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Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)

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5 Reviews
  • You can battle others online
  • Battle animations are fantastic
  • Music is disappointing
  • PokeCoupons idea is a bit desperate
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    5 Reviews
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      27.04.2014 01:38
      Very helpful


      • "You can battle others online"
      • "Battle animations are fantastic"


      • "PokeCoupons idea is a bit desperate"
      • "Not enough to do"
      • "Music is disappointing"
      • "Boring without DS games to back it up"

      One for the fanatics, otherwise avoid it

      Pokemon has been with me my entire life, from the grass roots playing Blue and Red and on and on. I have to be honest, this game is disappointing. The first thing that is striking is the cost, which is not money for value. It more or less is dependent on you having played Pearl/Diamond/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver and transferring these on to the game to use. Otherwise, you end up using rental pokemon, just like in Pokemon Stadium. However, whereas Pokemon Stadium had different tournaments, with different types of pokemon, different levels, different game modes, this game has just your generic colosseums (the tournaments you are in), with one or two variants. These variants aren''t fun, they just favour the CPU. You also earn PokeCoupons each time you finish one of these colosseums, to change aspects of your character. So basically it''s a game of battle and dress up. There are aspects to this game that are actually decent. The battle animations, Pokemon and the moves they use, are fascinating. They are the only thing that make this game fun to play. Watching Palkia use Spacial Rend to OHKO generic Pokemon really was a delight. The music is repetitive and honestly will get on your nerves, will get under your skin and make you wish they''d just stuck to an original soundtrack, like in the older games. The battle animations are perhaps the best of any game. You can battle online against others, which is basically like Nintendo DS wi-fi battling, except expanded onto the big screen and looking much more competitive. However, the online servers aren''t fantastic, there is little to no distinction between pro battlers and casual ones and it all gets a bit too much. If you''re a die hard Pokemon fan, this game is one for the collection. Otherwise, just stick to the mainstream games, please. Because this won''t be the game for you.


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      01.08.2010 22:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      ds game not that good

      My personal review on pokemon battle revolution for the nintendo wii.

      Genius Sonority
      Fantasy Turn-Based...
      Release: Dec 7, 2007 »
      PEGI: 7+
      Price around £30 in shops

      ''Battle Revolution caters to Pokemaniacs looking to wring every last drop out of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but it's pretty worthless to anyone else.''

      The game has a very much use of the DS connectivity. This was apparently the first game ever for the wii in the US. The actual gameplay can get very repetitive and so its not that much of a thriller game. Battles aren't presented very dynamically - I would of thought they would of been better then the DS version battles, but in my mind they lack terribly. Online support is really poor, and you usually don't get what your looking for. Apart from that, if you don't have Pokemon diamond and pearl for the DS, this game is technically a waste of money, as you cant usually do anything without them - If you do, your in luck, the game would probably be a great one for you, especially if your a major Pokemon fan. Pokemon Battle Revolution is the latest in a series that started with Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64. Essentially, it is a single piece of the Pokemon experience--the actual Pokemon fights--that has been brought to the Wii and polished up to a high shine. The thing about Pokemon Battle Revolution is that, without any greater context of a grand adventure, Pokemon fights are kind of boring. Furthermore, the game's connectivity with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the DS ends up being a crutch - If you haven't already made the investment of time and money into one of those games, there's not much to get out of Pokemon Battle Revolution. The Pokemon in general hardly look anything like the the real TV version, let alone the DS version. You can only get Pokemon by your starter one at the beginning of the game , and from your DS, and a couple you can catch, and that is all. You can battle other trainers all across the world, which can be really challenging and at the same time fun. It is a big shame that I could not find the ability to do ''free roam'' as since its the newest game out of the Pokemon games, I would of thought it would of gave an ability to let you do a free roam with other players across the word, whilst online. What ever you have collected from your DS, you can import it onto your Wii, which is really simple to do. When you beat someone in a battle you will gain dome money, in return you can buy mystery items, food and clothes, stuff for your Pokemon, even hidden items which can be transferred back to your DS games. The attacks by the pokemon are a bit to plain which I hardly liked at all. The sounds I hated the most, and hardly sounded liek anything compared with the DS version. The graphics were not bad, again to plain.

      A game which is only in benefit to those with a DS and a pokemon diamond or pearl game. Definitely not recommended for those you dont have it. 3 stars.


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        29.07.2010 17:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Only for dedicated fans

        With every portable Pokemon release, there has been a console version to allow the developers to cash in on the newest game. That is no different with Pokemon Battle Revolution; the next console Pokemon released alongside Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for the DS.

        - Gameplay -

        PBR is a game for pokemon fans, anyone new to the franchise should play a 'proper' pokemon on a handheld.
        Your job is to battle creatures called pokemon against other pokemon trainers to try to become the champion of Poketopia - the fictional pokemon battle island where this game takes place.
        Battling is done through a turn based system, reminisent of the old final fantasy games, of course it has many other features which have been realised over the years on the portable games; such as double battles, item holding and other advanced tactics.

        This game can be played without a DS pokemon game, with players being given a 'rental pass' with 6 pre-chosen pokemon for you to battle. However, the choice of creatures is very limited and battling others who can often have much more powerful creatures is difficult.
        This game is really for those who have Diamond/Pearl with a strong team of pokemon already trained. Transferring pokemon to the Wii is easier than any past console Pokemon thanks to wireless connectivity.

        The game has a comendable single-player, lasting around 6-8 hours plus some extras once you've finished the main quest.

        However, this game was made with multiplayer in mind. You can play locally but online is it's defining feature. Unlike the DS games, where you can only play against added friends, you can play against random people online in PBR.

        Another nice feature is the customisation. Players can dress their trainer and cutomise their smack talk. Among this, is DS connectivity, allowing you to send items and pokemon to your DS game via wireless. But of course, this does not matter to those without a DS Pokemon game.

        - Presentation -

        Unfortunately, looking at the game it is easy to notice that it was rushed to make the most out of Diamnod/Pearl's popularity. The creatures look blocky and animations are sub-par. The graphics are so poor that I wonder if there was any effort at all to try and make the creature look convincingly alive.

        - Sound -

        There is nothing positive worth noting about the sound, the music is forgetable. Another problem is the ever present commentator, limited to the same few over-enthusiastic lines every time your pokemon attack.
        One final thing that I dislike are the pokemon's cries, in particular the ones of the creatures from the gameboy games, who still have the original 8-bit scratching groans.

        - Verdict -

        In closing, whilst it is still buyable, this game is only for Pokemon fans with the latest DS games, and even then, only for those who are desperate for a more open multiplayer than on their DS - assuming they can handle how bland it looks and sounds.


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          30.12.2008 14:23
          Very helpful



          Great extension to Diamond/Pearl, but if you don't have these then steer clear

          Being a long time Pokemon fan I naturally wanted this game to add to my collection and hopefully enjoy as much as the other pokemon games. I felt after playing this game it is merely a weak extension to Diamond and Pearl for the DS and is very poor in comparision to Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD for the Gamecube.

          The synopsis of the game is simply this: you are in a place called poketopia where you choose a trainer card to battle with (You unlock six cards plus you can customise your own) and you battle your way through the different Colosseums....yes that is pretty much it!


          As I said above the gameplay is very basic; you choose the colosseum, select pokemon and then battle. Most of the colosseums consist of 6 trainers you have to beat before you fight the colosseum leader. You can battle with either a rental pass or a custom pass which can be made with pokemon uploaded to the Wii from Diamond and Pearl via the DS which is very straightforward to do and I highly recommend this as the rental pokemon are not that great. You can also customise your character in terms of what he/she is wearing and expressions they use.

          For me I felt the gameplay was lacking a little something and I was looking for more progression (and more pokemon) There is absolutely no storyline to the game either which is a big let down.

          The pokemon you get in game on the rental passes don't gain any new moves and do not evolve.


          The background music during the Colosseum battles is quite pleasant however the cries that the pokemon make have not improved since the DS version and the commentator is extremely annoying with repetitive phrases (this can be turned off however - I highly recommend this)


          Point and click, simple really. Could've been better and used more of the functions of the Wii-Mote


          The background is very detailed and very colourful and the pokemon seem to be quite detailed, until you get close up that is and then you can see the blocky flaws, not great really.


          The single player game is not very good for replayability, however the online multiplayer is what saves this game. You can play online with your custom team pitching them against players from around the world, the only disadvantage I have seen with this so far is that it can be a little bit slow while you wait for the other player to make their move.

          This game is clearly great for battling people online however if you haven't got Pearl or Diamond so you can customise battle passes then you have got no chance of beating online players with the rental passes you get in game.


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            11.09.2008 00:08



            This game isn't fun.

            pokemon has taken a turn for the worst .... this game has so little gameplay , its all stadiam battles and thats it . you get set team which kinda messes up the whole consept of pokemon , going out and catching pokemon !

            Its set in a pokemon park named poka-topia .
            there is not storyling to it , you just go on and battle.
            Online play its a bit better , but when the other player is really slow , it can be really boreing.

            It Has 8-10 (I Cant Remeber) Stadiams To Battle At , Eatch With a Kind Of Diffrent Scenario , Like A Luck One Witch Something You Get Your Opponants Pokemon And Visa Versa .
            Its Good While It Lasts , But your Better Off Doing Something Else.
            Its Also A Very Slow Game. You Can Get Some New Content For
            Pokemon Dimond And Pearl, But not Much .

            If You Can Get It For Less Then £20 Its A Good Deal , But Anymore Then That , And You Geting A Bad Deal .
            Go For A Diffrent Game , One With More Gameplay . Which Is Anygame Really !

            Its Ok If Your Really Really Into Pokemon But Otherwise Go For Something Else .
            You Can Make You On Team On The Game If You Have Dimond Or Pearl And Tansfer Them , I Think This Makes The Game A Bit Better But Its Still Not Worth The £35 That Shops Want For It !
            Thanks For Reading .


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        • Product Details

          Nintendo's PokÚmon Battle Revolution takes place on an island called PokÚtopia, where your goal is to battle your way through challenging Colosseums to become the PokÚtopia Master. PokÚmon Battle Revolution is the first Wii - Nintendo DS linked title, which means that you can transfer your PokÚmon from PokÚmon Diamond and PokÚmon Pearl wirelessly and watch them battle in full 3D!