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Trivial Pursuit (Wii)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Quiz & Trivia / Release Date: 2009-03-13 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    3 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 16:32
      Very helpful



      A Good Console Version Of A Classic Board Game

      The Pursuit Of Trivia

      Trivial Pursuit is the classic board game that sits in a cupboard until friends come around and you need something to do together. Now there's no need to bother with the board as you can all huddle around the TV, controllers in one hand and possibly a beer in the other.
      So, now we have the Wii version, and I can't think of a more suitable console for this game, the Wii has always been sold on the back of its family friendly games. It's nice to have some classic games board games to play, and we have EA to thank for this one. The Wii version looks very polished and the graphics are more than adequate for a game of this type.

      The game has three modes, Classic, Facts and Friend, and Friends Clear the Board. The Classic is as you would expect, the same as the traditionally board game. Where each player attempts to land on a wedge question and collect all the wedges, returning to the centre to attempt to win the game.

      Facts and Friends mode changes the rules, all players use the same piece (or puck) and each category question correctly answered count towards getting a wedge of that colour. When a player gets a wedge the other players then cannot. That is unless you land on a bonus square that go in place of the roll again squares. It's then possible to steal another players wedge or bet on whether a player will get a question right or wrong amongst other challenges.

      The clear the board mode is a timed single player mode, you must get all wedges and answer the final question. You can only get a question on each square once. You collect points along the way and attempt to best the high score. Your score will multiply with correct answers.

      Now, of course the usual way of answering question is to actually have to know the answer and say it out load. With a console version this is not possible so the answers are multiple choice. This is not as dumbed down as you might think. Of course it's possible to get a lucky guess, but it's still an even playing field for all players.

      The multiple choice element also helps to avoid one of the biggest problems with the board game, that is how long it can take to complete a game. The board game can have incorrect answer after incorrect answer and with the luck of the dice thrown in can get pretty boring. This does not happen with this version.

      Not all of the questions are just text based, EA have taken advantage of the console and thrown in some picture questions. This helps to add some variety to a normally pretty ordinary question and answer game. The map questions are great as you have to actually point out an area on the map that corresponds to the question. So, it's not just a matter of knowing the answer, you need to know where. I hope you were paying attention in geography lessons.

      One of the biggest problems with computer quiz games has always been the limited number of questions, I have yet to have a repeat question and there are apparently a large number of questions available, this is very good. The only downside is that a lot of the question are very easy, that's not to say they're all too easy though. It would have been good if there were multiple selectable difficulty levels. Also, whoever decided which questions fit into which categories has some strange ideas sometimes. It is also possible to buy question packs online.


      Trivial Pursuit will fit into your Wii collection nicely. It won't be a game that come out every day, but when family and friends are together it can be great fun. The only omission I can think of is online multiplayer but for me that's not a big deal. It can be picked up now for around £13 so it's really a fair price.



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        08.10.2010 14:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        wii players who liked the original will get plenty of enjoyment from this

        Everyone has played the board game version, it was always one of my favourite games. So I was excited to learn of the Wii version.

        One bonus over the board game is that this version allows you to have a single player game, called "clear the board". You can challenge yourself by beating your previous score and time.

        Then there is the "facts and friends" version. This is where points and lives are put on the line, which makes for a quick game. One puck is shared by all players and they compete for as many wedges as possible.

        Finally, and probably the one most people will want to play the most, is the classic version. You required to choose between 3 packs of questions, "standard", "all" or "movie". You simply have to fill your puck with all 6 wedges, which are in the wedge HQ, by landing on the appropriate spaces and answering a question correctly for each space. Then you go to central HQ and the other people playing decide on a question category for you, from which a question must be answered correctly.

        Personally I enjoy this game more without the sound. It really annoyed me after the first few hours of playing.

        I was trying to find out how many questions are contained within the game. This information hasn't been provided with the booklet. As far as I am aware there haven't been any repeat questions as yet, but having owned the game for 6 months, my time has been limited and I haven't played the game exhaustively.

        If you are sat at the other end of the room, you may struggle to read some of the questions, the letters are too small.

        This is a good game to kill a few hours, but I suppose the same problem exists with this as with the classic board game, eventually the questions run out. Then the game can become a farce. But if you can handle this, and you enjoy playing on the wii in general, I see no reason why this game shouldn't become a valuable part of your games collection.


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          26.01.2010 21:33
          Very helpful



          A good family game

          I am a fan of the original Trivial Pursuit boardgame, owning this and also a version about travel. I have to say, I do fnd some of the questions quite hard on the original game and so I was hoping that the Wii game would be a bit easier as it is aimed more towards families.

          We received the Wii Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas and played it on the day.

          The box is blue with a large Trivial Pursuit wedge logo on the front.

          On the main menu you are offered options of three different games to play. These are:

          Clear the Board: This is a game which can be played by just one player. I think it is a good idea that they have the option of a single-player game.

          Each time an question is answered correctly or incorrectly, a tick or a croOriginal/Traditional version - the same as the board game. You have three packs of questions to choose from (same on all 3 versions of gameplay) these are Standard, All or Movie pack. ss is marked on that square. Every time a question is answered correctly, you are given a score multiplier for the category. There are also other objectives such as answering a few questions in a row correct and getting the final question correct on the first go. An overall time and score is then given and you can aim to beat this next time.

          Traditional Version: This is basically exactly the same as the board game and there can be up to four players. There are three different packs of questions to choose from which are "Standard", "All" or "Movie Pack".

          Friends and Family: This game is great if you want a quicker game. The regular board is played but the difference is that everyone is competing for the same wedges. You are able to earn points towards wedges and this creates a bit more of a competitive game! You are also able to bet against eachother as to whether you think they will get the question wrong or right. You are able to play "Bonus"games too where you can steal wedges etc.

          At the end of the game, the amount of wedges you gained are changed to "lives" and there are final questions to determine the winner.

          The writing on the questions is quite small, I find this OK but other family members have found it quite hard to read.

          There is a bery irritating voice who says certain catchphrases which get very repetitive and it would be brilliant if there was an option for turning this off.

          I find the questions can be quite easy and so this game wouldn't be suitable for those who find that the original board game questions are suited to them!

          I have had quite a few questions repeated now and I have only played the game about 10 times, so it is disappointing that it has only taken this amount of time for questions to be repeated - although I guess you can see if you have learnt anything!

          A lot of the questions are asked where a place, say New York, is the answer but instead of selecting the answer from the four multiple choice answers that are given, you need to pin point it on a map - New York is easy but it is much more difficult with some other places!

          By using multiple choice, sometimes it is very easy to just guess and use common sense to get the answer correct, which means that someone may be stuck with the control for a while, while everyone else gets a bit bored!

          All in all, it is a fun game, but it does have its problems!


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