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New Carnival Games (Wii)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2010-10-22 / Published by Take 2 Interactive

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    4 Reviews
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      09.01.2012 09:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fab game

      My brother and I decided to do a computer swap, he gave me his Nintendo Wii and I gave him my Sony PSP and as such I inherited quite a range of "boys" games such as sports and driving varieties which I would never play on. I traded them in and was able to get a couple of games that my daughter and I would be able to play on, and one of them was the New Carnvial Funfair Games which I thought looked quite fun. Bearing in mind I hadn't played on the first game I wasn't sure what to expect but looking on the back of the box there looked to be some fun games on there.

      New Carnival Funfair Games is a Wii game that contains over 30 games and attractions. Looking at the box it is very appealing with the bright colours and featured games. On the cover you see a carnival host (is that even what you call them?) and he is surrounded by various games such as bowling, stand the bottle, tic tac toe and more. The title is in large bright lettering at the top of the cover and it shows in the bottom corner that it is suitable for age three and above.

      Starting the game you will come across the menu which asks how many players and you can choose up to four players, but for this you must have enough controllers which we don't so we have been unable to play multi-player unfortunately. When you start the game it first asks you to customize your character, from face and hair to clothes and shoes. I think this is one of my daughters favourite parts about the game as each time we play she wants to go through all this again!! The funnier the look the better as far as she is concerned! As soon as you are done customizing your character you are taken to the menu screen which is a large signpost with six different signs pointing to the various areas of the funfair.

      There are five different areas containing the funfair games and the sixth sign is for the players alley which I will come to later. I will list the different area's and games but won't go into detail about every single game or this review would just go on forever!

      * Mystic Court - Arrow Shoot, The Amazing Zamzeer, Gold Rush Alley Ball, Super Gold Rush Alley Ball, Bank A Ball and Pool Shark.

      * Mousy Lane - Haunted House, Lucky Clover, Swish It, Super Swish It, Gone Fishin' and Wheel Of Cheese.

      * Surprise Blvd - Prize Surprise, Fish Bowl Bounce, Horseshoe Toss, Pitch A Plate, Super Pitch A Plate, Tractor Pull and Twist N Win.

      * Pit Stop Parkway - Target Shoot, Speed Bingo, Balloon Blast, Ticket Racer, Bumper Cars and Start Your Engines.

      * Snapshot Drive - Tic Tac Toe, Clown Face, Super Clown Face, Under 7 Over 31, Photo booth, and Bottle Stand-Up.

      Finally, Players Alley is where you can re-customize your character and see all of the prizes that have been won.

      Playing the game is actually great. There is such a good range of games to play, some involving skill and others that seem to be just pure luck. We have had many many attempts at all of the games at the funfair and there are some that we simply cannot get the hang of at all and others that we like to play over again. I do think that the age guide on the game is a little inaccurate really as some of the games are tricky for an adult let alone a young child to try and manage. I do of course understand that the guide is for suitability and not just play ability!

      Our favourite games are:
      Gold Rush Alley Ball - this is like the arcade game of bowling where you roll the ball up the chute and try and score points in one of the holes.

      Balloon Blast - pump the handle to blow the balloon up as fast as you can until it pops!

      Bumper Cars - you have to drive the bumper car around and hit others as hard as you can for 60 seconds.

      Pitch A Plate - smash the plates as fast as you can!

      Some of the games are quite tricky, the bingo game is very fast and stresses me right out as I get flustered! Ticket Racer is the most frustrating game as you have to roll a dice to make your car move and just when you think you have the knack it just stops working! There are over 300 prizes to be won so this isn't a game that you will complete very fast though it is really addictive so you could find yourself working through the prizes quite quickly. There are three sets of prizes, small, medium and large and when playing the games you win tickets which you can spend at various attractions such as Prize Surprise and Photo Booth.

      My daughter and I really enjoy this game, and quite surprisingly so does my mum who as a rule hates computer games but we have had great fun over the Christmas period playing this game. I really like how the game is modern yet keeps the feel of the old funfair games that we know and love. It reminds me of when I was younger and we would go to funfairs and play on the mini games in the hope of winning a teddy! As I say, some of the games are just too tricky for my four year old daughter, but others she really excels at - especially the one where you have to stand the bottle up using a hoop and string (I am useless at it yet she is fantastic!). One thing I do really like about this game is that it is one that the whole family can play together, even if only one controller like we have, we just take turns and build the prizes and tickets together. Many of the games are quite addictive and in each alley there is a game that can be unlocked by mastering one of the others so it is a challenge to try and unlock that game which again is addictive in iteself!

      Would I recommend New Carnival Funfair Games? Definitely!! I am really pleased I chose to buy this game and am now very tempted to buy the original as well. You can find this game on Amazon for around the £20 mark, however at the moment it is just £10 in Asda which I think is a real bargain!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        15.11.2011 01:27
        Very helpful



        Great fun game, 4 dooyoo stars!

        Carnival Games Wii is a game for the Nintendo Wii that was released in September time in 2008, just in time for Christmas. This is a Party Style Game, (the Nintendo Wii has a lot of Party Games available) that has a range of mini games that are all carnival inspired and also all are set out through a carnival in 5 different areas of a carnival.

        To start playing this game, the first thing that you will need is a Mii for each player. Mii's are basically little characters that you can design (normally to look like yourself) and then are used to identify your personal brain training file that holds your previous scores and tracks your progress. You can win different items for your Mii like clothes and novelty masks by winning different games and beating songs, this is a nice feature as there are secret items and so on that you can collect when you do better in this game.

        Game Play
        The mini games that are included throughout this game are really entertaining. There are loads ofdifferent games that are divided into 5 areas, these are named below:
        * Fortune Way
        * Claw Alley
        * Love Lane
        * Rodent Row
        * Lucky Pass

        Within these 5 categories you can play a range of different mini games, you play this game to collect tokens and win big prizes such as stuffed animal toys or robots and such like items. The mini games are all carnival style games that involve using a lot of concentration and skill to get high scores in. Here is a list of some of the mini games that this game offers:
        Alley Bowl: a bowling type game where you knock down as many pins as possible
        Shoot the duck: Where you knock down as many yellow ducks as possible
        Hoops: Where you get as many balls in the basket as possible
        Ring Toss: a game where you get as many rings onto bottles as you can

        These games are great fun and really addictive to play at home by yourself or within a group with your family and friends. I really enjoy the shoot the duck game as its both fun and a bit challenging, we all compete in my house to get the high scores and this adds to the game playability as it gives the game a bit of a competitive feel to it.

        The interface on this game is really easy to understand and it does not take long to navigate through to where you want to go in the game from the title screen.

        You can play all the games on Wii Carnival Games on multiplayer, up to 4 players can play at a time to compete for the highest scores and the best prizes and most tickets, the multiplayer functions in this game are great though the only downside is that everyone can't play at the same time, you each take it on turns, which can get boring some times.

        The graphics on this game are what you would expect from the Nintendo Wii, they are bright colourful and cartoon styled, but I think that this is what attracts Nintendo fans as games are light hearted and fun to play/look at.
        The music on this game great, it's very upbeat and carnival styled, it definitely fits in with the game perfectly.

        Price and Availability
        I bought this game in HMV for £25 last year, this is a really great price for a Wii game as they are normally much more expensive and also this is just a new game out. You can also buy this game in Game, GameStop, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys or online, I am sure that these stores also stock the game in around this price or even maybe a bit cheaper.

        This is a great party game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves carnival games or for the family for a nice night in to play games, it is great fun collecting the prizes and tickets and the mini games can be very addictive as you want to practice to get the best score. This game is suitable for all ages and there is no offensive material in it what so ever.

        *also appears on ciao under lorrainek90


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        02.11.2011 04:54



        A fun game especially for the kids.

        Carnival Funfair Games

        This is the game to pick out of the rack if you have children and are looking for a child friendly game that all the family can play.

        The cover is nice and bright and shows immediately what to expect, the carnival master is in the center and looks very much like the Mii characters on the Wii.
        You can see the clowns and shooting ally ducks as well as the virtual 'prizes'. It states the name of the game and a little box in the corner tells you it's suitable from 3+.
        The games are carnival based as you may have already guessed! You get to create a character very much like the Mii character on the Wii menu. And you take your character along to the carnival, you can play with up to 3 more players - so 4 in total!
        You can compete against each other and see who wins the most tickets to get the prize.

        The game consists of 25 different carnival mini games with extra unlockable mini games you can open when you complete the main games. All the games are very much like you would expect to find in a fair!
        You can win prizes in the form of costume pieces like hats, boots etc and also fluffy toys!

        Kids will love this game, as do mine especially my youngest boy, but for adults it can seem to feel a bit mediocre at times, the games are fun to start off with but the novelty soon wears off.
        The graphics are not the best in the world but they are good enough for the purpose intended.

        You can buy this game for around £10.


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        28.04.2011 01:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good sequel

        Come and play 'where the sun never sets, the fun never ends, and the memories last forever!'

        My daughter in particular enjoyed the original Carnival on Wii so much that when this new version came out with over 30 new games and attractions, she had to have it and used her saved up pocket money to buy it. I think she paid full price for this £39.95 but I have seen it selling online for as little as £12.97!

        You can play solo or up to four people can play together. In some games you play at the same time, some you take turns and in some you play in split screen mode. This game is also compatible with Wii MotionPlus but sadly we don't have that yet so can't comment on that aspect.

        Just like the original you can select and customize your character down to eye, hair and skin colour which children particuarly like to do (usually making their character look as silly as possible) which greatly amuses them and adds to the fun of the whole experience.

        Once you have finished customizing, the main screen appears which has all the different areas of the funfair on signposts so you can choose where you are going to start your fun.

        Some of the games are ones that need skill whereas some of the games are just down to pure luck which is a good thing if you have one child who excels at these sort of games and one who doesn't as they will have the opportunity to win when it comes down to luck without really realising that is why they have one.

        My children like the addition of speed bingo in this game where you have to use your stamper quickly before the ball with the number on drops out of the chute that sits alongside your bingo card.

        I won't list all of the games but just a few to give you a flavour of what is on here:


        The path shows the perfect throw. The aim is to follow this path with your ball and score as many baskets as possible.

        Bumper Cars

        You have 60 seconds to hit as many cars as you can as hard as you can!

        Tic Tac Toe

        Throw your beanbag to turn the blocks and try to get 3 in a row!

        As in the original there are super games - slightly enhanced games of a select few of the games you will already have played. These are unlocked as you go.

        You can win over 300 virtual prizes including 60 wacky wearables and you can upgrade smaller prizes won for larger prizes.

        There are up to 80 different achievements to earn either by getting the highest score in a game, successfully completing a game challenge, colelcting all wearable items as well as other ways that you learn about as you play. You can check on these achievements and compare your stats with other players in the Player's Alley.

        You can register this game on www.2kplayreg.com and receive exclusive info, tips and hints although we have not done this.

        MY OPINION:

        As stated in my review on the original game, what I particularly love about this is the old fashioned feel of the games. It takes me back a few years and it is nice for my children to get an idea of what funfairs used to be about, very different from today's ones! This is a little more modern that original though but still maintains that sense of old-fashioned funfairs.

        The frenetic music, graphics, bright colours all evoke the sounds and atmosphere of a funfair and there is so much to choose from it is one of those games that will enjoy good longevity. The fact that there are so many challenges and achievements to earn means that this keeps my children interested in doing their best and trying to get as many prizes etc. as they can.

        I like the fact that four players can play as we are a family of four and this is quite a nice way to spend a little quality time together as it is a game for all the family to enjoy and as some games are skill and some are luck means this balances out the fairness factor and anyone can win on certain games which takes away a lot of upset! However, there are still games that are much harder to win at for adults and children alike but I think this is good as it provides a challenge that keeps you coming back to try to win!

        I really liked the original Carnival and this is just an upgraded extension of that and it hasn't lost any of it's charm as a result and I can recommend this game, especially if you or your children were a fan of the first one.

        Thanks for reading. x

        also on ciao


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