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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Wii)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / ESRB Rating: Everyone / Release Date: 2010-02-26 / Published by Sega

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    3 Reviews
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      15.11.2011 20:28
      Very helpful



      Get racing!

      Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is a racing kart game that is very similar to Mario Kart Wii, it involves Sonic and other Sega characters racing through different tracks and levels to win cups and become racing champions. This game was released early 2010, though it has not done as well as Mario Kart Wii, it's still a great game for Sega Fans.

      Playable Characters
      There are a range of different characters that you can choose to play with on this game,. Each character has different levels of Speed, Weight, Acceleration, Maneuvering and Boost, this makes playing with each character a little different and gives the game a more interesting twist.
      Some of the characters that are available to play on this game include:
      Sonic (from Sonic the Hedgehog)
      Dr. Eggman (from Sonic the Hedgehog)
      AiAi (from Super Monkey Ball)
      Alex Kidd (from Alex Kidd in Wonderland)
      Banjo and Kazooie (from Diddy Kong Racing)
      Mii (from the Wii)
      Jacky Bryant and Akira Yuki (from Virtua Figther)
      Opa-Opa (from Fantasy Zone)
      Avatar (from the New Xbox Experience)
      B.D. Joe (from Crazy Taxi)

      There is a really good range of Sega characters which makes the game more interesting, as each driver is handled a little bit differently giving the game more playability as when you master playing with one character, you can try playing another making the game a little bit different each time. Each character also has different powers that give them different moves or abilities, for example Sonic can turn into Super Sonic and go really fast, or Amy can hit everyone with a huge mallet, this also gives the game more playability and makes it more interesting. There is a power ups that you can obtain while playing races to help you gain a competitive advantage over other players.

      There is also a range of different vehicles that you can choose to play in, each making different driving experience as they vary in features when it comes to Speed, Control, Cruising, Rallying and there is even a Jet style vehicle you can choose, you can choose from cars, bikes and hovercrafts in the vehicle category.

      Game Play
      When you are not playing against family and friends in this game you can also play in a range of different ways these include:

      Grand Prix
      This is a one player mode where you compete against 7 computer players to win one of the Cups, this involves racing in 4 levels, the computer players will depend on the difficulty that you choose to play, and this is a great mode to play when you are playing this game alone.

      Time Trial
      This is when you race to complete a level within the fastest time possible to beat high scores that have been previously set, this is another 1 player mode within the game.

      In this game mode you play the game to complete a number of set missions, for example to beat a certain racer or complete a level in a set time or to collect all the rings in a level.

      Single Race
      This is played when you want to only complete one race track at a time, this is handy is you want to select the races you like the best to play.

      Difficulty levels
      There are 3 different difficulty levels within this game, they are the beginner, advanced and expert, as you progress up the difficulty levels the computer players within the races become faster and harder to beat.

      This game is fantastic for multiplayer, you can play with 1-4 players at a time, every player can play against each other to come first in events. You will need up to 4 Wii Remotes to get the full play out of this game.

      The graphics on this game are what you would expect from the Nintendo Wii, they are bright colourful and cartoon styled, they could be described as quite child-like compared to games available on the Xbox or Playstation, but I think that this is what attracts Nintendo fans as games are light hearted and fun to play/look at.

      The music on this game is similar to the Sega and Sonic games from the past, there is music from Sonic Adventure and other games, which as Sega fans will know is very cool and almost rock styled, having songs from the past on this game amazing for Sega Fans as it brings back great memories of playing the old games. The music is great in this game and is very quick and upbeat, making you more eager to race as fast as you can.

      Price and availability
      You can pick this game up in any of the good game stores such as Game, HMV, Tesco. Sainsbury, Asda or online. I bought mine last year for around £30 which was a good deal at the time and I am sure that it will have reduced in price a bit since then.

      Final thought
      This is a great competitive game that is great to play on a family night in. This game is a real trip down memory lane for any Sega fans as there are so many characters from the old games that you can play with. This game has great multiplayer functions this makes it all the better to play at a party for a bit of good natured fun. I would definitely recommend this game as a family as it is a more childish and cartoonish way to play racing games. There is a great list of characters, game modes and features within this game so it is hard to get board of it.

      *also posted on ciao under lorrainek90*


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      02.04.2011 10:01
      Very helpful



      A not half bad racing game for the Wii!

      As usual, I find myself in contrast to the only other review of this game on-site in the fact that actually, I find this game pretty good fun! In fairness I have not played Mario-Cart and have little experience of this sort of racing game but, to my mind, this comes over pretty well and appears to be quite a neat little addition to your Wii Console!

      Unlike most other Sonic games, there is no story to speak of ~ you literally just climb aboard whichever vehicle/ character combination you have chosen and let rip! There is a nice array of classic Sonic characters to pick from with corresponding cars, bi-planes and tanks to match. Every race completed rewards you with Sonic Miles and these can trhen be used to "buy" other characters, including a couple from Street Fighter and other games, or extra tyracks on which to race. This in itself is a very good idea as it givbes the player something to unlock. Again as I have not played Mario Cart, I cannot comment on whether or not such extras are available on that game!

      I am not a big fan of the Wii, I find it good for families and children but not really satisfying enough for someone brought up on Playstation and Xbox, but think this is one game that is lots of fun! You can buy it with or without a Steering Wheel periphiral and the cost varies accordingly. But bear in mind that you can buy basic Steering Wheel periphirals from Poundland now so it may be best searching this out on Ebay and buying the attachments seperately!

      My fellow reviewer suggests that this game is too fast and too furious (hey ~ that would make a good name for a film?!?) but surely that is the point of a racing game! Also, though the tracks are quite complicated and things often DO get a bit manic as you struggle to see where your competitors are or where you are supposed to go next, that is all part of the challenge! You wouldn't want it too easy now, would you?

      Overall, I think this is a neat little racer ~ even if it has held its price, meaning you may not even get this much cheaper even if you buy on Ebay! As a non-converter to the Wii just yet, this is one of the few games I really enjoy playing and I find the controls and the Steering Wheel fairly easy to use! It may not be a must-buy but it is certainly right up there with all the classic racing games that have appeared over the years and much more than just a gimmicky game designed to slot in with the Sonic-buying public who have devoted themselves to this classic character over several years and many different guises!


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      01.06.2010 17:42



      An average game which suffers from much better competition

      Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing was created so the PlayStation and Xbox could have a fun cartoon racing game like Mario Kart. With Mario Kart available on the Wii, these game would always be compared - a big problem as the game is no where near the standard of Mario Kart. While the characters are colourful and different and there are a range of different tracks that remind you of retro Sega and Sonic games - it's all just to hectic. The gameplay is (too) fast and furious, making it hard to keep up with where you and your competitors are on the track. Handling is very akward even with the Wii wheel and the controls could of been better allocated to different buttons to make it more efficent. There is something about the game which draws a blank and doesn't keep you wanting more - unlike Mario Kart.

      In the end this is just a repackaged version of Mario Kart but less appealing and more frustarting. But if you don't already own Mario, you may find it a fun entry into the world of Wii racing.


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