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Venom UltimateSports Pack Extra (Wii)

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Manufacturer: Venom / Genre: / Release Date: 2008

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2009 11:43



      Pants pants pants pants pants

      Venom Ultimate Sports Pack Extra for the Nintendo Wii is a bit of a waste of time in my opinion. We bought this a while back and the only thing that we have ever used is the wheel for racing games. Designed to help with your game play I can see the idea behind them, but they take up so much space. You are more likely to knock out your three year old with these than just your remote control. The pieces you get in this sports pack are a raquet, a baseball bat, a golf club and a wheel. The parts you remove are easy to lose. The idea is that you connect your Wii remote to the handles, or the centre of the wheel to help you to get a feel for the real thing, but it simply didnt work for me. I'd ditched these the first time I tried them, they were HUGE, about twice the size of the Wii remote and when you are swinging things that size around, lets face it there's going to be an accident. Not ideal for kids either as they tend to get closer to the sceen as they play.


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      01.12.2008 17:38
      Very helpful



      Not really all that necessary!

      I have just received my Christmas present early since they're selling out so fast (and I'm an impatient brat!) of a Nintendo Wii and part of the package was a sports accessories pack. To be honest, I wasn't overly fussed about that part of the bundle besides the fact that it had a spare steering wheel, which I would need for Mario Kart.

      There are plenty of different sports packs available for the Wii, but mine is the "Venom Ultimate Sports Pack Extra", which can be found on Amazon for £19.56, which is really pretty expensive compared to competing products.

      This particular pack contains:
      - Tennis racket attachment
      - Baseball bat attachment
      - Golf club attachment
      - Steering wheel
      - 1x pink and 1x blue silicone skins for Wiimote.

      All attachments are made from white plastic and are fairly lightweight with the baseball bat being heaviest, as expected. The Wiimote sits inside a plastic handle, which then hooks onto whichever attachment you choose to use. For the steering wheel you slot the remote into the space in the middle of the wheel.

      I found the tennis racket by far the easiest to use. For me, the golf club doesn't make gameplay any easier, and I'm totally indifferent about the baseball bat.

      The steering wheel is not as good as the official Wii Wheel, but a handy thing to have. I do wish it was a full circle shape rather than having a flat bottom and two "horns" if you will. The remote is also extremely difficult to slot into the wheel and I was worried it would get stuck.

      I did find several negatives:

      1. Firstly, you have to take the skin off the remote to use attachments. For that reason I doubt I will use the skins included in this pack because they are not as easy to remove as those which come with the Wiimote. It does get to be a pain removing the skin every time you want to play.

      2. On some screens you have to remove the remote to make selections, which again is a pain especially when using the wheel where the remote is difficult to get in and out.

      3. The skins that come with the pack don't have grips and are quite slick. I think this would get a bit annoying, especially if your hands get sweaty when playing!

      4. The handle of the accessory itself (which you slot the racket head, bat, etc on to) has no grips either, and is quite wide and uncomfortable to hold.

      And on the bright side...I have read reviews of other accessory packs which have been poorly made and had parts fly off denting walls and breaking things. I think these are sturdy and are unlikely to break themselves or anything else, providing of course you are playing in a reasonable space! The heads will not attach before you pull back a clip, which then locks into place, so you would know if they weren't correctly in place and once it's locked, the parts aren't going anywhere.

      Would I pay £19.56 for this? No. That's practically another game. I'm not sure I'll even use the parts that much besides the wheel, because after only a few days' play I'm realising it's probably more of a pain to take off skins, attach the parts, etc than it is worth. Am I glad I got it in my bundle? Yes, if only for the wheel.

      In my opinion you really don't need any kind of accessory to make tennis, golf, etc that much easier or more enjoyable, the money would be far better spent on a new game!

      Now I'm off to nurse my Wii tennis elbow...


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    • Product Details

      The Ultimate Sports Pack is designed to broaden your experience on the Nintendo Wii. Now you can play your favourite sports games with enhanced gameplay with easy fit attachements. The lightweight material assures that equipment isn't a heavy burden on your arms so that you may enjoy a lengthier playing time without tiring as quickly. With this sports package, you won't even know that you are in front of a screen, but in the game itself.

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