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Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2 (Wii)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Quiz & Trivia / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2008-11-28 / Published by Ubisoft

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    3 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 13:47
      Very helpful



      Good fun but bit taxing on the brain

      We are very big games fans in our house and on long wet weekends will often sit as a family and work our way through some games we can all play together. I have bought the Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire - 2nd Edition games for our Wii for £18 from Game. I bought it mainly for me and my other half as we both really enjoy watching the real life version of this on TV and enjoy trying to answer some of the questions.

      I hadn't already tried the first edition of this game so I cannot make any comparisions but only comment on this edition I own. Its very simple to set up and comes with a really useful and handy instruction manual and hints and tips for playing the game.

      We initially loved the little Mii characters and enjoyed naming them etc and this was as far as the little lad's interest took him as this an adult game and not for six year old's. To be perfectly honest, some of the questions on this game are so hard that even for pretty intelligent folks, I figure they would be struggling a lot. Even the first set of questions (traditionally the easiest ones) had me completely puzzled and not wanting to look thick in front of others I put off playing this for a little while.

      It's fun to see your little Mii character in the Hotseat being asked questions by the voice of Chris Tarrant. There are so many questions - probably thousands upon thousands and each one has me stumped.
      The controls are simple to use and play and there is nothing complicated about using them, inlcluding Fastest Finger etc. I enjoy multiplayer mode better than single player mode as I get a bit bored when doing it solo but we enjoy playing with friends if they come over on a night after work. It gives you a laugh but can easily make you look a bit dim due to the extremely hard questions.

      The graphics are, in my opnion, very good and the sound quality is also impressive including the original soundtrack from the show. It is addictive and I do recommend it but I suggest you read up on your general knowledge beforehand if you don't want to be at risk of looking a plonker.

      Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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      02.11.2011 10:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not the best game for a fun quiz experience

      Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2nd Edition. Nintendo Wii

      ** Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2nd Edition - The Game **
      I purchased Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2nd Edition back in September 2010 under the illusion that in the days of my Playstation 1 gaming I really enjoyed the original and so years on another version could be just as good if not better. Unfortunately this is where I was wrong as I will explain.

      ** In The Box **
      Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2nd Edition comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, contained inside the box is a game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is very clear and simple to follow.

      ** The Set Up **
      Once the game disc is inserted and you have gone past the usual selection of adverts and safety warnings I found the set up of the game to be pretty simple. I entered my name and selected my little wii Mii character. I was then given the options of main game modes and multiplayer's.

      The first time I played I was alone so I chose the main game. This consists of 12 questions instead of the original 15. This has been done to keep the game up-to-date with the newer version of the TV show. When the game starts you are greeted by Chris Tarrant welcoming you to the show. In the corner of the screen you will see a smiling version of your Mii character and the question and the four possible answers are displayed across the bottom of the screen, very similar to when the show is on TV. The 3 lifelines are also displayed; ask the audience, 50:50 and phone a friend.

      In previous editions of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire games series they have followed the same general format of the TV show by starting off with easy questions, however I immediately noticed that this was not the case with this game and from the very start the questions were very hard and just got harder. This put me off the game right from the start and admittedly after a few sessions I kind of lost interest because there was no way I could answer the questions.

      After loosing interest in the main game my attention turned to the Fastest Finger First mode. This can be played in single player mode, however after a few games I found it lacked the excitement of if I had been playing against friends.

      So, reluctantly after what was probably only a day or two at the most this game was resigned to the games shelf until I was ready to go for a trade in.

      This trade in didn't happen for a while and during the game shelf time I found myself taking this game round to my friends house knowing she is a fan of quiz style games and thought she might give me a different view on it. From the single player mode my friend agrees with me, it is too hard and because of this it gets boring very fast. However when we played in multiplayer mode the game seemed a lot better, this may have been due to the large amount of wine consumed during this evening but we we're all of a sudden very good at the questions and winning lots. The multiplayer mode is the same as single player mode with regards to the main game except you take it in turns to answer questions. In Fastest Finger First mode we found that we got quite competitive and tried to block each others views of the screen to beat each other, yes, we know its cheating but we had to win!

      ** Controls **
      The controls of the game are very simple. They are mainly a case of point and click on the answer or selection that you want.

      ** Graphics and Sound **
      The graphics in the game are basic and although in general they are pretty smooth there are a few glitches and rough edges. The sound effects are also pretty basic, mainly the music and sound effects from the TV show and Chris Tarrant's' voice over telling you how good or bad you are doing.

      ** Price and Availability **
      I purchased this game in September 2010 for a very reasonable £12.99 from Blockbuster. The game is currently retailing at around £20 online.

      ** My Experience and Opinion **
      For single player gaming I would highly not recommend this game, it is too hard and gets boring very fast, however for multiplayer fun I would recommend it if you can find it at a low price as this can turn from a boring game into a quite entertaining one if you don't take it too seriously!

      Thanks for reading :)


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        28.10.2011 09:55
        Very helpful



        A good solid TV quiz game

        After the poor rushed port of the first edition and the disappointment I had with that, I was in two minds over whether to buy the second edition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? when it was released. Even though I am a huge quiz show addict and love these sort of games the poor shoddy port of the first edition on the Wii left a sour taste in my mouth so it took me a while to actually buy the second edition and that was only after reading reviews which stated previous problems with the game had been rectified. And I must say that I am so glad that I did!

        In essence, this is a game of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire that has been made for the Wii and made with the Wii in mind. No longer is it merely a port of other games, a multi console release or anything else...its first and foremost a Wii game.

        Everything for the 1st Edition has been improved and the first thing that will hit you is the overall presentational improvements which range from much better sound, better colours and Wii style graphics, all light and vibrant giving the game that fun, Wii-esque edge that the first one lacked. The menus are easier to use, the motion control is much more sensitive and generally this feels like a game that has been given time to design and develop rather than a rushed port.

        A big plus in this second edition is also the integration of Mii's. These little characters appear in a vast number of games and its always good to have your Mii as a playable character and seeing yourself in the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire hotseat is great fun. Especially in the games multiplayer modes.

        The single player mode has not changed a great deal other than the same changes which have happened in the tv version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire namely being the elimination of the £100 questions etc, change in lifelines. It all makes for a funner game but I must say a tougher one....

        The same problems arise in single player. Taking the money is a pointless option really as most players will always risk for the big million pound win when its not real money and after winning the million there isn't much challenge left but that's tougher than it seems.

        This game uses 100% new questions and there are hundreds of thousands of them and I must admit even as an intelligent, quiz addict I find this tough going indeed. Even the early questions are tough and this may alienate some people. After all you play tp have fun, not to reminded how stupid you might be!
        The multiplayer has been improved with a fasted finger first mode, Mii integration makes head to head more fun and the whole Wii-focused package makes it much more enjoyable.

        In essence this is a fun addictive quiz game, especially in multiplayer. Its difficult for sure and provides a tough test to any quiz player and winning a million is, as it should be, very tough. The game this time is Wii focused and uses many more features of the consoles than previously and in all this is the title that the first edition should have been.

        Worth a look!

        Also on CIAO


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