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TV Show King Party (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Quiz & Trivia / Release Date: 2008-11-21 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 11:31
      Very helpful
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      Not bad for a party game

      I received this Wii game as a gift one christmas. I am always looking for multiplay, party style games for the Wii and this seemed like a good addition for the family.

      The game is basically a quiz game for up to 4 players. At the start you can choose from a regular quiz or special feature games and you get a choice of how many rounds you play and the difficulty level, which when you see some of the questions is a very good idea, particularly if you have younger players in the game.

      When playing with multiple players you will need extra Wii remotes, so keep that in mind if purchasing this game. You are all competing against other. Each player has the chance to answer every question, the fastest to answer gets the most points and the points go down the slower you are. There is also a time limit, so you do have to be quick.

      At first the game starts with straight forward questions and players answer by pointing their Wii remotes at the correct answer and pressing A. As the game progresses you get 'novelty rounds' where you will have to stratch away, or use a torch to reveal the answers.

      At the end of each round players are asked if they would like to spin the wheel. You may as well because although you can lose all your points in one spin, you can also steal them from other players, double your points and win bonus points. Beware though other players may steal some or all of your points, but this can happen whether you spin or not. This is funny but feels really unfair if you're doing really well in the quiz.

      The two players with the highest points go onto a head to head quiz and this is how the winner is decided. This can take a while unless your very at quizes because the questions can be quite hard.

      Overall a good party game, lot's of laughs and at times a challenge. Not a game for the little ones unless your on teams. There are a lot more modes and options, but I have described the mode I use to play as we never seem to get time to try the others.


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        25.02.2011 16:11
        Very helpful



        Trivia game good to play now and again.

        I received the TV Show King Party game for the Wii as a Christmas present two years ago. As a family, it is over the Christmas period that we use the Wii the most as it's great entertainment for when we all get together, so a new game always goes down well. Games like this, which can be enjoyed by multiple players, and those of all ages, are favoured.


        The idea of the game is that you compete in a trivia based TV game show. The game is set around a game wheel (much like the tv show wheel of fortune) and you compete against up to three other players in answering general trivia questions. Every question that you answer correctly is worth cash (US Dollars). The amount of cash that you receive depends on how quickly you answer the question - if you are playing against others the first person to get the correct answer gets most money etc.

        At the end of each round you are then able to select to spin the wheel, as a gamble, to try to earn more money - although this can result in you losing it all too. This introduces the element of chance. You can play the game in various formats, depending on whether you are playing alone or with others.


        The game has five different modes that you can play, depending on the number of players. This is great as it adds a bit of variety and depth to the game, so if you get bored of one format there are others that you can try - adding length to the playing time before you get bored.

        Normal mode - this can be played by 1-4 players and is the main game mode. There are various different rounds and the goal is simply to win as much money as possible.

        Team up - can be played by 1-4 players, although by it's very nature I would say really it is for 2 or 4 players! The format is the same as for the normal mode but the players can team up together and prize money is that earned by the two team mates together.

        Face-off - for 1-2 players. Two players compete to answer 5 questions the quickest, this can be played by two players or by one player against the computer.

        Quiz Attack - for 1 player. Answer as many questions as possible without getting one wrong. Game is over as soon as you give an incorrect answer.

        Last one standing - 2-4 players. All players attempt to answer as many questions as possible without any mistakes. Players are eliminated as they provide a wrong answer - to leave the last one standing as the winner!


        Within the normal and team-up modes there are various different rounds to make up the whole game. For all rounds, except the final, the player with the lowest score has the opportunity to chose the category for the round. The categories available are: Sports, Science & Nature, Movies, General Knowledge, Music, History & Geography, Scholar and Entertainment. We have found that these categories are pretty diverse and tend to offer something for everyone. Everyone tend to have one or two categories that they favour and select these whenever they are given the chance. Once a category has been selected however it is removed from the list so can only be used once per game.

        The rounds in the quiz are as follows:
        Classic quiz - Simply select the correct answer to the question from the four provided. The quickest to get the correct answer wins the most cash.

        Light quiz - As for classic quiz, but the answers are 'blacked out' so you need to illuminate them by pointing your remote at them like a torch to first reveal them and then select the correct answer.

        Scratch quiz - As for the light quiz, answers are hidden and you need to 'scratch' and reveal as you would on a scratch card by moving the the wii remote backwards and forwards over the answer.

        Final duel - The two players with the highest scores compete head to head to be the first to answer five questions correctly to win the quiz.

        At the end of each round, there is the opportunity to bet your cash on the outcome of spinning the wheel. You are given the option of spinning or not spinning the wheel. If you select that you will, you can double your money, lose your money, win additional sums of money or swap your money with another player. If you do not spin, you (and your money!) are safe.


        The game is really simple and easy to play, with very basic controls. The game just requires the basic wii remote rather than requiring the nunchuk too. The games nearly all just involve pointing the remote at the screen and using the A button - so it is really easy for even non-gamers to pick the controls up.
        To spin the wheel, you hold down the A button and swing your remote from left to right to grab hold of the wheel and then spin it. This has proved the most tricky control of the game as the character doesn't always seem to grab the wheel first time, so can be a little frustrating.

        MY OPINION

        The game is really simple and fun for all ages to play. It is rather 'americanised' so some of the questions are on things that we are not so familiar with, but this doesn't matter too much as it puts everyone on a level playing field and everyone can have a guess. The characters in the game, notably the quiz show host, are also a little 'cheesy' and can start to annoy you after a time! The game states that there are over 4000 questions contained. We have played this game a number of times now and have not had any questions repeated, so there does seem to be a lot of questions.

        The rounds don't last too long - I would say three to four minutes - so they hold everyone's attention well. This makes the overall game length around 15 minutes, which I find to be an ideal length of time, especially when children are playing too. The questions are perhaps a little difficult for younger players, and children do tend to be guessing a fair amount. However, this is where the spinning of the wheel makes the game more suited to the whole family as it introduces the element of luck and chance. This is great as it means that even those that aren't doing well with the questions can still win - something that will mean that the children will continue to play rather than get bored.

        The controls can be a little frustrating at times as you are trying to play quickly against other players and the wii remote can sometimes be difficult to control and direct accurately (this is a feature of the Wii rather than the game specifically, but has caused frustration in our house!!).

        The rounds are pretty basic and I think the game would benefit from having a bit more variety here, for example players each competing against the clock rather than always against each other or just with a bit more added variety - more like the BUZZ! games that you can buy, where rounds are very different from each other. It would also add to the game if there were more different rounds and you didn't necessarily play the same rounds in every game - as this can make the game a little monotonous. I think the fun factor that is present in games like BUZZ! where you can throw a pie at an opponent, or play 'pass the bomb' which adds pressure and enjoyment, is missing and something a little different like this in the rounds here would definitely add something to the game.

        The game is good to entertain the family with every now and then, which fits our needs for it, but it wouldn't be one that you'd get much play out of. There is not enough variety in the game to capture your interest for very long and we usually play only one or two games at a time. It really is a very basic game, which is good on one level as anyone can play but not so good in terms of long-term playability.

        The game retails at around £20 new, which I personally wouldn't pay for this as I don't believe we play this enough to get value for that kind of money. It can be picked up a little cheaper used and if you can pick it up at a decent price I would recommend it if you are looking for a family game that you can play every now and again. However, if you are looking for something that you can play regularly, then I would say there are better games out there to meet your needs.


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