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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-07-02 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2011 10:33
      Very helpful



      Overall one of the best sports games I've played

      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Nintendo Wii

      ** Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 **
      I have to admit I've never really been a fan of golf games or golf itself for that matter, however after playing the golf games on the Wii Sports and Sports Resort games with my grandad I noticed he was becoming a tad addicted and decided to buy him Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 in January 2011.

      ** In The Box **
      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, contained inside the box is a game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is very clear and simple to follow, and for the first time in a long time I did actually need to read it.

      ** The Set Up **
      Once the game disc is inserted and you have gone past the usual selection of adverts and safety warnings you will be taken to the main screen where before you play any game at competition level you will need to create your golfer.

      Creating your golfer is actually quite fun and I have to admit I spent more time doing this than I did playing golf the first time we played. To create your golfer you need to enter a lot of details such as height, age and build, as well as hair and eye colour. After these basics are entered you can go into more detail choosing face shapes, skin colours and clothes that you want to wear. The detailing for changing features on the face is very fine, you can use the slider bars to make the smallest adjustments to almost everything including freckles and wrinkles! Getting more personal you can also adjust the size of your golfers arms, shoulders, neck, chest and legs, now you might understand why this took me so long!

      Once your profile is set up you are able to play in tournaments and your progress will be saved as you play. The main tournament you will play in is the Ryder Cup. You can choose to play for either the European or American team.

      There are 28 courses in total on this game. All of them bar one are real courses at real golf clubs, the only fictional one is a Jungle setting course, which I personally enjoy as it is fun, however my grandad, who takes this game very seriously wont play this course as it has a lot of cliff edges and trees to loose his ball in!

      When playing the tournament in single player mode you will follow the golfing calendar and play the courses in the order that the real tournament is played. To progress to the next round you must finish with a pretty decent score or you will need to either re-play the course you have just done or skip it. Be aware though if you skip it you cannot go back to it at a later date so you will loose valuable points.

      At the end of each course you will be shown a screen with how many points you have earned from the quality of your shots and putting, these points are tallied up and a running total is kept to determine your player level. Progressing through the levels will earn you sponsorship from leading brands and open up more options with regards to clothing and clubs in the pro shop. You will also earn money for your games and this can be used to purchase items in the pro shop. If you buy certain items from your sponsors and then wear or use them during your games you will receive extra money from the sponsors, so it is worth keeping an eye on what the sponsors are offering you.

      ** Game play **
      Once set up the game is relatively easy to start and a tutorial mode is offered to begin with. Being totally rubbish at these kinds of games I decided to take full advantage of this and was surprised by how helpful it actually was. It starts off by showing you how to hold the Wii remote as if it is a golf club and how to swing it to take your shots, make sure you have plenty of room! It also goes into great detail about how to angle your shots to avoid trees and bunkers. I found all of this rather complicated, and to be honest I still do and have a habit of just aiming and hoping for the best! While this isn't the best tactic to use it has got me through a few courses. After the tutorial on taking shots you are taken to the green to learn how to putt. This part I found really easy to pick up from viewing the cross section of the green and how much force to put behind the shots, my grandad however took longer to understand this bit.

      The game play itself is really smooth and the courses look really realistic. So much that when my mum came round and we were playing this she thought it was on the TV not a game. As you swing to hit the ball you are shown a view from the golfers eye on the screen so you see down the club and your ball. At first this really distracted me but after a while I got the hang of it. When you have taken your shot the camera follows the ball with a really smooth picture, no bittyness or jerking at all. The crowd can be seen watching the ball and even they look realistic!

      Using the wii remote as your club takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are used to playing the golf on the wii sports games as the swing on this is completely different. This one is much more accurate to your movement and even more so if you add the motion plus accessory. If you use the motion plus then your shots will be scrutinised and you are shown a screen which is supposed to help you to improve your shots. I tried this once and decided that was taking it too far.

      ** Online Play **
      Tiger Woods can be played online, however with not being a very good golfer I have decided not to venture into the world of online gaming for this one.

      Another feature which makes the game more fun in the online department is the weather. If you have your wii connected to the internet then you can select to have the weather on the courses linked in with real time weather, so, if it is raining on the course in Scotland then it will be raining in your game. The weather really affects your shots, especially when on the green putting, this can be quite frustrating so I'd recommend only setting this up after you have had a bit of practice first.

      ** Mini Golf **
      One of my favourite parts of this game is the mini golf area. In this area you can choose to play one of a variety of mini golf courses including race track car themed ones and a snow themed one. I enjoy these mini courses as they are a nice break from having to swing my arms around to hit the ball as far as I can and they are also good for practicing putting skills.

      ** Controls and Motion Plus **
      The controls of the game are not easy, but at the same time they're not hard. It is more a case of getting used to which buttons to press or hold while you set up your shots and take them as this varies depending on what sort of shot you want.

      As I mentioned earlier the game is motion plus compatible but can also be played without it. I recommend without personally unless you are taking the game very seriously.

      ** Graphics and Sound **
      The graphics in the game are fantastic! I particularly like how you can adjust your golfers facial details so accurately and they remain just as smooth during game play when the golfers expressions change. The graphics during game play are also amazingly smooth and realistic. I'm impressed!

      The sound is also very good, there is a running commentary when you play in the tournament matches which can be annoying and I often hear my grandad swearing at it when it insults one of his shots.

      ** Price and Availability **
      I purchased this game in January 2011 from Play.com for £17.99.

      ** My Experience and Opinion **
      For me to recommend a golf game says a lot for the game as golf is not one of my favourite sports, however I find myself recommending this game as I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I do enjoy playing it. Admittedly I do have to be in the right mood to play it as parts can be frustrating, especially if I loose the ball or do a bad shot, but in general I do enjoy the occasional game and it also keeps my grandad quiet for hours!

      Thanks for reading :)


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      31.10.2011 18:45
      Very helpful



      Excellent golf game, with real shelf-life

      I have always dipped in and out of love with the game of golf. It can give so much - from verdant walks, quality time with a friend or relative, good exercise and the satisfaction of hitting something a long way! However for those things not to be consistently ruined by poor shots, lost balls and inconsistency you need dedication and practise, two things that have never sat easily with me! Luckily, although Tiger Woods PGA tour 11 certainly requires a keen hand eye coordination and some practise, it certainly lacks many of the frustrations of the real game and yet is accurate enough to make you work and giving enough to have you believe that you really are pretty damn good! (Just don't step out onto the real course to shatter the illusion!)

      The graphics:

      Excellent throughout, with great course detail, zoom-ins and sound effects that enhance the overall experience.


      This is the real winner as the game allows you to hold the controller as you would a golf club and rewards a complete and smooth swing (as far as the technology allows of course). The motion plus adds some heart-beats that appear if you have hit a particularly good shot or are about to attempt a shot that could, for example, leave you with an eagle put. Unlike the Wii Sports Resort golf game, there are very few unrealistic hole in ones or holed shots from long irons. The in-game commentary is so American and produces some inevitable chuckles - especially the interaction between the male and female commentators. The game actually is rather physically tiring after a few consecutive rounds. Oh, and the true-view option where you actually see the view that your golfer would is a real revelation.

      The aim of the game:

      While there are many quick play options, surely the most satisfying is to play as yourself and build your talents and bank account, wardrobe and golf bag up by playing in the PGA tour events and getting prize money, points (which can be exchanged for skill points in various categories - power, spin, accuracy and recovery). This is fantastic and durable as it takes a long time to get to the top! If connected wirelessly to the net, you will also get added bonuses and money for longest drive on a given hole, etc.

      Internet play:

      Good option, but some people get such ridiculous scores, that it is highly likely that they've found a cheat that I haven't - not bitter honest :).


      Superb. If you have motion plus and are in any way a golf fan. Get this - it is the closest game to the real thing that I've ever come across, there are no stuffy members or infuriatingly slow people in front of you either, which is a huge bonus!


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