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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2009-10-09 / Published by LucasArts

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2011 18:05
      Very helpful



      Not worth a punt

      Since the big screen adventures concluded some years ago, George
      Lucas has been focusing his time and efforts into the Clone Wars
      animated Tv series which is now running into its third season. As
      with all the franchise Star Wars outlets there has been a wide range
      of merchandise released to maximise profits and keep the sci fi
      franchise in the forefront of the minds of the public. One such
      medium that Lucasarts has been consistently entering is the game
      industry and this latest Clone wars game is less than a triumph.

      My main issue with SW games is that they are so inconsistent. One
      minute you have the sheer ground breaking brilliance of Knights of
      the old Republic or the Rouge Squadron series and the next you are
      faced with horrid games like the Power Battles or Jedi Academy
      titles. So when buying a Star Wars game you really do not know what
      to expect. However safe to say that this game belongs to the latter.

      This is basically designed foremost as a two player co-op title
      played in third person where you and a friend take the roles of Jedi,
      Anikan and his padwan learner. It starts of promising as Yoda, a
      badly voice acted Yoda that is, tells you all about how you use the
      force, use your light sabre, control everything...none of which feels
      true. After 3 minutes you will just revert to mindless sabre swinging
      hoping to hit enemies. The satisfaction of suing your wii mote as a
      light sabre lasts around about a minute as it soon becomes apparent
      you are not at all in control. What the jedi do with the sabre is
      nothing like what you do with the wii mote. Its totally out of since
      and feels like it is someone else playing.

      The sad thing is most of the game is spent doing this. The other half
      is spent jumping around. And the problem here is the jumping controls
      are so poor you will often miss jumps fall of ledges and plummet to
      your death through no main fault of your own. Its annoying,
      frustrating and makes you lose interest n the game.

      There is also very little level variety and you end up doing the same
      things over and over again, grinding you to boredom and you also will
      notice that even in co-op the game has very little play where you
      need each other, which should be fundamental to any game involving two players.

      The thing that ruins the title more than anything else though is the
      way in which the camera is so far zoomed out, and cannot be adjusted,
      so that you cannot really see what action is going on and you just
      swing your mote hoping to hit something. As an avid gamer I am used
      to these things but basically the camera being zoomed out so much
      makes it too hard to play effectively, even though the game itself is
      easy, and the camera makes it so much less fun.

      The levels are also poorly designed and the camera doesn't help.
      Sometimes it is impossible to see where the platform is to jump on,
      how to get up to a certain place and the map layout makes it hard to
      control the jumping direction and way in which you can move your
      character about. Again trial and error has to be used and the way you
      don't really get punished for dying makes the game lose any
      challenge. It gets boring and frustrating right away because of this.

      The fact is that the game just does not give you enough variety to
      present longevity and soon you will tire of doing the same things,
      level after level and time after time. The novelty of the lightsabre
      wielding wears thin when you do it over and over and the horrible
      camera angle badly designed levels and general poor quality of this
      game from top to bottom make it an unworthy purchase in my view.

      Also on ciao


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