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The Simpsons Game (Wii)

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3 Reviews

Publisher: EA - Electronic Arts / Genre: Action / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / ESRB Descriptor: Tobacco Reference / ESRB Descriptor: Language / ESRB Descriptor: Crude Humor / ESRB Descriptor: Alcohol Reference / ESRB Descriptor: Cartoon Violence / ESRB Descriptor: Animated Blood / ESRB Descriptor: Suggestive Themes

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2012 18:01
      Very helpful
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      Feels like the game was rushed

      The sounds are good as the original actors and actresses do the voices for the various well known characters. The pictures and various bits of sceneries are really cool as well. Also the graphics are OK regardless of the platform the game is played on.

      However this along with the puzzles are probably the only good things about the game.

      Whilst comedy (which I believe) is the funniest thing associated the programme, it doesn't seem to live up to it's expectations in the game. 

      Puzzles are fun, but the controls are not that responsive and jumping correctly as well as trying to avoid falling of platforms for instance can be a real issue.

      Moreover the camera can be a real problem at times as what it annoyingly does is position itself in front of an object that my chosen character is standing behind, therefore I can't see a thing that my character is doing.

      In addition the multiplayer options are very disappointing as there is no online feature and only 2 players maximum can play. Also during multiplayer there is too much waiting around whilst characters take turns to do things.

      Personally, I wouldn't recommend this game as there are too many things that let it down. It seems like the game has been rushed in the making. In my opinion the money would be better spent on a DVD.


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        05.03.2008 19:26
        Very helpful



        The game has good ideas and a good amount of laughs but fails during really bad camera angles

        The Simpson's their popular worldwide its one of my favorite shows but the games just have never been that great expect for The Simpsons Arcade Game from Konami back in 1991.

        The Simpson's Game hit all major platforms and i bought the Wii version and firstly it does have a few bad controls the jumping parts can be bad. You will die on quite a few stages due to bad camera angles but that is something you will have to deal with. As for the Wii controls they have been put together actually pretty good and for me they worked just fine.

        This game has brilliant comedy in it which adds value to the game most stuff homer comes out with is really just going to make you laugh i couldn't stop. I love the cut scene's in the game because it just looks like your watching the tv show and makes it very entertaining.

        The game is based on making jokes of over games such like Neverquest which is Zelda. There's even Medal of Homer which is really Medal of Honor. I have noticed that rip offs of Donkey Kong which steals professor frink and you have to save him. A weird looking Mario and Sonic also itchy and scratchy in a rip off version of Grand Theft Auto in this you play as Marge and Lisa and take out the city making it a nice place along with you is some dogs who team up with you.

        Your going to be doing team work in every level while every Simpsons Character have there own ability and some levels can be hard to figure it out or even reach the destination. Homer turns into Gummy , a bowling ball, while Bart turns to Bartman, Lisa has the hand of Buddha, Marge has her speaker phone helping to guide a mob with her, Maggie tags a long with Marge but you do play as Maggie to help flick buttons that Marge can not get to.

        This has exclusive games to the Wii as well called Wii moments in this you get 2 games. The games are bite night you play as homer in a boxing ring and you have to get all food that homer likes to gain points eat healthy foods you lose points. Then there is Bart Wings which the controls just do not respond at all annoying i know.

        The game is expensive at this moment and not really worth it i finished the game in 3 days and have never gone back to it. But it was fun while it was lasted

        The best level in the game is the last been in heaven and challenging god in a copied version of Dance Stage Fever or whatever it is called. You will also see Bender from Futurama who you will have to take out along with Simpsons creator Matt Groening myself i was shocked to see it but it was fun.

        You will either love this game or hate it but i like it and it was way better then Simpsons hit and run. The comedy in this game will keep you entertained and for Family Guy fans the Simpsons beats Family Guy anyday.


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          13.02.2008 14:39
          Very helpful



          A potentially Good Game Ruined


          Everyones favourite dysfunctional family makes it's way to
          the Wii (and most other consoles too). Control the various
          characters through a series of situations. Each characters
          has his or her different strengths and weaknesses. For example
          Bart can glide and fire a catapult. Homer can eat and stand
          on things to activate buttons.


          Oh dear what a shame, the designers of this game have managed
          to take a potentially great game and made it mediocre. The
          reason for this is simply that the camera that follows your
          character is never in the right place. You can move it manually
          but it just moves back most of the time, meaning the tricky jump
          onto a ledge you need to do is made very difficult as you can't
          see where you're going.

          Not only this, the responsiveness of the controls is clunky and
          because of this you end up falling off something or not reaching
          something and end up right back at the start of the level.

          The game also does not make use of the Wii Remote in any unique way,
          it opts for the traditional way using the nanchuck as a joystick.
          No motion sensing or pointing control here. Developers should try
          and make use of the Wii's most unique feature.

          A good point is that the game can be played with two players with
          the screen split vertically, I think it would have been better if
          they had split it horizontally.

          The humour is there in abundance and the voices are by the same
          actors as the series, but the laughter soon turns to frustration
          as you fall of something for the umpteenth time. At these points the
          looped soundtrack makes it even more frustrating as you hear the same
          joke over and over again.

          The graphics are actually pretty good, they have done a great job
          of recreating the feel and characters of the show. The level design
          is imaginative.

          It's a great pity that they have ruined what could have been a
          very good game. I'm sure they rushed it out to cash in on the movie,
          but a bit more play testing would have ironed out the problems. They
          should not rely on the success of the series to sell this game.

          Not recommended.


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