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Scarface The World Is Yours (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Publisher: Sierra Online, Inc. / Genre: Adventure / Genre: Action / PEGI Age Rating: Age 18+ / Max. Number of Players: 1

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    2 Reviews
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      10.11.2010 11:45
      Very helpful



      Now does anyone know where I can buy a tiger?

      Rockstar games has since its introduction of Grand Theft Auto III ruled the roost as far as sandbox genre games is concerned, however, asides from the fantastic game Bully (or Canis Canem) the Wii very much lacks this style of game within its library. In answer to this rather lacking section of the Wii gaming experience the software developers Radical Entertainment have come to the rescue with Scarface: The World is Yours, and in doing so have provided us Wii users with something to quench our thirst for a game with very little limits.

      ----Time for a Sequel----

      The game basically starts where the movie ended, however, with one small but, very important detail changed, that being that Tony Montana doesn't die in the end but, instead manages to escape the mansion by the skin of his teeth. In fact, the game play opens with Tony shouting the iconic phrase "Say hello to my little friend" as you then set about with the challenge of getting Tony out of Dodge as quickly as possible. However, in escaping from the mansion Tony loses everything and is left penniless and in pretty bad shape, this losing of everything gives the game a great basis to start from as you, as Tony, are charged with rebuilding the Montana drug cartel and taking control of the world, well Miami at least.

      ----Take a Look at My Little Friend----

      The game was originally developed for the PS2, Xbox and PC back in 2006, so graphically we are not talking about a masterpiece here, but certainly for its time the graphics looked pretty decent and would stand up to most other games out on the market at the time. The Wii version of the game came about one year later, and as with a number of other games that have been ported onto the Wii system the graphics are really left as they are, due to the Wii's lower graphical capabilities in comparison to the other gaming systems on the market, like the PS3 and Xbox 360. This being said though, the game setting is very well rendered, and a great deal of attention has been paid in the overall look of the city of Miami and its population. The only thing I found a bit poor was the lack of a multitude of NPC's loitering around like you would find in other games like the GTA series, this lack of a large number of just random people going about their business seemed to make what should be the busy streets of a city more like a ghost town. As far as Tony is concerned the portrayal of him is very much in keeping with his look towards the end of the movie, and has a lot of Tony's mannerisms built into his movements and gestures throughout the game.

      ----Move For Me Tony----

      As with a lot of games in this genre there are a number of different buttons and movements of the controls are required to get your character to do everything you want them to do, and unfortunately for Wii users there is no substitute for the good old hand held joy pad for this job. This large number of controls does leave the poor Wiimote in desperate need of a few more buttons, as all the walking, shooting, and driving controls try desperately to find a button they can use. Although the Wiimote has the option of its movement sensor, Scarface just doesn't seem to put this to any real good use, as I'm sure this could have helped out in some way, and so making the controls for the game just that little bit easier to manage, instead of being restricted to just turning Tony on the spot. Despite the controls slight complexity a seasoned gamer should be able to pick them up with relative ease, it's just a case of remembering which button does what after you haven't play the game for a couple of days.

      ----Sounds like the 80s----

      So we have an Al Pacino look alike running around, so quite obviously he needs to sound just like Tony too. Well, despite his best efforts Al Pacino is not all that young anymore and so was not given the part of voice actor for Tony, instead this honour was given over to André Sogliuzzo who was personally selected by Al Pacino for his closeness in vocal talents to the original sound of Tony Montana when the original film was released. Along with André's excellent performance, original cast members Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia make an appearance albeit in different roles. As well as some old faces we are treated to the addition of some new ones such as, Cheech and Chong, along with the rappers Ice-T and B-Real amongst many others. Asides from the voice acting the real standout part about the oral side to the game is the soundtrack, with a mixture of electro based 80's pop alongside rock, country, rap and even a bit of reggae, there will be something to suit all tastes whilst cruising around the streets of Miami.

      ----Staying Alive Till the End----

      As far as the game length is concerned the main storyline should take the average gamer around about a day to complete from start to finish. However like so many games from the Sandbox genre there is not much chance of you completing it in such a way, as the real fun of games like this can be more found by just cruising around the streets and completing the multitude of side quests that are available to you. In fact, the completing of side quests can in some ways allow you to progress through the game at a faster pace as you gain cash and drugs from them, which enable you to gain bigger and better items within the game to aid you, everything from new weaponry through to a new cars and even a driver and an enforcer who accompany you around the game. Certainly there is an awful lot to do and see within the city limits and I'm sure that the game will have a great deal of appeal even after a lot of playing.

      ----Is The World Enough?----

      Whilst not exactly a major rival to the GTA series, Scarface: The World is Yours does provide the Wii user with a game in the Sandbox genre which is certainly a gaming category that the Wii does not seem to have an abundance of. With some great graphics, vocals and soundtrack along with a slightly crazy plot line this game fills the gap in the Wii's catalogues quite nicely. In spite of the difficult controls the game has been one of those games that I have happily returned to time and time again, and I'm sure will give me many hours of entertainment in the future.


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        11.08.2008 09:50



        Hardcore gamers will love this

        I've been told that playing this game is similar to playing GTA but I've never played it before so would not know.

        Scarface starts with you being him in the last scene and you have to gun down all the baddies and then you have to build up your empire again.

        So basically you have to go and take control of different parts of Miami and along the way you have different missions to do. This means you have to drive to different areas to complete them and then you get money as you still have links with old business friends. But when you have time with out doing missions you can get more money through buying drugs for cheap and selling them for profit. There are also lots of items to buy to do up your mansion and other things such as peoples ashes which gives you repetation points. The more points you get the better reputation you have.

        I loved this game although I found some stuff hard to get the hang of. I'm new to playing consoles and things such as driving cars at speed I just was poor. But for all you gamers who are really into this stuff and love the film or the whole gangster stuff then I reckon its a fantastic game.


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