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Nickelodeon Fit (Wii)

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Genre: Simulation / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-02-18 / Published by Take 2 Interactive

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2012 20:47
      Very helpful



      A video game I don't mind my children playing.

      While using my Wii fit I noticed that my children were very excited to join in. I decided to look around for something similar for them so they could at least keep active while playing their usual video games. We already had just dance for children, and so when I spotted this at our local Asda I decided this was the game for us.

      **What is Nickelodeon Fit**

      Nickelodeon fit is a game designed like Wii fit for adults, but buy incorporating little ones favourite characters it appeals to them. They bring in a number of games designed to get children moving about, and by using a number of different control methods it gets them to work out a number of areas of their body. There are 30 games available spread across four characters. Dora the explorer, go Diego go, Kai- Lan and the Backyardigans. Each of these character features on the nickelodeon TV channel and so if your children are fans they will love this game. You can add a number of player profiles to the game so that each child can have their own record. This takes two seconds to set up simply by typing the child's name, age and height. Then you are ready to go. Each menu area is pictured and when clicked on by little one the activity is spoken allowed. This means it is one of the few Wii games my children can actually play with independently.


      Once you have created your player profile, which is very easy to do and takes all of a minute it is time for the games. You are greeted with an on screen menu with a picture of each character. By clicking your favourite character you are then taken to another menu screen with a list of games. You do unlock the games as you go along by winning medals, but there are a few available from each character to start you off. Then you simply complete activities having fun along the way while collecting coins and medals. On the case it states there are 30 games which is a little misleading. There are a wide range of choices for little one, but with each character brings a simple level of one game, and then a more complex version. There is still awide range of choices, and there is only a few duplicated but they are not 30 individual games. There is a two player but it is non competitive. Using the one remote you take it in turns to do exercises with a mix of the characters. My children do enjoy this as they are not arguing over who won and it encourages working together.

      There are a number of medals to collect for each game by completing them to a high standard. Then you can collect bronze, silver and gold medals for each game which in turn unlocks more complex games. This makes this both fun to play, but there is also something for little ones to achieve by setting goals for them. This is great as younger children can use it purely for fun, and then older children can aim for the goals as my son enjoys having something to work towards. It really is designed for little people, the game is easy to navigate, graphics are great but kept simple so not to confuse younger uses, and the controls are well thought out. It is fantastic for eye hand co-ordination and does help the children develop their movements through the game. It is maybe a little too easy to achieve the gold medals in this game and this means a lot of the achievements are collected within the first week of use. This does not stop the game being interesting as the activities still keep my children interested. Games include pogo sticking around an assault course, bowling fun, hula hooping with Dora, and winning races with Kai-Lan.


      This is one of the greatest features with this game. With each characters activity the controls are slightly changed to adapt it to the game. At the same time as being simple enough for younger children to use them, they also make sure little one has to move around a lot while playing the game. Some of the games are maybe a little too simple, for example the hula hoop game the control is simply to turn the remote in a circular motion. My children get very bored with this easily, but my youngest son who is two enjoys this. Then with other games they become more complicated so they hold older children's attention. The bowling with the backyardigans is my daughter's favourite. At first you have to push the remote in forward actions to move the ball towards the slope. Then once it reaches the top you have to steer it past obstacles and guide it towards the centre of the pins. This is great for concentration as they have to complete a number of challenges in the same game using eye hand co ordination.


      My children all love this game and from the minute they tried it. There has been no decrease in their interest with it like we have found with a lot of other wii games that we own. The age recommendation is three years plus, but my two year old son can use it perfectly. As the characters are limited at younger viewers, and the controls are not overly complicated I would recommend it up to an age of around six or seven. My five year old son still enjoys playing with this game, but he does become bored with it fairly easily. Of course it does depend on the child, but my personal opinion is it is limited to children who watch nick Jr as this is the age the characters are aimed at. It is a great game for getting the children moving about, and we love it for rainy days. Of course there is no substitution for exercise in the fresh air, but it is nice to have a way to get the children up and moving in the house when it is not possible to play outside. On the game it says it is designed to promote strength, balance, coordination and heart health. I do find my children become red in the cheeks, and look like they have been running around outside so it definitely does get them working.

      The wii balance board can be used with some of the games, but this is not essential so you can still use them without owning one. We have one but have never used it to be honest my children were having marching on the spot rather than on the balance board. The Wii remote can be used in the same way, and the sensor picks up the movement as with any Wii game. There are of course a number of the games that get used than others, but half the fun is for little one to explore and see which they like. The graphics are perfect for a children's game, detailed enough to set a scene and my children recognised the characters well. As with most Wii games the sensor can be very sensitive so slight wrong moves triggers encouragement for the children telling them what to do to get the game going. All the instructions are also spoken by the characters, so it can be used by children who cannot yet read.


      I would highly recommend this game to anyone with young children, who like any of the characters in this game. It is perfect for using some of your child's energy when it is raining outside so they are unable to play. It is fun, and although it is not overly complicated it holds my children's attention well. I would go as far as to say this is the best children Wii game we have owned, and has held their interest well over a year. It is a simple game aimed at younger children, and I would suggest an age range of around 2-7 years old. We purchased it from asda for around £15, but I have seen it reduced to around £10 on recent shops. You can also purchase it from online retailers for around £17 which I think is a fair price.


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