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Peppa Pig: The Game (Wii)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2009-11-27 / Published by Ubisoft

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    5 Reviews
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      24.01.2012 13:26
      Very helpful



      Keeping my daughter amused

      The Purchase

      My eldest daughter is 4 1/2 years old and has never had an interest in any type of computer games, I had looked at this game for Christmas but it was selling at £25 at that point and I felt that it could be a waste of money so didn't buy it. The week after Christmas my husband decided to trade in some old games and we found that the Peppa Pig game was selling for £18 new and £15 second hand so as we weren't spending real cash as such we decided to buy her the game and see how we went.

      The Packaging

      The game is available for the Wii and the Nintendo DS, the Wii game comes in a white case like a DVD box and shows Peppa at the forefront of the picture with George running behind. In the background there is a picture of Mummy and Daddy pig in the car and the house they live in. The front cover attracted out daughter as soon as she walked into the shop probably as it showed everything she knew well from the TV show.

      Setting Up

      When you first turn on the game you have to enter your name on the first screen, there is space for three different names so more than one person can have a game saved at any one time, the keyboard to type your name in is in the same order as a qwerty keyboard which I found quite strange as the game is for children that would be at an age where they would be learning letters and the alphabet. The second screen of the game allows your child to choose if they would like to play as Peppa Pig or George Pig, my daughter always selects Peppa.


      The main game screen shows 4 different shapes with different pictures inside, three of the shapes lead to further menus whereas the fourth one with a bright yellow star on it takes you to the achievements screen. The first shape shows Peppa Pig in the bath with little chickens running along the bottom, George hiding in a basket and finally a frying pan and plate of pancakes each one represents a different game. The second shape shows Peppa pig in a puddle and an artists palette and paint brush. The third shape shows the family car, a kite and a snowman.

      The Games

      When you press on each of the shapes listed above you are taken to a further menu screen where you can pick which game you or your child would like to play, below is the choice of games.

      Car Trip - This game has the whole family sat in the car with 6 different coloured buttons above, when you play in the untimed game you press the buttons to see what funny things happen to the car and when you play in the timed game you have to watch the sequence of the colours lighting up and repeat the colours in the correct order. My daughter very quickly got bored of the untimed game but is getting quite good at remembering the sequences in the timed session and seems to enjoy the game. I think this game is great when you play it timed as it is helping to improve my daughters memory.

      Pancakes - The game is set at the kitchen worktop where you have a bowl of pancake mixture, a hob, a frying pan and a plate. The idea of the game is that you pour the mixture into the frying pan and cook the pancake, you must flip the pancake in the air to turn it in the pan to cook the other side and then flip the pancake out of the pan and land it on the plate. My daughter hasn't played this game very much as she managed to flip the pancake but struggles to get it to land on the plate, my husband had a go to try and show her how to do it but said that it was really hard to get it to land on the plate even for him.

      Car Wash - This is one of my daughters favourite games on the disc and shows the family car very muddy indeed, above the car on one side you have a sponge and on the other there is a hose. You have to pick up the sponge to clean the car by moving the controller over the car until it is covered in soap suds and then use the hose to wash the suds off and hope that you got all of the car clean. My daughter struggled with this game to begin with because she had to hold the button down and wriggle the controller at the same time which got her in a bit of a muddle but she manages to play with it now and she likes that while you are playing George runs across the screen and you can soak him with the hose.

      Happy Mrs Chicken - This game is just like on the TV show and all you have to do is to click on the screen as many times as you can to get the chicken to lay her eggs, my daughter didn't really play with this one much as she says it is boring, it would probably be more interesting to a child who is a little older who would try and compete with their best records but my daughter isn't at this stage yet.

      Parrot - The parrot game gives three different pictures across the top and each one has an arrow so you can go through the options, the first reel has pictures of characters, the second reel has pictures of blocks of colours and the final reel has pictures such as a monkey and a car. You select which pictures you want and then the parrot will read then out and make funny sentences from them, my daughter doesn't like this game and I find it a bit of a strange game.

      Snowman - The snowman game is fun and you literally build a snowman, you have to drag the controller around the screen to collect the snowflakes and when it is big enough it will move into position, you do the same to create a snowball for the snowman's head. Once you have your snowman you dress him up in different clothes and you can change the colour of them, my daughter finds this game funny and she likes to make the snowman look silly the only issue is she now wants snow to build a real snowman whereas I am quite happy to never see snow again!!

      Hide and Seek - This game uses different rooms of the house which you can scroll through and George will be hiding in one of them, you simply click where you think George is hiding and see if you are right, when you go onto each room a number of hiding places flash red which seems a little strange to me as I would have thought the child would have tried to find him but all they are really doing is clicking on the area that has flashed. My daughter finds this game boring and doesn't play it.

      Muddy Puddles - This game has both Peppa and George along with four muddy puddles, you have to click on your character and then onto an empty muddy puddle to make them jump into it at the same time your opponent is jumping from puddle to puddle too and the aim of the game is to jump into more puddles than your opponent to see who wins the game. My daughter does play this one but she gets bored with it quite quickly simply because she isn't competitive yet.

      Burst the Bubbles - This is one of my daughters favourites, Peppa and George are sat in the bath with a Duck and a boat, they both produce bubbles and you have to pop them, some of the bubbles will raise with the duck or the boat inside which are worth extra points. This game has really improved my daughters accuracy with the controller which is great as this is where we have had problems with previous computer games as she hasn't been able to work the controllers. You can play this game with or without a timer but without a timer it gets very boring very quickly.

      Kite Flying - For this game you have to select your kite and then try and fly the kite so that you avoid the raindrops, if a raindrop hits the kite three times then the game is over, my daughter doesn't like this game much either.

      Colouring in - This is the final option on the game and by far my daughters favourite, you can pick from 8 different pictures to begin with all of which are well known scenes from the TV show, down the left hand side there are 14 different coloured circles and your child has to click onto the colour they want and then onto the part of the picture they want to colour. My daughter has always loved creating pictures so it doesn't surprise me that she loves this option so much however if you are not careful with the controller you end you colouring the background aswell as the picture and as the arrow that you are using always turns the colour you select it then makes it difficult to work out where the arrow is.

      Our Thoughts

      The game is varied and has enough that my daughter does enjoy to be worth what we paid for it. Moving through the different screens is easy and to confirm options you press a green tick and to exit things you click a red cross so it is easy enough for a young child to understand. The achievements begin easy and get harder such as colour 2 pictures or pop 100 bubbles moving onto colour 8 pictures and pop 400 bubbles whenever a list of achievements is complete your child gets a reward such as new pictures to colour. The screen are all nice and brightly coloured and show the characters exactly like they are in the show. This game is certainly worth the money for our little girl and we have had to be strict with her since she got it and limit her access or she would play on it for hours at a time, she doesn't seem to be getting bored with it and just avoids the games she doesn't like. To begin with our daughter needed help to set the game up and move through different options but now three weeks later she is independently playing which I think is great as not only does it give me some free time but it also is improving her memory and accuracy.


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        16.03.2011 10:04
        Very helpful



        A bit disappointing, glad I didn't pay full price!

        I bought this game for my daugther as a Christmas present last year (who turned 3 2 months later). The main reason I bought it was because, not only does she adore Peppa Pig, but it was a lot cheaper than I had previously found in shops - £10 in Asda!

        The game is aged 3+, and though she was only just under 3, I though it may be a worthwhile game for her to have, seeing as she had always watched us play on various games.

        The games included in this were
        * Hide & Seek
        * Bubble Bath
        * Happy Mrs Chicken
        * Pancakes
        * Polly Parrot
        * Car Wash
        * Fly a Kite
        * Car Trip
        * Snowman
        * Colouring
        * Muddy Puddles

        The game was, in all honesty, a little disappointing. After she tried to play some of the games, she soon got a little bored with being unable to control it properly. At times, even my boyfriend and I were unsure as to how to control it!! For example, in Pancakes you need to pour the mixture and flip the pancakes, then catch them. As adults, we both struggled to do this!!

        I think it would be more suited if it was rated as an aged 4 or 5+ rather than aged 3+, for this reason i have put the game away until my daughter is a little older. I have heard people say they have the same game for the DS and it is a lot more entertaining than this one. Even my daughter spends more time playing the Peppa Pig Apps on my iPhone rather than this!


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        03.10.2010 14:47
        Very helpful



        Avoid this one!

        My son is 4 years old he loves playing on the Wii and is a big Peppa Pig fan so a few months ago we decided to buy him this game.

        To start playing you have to type in your name using a qwerty keyboard which is easy to do, you then decide if you want to be Peppa or George and then you pick your level, easy, medium or hard. Finally you click on play which takes you to a different screen.

        There are 11 mini games to choose from and most of the games you can either play against the clock or you can have continuous play.

        ~Hide & Seek~

        In this game you have to find George by clicking on the items that have flashing dots, you can visit various rooms by clicking `A` and pointing at the door.

        My son quite enjoyed this game, he found it easy to click on the various items in his search for George and got quite excited when he did find George.

        ~Bubble Bath~

        It is bath time, George is playing with Mr Dinosaur and knocks the bottle of bubble bath into the water. In the this game you have to burst as many bubbles as possible, it is better to have the timer up otherwise this game can get very boring.

        My son had a lot of fun playing this game and it was quite amusing when the duck kept getting caught in a bubble and was rising out of the water!

        ~Happy Mrs Chicken~

        In this game you have to keep pressing the A button for Mrs Chicken to lay an egg and the idea is to lay as many eggs as possible and then when the time is up all the eggs hatch into chickens.

        My son was not impressed with this game and once the chickens hatched the first time he quit the game to try out one of the others.


        The idea in this game is to pour the mixture into the frying pan and then flip a pancake, however this is a very hard game to play even on the easiest level and the last time we played this we only managed to flip 2 pancakes in total and none went on the plate.

        For an adult you need a lot of concentration to be able to play and my son is unable to play it.

        ~Polly Parrot~

        In this game you pick 3 items such as Peppa Pig, an Elephant and a red car you then click on the parrot and Peppa will say "Peppa Pig is a Big Car" the parrot will then repeat it.

        ~Car Wash~

        Daddy Pigs car is covered in mud and could do with a wash, all you have to do is pick up the sponge and cover the car with soap suds. Then you click on the hose and hold down `A` to spray the car clean, you can even point the hose at George which makes him laugh!

        ~Fly a Kite~

        In this game you get to fly a kite with Peppa the idea is that you have to miss the raindrops if you hit one you lose a life and if the raindrops hits your kite 3 times it is game over.

        My son liked moving the kite around the screen and once he figured out that he had to dodge the raindrops I found that he concentrated more on the game.

        What I like is you get to choose your kite which can be a house, car, dinosaur and there are loads more to choose from.

        ~Car Trip~

        This is quite a fun game you will see various colours and if you click on the colours funny things start to happen with the car, like clicking on blue winds the window up and down, yellow is the horn and red is the lights.

        If you are playing against the clock you will have to look carefully and pick the right colour or the game ends.


        In this game you have to keep moving your little snowball across the screen until it makes 2 big balls to make a snowman, once you have made your snowman you get to choose what to put on him.

        This is quite a fun game as you can put various hats, scarfs and and coats on the snowman. The only thing is there in no ending to the game so you have to quit to end it.


        First of all you need to pick a picture there are 9 pictures to choose from, the picture then comes up on the screen and you will see lots of colours running down the screen. You just simple click on the colour you want and then click on the bits you want to colour in.

        My son loves this game and will spend quite a lot of time colouring in, you can even save your pictures to show off to your friends and family.

        ~Muddy Puddles~

        Peppa and George get to play muddy puddles, just click on Peppa or George (depending on which character you are playing) for them to jump in a puddle and to score some points. You can jump across to the another puddle and carry on jumping and the idea is you beat your opponent in our case George.

        **What do I think?**

        My son is a huge Peppa Pig fan and I thought he would love this game but it is so boring, yes there are a couple of good games like the Bubble Game and Hide and Seek but even then I find once my son has played them for a few minutes he wants to do something else.

        Also the controls can be quite difficult to use sometimes, my son can easily use a wii controller for other games but he does get very frustrated with Peppa Pig.

        The Pancake game is very annoying, if an adult can barely play it how can a young child? The colouring game is quite good but the problem is if my son picks white he cannot see the cursor button because it turns white like the background and he has to ask for help to change colour.

        On the plus side the game does teach young children eye co-ordination, concentration, counting and they also get plenty of practice clicking or pressing on the `A` button.

        Do I recommend this game? - No save your money and choose a different game!

        We paid £15 for this game in Asda you can currently purchase it for £9.99 in Asda

        Age 3+


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          27.04.2010 13:42
          Very helpful



          Good Wii game for little ones

          We bought this for my daughter when she was nearly 4 as she was desperate to play with the Wii after seeing us play Mario Karts.

          We set it up on the "easy" setting for her (there are also medium and had settings) and quickly ran through each game with her showing her what to do. Within minutes she was an expert! The bubbles game is just about pointing at the bubbles on screen and popping them with your wii remote, there is a game where you can wash the mud off daddy pigs car - and get George with the sponge which she found hilarious. There is a very simple colouring in game which my 2 year old daughter was also able to do after a little bit of instruction.
          The only game that my daughter struggled with was the pancaking flipping as that requires a bit more accuracy, but I don't think it will be long before she masters that either.
          It would have been nice if a couple of the games were for 2 players, as it is they are all single player games.
          This game now gets played with about once a week, for at least an hour a time. We paid around £10 for it and I think it has been well worth it.
          This is a great introduction to the Wii for young children, teaches them how to handle and operate the wii remote before they move on to more difficult games.


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            31.12.2009 18:30
            Very helpful



            Its a hit with my four yeart old and I guess thats what counts

            Although we've had our Wii for about 14 months, my four year old has always just played along on the bowling or tennis.
            This christmas I decided that it was about time my little one had a game of her own to enjoy especially to get a little more use out of the Wii which seems to have played a redundant part on the shelf since our house move.

            I have to admit that there was no research into which game I would purchase for her. I obviously needed a game suitable for her age and if it included one of her favourite characters then all the better.

            When I came across the Wii Peppa pig Game in Asda for a mere £10 my mind was made for me!

            Peppa Pig The Game is rated 3+ and includes 11 games / activities. It was simple to set up. Simply insert the disk, add up to three players names on the easy to use keyboard, select wether you want to be Peppa or her brother George and finally select wether you want easy / medium or hard.

            Its easy to choose a game using the 'A' button on the Wii remote and simply clicking the arrow on your chosen game.

            Muddy Puddles:
            This game is you as your chosen character doing what Peppa and George love to do - Jumping in muddy puddles. Play against the clock and simply jump up and down in the muddy puddles to score points. You can cross puddles but you cant jump in the same puddle as your opponent. My daughter found this extremely easy to play and scored in excess of 100 points on her first attempt! This game encourages hand eye coordination.

            Burst The Bubbles:
            Peppa and George are having a bath when George knocks the bubble bath into the water creating hundreds of bubbles! You must simply use the remote to point and click on the bubbles as they rise out of the bath to pop them and score points. Look out for the bubbles that have the ducks in them as they will score you more points.This is another high point scoring game which you can play with or without the clock. My daughter again found this fairly easy on both the easy and medium settings. This game encourages hand eye coordination and also counting.

            Kite Flying :
            This is another game where you can choose to play either as Peppa or George. You must then choose which kite youd like to fly. The aim of the game is to dodge the rain. If 3 raindrops hit your kite then the game is over. This game was fun and more challenging for my little one. It encourages hand eye coordination and counting.

            Colouring in:
            By using the arrow buttons you can choose which picture you would like to colour in. Then using the remore simply click on each colour in turn that you wish to colour with. We found this rather sensitive and it wasnt long til I had one frustrated four year old on my hands!
            There is the option here to save your finished pictures. It will store up to 8 but then will replace previously saved pictures. You can delete at any time simply by clicking on the bin ico at the bottom of the screen.

            Car Trip:
            This can be played either free time or again against the clock. In free time simply click on the buttons to see the funny things that happen to the car or against the clock it becomes a memory game where you must remember the sequence of colours and repeat it. Each time you sucessfully repeat it then another colour is added to the sequence. Excellent memory game for the little ones!

            This game is played against the clock and by far the most difficult it seems! Using the remote you must fill the pan with pancake mixture. By clicking on the pan handle you must toss the pancake 3 times before it automatically gets added to the plate and you score a point. THis game requires concentration but it is fun when you get the hang of it.

            Car Wash:
            For some reason this appears to be my daughters favourite game. Firstly you must choose the sponge and sponge down the car then pick the hose to rinse it off. YOull no doubt need the sponge again as when its rinsed off there are always dirty marks remaining!

            Happy Mrs Chicken:
            Simply point and press the 'A' button around the screen. Each click makes Mrs chicken lay an egg. When the time is up they all hatch and walk off the screen but you can check out your score.

            By pointing and clicking on different objects you can make the parrot talk. You can also either select either Peppa or parrot to make up phrases or parrot to simply copy everything Peppa says.

            Simply build and dress the snowman by dragging the snowball across the snow to make it bigger and clicking on the items youd like your snowman to wear. Very topical at the moment and alot warmer to build!

            Hide and Seek:
            Try to find George by selecting and clicking on the hiding places in the room. By pointing to the edge of the screen you can move the room around and by pointing to a door and pressing 'A' you can move on to another room.

            This is definitely fun for any Peppa fans who will recognise the characters and scenarios from the show. The tunes will have you humming along!
            As with most Wii games you can unlock different levels by playing frequently and scoring points so Im sure weve alot more to uncover on this game.

            I found alot of it a little mundane but obviously its made with youngsters in mind and my daughter has enjoyed hours of fun on this already. As with many christmas presents its designed to drive mummy mad but were certainly getting our moneys worth, especially as ive seen it advertised for £19.99 elsewhere! My daughter is four and Id say it would definately suit 3 to 4 year olds but may be a little too easy for anyone older.


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