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Tangled (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-01-21 / Published by Disney Interactive

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2012 09:19
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      A decent game

      When my brother and I decided to swap our computer consoles, I inherited his Nintendo Wii and he got my Sony PSP. With the Wii I gained lots of "boys" games which I had very little interest in so decided to trade them in but this left me with hardly any games so I was happy to see a range of games reduced in price at Asda. One of the games was Disney Tangled and it was on sale for just ten pounds so I popped it in my trolley thinking it would be a game both my daughter and I could play.

      Looking at the box you will see a kind of action shot with Rapunzel seemingly flying through the air using her magic hair and a very worried looking Flynn gripping on for dear life! In the centre of the cover you will find the Disney Tangled logo which is identical to the dvd, and at the bottom of the cover there is a large number 7 which indicates the recommended age for playing this game.

      "Join Rapunzel and Flynn on a hair raising adventure! Swing, twirk and climb with Rapunzels tresses. Duel as Flynn and find buried treasure!"

      To play Tangled you will need the Wii remote only and it needs to be held sideways in order to play the game. The game starts in Rapunzels tower and the first thing you can do is to paint a mural on one of the walls if you wish. There are only a couple of colours that you can choose from the paint palette as the rest of the colours are unlocked as the game progresses. It is a lot harder to paint a mural than it looks really, it is kind of like using the paint application on a computer only more fiddly. After this you need to go to the map which takes you to the woods and start the first of various levels.

      Before each level begins part of the Tangled story is told in picture form which does take some time and can be a little frustrating having to wait to play any of the game. In each level you can choose which character you wish to play as, either Rapunzel or Flynn Rider but at times you will have to use one character in particular as each have special tasks that they can carry out. Rapunzel uses her magic hair to open doors, move objects and make flowers appear. She also has her frying pan with her to hit objects (and people). Flynn has a magic sword which smashes through various objects and he also has the ability to climb up walls if there is ivy growing.

      When playing the game, for the most part Rapunzel and Flynn need to hold hands so they go through the levels together. To make the characters hold hands, simply press A and they will stay together until you press it again to release them. As they run along (well Rapunzel skips all the way through) they will come across certain obstacles and other characters which you must work your way through. The characters interact with eachother and with others that they meet. One of the tasks for example is in the Snuggly Duckling pub and the task is to find a special drink for one of the thugs before he dobs you in to the guards.

      There are various different aspects to the levels, though for the most part they are pretty much the same in that you have to find objects, work through puzzles and collecting items. During the game you will explore the forest, village, Snuggly Duckling pub, tower and caves. In each level you are required to collect sundrops (which appear like jewels). When seeing butterflies (these appear at various points during levels), this means Rapunzel can do an action - such as swing with her hair, grab something with her hair or spin to make flowers appear in which you will find lots of sundrops. If a ? appears this is Flynns sign to show that there is treasure nearby and he has to dig to find it. Pascal the chameleon will appear in the corner to show there is danger near which is usually a guard that Flynn needs to fight with to get past.

      There are some mini games to play, one of them is paint the Wanted poster of Flynn Rider and the idea is to make it as random looking as you can to disguise Flynn so the guards won't recognise him. The game is completed when all the levels have been done along with the mini games. Everything that you unlock throughout the game will appear in your journal so at any time you can view all the things you have collected, such as costumes, badges, new colours for the paint palette and more. There is really so much more I could describe for this game but I have covered all the basics as I don't want to turn it into a step by step guide for completing the game!

      I never really took to playing this game much as it really isn't my kind of game. However, my mum completed the game in really no time at all and she did enjoy it as she likes games with tasks and puzzles so she played it with my little girl (and also on her own which shows how much she must have enjoyed the game as thats something my mum never does!!). I do think this game is a little too tricky for a four year old to play though with help from myself or my mum she was able to get through the levels without much frustration. Of course the game is recommended for children aged seven and above which is an accurate guide in my opinion but obviously younger children can play and still enjoy the game.

      My daughters favourite parts of the game are the mini games and painting the mural. Her favourite mini game is the goat game in which Rapunzel and Flynn are sat on goats and are running through country roads really fast and you need to collect the sundrops. My daughter loves this as it is so fast and looks really quite funny seeing them just bombing around on these little goats, and more so when they fall over!!

      One major downside to the game for me is that the story is told before every single level and this is really time consuming and ends up taking away from game playing time as I won't let my daughter play for prolonged periods of time so half of it is taken with listening to the story! Also, you have to complete a full level before being able to save the game which is a little frustrating at times as it would be nice to be able to stop playing whenever and just pick up where you left off.

      The graphics aren't bad in this game, they could be better but it is clear who the characters are supposed to be and the voices are the same as you will hear in the films which my daughter finds really amazing! One of the characters is Mother Gothel (who kept Rapunzel locked in the tower) looks really quite scary in this game whereas in the film she is quite a stunning woman so thats the only negative really where the graphics are concerned.

      It is a little confusing at first when using the Wii remote to play this game as you have to hold it sideways but to move the characters you use the arrows so quite often we forget to hold it the correct way and when pressing the arrows Rapunzel is going completely the wrong way!! I do like how you are required to do various actions with the remote for this game, all the buttons come into play and for different things you are asked to shake, wiggle or turn the remote so there is some variation in the game.

      All in all I think this is a really good game with a good range of activities throughout from art, to puzzle soving, racing to a bit of fighting so there is a bit of everything in there! I would recommend this game happily as my little girl really enjoys it, and as my mum really likes it too it shows it isn't just for kids!

      You can find Disney Tangled Wii on Amazon for £10.99 which is a great price for the game in my opinion as it is well worth it! With this game you will receive 200 Disney Movie Rewards points if you collect them which is an added bonus!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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