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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Wii)

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Genre: Sports / Rating: E - (Everyone),up to 4 players / published by: EA Sports

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2013 10:56
      Very helpful



      Why do golfers shout "fore"? ;)

      == Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, Nintendo Wii ==
      I have never really been a fan of golf games or golf itself for that matter, however my grandad is a big fan and after playing the golf games on the Wii Sports games and also the Tiger Woods 11 game I thought I would give another of the Tiger Woods golf games a try. The game in question is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 which I purchased on eBay about 12 months ago for a bargain price of £1.20 plus postage.

      == In The Box ==
      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, inside the box there is a game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is very clear and simple to follow which is great as I have found myself referring to it a few times.

      == Getting Into the Swing of Things==
      The first time you play Tiger Woods 08 you will be asked which stance you prefer, left handed or right and then you will be taken straight into a tutorial and practice mode where you will learn how to use the Wii remote as your golf club. If you have played other golf games before this one, as I have done, you may find this tutorial pointless but it only takes 5 to 10 minutes and you only need to do it once. I'm not sure if it can be skipped as I simply went along with it and completed it.

      ==Fore! ==
      Firstly, why do golfers shout 'fore'? I realise it is to warn people they have hit the ball, but why this word in particular? If anyone knows the answer I would be grateful to hear it!

      Anyway, on with the review! Once you have completed the tutorial there are a few options to choose from. We will start with my preferred option of Play Now. This is like a quick play mode where you can choose the course you want to play, the golfer you want to play as and jump straight into the game. I like this mode as it doesn't take a lot of messing around to begin my game and all of the settings are pretty much the standard ones and suit my playing style.

      When choosing your golfer you can choose from 23 real Pro golfers, generally I tend to be lazy and just pick Tiger Woods as he is the first one I come to and for me he seems to be quite a good player to use. The courses in the game are copies of real courses in real life and there is a wide selection to choose from. I find that some of them are a little too easy where as others present more of a challenge with a few trees and water hazards along the way. There are a couple of courses which are mainly water and in all honesty I really cannot stand these as they take the fun out of the game and make it frustrating instead.

      So you've chosen your golfer and your course so lets play a round of golf!

      To swing your club and hit the ball you need to hold the Wii remote pointing towards your feet as if it were a golf club, you then need to press the B button, take your swing being careful not to let go of the Wii remote (voice of experience!) and your ball should fly towards the green. Using the wii remote as your club takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are used to playing the golf on the wii sports games as the swing on this is much more accurate than on the Sports and Sports Resort versions. I like it though as it gives a bit more of a challenge.

      Sounds easy? Well actually there is a bit more to taking a shot than simply pressing one button and swinging your arms around! You will also need to take into consideration the direction in which you want to go, the wind speed and wind direction and the distance you wish to travel, all of these factors will affect the way in which you need to swing your remote and any angles you may need to twist it on and this is the part which I found a little harder to get used to in comparison with the Wii Sports games.

      The game play itself is smooth and the courses look quite realistic although not as realistic as the newer Tiger Woods titles. I particularly like the sound effects in the game as I will be playing and listening to the birds in the background and then all of a sudden you will hear an airplane flying overhead! The sound effects for the club swinging and the ball landing on the various terrains are also as realistic as I would imagine them to be in real life, can't say I've ever paid much attention to the sound of a golf ball landing but I can imagine it and these sound match my imagination!

      Another play option available in the main menu is the Career Mode. In this option you will take part in the PGA Tour and compete against other Pro Golfers. I have only played this mode a couple of times as I cannot be bothered with all of the settings and technical aspects involved in this mode and that you have to play the pre-selected courses as you would in the real PGA Tour. I can see the benefit of this option for the more serious golf fans but for me it isn't really my thing. In career mode you will begin at the low level of Rookie and depending on your progress you will work your way up to Pro level. Personally I am still at Rookie level as I don't play career mode enough to progress!

      When playing in Play Now mode or Career Mode it is possible to use a custom golfer who you have created yourself. You have the option to create your golfer on the main menu under the heading Game Face. In here you will be able to adjust everything about your character from their sex, height, skin and hair colour through to their clothes and even accessories such as watches and wristbands. I like this option, however I do tend to be a person who gets a little carried away when designing a player on these games and I often tend to spend more time adjusting the features of my player than actually playing the game itself!

      == Mini Games ==
      As usual one of my favourite parts of this game is the mini games area. In this area you will find a wide variety of golfing mini games including some of the more traditional games such as mini golf and some less traditional games including an arcade style game. Personally I enjoy the mini golf as it is not as serious as a round of golf and generally more enjoyable. I find that they are also good for practicing my putting skills and this is very valuable as I am quite bad at it.

      The mini games are also great for a multiplayer gaming session where you don't have time or you can't be bothered to play a full round of 18 holes. My partner and I particularly enjoy playing T-I-G-E-R which is the golfing version of the more traditional H-O-R-S-E. In T-I-G-E-R one player takes a shot and then the other player must successfully copy the shot or be given a letter. The first player to complete the word TIGER is the looser.

      == Graphics and Sound ==
      The graphics in the game are great, I have played the newer versions of Tiger Woods games and I find that these graphics aren't quite as good as the newer games but they are not too far behind. Game play is really smooth and realistic and the tracking of the ball when you hit it is both smooth and accurate, I have only had a couple of very minor glitchy or freezing moments but they were so minor I hardly noticed them!

      The sound is also very good, as I mentioned earlier the sound effects are particularly good, however there is a running commentary which I find really annoying as it seems to evaluate almost all of your shots and will quite often insult shots too!

      == Price and Availability ==
      I purchased this game at the end of January 2012 from eBay for £1.20 and after a quick search I can see it is still available for this kind of price. CEX shops also have the game pre-owned for £2.50 so still a low price for a decent game.

      == My Experience and Opinion ==
      It is only recently (the last couple of years) that I have began to get into playing golf games, I think this is mainly to do with the way the Wii utilises the Wii remote as a club as I can't see myself sitting and playing this kind of game on the PS3 for example. I originally bought this game to add some variety to my games collection and to get me off the sofa a bit more! I do enjoy playing it although I do have to be in the right mood to play it as parts can be annoying, especially the commentary!

      I will be giving this game 4 out of 5 stars as it is a good game and even for the age of the game I would say a lot of enjoyment can still be had by anyone who enjoys golfing games or just fancies something different or a little more challenging than the Wii Sports versions of golf.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        08.08.2008 13:50
        Very helpful



        Good for guys and gals

        I first had PGA Tour Golf on my Office PC at least ten years ago. We would all gather around and play at lunch times for competitions and I loved it. The new version I just got for the wii couldn't be much more different. . Once I tried golf on Wii Sports I was dying to get out and buy a real golf game, I just loved the fact you felt like you were really playing.

        To start playing you get to design your wii mii, the amount of customization on this game is brilliant. I am now blonde, slim, have full red lips and have boobs Dolly Parton would be proud of. My family laugh when it comes on screen but what the heck I;m happy. Its really funny as the mii reacts to how you score eg when I get a birdie or hit a really long drive she waves to the crowd and blows kisses, when I bogey a hole she stamps around or falls to the ground You can Press A to fast forward once you've started to get bored of it.

        You can play on your own against the big boys such as Tiger etc. or you can play against an opponent. This is one of the few wii games I have which are equally fun either way. You can also start your own career competing in the PGA tour season. You cannot move onto the next match in the season until you are getting round in par or under.

        It takes a bit of time to get used to this method of playing as you literally take a swing with the wii mote like a real golfer as opposed to my old method of clicking the mouse on a line. You need to adjust your swing as you sometimes only want to hit at 80% of full power etc.. I get really into it, take the correct stance holding the club aloft, the follow through everything but when I went to my brothers house the lazy git was sitting on the settee playing simply by moving his arm!!!! The worst bit was he was scoring way better than me, but at least I'm losing the calories

        There is a training section which covers all the fades and draw stuff and you should work your way through this before starting on the course

        Shots available are:


        The graphics are pretty good, colours are bright the golfers are brill looking and the crowd noise is actually pretty encouraging, the commentators are annoying though especially when they predict you are heading for the bunker and you blooming do.

        Playing the game is very realistic you must choose which club to use, adjust for the wind and you can shake the wii mote vigorously to put spin left or right on the ball after landing (warning you look not a little strange doing this) If you go a little left or right when striking the club you can slice off to the left or right. There is also a confidence feature so if you always score well in a particular hole, chances are your shot will behave better as you get better

        I have no problem with the driving but find reading the greens with arrows and lines and stuff quite difficult and tend to hit and hope more than anything else.

        - - - Type of Game Play - -

        Stroke play,
        match play,
        alternate shot
        best ball,
        elimination mode
        battle golf
        team one-ball
        skills 18

        5 minigames (miniputt, target, T-I-G-E-R, capture, and target2target)

        You can taunt your opponents in multiplayer by putting spin on their ball, blurring the screen, changing the wind direction at the last moment and blowing a horn. If you are the type to do this type of thing then be warned you will be paid back in full.

        I love this game even though I don't play golf and don't see it being a boys game rather than a girls game we'll just say it swings both ways.

        - - Good Points - -

        Great fun
        Loads of ways to play
        Should last years as you'll always improve

        Bad Points
        Sometimes when you pull the mote back to take your swing the dang thing takes off thinking you've meant to hit. This is infuriating especially when you are hoping for a birdie this can happen a couple of times a game and I sometimes end up switching off in frustration. Don't know if its just my remote and one does seem worse than the other but I've read other people complaining of this on the internet

        There is no ability to save after you have scored well on a hole. I guess this might be a good thing as otherwise I'd constantly save after a birdie\eagle and always start from the next hole each time.

        Its also available for the other main consoles and the DS

        Buy it you'll have a ball


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          22.04.2008 15:07



          Excellent fun

          My partner is absolutely addicted to golf - he plays off a 3 handicap so (I am sure if you have actually played the real thing) you would agree he knows a thing or two about the "beautiful game"!! He bought this game for himself but I have to say that we have a real giggle playing it together! It is very playable, challenging and extremely realistic with fantastic graphics.

          It is much better than the Wii Sports golf but can be a little bit frustrating and confusing at first. The motion sensor is much more sensitive in this game than the Wii Sports Golf but you soon get used to it. If you just want to get on and play and dont have a very high patience threshold I would say stick with the Sports Golf but if you want to get your teeth into something much more challenging then I'd recommend this game to you.


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        The sport of golf is in your hands like never before with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08 on the Wii.

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