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Puss in Boots (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-12-02 / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2012 20:33
      Very helpful



      Not enough gameeplay

      Puss In Boots On Wii is a game that was released around the same time as the movie of the same name in last year. The game is very interactive and takes a bit of energy at some points of the game.

      The game Puss In Boots takes you on a journey with the cat trying to defeat the mysterious new kitty in town. In the game you follow the new kitty and on the way your have to work through beating up bandits, sneaking around, balancing, climbing, playing the guitar and dance off's with the new kitty himself.
      In my opinion I think the game is very active when it comes to the fighting because I found that it takes alot of effort to defeat the bandits and they put a few in a row so it's like triple the effort when trying to defeat them. To defeat the bandits you have to swing the Nunchuk and Wii Remote left and right the press buttons A and Z when they appear on the screen.I find it best to stand up when fighting the bandits so it's like your in a real fight but it is quite tiring. The fighting in the game is sword fighting which is why I found it tiring whipping the remote around. This is definitely the most interactive element to the game.
      I think the rest of the tasks in the game could have been a little better considering it is a wii game. For example I felt that the dance off's with the other kitty could have been more interactive because all you have to do it press the buttons on the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. I think if the dance off parts of the game were more like Just Dance and you had to get up and copy the cat's moves it would be more fun and add variety to the game.
      The rest of the game is pretty boring to be fair because you can easily just sit in the sofa and press the buttons and win the game. I think considering it's a Wii game they would have made everything else in the game a little more active.
      The game does have multilayer but I haven't tried this since I only have 1 Wii remote.
      --------Sound & Graphics---------
      Throughout the game you lots of quotes from the Puss In Boots and if your too slow or pause for a while the cat always hurries you up to get a move on with the game which I found a little funny. The cat in the game sounds and looks just like the one from the movie which I thought was a good thing. The plot also follows the movie and all the graphics in the game resembles the movie quite a bit so it like your watching/controlling the movie.

      --------Difficulty & Time Completion---------
      The game is quite easy to play and there really isn't anything that I ended up being frustrate about because I couldn't do it. This game definitely can be played by anyone even those who aren't gamers or are not good at games. My cousin is 9 and she manage to complete the game in about 4 hours so this really shows its a short game for anyone.
      The game is very very short and I managed to complete the game in 2 hours. In my opinion this is rather short because you would think they would have stretched the game a little longer considering it is an adventure game. This is most definitely the shortest wii game I have ever played.
      --------Age Rating------
      For me I found it quite odd that this game is rated 12 when the movie is a PG. I think the game does have quite alot of fighting in it but most likely the game will have younger fans because of the movie so why make it for an older age range. The only thing that really makes it be aimed at 12 and over is the fighting but I think some of this could have easily been taken out because more than half the game you have to fight bandits and it isn't really necessary. I do think that besides the rating it has been given anyone over 7 or 8 can still be suitable to play this game as it is quite a kids game despite the fighting.

      -------Overall Opinion-------
      I think that the game is decent but it's really not worth the money because it is way too short. I think for me it got a little boring because it seemed like a routine and it would be like everything you do repeats in order. For example it would be fight, sneak around, follow the kitty, dance off, then fight again and so on. I wouldn't really recommend it to be fair and I paid £10 in CEX for a game than I finished in 2 hours. The graphics and impressions of the movie cat are really good but that really is enough to make the game worth it.


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