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Scene It? Twilight (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Konami / Genre: Trivia

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 19:38
      Very helpful
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      A good game for a twilight saga fan :) but it is just too simple a game for me

      Scene It? Twilight

      I bought this in august for my sister who is a big twilight fan and has watched all the movies. She opened it and was very happy and it also includes a mini poster with the game.

      *About the game and my opinion*
      It is available on the wii and I don't think that it is available on any other format. It is the same as the scene it dvds, where they show video clips, or audio clips or just questions on the film and then you get points in you get them right.

      It is my nintendo and konami and it is also rated 12 - it says on the back that it is rated 12 because of 'moderate violence', which is really not the case in my opinion, there is just one 'fight scene'.

      It is a very basic game, in which you just answer questions about the first film - not the others. There are options for single or multiplayer modes, which is good as you can compete between friends.

      I have watched the films but I don't really like them a lot, they seem predictable and boring so I thought that this game when playing against my sister (who watches them a lot) would be really difficult but it is so east. The questions are really basic and you may be able to answer them right if you have watched the film!

      There are a lot of different questions (500 multiple choice questions to be exact) and they are presented in various ways which I like as then it is not really boring. For example, on some rounds they have 'first to buzz in ones', then normal question and answer format and there is also video and audio questions which actually shows parts of the movie.

      They have various 'games' which are just different ways to present the questions which include, 'whats missing?', 'who am I?', Alice's vision, silhouette and 'who said this?'.

      *Additional information*
      High quality mini poster, instruction booklet and a nintendo health and safety booklet. The movie clips are also quite high quality and the game includes bonus material which is production images. Also it can have up to 4 players.

      I bought this from hmv and it is currently priced at £27.99 with free UK delivery but I don't think I payed as much as that when I got it, it may have been on sale or something. But it can also be bought at £17.99 at play.com, £19.97 at tesco and £13 at amazon.

      Good points
      *Very easy to play - maybe too simplistic
      *Only uses a few buttons on the remote
      *Good high quality audio and video clips
      *500 multiple choice questions
      *Up to 4 players
      *Free mini poster
      *Great for twilight saga fans
      *Not very expensive
      *Widely available

      Bad points
      *Not very challenging at all - even for me who has no real interest in the game
      *Maybe too simplistic

      Thank you for reading my review


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        09.07.2010 07:28
        Very helpful



        I really enjoy it :)

        When I was walking around Asda one day and spotted that a Twilight game had been released I had to buy it. It was selling for £20.00 which I didn't think was too bad for a Wii game and so I bought it.

        The game is based upon the Scene it? Board games and there is also a Twilight version of this. The Wii game is of course very similar to the features on the board game, but it is obviously all done on the TV screen.

        I have a few friends who are Twilight fans so I have been able to rope them into playing it with me without any arguments and you can play the game with up to four people.

        To begin the game you do the same as with any other Wii game and once you have inserted the disc you can choose the game from the main Wii menu.

        The way in which you answer questions is dependent on what kind of question you get on the screen. For many of the multiple choice questions you have to choose either up, down or left or right on your wii control pad as each of these will correspond to a question on the screen. In some questions you need to shake your Wii remote to buzz in and then you get to attempt to answer the question first. We have noticed that sometimes the Wii doesn't seem to pick up that you are frantically shaking your remote but it is not a major problem and doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of the game much.

        In the main menu you can choose which game you want to play: There is the normal game which consists of maybe 20 or 30 questions and the person with the most points is the winner. There is also Flex play in which you choose 10, 20,30 or 40 questions to answer. I am not really keen on Flex play as after every single question it says who the winner is and who is winning! It can get quite annoying even if it is the voice of the lovely Doctor Cullen who is telling you!

        Throughout the game you will get various questions to answer and these are made up from the following:

        Alice's vision: A sketch will appear slowly on the screen. You need to buzz in and guess where it is from the film.

        Finish the line: These are my favourite questions as you watch a small clip of the film and then have to complete the line!

        Movie clip: Again you watch a clip from the film and then have to answer a question about it.

        Sequentials: On the screen will be 3 stills of the film. You need to use your remote to order them in order of appearance in the film.

        Silhouette: You need to identify the character missing from the scene.

        Upon reflection: You need to identify the character who is behind the shimmering stars and who is gradually being released.

        What's missing: An item is taken from the film and you have to identify what it is. This is another round you need to shake your remote and buzz in for.

        Who am I?: You are given three clues gradually. The faster you buzz in the more points you get when you guess who the character is.

        Who said this?: A quote from the film will come on the screen and you need to be the first to say who said it.

        Now although there are over 500 of the questions in the game we have noticed that there has been some repetition when we have been playing and we have probably only played about 15 games or so. This doesn't really detract from the fun for us as we are huge fans but it would be nice if there were more questions and no repetition, at least not yet.

        When you play the game you can also choose to play as one of the characters from the film, seemingly when we play it always seems to be Edward V Jacob in a battle to see which team is ultimately the best!!! Each game seems to last around ten minutes or so which isn't ages but you can play as many games as you like.

        The game has an age rating of 12+ on it and I think this is probably about right. Whilst there isn't anything scary going on in the game I don't think the film is appropriate for younger children anyway.

        All in all if you like the twilight saga you will enjoy this game!


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