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Rogue Trooper (Wii)

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Manufacturer: Ubisoft / Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2009

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2009 04:40
      Very helpful



      The excellant parts of this game are drawn back by the poor life span, a great shame.

      Third person shooters are not normally my type of game, however the interesting box art intrigued me and for the reasonable price the store was offering I bought it. I was not disappointed, whilst in no way groundbreaking it is a very solid third person shooter with some great added gameplay features.


      The storyline is rather complex, and has spanned many years of comic books. Far in the future a perpetual war is waged, one side genetically creates a superior soldier, however when deployed they are expected and massacred. It is your job to find out and seek revenge on those responsible for the massacre. However you are not alone, soon enough you are in possession of three 'bio-chips' from dead comrades, these give you advice and practical help during the mission.

      Helm allows you to create a hologram or attract enemies and Gunnar is your gun and can act alone as a sentry. Bagman is by far the most important, alone separating this game from others. Every enemy you kill you can take salvage from, along with some you can find on the ground. Bagman can use this salvage to upgrade or make new weaponry, makes ammunition and health packs. Through this it becomes far more interesting than it would otherwise be, giving you an added incentive to clear out all enemies rather than bypassing them all.

      It is played much the same as other third person shooters, with the Wiimote being used, as one would expect, as the aiming reticule. However it is remarkably accurate and feels very well thought out. You can have Bagman heal you or create ammunition at any time giving the game a very fluid motion. There are two methods of doing most levels, either through stealth and cunning or just through regular shooting, though the stealth method means you have more salvage to upgrade weaponry as you are injured much less.

      There are also levels to break up the third person shooter gameplay such as the flying level, where you are, for the most part of the level, manning a heavy machine gun. Whilst the Gameplay in Rogue Trooper is not ground breaking, it is very fun and well worth playing. The game is quite open, whilst there is a strict line to follow, the landscapes are wide and give you a choice of plans of action.


      The graphics are not spectacular but are very good, the environments are all varied and highly detailed. The guns and characters are well detailed and like the rest of the game, graphically pleasing. Whilst not on a graphical par with some first party games, I find the graphics very good and whilst it will not win any graphical awards, it is one of the better games in terms of graphics for the Wii.


      The music in Rogue Trooper is very moody and it builds up tension well without distracting you. It varies from level to level and is of a good quality. The sound effects are also good, gunfire is clear and all other sound effects are very clear and appropriate. Whilst Rogue Trooper does not have ground breaking sound, it is of high quality and very good.


      The main mode is long and should take the average gamer over 12-15 hours to complete without rushing it. However following this there is not much else to do except the multiplayer and the players desire (or not) to replay the game with no extra incentive. An unfortunate low point to an otherwise great game.

      Value for Money

      Whilst not one of the cheapest games on the Wii, Rogue Trooper still gives good value for money. This is down to its good graphics, sound and the great gameplay, the unusual salvage system and the useful hints from the 'bio chips' make it a very unique game. Whilst the poor longevity does let it down, it still represents good value for money.


      The multiplayer mode consists of 2 differing types, an offensive and defensive mode. The players can choose from one of the four players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, also the under slung can be chosen, such as a shotgun or the anti aircraft missile. The defensive mode has you and the other players defending an injured GI against waves of enemies for the predetermined amount of time. The offensive mode has you and other players assaulting a GI base within a time limit and a certain amount of lives, both predetermined. Despite being a split screen it is still clear to see your character and objectives. The multiplayer mode is good, the offensive mode much more immersive and fun in my opinion and whilst Rogue Trooper is best played in single player, this mode is well worth a look, especially for four players.


      Rogue Trooper is a very fun game, for as long as the main mode will last. The solid third person shooter action coupled with some interesting concepts make an unusual game, though the rather limited life span does let this game down. Whilst it lasts, Rogue Trooper is very fun and will certainly hold your attention. It is most certainly best played single player, but the multiplayer mode should certainly be explored, especially the offensive levels. A very solid third person shooter and I thoroughly recommend this.

      Thanks for reading, any comments you have will be gratefully received. Also on Ciao.


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    Since the discovery that Black Holes could be used as warp gate points to any other point in the Galaxy, Nu Earth has been at the centre of a war between the Norts and the Southers. Genetic Infantry (G.I.) engineered by the Southers, are able to survive in the toxic hell that is Nu Earth without the need for special equipment.

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