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PDC World Championship Darts 2009 (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Release Date: 2009-05-29 / Published by Oxygen Interactive

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 20:18
      Very helpful



      Good enough game but definatley better games out

      When this game come out on the market I think it was no suprise that it was released on the wii. For a long time darts fans have been waiting for a game that they can actually play with instead of just pressing a simple button. This game allows you to be able to do that on the wii platform.


      When I purchased this I think I paid around the £25 mark for it which for any game really isn't a bad price at all. You can now get this for a lot cheaper due to it being a year old but i would still without doubt recommend it.

      Different Game Modes

      The different types of game modes in this game are career mode, exhibition, practice and create your own game with friends. I personally prefer the last option as it really gives everyone the chance to play and can lead to some great fun.


      I think anyone will be able to find this easy to use aslong as they are customised to the wii. You have enough time to take your shot and really focus on where you want it so it is not a case of being a rushed shot or anything along those lines which occurs in other dart games previously.


      If i was to summarise this game up I would say it can become quite boring if you are just playing on your own. If you however have a few friends round to play on it then it can become real fun and pass time by pretty quickly. For the price it is you don't really need to consider whether it is value for money because at the price of £12 which you can get it for now it is definatley worth the money.


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      28.01.2010 08:11
      Very helpful



      A game of arrows without the hustle and bustle of a busy pub

      As its name suggests PDC Darts 2009 is a dart simulation game available on many platforms including the Nintendo Wii. The concept is simple so there is only one thing left to say "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's......play......Darts".


      The career mode covers 7 different PDC tournaments including the UK Open, Las Vegas Desert Classic, World Grand Prix, the German Darts Championship, the US Open, World Match Play and the World Championship. In this mode you simply battle each and every opponent in an attempt to win the tournament.

      In addition to the main career mode there is the opportunity to hone your skills in practice sessions usually held in the local pub, have a quick few legs in single exhibition matches or devise your own tournament where you can do battle with up to 8 human opponents.

      ****Game play****

      If you want a fast action paced game requiring lightening quick reflexes that really gets the adrenaline pumping then this is not the game for you. After all, this is darts which is a more sedate game, traditionally played by 'larger' sportsmen who do not require the physical attributes of other sportsmen and women, requiring precision, finesse and a steady hand. Consequently, this game is more relaxed as opposed to being fast and furious.

      During game play the screen is divided in to two halves. The right hand side of the screen shows the player whilst the left hand side of the screen shows the dart board, just like watching a dart match on TV.

      Dividing the screen in two obviously reduces the size of the dart board which makes it that little bit more difficult. Personally, I don't think there is any need in showing the player whilst throwing the darts which makes the game more complicated than it should be.

      Before embarking on your career to the top of the darts tree you need to select your player. You get to choose from many well known players from the world of darts, such as Raymond Van Barneveld or Phil Taylor, however not all of them are available from the off. As in most games it is your job to unlock additional players as you progress through the game bringing the total number to 18. If you want a totally unique character there is the opportunity to create your own player, where you can choose the name, personal details, body type, clothing, preferred check out and throwing style amongst much more. This really is a chance to "pimp your character", a feature I find quite boring and one I don't think adds anything to the game although I appreciate there are many gamers out there that like these sorts of features.

      This game has three levels of throwing assistance which adjusts the level of precision required when throwing the darts. Maximum assistance makes it easier to reach the high scores and is recommended to get used to the controls and hone your skills whilst no assistance (requiring pin point accuracy and precision) is recommended for the more experienced gamers.


      This game relies on very few controls and it is a case of simple to learn but difficult to master. In a nut shell the Wii remote is used like a proper dart without actually throwing. The wrist strap is an absolute necessity, especially if you are the sort of person that gets over excited, as it is very easy to accidentally release the Wii remote.

      Aiming is achieved by pointing the Wii remote at the screen, where a cross hair sight will be displayed. You simply move the sight to the required number segment and the position within that segment, i.e. single, double or treble, and press the A button. This locks the position of the throw. With the A button depressed you pull the Wii remote backwards before pushing it forwards toward the TV screen and releasing the A button, all in one smooth and fluid motion.

      Based on the above you'd expect this game to be exceptionally easy, especially given one of the fundamental skills required in darts is that of aiming and the aiming process is simply pointing the Wii remote at the screen and locking the site on the desired target however, this is the not the case.

      There are so many things that could affect the final location of the dart. Release the A button too soon and the dart will go above the intended target, release the A button too late and the dart will go below the intended target, and if you don't throw with a straight arm then the dart is likely to go either left or right of the intended target. If you don't throw the dart hard enough it will fall below the intended target, luckily throwing too hard will not be detrimental providing everything else is ok that is.


      Overall, the graphics are superb. The players are 3D polygon rendered characters that are very detailed and really do look like the dart personalities they are meant to represent. The producers have paid great attention to detail and done a fantastic job.

      The environments, stages and arenas are equally as impressive and look very good. Having only been to Lakeside I cannot comment on how true to life the arenas and stages are, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter how close (or not as the case may be) to real life they are.

      The quality of the graphics is to be expected. Whilst the Wii's processor is less powerful than that of other consoles it is more than adequate to deal with the lack of action involved in the relatively sedate world of darts.


      As you'd expect the audio consists solely of sound effects. There is no back ground music, not even the Bulls Eye theme tune, so there are few distractions.

      The audio is realistic and it is just like being at a proper darts match in that the audience cheer and clap as the player takes to the ockey, there is then silence as the player takes aim and prepares to throw, the dart is thrown and hits the board with a satisfying 'thud', the referee calls out the score (and advices of the amount left if an out shot is available), before the process is repeated with the remaining darts.

      Sid Waddell, a real life darts commentator, provides one of the voices of the match commentators, which is a great touch. All the famous quips and jibes can be heard including "Cream in the cheese" and "I'm licking my Geordie lips at this one" amongst many others. Sid Waddell brings tension and excitement to the game.

      The only real criticism about the audio is the lack of theme songs as all the players enter the arena to the same tune, being "Chase the Sun" by Planet Funk. This is a bit of a shame as there is some cracking entrance songs used in the world of darts.

      ****Multi player****

      The multi player features of this game are huge, which surprised me a bit. There are 18 multi player party games to choose from, including killer darts, around the board, doubles/trebles and cricket amongst many more, where up to four players can go head to head. The party games are quite good fun and there are enough games for many hours of entertainment.

      In addition to the party games the other multi player feature includes setting up 8 player tournaments and going head to head in a two player bout.

      One of the best things about the multi player mode is you only need on Wii remote, regardless of the number of players, as each person takes it in turn. This means no need to go and purchase loads of those expensive remotes.

      ****Price and availability****

      This game has been out for a while, and as it is available from many off line and online retailers getting hold of a copy should not pose too many problems. This game is also of the age whereby there are many second hand copies available from both gaming shops and Ebay, and this is helped by the release of PDC Darts 2010.

      One thing I have noticed is that the price of PDC Darts 2009 hasn't taken a huge plummet since the release of the 2010 version. This surprised me a bit as the older version of games can usually be bought for an absolute bargain when the newer version is released, but this does not seem to be the case this time. Whilst great for those that are trying to sell a second hand copy it is not that good for those looking to buy a copy, but hey ho.

      The price of this game varies tremendously and it definitely pays to shop around. At the time of writing a quick internet search shows that a brand new copy of this game can be bought for as little as £11.98 (excluding postage and packing) from Gameplay.co.uk and as much as £29.39 from Argos. As previously mentioned this price differential is massive and it is definitely worth doing a bit of research if you are looking to buy this game.


      PDC Darts 2009 is one of the best sports simulation games I have played and it allows you to play arrows from the comfort of your own home. I appreciate many people will prefer the hustle and bustle of pubs, not to mention the noise, during a game of arrows but I am not one of those.

      Personally, I hate playing darts in busy pubs and due to work commitments the only time I get to go to the pub is during peak times. I find the excessive noise very off putting, but what bugs me most is people barging in to me and walking in front of the board en route to the toilet (why do pubs put dart boards near the toilets any way?), so this game is ideal for those of you like me.

      I will admit the controls take a bit of getting used to and are complex at first, I do like the authenticity and the "real feel" in the way the Wii remote is used like a proper dart.

      All things considered the multi player features are fantastic. There is so much to choose from that it will provide many hours of entertainment and makes for some great nights in, although they all too often lead to small disputes and spats.

      (This review has been posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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