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Peppa Pig: Fun and Games (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2010-10-22 / Published by Ubisoft

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2012 11:17
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      An ok game but it could have been thought out a little better

      For my little girls birthday she was only turning three but she asked for a computer game like her big brother and while shopping around I came across the peppa pig Wii game that is suitable from 3 years plus and at £13 from both Amazon and Tesco I decided to purchase one for her. Five of the games are multiplayer which mean that my two eldest children can play together which is great as it means no arguing.

      Setting the game up

      The game is very easy to set up just put the disc in load the game from the main menu and then once you are into the Peppa pig game you are asked to choose a player profile. This is easily done by either setting one up by typing little ones name which I needed to do for my daughter but my 4 year old son was able to do it himself. This means each time either of them use it they can come back to their own profile and began where they left off.


      There are 11 different games in total and all can be accessed by going to different sections of the main menu which is set out in the form of Peppa's house, the front and then the back garden. Then you simply click into which activity you want to enjoy and away you go.

      Daddy Pig's Bubbles (Multiplayer) - A game that children have to pop all the bubbles that daddy pig is blowing it is much like the balloon game apart from these bubbles are blown in the garden and some of them have butterflies inside which little one releases when they pop the bubble. My daughter does like this game but becomes bored of it very easily.

      George's Rocket- Little one has to steer George's rocket into space past the entire object flying at them and land on the moon. It is easy enough to control the rocket and my children loves it goes into space and lands on the moon again there is a small challenge of avoiding flying objects on the way but nothing too challenging for little one a simple yet fun game. .

      Cleaning Bicycles (Multiplayer)- This is as it sounds there is a muddy bike and the children must use a sponge and hose to clean it off while cleaning themselves in the process as they also get dirty. This is another game that has annoying controls and the bike remains dirty until little one decides to exit the game so the fun can go on over and over again.

      Picking Apples (Multiplayer) - You have to collect all the juicy apples in to the correct basket without collecting the horrible green apples that have bugs in them. It is fairly easy enough to move the correct apples in to the baskets by clicking the remote but you do need to be careful with the remote and take your time and as you get further in to the game the quicker the apples fall and it can get too much for my daughter who gets frustrated.

      Watering Flowers (Multiplayer)- This is another game that requires a really steady hand as you have to water a set of flowers to make them grow but stop the snails getting to them but allow the bees to do their job. Again as my little girls like to shake the remote rather than point correctly it can be frustrating for her but rewarding all the same when the flowers grow.

      Duck Pond - Peppa and George are enjoying feeding the ducks and little one has to throw small pieces of bread to the ducks at the pond to make sure they do not fly away. This is a simple yet fun game my daughter finds it amusing feeding them over and over again and although it is not very challenging it does encourage counting and seems to keep my little girl amused.

      Making Pictures - This is simply drawing on a set background and you can add different things to make a lovely picture and draw your own with the remote, This is one of my daughters favourites as the child is left to it and her creativity can flow and she can also save her pictures and come back to them again which she loves as then she can show mummy and daddy.

      Decorating Cupcakes- This is another creativity game there are lots of cupcakes for little one to decorate with shapes provided which include characters and some items that the characters love like love hearts and rockets. Again this is one of my daughter's favourites as she gets to decorate them how she likes and then save them to show mummy and daddy. It is fairly easy to do and there are no dual controls needed like on a lot of the other games.

      Bursting Balloons (Multiplayer) - This is great fun a lot of balloons come on the screen and peppa has to pop them there are different shaped balloons and they can pop what they like. As there is different shapes my daughter likes to ask me what she should pop next so it gives the game a little more of an objective but again this is another free play game.

      Dressing up Game- This has to be my daughters favourite she seems to have an obsession for clothes at the minute and this game has Peppa standing in front of a mirror and a wardrobe and little one picks what she will where. You can swap and change as many times as you like and save your designs for when you come back another time. My daughter would happily spend hours with this game.

      Birthday Cake - This is a nice game especially on my daughter's birthday she loved it you have to add the candles to the cake and then tap them to put them put which sometimes leads to them becoming lit again and is great fun although she did get bored with this almost straight away.


      The graphics are very simple indeed good enough for a children's game but as there is not much movement everything is really rather basic although the characters do resemble the TV show perfectly and it is bright and colourful to hold little ones attention. Also there is a lot of narrative in the game explaining to little one what to do and again the voices are exact to what they are in the television show.


      These can be really tricky which is one of my main let downs of the game for some of the games you have to hold two buttons at once like the A and b button while others you have to tap both of the controls to get them to do what is needed. For example in the car washing game you need to hold down the button for you to be able to keep a hold of the sponge but then to pop the bubbles you have to press and release the button which can be very confusing for a young child.

      Also the exit button to get back to the main menu is located really close to some of the games itself so if your child gets over excited and click too rigorously they can end up taking themselves out of the game and back to the main menu which can be very upsetting if they are half way through the game.


      Over all I am not sure on this game the controls can be really awkward and hard for a 3 year old to use although this is the recommended age group but I do think this is a problem with using the wii itself as her eye hand co ordination does not understand she needs to have a steady hand and point directly at things rather than just shaking it about and clicking. My son who is a little older can use it a little better and although he is a pro with other games like cars 2 he still seems to have problems with the set out of this game.

      The games themselves have no challenges little one simply gets on with what they want to do and stops the game when they decide. Although this is fun sometimes it can be frustrating for them as they want to know how much time they have or what score they have and as this is mini activities rather than tasks there is no set objective other than playing.

      My daughter still loves this game all the same she tends to stick to two or three activities now bur she still asks to play it now and again. My son who will soon be five is a little bored of the game now he likes peppa pig but is not a major fan and he just cannot understand how to unlock levels or other objects but I think this is due to the fact he has challenges to complete on his car game where as this is set for younger users and is just aimed at having fun.


      It is a good game and at the price I cannot really complain my daughter loves it and it does have some educational features encouraging hand eye coordination, numbers, shapes and many other aspects. It just seems that for the recommended age the controls are too fiddly and when the child is then able to use the wii the game is too boring for them it is probably great on different platforms but not on the wii.


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