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Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-09-16 / Published by Disney Interactive

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2012 14:07
      Very helpful



      While it is an easy game, it makes up for it in witty and well designed plot

      My sister has been a fan of Phineas and Ferb (a television show on the Disney Channel) for quite a while, and when looking for new Wii games, we came across this one in Asda. It cost around £12, making it pretty cheap for a Wii game, so I wasn't expecting too much from it. However, I was suprised as it actually turns out to be quite a good game.

      The characters themselves exactly echo the television show, creating different inventions in a day that most people wouldn't even be able to think of. They each have their own witty sense of humour, and every age can enjoy their funny remarks. Not only are they intelligent, but they're also friendly, so you can never hate them!

      In the story, Dr Doofenschmirtz is trying to take over the world (again!) and they travel through a portal into different dimensions. In these new dimensions, Phineas and Ferb have to battle against various enemies such as spiders and hedgehogs in robot form and jellatin monsters.Throughout these dimensions, you are also faced with some form of boss fight that reflects the dimension and its enemies.

      The dimensions drawn are detailed exactly like the Phineas and Ferb show, each bright, colourful and well drawn. The graphics are well done and detailed, quite good for the proce that was paid for it. Each dimension is different from the other, with loads of features that differentiate them from the last. The enemies are all quite evil looking, and generally the bosses are a great improvement on the smaller enemies.

      The game's dialogue itself is able to be easily enjoyed by every age, as as well as kids enjoying it, they also make remarks that older kids and adults will be able to enjoy. So when I wasn't even playing, I could enjoy just sitting there and watching to.

      You can play this game with a friend to, similar to the Lego series, as you have the chance to drop in and out of the game.Normally I would do this if I was taking a break from working, and I would play for a couple of minutes with my sister and then drop out. When you are playing solo, the computer controlled character manages to keep up with you the whole time and they never get in the way, which usually causes for frustration within a game. For those who love customising their game, there is also the ability to choose which character you can play as, from Phineas to Perry. While each character does have slight benefits over the other, its hardly noticeable, so you can just pick your favourite and play.

      The gameplay is definitely designed keeping children in mind, as my mum and I played it, and found it to be ridiculously easy. However, it is varied enough in the gameplay that it provides, that it won't get boring as it mixes between platform mixed with action to puzzle solving. Platforming revolves mostly around jumping from one place to another and the puzzle solving you do throughout is quite simple. While the enemies aren't too hard to defeat in the action parts, there's nothing more satisfying than getting rid of loads of enemies all at once with ease.There are also two mini games, Claw Grabber and Ski Ball, which give you tickets and are a nice break from the game itself.

      You do get quite a lot of gagdets to play with and use throughout the game, keeping with the show in which the two characters are always using gadgets to do something more ridiculous than they have before. You get the Antigravity ray to pick heavy things up, the Mechanic Ball to shoot balls at enemies, Carbonator which melts the jellatin monsters and there are others, but they are not really featured as much as these. Controlling them is pretty simple as all you really do is press the buttons on the Wii remote, and they respond quite quickly.

      Throughout the game, you collect these small electronic component style things, which allow you to upgrade the weapons. They come in different colours of red, green, yellow and purple - each with different values. You can use these to upgrade all of your weapons, and there are two gadget improvement choices. You can Upgrade Chips to make the rate of fire, rehcarge, damage or capacity improve, or you can upgrade the Mods for specific gadgets which make it more useful or add effects to it. This adds a sense of acheivement to the game, as you always want to improve your gadgets to the best that you can, making you try and get as many electronics as possible.

      The tickets that you earn from completing the minigames I mentioned previously, can be switched in for Gadget Mods and other various things. Throughout the game, there is also a couple of collectibles for you to get, as hidden away are figurines. This adds a bit more challenge to the already easy game, as they are quite rare and you'll have to search a bit harder to find them.

      Although this game is created really well, it's main flaw is that it is just too easy. You pretty much never die as there are health packs in most places, so even if you do get damages it's unlikely that you will ever get into serious trouble. However, this can also be quite good, as it stopped the game from getting frustrating for my sister and myself at that, as I no longer have to repeatedly come and help her beat enemies that she can't defeat.

      Overall, I would say this is a well designed game with a great storyline and graphics. Collecting electronics combined with the various dimensions was enough to keep me interested even though the gameplay was easy. It definitely is easy for those who play games a lot, and children who play the Wii often might find it too easy. But it is still a good game, that is cheap at the moment and does provide a fair bit of entertainment.


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