of the 20 mini-games), and although we didn't really part on the best terms, I'm willing to concede that his assessment of this game as crap was fairly accurate.

      However, I am a glutton for punishment, and seeing the £9.99 label stuck on the front of the game (I'm not sure if this is what he actually paid for it - this will have been sometime in 2009) I felt I should give it a go.

      === Starting the game===
      Since it's been so long since I put a disc in the Wii, I put it in the wrong way round and was puzzled that the disc wasn't recognised.

      Once that was rectified the game loaded (it's fairly quick to load, I'll give it that), a choice of languages was brought up on the screen.

      Then you can choose whether to play 'solo' or play with friends (up to 4 players) and with tournament mode too. Since I have no friends to play with I had to go for the first option. It's lucky really though, because if I did have friends I'd have quickly lost them subjecting them to this game. POSSIBLY it might be more fun when played with friends....but quite frankly I can think of better things to do with friends - Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit spring to mind...

      There is a choice of 8 Avatar 'film stars' - I chose a blond woman, and later on changed to ginger woman.

      === GamePlay etc===
      There are five 'studios' - Pirate Ship, Haunted House, Space Conquest, Inca Temple, and Spy Base. It sounds exciting, but it really isn't.

      I opted to start with 'Haunted House' which interestingly was the only one my ex played (I can see by the awards given)....and was a bit confused at first with how it all worked, and it took me two attempts to complete the first two mini-games. Trial and error really.

      Now I write this review I have opened the instruction manual....and I have to say I'm VERY pleased I didn't open it before, it makes the game sound soooooo much more exciting than it actually is!

      The graphics are like something out of the early 1990s, and not in a nice 'retro' sort of a way...just cheap and tacky.

      When you complete each mini-game you win a gold statuette - apparently "the greatest award an actor can receive" - wahey!

      It says in the instruction manual "In Movie Party you can access five very different studios, each containing four mini-games" (you have to play the three games in each 'studio' to unlock the fourth - and after that you get to 'unlock' the credits - wow!) This isn't actually true at all as each 'studio' consists of the same games only with different colour schemes....essentially there are the following games with mild variations:
      * Line up the Wii-mote and take a picture of whatever you are being asked to take a picture of (e.g. ghosts)
      * Shake the Wii-mote vigorously to run away/towards something as fast as you can (e.g. the Kraken)
      * Lining up blocks (puzzle/tetris type game)
      * Dancing - shaking the Wiimote at the correct times - this has a bit of a knack to it, but once you've got it you'll be on a roll
      * Shooting people in one way or another (useful to know that you don't run out of 'bullets', just keep on shooting randomly!)

      The controls are pretty simple, although as with any Wii games it can get a bit frustrating if you lose where the cursor is on the screen. Essentially move the Wiimote up, down and side to side and press either A or B to fire.

      Each game has a target, which is usually to get 5000 points, or to complete something in a time scale. It's worth bearing it in mind what the target is. Some games will need to be played twice since you don't know how much time you have to achieve the 5000 points and don't know how much you need to give to it!

      On the up side, you can pause the game if you feel like your hand's about to fall off on one of the shaking the Wiimote vigorously games. And should you fail a game, it doesn't take long to reload it. However, some of the games are particularly slow and irritating, and the little video clips at the start of games get a bit annoying after a while.

      The soundtrack is alright I suppose, not as annoying as it could be, in fact it's even catchy at times (like in the "Under Water" dancing mini-game).

      === Is it all bad?===
      It's not ALL bad. Thankfully it was short enough for me to persevere to the end. And no matter how crap a game is, it's always nice (and a rarity for me) to complete one. I am aware that I am an adult, BUT I have the gaming abilities and the common sense of a small child. The only mini-game I really struggled with was "The Island of Dr. Notsogood" which was pretty long-winded (one of the shooting games - but one where they shoot back!), and having failed three times in the end I had to stand up and play it - oh my God, how much easier it was playing whilst standing!

      === Finally===
      I think I'll give it to my brother - it might (although I think probably not) amuse the children (who are 8 and 11) for an hour or two. There's no point me keeping it anyway. I imagine that they will think similarly to me, but if they happen to think the game is good then I'll rethink/update this review! The game actually says suitable for age 7+ - I'm always a bit confused by these ratings and what they mean. Next to the age rating is a picture of a spider and some sort of picture of a hand going through a glass pane (looks like self-harm to me) - no idea what this all means - there's certainly nothing in this game which could be upsetting or inappropriate for any age. In fact I think "Movie Studios Party" would be better suited to the under 7s.

      The game can currently be bought on Amazon for £5.63 - interestingly it's actually got pretty good reviews on Amazon! Personally I wouldn't pay anything for it...so if you see it in a bargain bin, don't bother.

      On balance I think I'd give it 3 out of 10, but feeling generous will award it 2 out of 5 stars.


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        13.10.2009 14:10
        Very helpful



        A decent party game, but not much here for solo players. One for larger groups.

        This is one of the many types of "Party" game that are out there. Movie Sudios Party is full of loads of little mini games based on concepts from famous films.

        Due to copyright law, the concepts are familiar but they are all knock off versions. Think Medditeranen Pirates instead of Pirates of The Carribean. There are los of type of game. Pirate, Secret Agent, Daring Archaeologist. All the mini games do have a different feel to them too. Some are shooting games where you use the wii-mote as a gun. Some are running games where shaking the remote up & down makes your character run, the faster you shake, the faster they go.

        As ever with a party game, playing with friends is considerably more fun than playing solo. The game supports up to 4 players simultaneously & with 4 people gathered round the TV you will have lots of fun. Don't expect as much entertainment though in solo mode. It is fun, but not that good & the novelty of each game wears off quickly.

        I got this game free with my nintendo wii, so can't really grumble about what I payed for it. Would I recommend buying it? Depends on how many play your wii. If you regularly have four people playing at the sametime regularly it might well be worth a look. If you are mainly a solo player, I'm sure you can find a better choice of game to spend your money on.


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