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Nutrition Matters (Wii)

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Published by: 505 Games / Genre: Family & Entertainment / Release Date: 2009

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2009 04:24
      Very helpful
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      Balance & Understand Nutrition - Works Great With Wii Fit

      Developers: 505 Games
      Format: Nintendo Wii

      When I bought Wii Fit for my girlfriend, we got addicted to it in a big way and we ended up buying a lot of other 'Wii Fit alternatives' so we wouldn't get bored.

      I spotted Nutrition Matters on Play.com just in time to pre-order it as the promotion video looked like it would work with Wii Fit quiet well. What Nutrition Matters does, is that it helps you monitor your current level of fitness and match up your health via nutrition in terms of tracking your calories in to calories out, while taking into consideration your lifestyle and daily activities. As like Wii Fit, you can use the balance board and it logs your progress and helps you reach goals.

      The software (I would say game, but it's not really anything close to being such) allows you access to information on thousands of different food like fat content, protein and carbohydrates etc. It also adds some features from Wii Fit, like logging your BMI and weight by using the balance board as scales.

      Upon first use, you can create up to four different avatars, which all look a bit ugly! After this you can spend a long time inputting all of your information. It took my girlfriend about an hour to fully register all of the details it asked - so be prepared for an exam on your current health and lifestyle!

      There is a Meal Manager, which allows you to choose the types of meals and foods you eat on a daily basis throughout the weak. It also lets you change the portion size by seeing a plate with the food on that you eat on screen. The lists are quite detailed, so you are more than likely going to find food that matches what you eat.

      Once you've registered your current diet, next up is inputting your daily activities from basics like walking, doing the garden, to throwing the odd frisbee around with your dog. If you do sports it also goes into detail, for example if you play football the options are 'football casual' and 'football match', so there is an advanced stages of detail involved.

      Next on the to-do list is getting your results and after the above 'work-out', as you have probably spent the last half an hour pointing your Wii-remote at the screen clicking a lot of menus, drop down options and answering multiple choice questions you'll be due for resting your arms!

      The Results section takes all of the above information and mashes it together to find out how healthy you are from what you eat and how fit you are from the activities you do each day and compares them with your age, weight, height and BMI and presents you with a bunch of graphs that go on to explaining with supporting illustrations how you are shaping up, how to reach your goals and how much work you should be putting in to change your lifestyle for the better.

      After doing all of this you will get the general idea of your 'problem areas', so you can go back and check more detailed information about what you eat and what you do by looking at statistics and figures and try to increase, or decrease what goes in (food) and what goes out (exercise and activities).

      This software helps you balance out the two evils so you can see for yourself the problems and work out the solutions.

      There are a lot of advanced features within the Meal Manager, Activity Manager and Analysis that allow you to go back and edit sections and to change things as you progress towards your goals that can be set and changed throughout using Nutrition Matters.

      To find out updates on your progress and to edit the 'new you' you get your own Diary options to find out how you're doing.

      My technical opinions the 'game' are as follows...

      Gameplay Rating: 3/10
      Graphics Rating: 4/10
      Sound Rating: 3/10
      Difficulty Rating: 5/10
      Longevity Rating: 8/10
      Multiplayer Rating: 3/10
      Instruction Manual Rating: 8/10
      Community Rating: 2/10
      Overall Rating: 7/10

      Ratings: 1-2 Dire, 3-4 Mediocre, 5-6 Standard, 7-8 Good, 9-10 Excellent.

      What did the game promise to deliver? To help you monitor your current lifestyle and help you balance calories in with food and calories out with daily activities and it does so to extreme detail.

      Conclusion - the game is just one big database full of information. If you are expecting some fun games to play around like the balance games found in Wii Fit this is not the 'game' for you. It serves its purpose for what it does and it works hand-in-hand with Wii Fit and other fitness programs out there - but you must have the patience to use it! This does what the others don't and that's inform you about the nutritional aspects of a diet and lifestyle and not just on the activity elements found in other titles - afterall you are what you eat!

      Is it value for money? For around £12-15 this is a decent purchase for those interested in nutrition and to take Wii Fit that extra step further.

      Online retailers that I recommend that you buy the product from if you like this review - Play.com and Amazon.co.uk


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    • Product Details

      Nutrition Matters is perfect if youÆre looking for a fun way to maintain a healthy balance between diet and exercise in the comfort of your living room. Use your Wii as your personal nutrition monitor to easily track your calories and measure them against daily activities in order to reach your personal fitness goals.

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