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MySims: Kingdom (Wii)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Simulation - Life / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-10-31 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    6 Reviews
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      09.01.2012 13:12
      Very helpful



      A game more suitable for kids but can be enjoyed by many.

      == MySIMS KINGDOM ==
      MySIMS Kingdom is the follow up of the 2007 game entitled MySIMS and its the same sort of game. The game was developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts. The game is also actually from The Sims franchise but its completely different in many ways. MySIMS Kingdom is an adventure game but has elements of platform and simulation. MySIMS Kingdom is a really good game and only has a couple of downsides. The game also features a slightly better storyline to that of the first MySIMS game. The game is aimed more at the younger gamers but I do feel many different types of gamers can enjoy the game because its a lot of fun and its also quite addictive when you start playing. MySIMS has its own franchise of games just like The Sims with many other MySIMS games out there available for purchase but I do feel this is one of the better ones. Most of the others offer different bits to this one and this one gives you the ability to build things again just like you did in the first MySIMS game.

      === STORY ===
      The story is a fairly entertaining one and is quite funny like the story of the LEGO games. Its sort of childish but has jokes and silly things every so often. There was once a King that went by the name of King Roland who actually ruled the land and was a very kind and gentle King who was always willing to help out anybody that needed it. He would always put everybody before himself. Elsewhere there is a young character (you create a male or female character) who works as a pig farmer for an obnoxious woman. The young character finishes work day and meets his two friends who decide to enter the young character into a competition to become the Kings new Wandolier. Your character wins and becomes the Kings new Wandolier (someone who can create and move things with a scepter). Your character obviously wins and becomes the new Wandolier and now your adventure begins.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The game is very similar to The Sims at first because you have to create your Sim and decide what they look like and what they will wear. This is really good about these types of games because there are so many options to pick from. Plus in this game the Sims are smaller than proper Sims almost like children. Also the characters look kinda like Lego characters. After creating your Sim your game automatically starts. You will meet many different Sims throughout your game and most of them will require your help. There will be many characters that will ask you to create them a house or shop and there will be many characters that may ask you to redecorate their home. They may even ask you to create some new furniture for them. One thing I am glad about this game is the fact they have scrapped where you had to put every little piece in each item and now all the items are already created and you only have to add a few bits or change the colour. To build items or house and everything else then you must find scrolls which tell you what you need to create the items. Scrolls are usually given by Sims or found in chest boxes.

      To create the items you acquired from the scrolls you need to find the correct essences. Essences are basically objects that you use to create things. For example a house may require 20 pieces of wood and to get this you would have to use an axe to hack at trees and in turn it would give you your wood. There are hundreds of different essences on the game in many different places. You can go mining to find stone, ores or valuable materials to use for better houses when you find the best scrolls and so on. You can also go fishing, treasure hunting and much more and each thing you do can lead to essences being found. You can even shake trees with your Wii remote to collect apples or any other items to use as essences. Most essences are used for building in the game but you cant build without Mana. You can acquire Mana by doing missions or exchanging it for essences. There really is so much you can do with Mana and the essences you find.

      The platform elements in the game are quite good but there isn't much new stuff from the previous MySIMS game except your character can now jump to reach those hard to reach places. Something else new in the game is other areas that require something such as a bridge or steps. There will be many places where you cant get to until you build a bridge or something to get there. This works fantastically well and is definitely one of the better things to come out of the game. On the first game there was only a couple of places you could visit but on MySIMS Kingdom there are 12 different island full of variety. You and your fellow friends use a boat to travel the Kingdom to the many different lands and you must help out Sims in need and recreate their land. You can pretty much free roam and go anywhere you like to help Sims out but there is a story to follow but there are lots of side quests like helping people. You can save your game at anytime by pausing and clicking save so its simple and easy to navigate as a game. The main story mode is the only available game mode to play but it rarely disappoints and kids will adore this game overall.

      We all know the graphics to Wii games isn't exactly the best ever and to be perfectly honest there not exactly great in this game but it is supposed to be slightly childish looking and it actually does work well. My younger cousin loves this game because of how it looks and it certainly looks a little like the Lego games do. The characters are fairly small but are detailed really well and there isn't many characters that look the same. The worlds are really well designed and there is actually a nice variety in the lands with a desert theme, forest theme and even a city like theme. Certain objects in the game look good but there are a few objects that look a little shallow in graphical terms. Trees look really good but other items like rocks or stairs look dreadful. The grass also looks a little plain whilst the sky looks really good most times. The house look okay but the best thing is that you can create different types so there is quite a bit of variety involved overall.

      The sound effects are a little better than the graphics in my opinion. The Sims still have that weird voice where you cant exactly understand them unless your really fluent in gibberish. It does work well though because sometimes its really funny especially with the expressions they do as well. One of the better parts to the game is the brilliant music the game has to offer. Its quite catchy and very similar to that of the first game and it really stands out. Other sound effects are also quite effective such as when your hitting a tree with an axe or using your metal detector to discover treasure because it all sounds really good. There are a couple parts to the sound that are weak but its nothing major and overall it still gets a big thumbs up from me.

      The difficulty to the game is very simple. As expected the game is aimed more at the younger gamers and its quite easy to be fair and maybe too easy for some gamers. I found the game extremely easy all the way through it but I still enjoyed it. The controls are varied with a lot of different controls to the game but all of them are simple things and easily remembered. I would say the hardest part to the game is probably finding the essences you require to build something because if you don't have them then you cant build it. Other than that its a very simple game and any gamer should be able to do this no problem.

      As stated there are 12 different lands on this game which is 11 more than the previous games. Okay there not exactly all as big as the first game but 12 different lands with variety and all a decent size makes the game slightly better overall. The game last pretty much the same length of the previous game. To fully complete the game your looking at about the 30 hour mark and for the price of the game that is brilliant. The best thing is they have cut out the time wasting rubbish of the previous game and its still as long so overall definitely better.

      === PROS ===
      *The story to the game is actually interesting and at times funny.
      *Collect lots of different items by digging, chopping, mining and much more.
      *Help many Sims by creating new houses for them or by decorating their home.
      *The younger gamers will absolutely love this and be able to do it.
      *The game can be picked up really cheaply now.

      === CONS ===
      *The graphics are a little weak overall and not very inspiring.
      *The game is a little too easy for all gamers overall.
      *It does get a little repetitive later on in the game and sometimes gets boring after playing for a while.
      *Only the one game mode available to play with no multiplayer.
      *The game is a little childish at times.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      MySIMS Kingdom is a very good game with lots of great bits for all types of gamers. I love the ability to create a lot of different things including buildings and objects the Sims ask for. There isn't a whole lot of difference from the previous game except for a couple of added bits but the game is also set somewhere else and its much bigger so overall I guess that's a good thing.

      I would recommend the game especially if you have kids because its a really enjoyable game with plenty of things kids would love. I would also recommend the game if your a fan of any of The Sims games because it does have its similarities but its just a more childish version. Its a great game and I'm sure many people would also enjoy it. The game has an age rating of 3+ which is perfect for this game and the game manual is also quite good with all relevant information listed.

      I do believe the game is value for money. I bought mine quite a while ago but I won it on eBay auction. I was lucky enough to get it for £3.50 which included the packaging. The game is selling on Amazon for roughly around the £4 mark which is a fantastic price and worth every penny.

      Overall its a fun game and suitable for many. I would give MySIMS Kingdom a 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        25.09.2010 23:25
        Very helpful



        MySims Kingdom

        MySims Kingdom

        MySims is somewhat similar to Sims, the famous games for the computer, where you control the lives of people you've made. Also in MySims you have to make houses, and make contact with other characters in the game by talking to them. MySims does have a different drawing style than Sims. It clearly has a Japanese look, with characters who have big eyes and are drawn in a very colourful way.

        MySims Kingdom is set in medieval times. It is about a kingdom and you are chosen to help the rich. This is done with a dedicated staff, which you can build houses and pipelines. To build this stuff, you have to collect extracts, such as wood, metal, apples or some fish. Only when you have accumulated enough together, there is a special magic formula that ensures that you can build the things that you need. Your task is to go over the whole country and to give the MySims help who are in trouble. The country is divided into islands and each island has its own theme.

        The game is divided into several islands. With your boat you can go from one island to another. Not all islands are immediately visible. Sometimes you first have to solve all assignmentsi on a particular island before proceeding to the next island. The islands have their own theme. For example, an island with lots of scary things, or one filled with animals.

        Everything in this game is about to the extracts. These are items that you can find in the game. You can get them from trees or from the river or from the ground. Even if you talk to people you wil get extracts. Make someone happy, you get a extract. On every island in the game you have several extracts that you can collect. You need the extracts to build things in the game, but are also part of special assignments.

        Building things you do with your magic wand. You can use the special build mode and with your magic wand you can then start building. On the bottom of the screen is a list of things you can use. You can also choose exactly what kind of furniture you would like to place. Afterwards you can paint things. There are many different colours to choose from. The pipelines and electricity you can add the same way as you do when you make a house.

        The controls of MySims are pretty simple. You have your Wii remote and nunchuck. In one hand you hold the remote and the nunchuck in the other. You can run simultaneously and thereby control the camera. In the beginning it was getting used to how this works, but before you actually start playing the game you get a very clear explanation of the controls.

        In MySims you are mainly engaged in collecting extracts and carrying out assignments. This may sound boring, but it's quite fun. The medieval touch to the game I find very fun and give the figures a distinctive look. There are many tasks in the game. If you only do the main missions, you have everything quickly played out, but if you really try to get everything, you would take a lot longer.

        The game is fun to play, but unfortunately I do also have some concerns. I miss such as the freedom to build. You must carry out the assignments before you can build. In some cases you even have to build exactly what is indicated by the computer. The search for extracts, there are additional challenges for the game, but sometimes it's just too much and do you keep on searching. Another disadvantage of the two MySims, Lindsay and Buddy, who always go with you. They are constantly behind you, and I find them sometimes a bit annoying.

        I played the game with great pleasure. I think especially children really will appreciate the game and I think it's a good thing that the game is also very suitable for adults. Because of the fun I've had while playing this game than getting from MySims an rating of four stars, despite the negative points I have mentioned.


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        29.07.2009 00:17
        Very helpful



        My Sims Kingdom For The Nintendo Wii.

        A few months back we brought My Sims Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii. I absolutely love the game! Almost every time I go on the Wii I play this for half an hour at least before I go on something else. It's addictive, just like the rest of the Sims series!

        - What Is The Sims?

        The Sims is a game that came out on March 23rd 2001 as a basic life simulation game. The game got very popular very quickly. The creators of the Sims released seven expansion packs for the game which brought them even more fans. After three years the Sims 2 came out on September 16th 2004. The Sims 2 was an even bigger hit than the original game selling 13 million copies worldwide! The Sims 2 released eight expansion packs and ten stuff packs to add to the game. As the Sims got even more fans the creators decided to expand the series again, releasing the Sims 3 on June 5th 2009. As of yet there are no expansion packs but there are rumours of one being released soon.

        As well as the three Sims games there are other games in the Sims series, just not the same sort of thing as the Sims, Sims 2 and Sims 3. There are three The Sims Stories games to the series. The Sims Life Stories was released on February 6th 2007, the Sims Pet Stories was released on June 22nd 2007 and the Sims Castaway Stories was released on January 29th 2008. Also in the Sims series there are My Sims. My Sims is a completely different game, it's more like a cartoon than the other Sims games. Although they're very different My Sims are still just as good. The original My Sims game was released on September 21st 2007. There are four other My Sims games. There are also seven games which can be brought for Playstation 2.The Sims series has gone from just PC games to being brought on Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2.

        - The Game Itself.

        My Sims Kingdom is the second My Sims game out. It was released on October 31st 2008 on both Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, although it can't be brought on PC. Like the Sims 3, My Sims Kingdom was published by Electronic Arts (EA). In all of the My Sims games, unlike the rest of the Sims games, you don't have wants, fears or needs which does make the games a lot easier.

        - Create Your Sim.

        The first thing you do when you press New Game is create your Sim. First of all you change the hair style and colour, the eyes, the mouth and you can add other things to your Sims face. Also you change the name and voice of your Sim. Secondly you change your Sims clothes. On most of the hair the colour choices are black, brown, blonde and pink, which a few exceptions on certain hairstyles. As you progress through the game you will gain more hairstyles and clothes that your Sim can change into.

        - Game Play.

        When you first start the game it tells you to complete your first challenge, while at the same time explaining the basic controls to you. After you've completed a couple of missions you have to go to the king and train to become the new Wandolier. Once you've completed your training and have won the competition you are the new royal Wandolier! As you progress through the game you will be faced with a lot of challenges, meet new Sims and travel to new places. To say thank you for all your efforts you will be granted a number of points called King Points every time you complete a challenge. There are five levels in King Points, and every time you reach the top of one level you get treasures like maps to new islands, scrolls to give your wand new powers and objects to help complete the scrolls.

        At the beginning of your quest you must complete all challenges on that island, but once you've finished you are given two maps to new islands. On those two island it's the same type of thing, you have to make everyone happy, but to do so can be hard in some parts. You must make houses, repair things, connect pipes, connect wires etc etc. Altogether there are ten islands, but you have to go back to previous islands because there are more tasks there! You don't go around on your own, you are joined by your two best friends Buddy, the clumsy messenger, and Lindsay, who loves adventures and helps with the scrolls. Along the way you will meet all different kinds of Sims, from Goths to elves! Some of the Sims are kinder to you but others are very demanding and short tempered. On some Sims you will need to 'socialize' with them to cheer them up, get information out of them, or something else entirely. Some Sims will ask you a favour that you collect something for them such as one flower from each island, or one of each fish and so on.

        - Good Points.

        I love this game because it has a balance of easy and hard tasks. In a lot of games the challenges start of very easy and get ridiculously hard, but in this game it can start out harder or easier, it just depends which part you're on. Also I love that there are a range of characters not just the average person, you can tell what is different between each Sim. My Sims Kingdom has a variety of challenges, some are repeated but in a different way, but it's still really good. There is also humour in the game too, especially on the island 'Rocket Reef' and the Sims there, I find it hilarious.

        - Bad Points.

        My Sims Kingdom hasn't got a lot of things wrong with it but I think there are a couple of things that could be improved. First of all it should be a bit harder, I know I said there's a nice balance of easy and hard challenges but I think there should be some that are harder and would take a while to complete. Secondly I think there should be more challenges on each island because it only takes me a little while to complete each part. Lastly you can loose track of the time very easily, you'd be playing for a while and you look at the clock and you find that a two hours have gone by!

        - Extra Information.

        Off www.amazon.co.uk you can buy My Sims Kingdom new for £11.03. You need a Wii Remote and Nunchuk to be able to use the game. I also have My Sims Kingdom on Nintendo DS but it's better on Nintendo Wii.


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          18.06.2009 16:30



          Well worth your money!

          "My sims; Kingdom" on the Nintendo Wii is one of my favourite games at the moment. The aim of the game is to control a virtual sim, go travelling and explore many different lands, and in doing so, help all of the other sims who live in the kingdom to go about their daily business in a way that's as hassle-free for them as possible. To enable you to do this, you're granted magic powers, and together with your two companions, you set out to make the world a better place to live for all the sims in the world.

          The game is engaging and gets more challenging as you progress through the different levels, so is varied enough to keep you entertained for some time. The only problem with it is that some of the tasks can be a bit repetetive, however the graphics and engaging gameplay more than make up for this.

          Great for all ages!


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          18.05.2009 20:41



          Grow your own sims kingdom!

          The sims games seem to have been around on the market for a long time now and are constantly developing and improving. This is the second of the mainstream sims games to be bought out onto the nintendo wii.

          This is one of the first sims games I have seen that is really directed at the younger end of the spectrum. They have made everything far more straight forward, cuter and child friendly. There is much less to do of the tasks such as keeping the character happy and well fed. The game follows the concept of all the other sims games, whereby you live in an area and through the means of the game you fend for yourself, raise money to buy things, grow crops and befriend people. The emphasis in this is with interactive gaming, you have to work with and interact with the other characters in the kingdom, including animals and children. At the start of the game you pretty much follow it out of the box, following a relatively strict template but this losens up as the game progresses and you can really make it your own, building whatever sized and shaped buildings you want.

          This version of the sims has a medievel twist to it as the name would suggest. The kingdom is run by one controller and there are several islands all incorperated into this kingdom. The islands all have different themes which is a great piece of variety in the game.

          For some that want more action the game can appear to be quite repeptitive, as there are some 'chores' that you have to do almost daily to keep your sim happy, healthy, fed, water and well slept. For children this is a great addition to the sims catalogue.


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          17.04.2009 13:16
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Sims fun for all the family

          MySims is the cuter child friendly end of the Sims franchise that has been running running for a good few years now. This is the second entry in the sub-series for the Nintendo Wii, with versions also available for Windows and the DS, and sees the Sims world go all medieval on us, with a bit of fantasy magic and a mash-up of other genres later thrown in for good measure. You need to travel around the many islands of King Roland's Kingdom doing good deeds as part of an unfolding storyline.

          Gameplay is generally a fair bit simpler than Sims; you don't need to micromanage your characters needs, and it's more based around completing tasks. These usually take the form of gathering materials, usually by things like fishing, mining and a spot of lumberjack work. You'll then either need to construct some sort of building or solve a puzzle involving connecting pipes or cogs.

          In the early part of the game it's mostly just planned out for you; fit the shapes into the required boxes, but as time goes on you'll get to be a bit more creative and just have to put the right elements in somewhere. Those of a slightly perverse nature might get a bit of a kick out of throwing up the most ramshackle constructions they can that still manage to tick off the right boxes though; I know I certainly did.

          The graphics are bright and cheery, with custom characters that you can create yourself in the manner of a Mii, although with many different options. Whilst certainly cutesy, it's done in a distinct style from that used with the typical Nintendo franchises which gives everything a fresh appearance. I particularly liked the graphics for the animals which can be seen wandering around some of the islands, with which you can interact in a limited fashion. Each island in the kingdom comes with its own theme from Wild West to Sci-Fi to Gothic horror (in a cute kind of way, of course) which doesn't exactly mesh with the overall medieval theme, but I doubt too many will care. Sound consists of the usual garbage speak during conversations as well as some reasonable spot effects.

          Whilst they've commendably made extensive use of the Wii-mote for pointing and gesturing, the controls aren't that great. Placing objects can be very finicky and you often need to keep changing the view around to get things where you can see them properly, which is irritating for a game of this sort. This will doubtless frustrate young players (the game is rated 3+ but I don't know many 3 year olds with that good Wii-mote handling skills) and the butter fingered in general, although experienced gamers - even casual ones - ought to get the hang of them fairly quickly. With no fast action to worry about, it's just a case of eventually getting things right after all.

          At this point in the review, a comparison with Animal Crossing is unavoidable, and the two games certainly do have a lot in common; you do a lot of fishing, collecting, digging, designing and chatting to characters. Between them, Nintendo's game is the one with the greatest amount of content and overall longevity, particularly with the option of online play, but its perhaps just a bit too casual for some people, and the task-oriented nature of MySims Kingdom gives you a bit more to get stuck into even if you're likely to run out of things to do sooner. With the creative element to the game there's still some replay value though, but only really for those with a penchant for interior decorating in virtual worlds.

          On the whole, it's a nice entry in the series and a good expansion on the first game. There's a nice balance between giving plenty of tasks to do and exercising your creative skills, the latter coming towards the fore particularly to the end of the game. The storyline is a nice addition although it's not exactly Zelda material; the challenges, other than getting used to the controls, aren't huge or difficult, but do give the game a bit more focus than others of this type.

          This is recommended both to long term Sims fans and those wishing to give the series a first go, especially as it can now be picked up for under £14. It's not going to change the mind of anyone who has disliked previous Sims games though.

          (Review also posted on Ciao as Phantom_Wombat)


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        • Product Details

          King Roland needs your help to revitalize his kingdom! Can you join forces with the other MySims to bring it back to its former glory? Meet new MySims like King Roland. Then say hello to old friends like Ginny and Buddy who have both made career changes that will delight you!MySims: Kingdom wii

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