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We Love Golf (Wii)

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2013 16:42
      Very helpful



      A good kids golf game

      This game was given to my boyfriend recently as he enjoys playing golf on various games consoles and his friend didn't use this. On the Nintendo Wii console we had only tried the golf as one of the Wii Sports game and although it's not bad there are limited things to do so it can become dull quickly. This game is only golf so we expected it to have much more to keep you interested and also have more detail and complexity.

      The game is available on Amazon from £15 new or £5.50 used including delivery. The game is suitable for players aged 3 and over.
      You can play along or with up to 4 players using one controller or more. You can also play this game online up to 4 player if you wish.
      The first thing I noticed about this game, which was to be expected considering the images on the cover and the low age rating, was its childishness. A lot of Nintendo Wii games are like this but to be honest in this particular game I found the graphics and sound effects a bit too childish.
      There are a choice of characters, some are quite funny at first, stamping their feet or throwing themselves to the ground when they lose or doing a little twirl when they win. You can use the 'A' and 'B' buttons to cheer your oppositions on or tell them to hurry up (generally annoying them and being offputting) as they take their shots.

      The game is simple to play and consists mainly of pointing the remote down, swinging back and forwards. There is on screen help available at first which is in the form of a Wii remote annoyingly telling you to "point me down" at every opportunity, so we weren't long getting rid of him.
      You can change the club you are using, using the '+' and '-' buttons, you can also change the direction of your shot using the arrow buttons, the wind speed and direction are shown in the top right of the screen so you can adjust your direction and power accordingly, but half the time you do more harm than good so it's best to leave the marker where it is automatically placed, hit and hope. To get an accurate shot it's all about timing and it will only take a few shots to perfect this using the symbols in the power bar at the bottom of the screen.
      As you win matches and tournaments you will unlock new courses, some of these are themed, I particularly like the pirate course which features huge skull shaped rocks and pirate ships.

      Once you have the hang of it, it's a bit too simple and dull but the mini games are challenging and fun. One of the games require you to land your ball in a target, the outer ring of the target will give you 10 points, the middle 30 points and the inner 50 points. You will have a set number of holes to play to reach a target number of points to unlock your next challenge. These get harder and harder as you progress.
      Another challenge which is my favourite is hitting the ball through rings. Not only do you have to complete the hole in par or less, you must also hit the ball through all of the rings on the hole. These start off easy with maybe one or 2 rings which you can't really miss in aiming for the flag, but get really hard, sometimes you have to divert your ball a bit off course to go through the rings before you can start aiming for the hole. I found these very interesting and fun and they kept me interested for quite some time, getting addictive when I got stuck on one.
      There are also skins challenges and closest to the pin challenges.
      Overall, I'm a bit undecided about this game. It's an improvement on the golf in Wii sports due to having a larger selection of courses, but it's not a patch on some really great golf games such as the Tiger Woods games for xbox 360 which are very detailed and require a degree of skill. This game is very simple which is why I would recommend it to families as it's suitable for all ages. Also it would be good for youngsters who have an interest it golf. For anyone a bit older looking for something more challenging there are only the mini games which might be fun. I enjoyed the game, but it wasn't as good as I expected so I'd be disappointed if I paid full price. It's worth getting if you can get a used copy cheap though.


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      25.07.2008 22:27
      Very helpful



      A very nice and simple golf game which is easy to get the hang off.

      We Love Golf is a arcade style sport game on wii.


      There are 7 modes which offers alot of action packed fun to gamers. You get to play against other players in challenge mode or you can go play the tournament mode and also do a stroke challenge mode. It also as an online mode where you can go on World Play and either choose beginner or master depending on your ability and show your sikills.


      Gameplay is easy enough to get the hang of quickly and it does support 4 players so everyone can play each other. To control it, you have to pull around the wii remote.


      The graphics are good and bouncy for a wii game. Its 3D and has a crispness to it which makes it memorable.


      Not really much sounds actually which makes it quite boring and disappinting sometimes.

      Overall, this is a typical golf game and if you do like golf, get it! However, it does little to utilise the ability of the wii remote.


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