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Wii Party (Wii)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Release Date: 2010-10-08 / Published by Nintendo

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    11 Reviews
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      18.02.2012 18:14
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      On my recent mission to buy games for our new Wii that we could all play, I came across this reasonably priced game and decided to look into it a little bit more. I was happy with reviews and ratings that it had received and so bought it for our family to play.

      The concept is as the title suggests, one of Wii's collection of party games. I liked that the game is set out for good old fun and although the game is mainly aimed at being a multiplayer game, there are some games that can be played individually. Not that I sit and play the Wii on my own all night - I don't! - but sometimes the girls want to watch one us play but not join in.

      There are around 80 mini games in this collection and are divided into three main sections. There are:

      Pair Games - Best played in pairs but can be played on an individual level. Requires players to work in pairs to complete a mini game. A good one to try and boost your memory is 'Match Up' which is basically pairs with your Mii's. The only difference is you have to remember what colour each Mii is wearing.

      House Party - Can only be played by 2 - 4 players but the games are much more interactive, giving you tasks which require YOU to move and not just the controller! The games can vary in the House Party section and include word games, quizzes and my favourite 'Hide and Hunt!'. This requires one player to hide all of the remotes in the room while the others have to find it, while the remotes make noises every 30 seconds until it is found. The winner is the player with the most points after each player has had a turn to hunt the remotes. This sounds so simple, yet has had our whole family in stitches as we practically pull apart a room to find the remote (in one instance only to find it shoved down my three year olds pants!).

      Party Games - Based loosely on a board game, players must compete against each other in a set of mini games which they must win to be able to move around a board. The winner will be crowned the Champion. The games within this section are quite similar to the Mario Party games for anyone that has played this. This section of games require various levels of skill and lots of luck, so in my opinion this is a good game for new or younger players. We like playing the party games as a family and it introduces lots of light hearted competition. This can give the game suspense and excitement as it may not be too obvious (as with other games) as to who may win. In this section is the Bingo game (which I have to quite embarrassingly admit to loving!!), which plays with Mii characters rather than numbers. Each bingo card has pictures of the Mii's on and players must mark them off to complete a full line as you would with numbers. The game is mixed up slightly if a mini game ball comes out of the Bingo machine, which halts the game and see's all players take part in a mini game. The winner of the mini game then gets to mark off a Mii from their card. This is a fairly quick game but good fun.

      Throughout the game there are opportunities to play mini games and some of these are highly addictive! One of my favourites is holding the remote as still as possible to avoid dropping parcels that your Mii is holding.

      The graphics are fun and colourful, as seems to be the case with most Wii games. The content is based more on families and children as opposed to the stereotypical male orientated Playstation games, with the graphics tending to have an emphasis on a realistic style. As I have explained in a previous Wii game review, I tend to find that Wii games are almost innocent, which is definitely the case with this game, with players selecting a 'Mii' to play with and the bright colours and fun cartoon style graphics.

      All in all this is a perfect family game packed full of fun and excitement with a little bit of light hearted competition thrown in here and there. This game really keeps my young girls attention because they can actually complete most of the games (with a little help), but its also good for playing amongst friends. I wouldn't say this was targeted towards any age group really and just aims to make you giggle. Good fun.

      You can pick this up on Amazon for around £18 at the moment.


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      12.11.2011 15:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Who will be champion in your family

      Wii Party is a game that is designed for family fun, it is a mostly multiplayer game (though there are some games suitable to play solo) and is full of little mini games. This game is a great family activity on a rainy day when the kids can't go outside and play and is suitable and amusing for both children and big kids like me (adults).

      To start playing this game, the first thing that you will need is a Mii for each player. Mii's are basically little characters that you can design (normally to look like yourself) and then can be used in game much like Wii Party on the Wii. Mii's can be created on the Wii Main Menu.

      Once you have your Mii you are ready to start the party! There are three different game categories that you can choose when playing this game, they are:

      Party Games:
      In this category up to 4 players can compete in a range of different mini games for the craved title of champion. Within the party games category there are board game style games that are very similar to the Mario Party Nintendo games. In these games a board game is mixed with little mini games and challenges to make a great interactive experience. I like the board games in this category because they have a good mix of luck and skill, so it can be hard to predict who the overall winner will be, I think this makes the game much more fun and gives it a bit of excitement. There is also Bingo available to play in this category, though I haven't played much of it as I am not a big Bingo fan.

      House Party Games:
      These are designed for 2 or more players. The games in this category range from quizzes to word play games and there is also a game where one player hides a Wii Remote in the room you are playing, then the other has to try and find it, the Wii Remote makes sounds every 30 seconds or so until the remote is found, it sounds silly but this game is actually really fun. These games are great fun to play in twos and my fiancé and I love playing the quiz game together.

      Pair Games:
      These are strictly 2 player games that are played either co-operatively or against each other. My favourite game in this category is Friend Connection, in this game there are 2 parts, the first part is a Mr and Mrs. Style set of questions that are asked about each player, in the second part you and your pair partner complete a mini game together co-operatively, when you have completed both tasks you are given a percentage that tells you how well you know each other. There is also a game where you match different colours to different Miis and another game where you have to balance a boat and also play minigames.
      The minigames that are included throughout this game are really entertaining. There us a range of 80 different games that are choose randomly so every time you play this game it is a little different. A few examples of the minigames on this game are:
      Jumbo Jump
      Face Off
      Smile Snap
      Chop Chops
      Flap Hurdles
      Minigames can either be played 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3. You can play mini games against other players at home like friends and family or else the computers at different levels of difficulty.

      Multiplayer functions on this game are great, you can play from 1-4 players as long as you have 4 Wii remotes and enough room of course to accommodate the 4 people dancing in your living room.

      The graphics on this game are what you would expect from the Nintendo Wii, they are bright colourful and cartoon styled, they could be described as quite child-like compared to games available on the Xbox or Playstation, but I think that this is what attracts Nintendo fans as games are light hearted and fun to play/look at.
      The music on this game is motivating and gets you pumped up to participate in the races. It is upbeat and has a fast tempo and is not out of place compared to what you would normally find in a Nintendo game.

      Price and Availability
      I bought this game in Game for £19.99 recently, this is a really great price for a Wii game as they are normally much more expensive and also this is just a new game out. You can also buy this game in HMV, GameStop, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys or online, I am sure that these stores also stock the game in around this price.

      This is a great competitive game that is great to play on a family night in, in my family we love playing the party games. This game has great multiplayer functions this makes it all the better to play at a party for a bit of good natured fun. I would definitely recommend this game as a family activity the minigames on it are fun and will keep you and the kids amused. There are loads of minigames on this game which make it less boring, giving this game great playability as you'll want to master them all in order to be crowned overall champion!

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90*


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        01.11.2011 12:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great interactive fun for the entire family

        Wii Party. Nintendo Wii

        ** Wii Party - The Game **

        Wii Party is, as the title suggests, another of the Wii's party games. It features over 80 mini games for you to play either alone or with friends as your little Mii Characters.

        Once the game is inserted and you've clicked your way through to the main selection screen you need to choose firstly what type of mini game you wish to play. The main modes of play are, Pair Games, House Party and Party Games.

        Pair Games
        The Pair Games are as they sound best played in pairs, however you can play a couple of them with just one player.

        Each of the pair games involves competing in a mini game, usually working together to complete it.

        My personal favourite in the Pair Games are is Balance Boat. In balance boat you must work as a team to win the mini games, if you are successful then at the end of the mini game you will be given two mii characters of equal size which you must place evenly on the mast of a boat being very careful not to rock the boat and drown everyone. If you are unsuccessful and loose the mini game then you are given one small mii and one large, making it harder to keep the boat evenly balanced. This continues until you eventually sink the boat and the mii's on it.

        House Party
        House Party games are much more interactive and I found them to be of great use when I was babysitting. These games involve movement around the room and not just point at the screen actions. The house party games can only be played with two to four people.

        There are five house party games, probably the most well known one being the time bomb which was advertised a lot on TV by JLS. However the favourite of mine and the kids I was babysitting was 'Hide 'n' Hunt'. This involved one person staying in the room and hiding the Wii remotes all around the room while the other players wait outside. When the remotes are hidden the other players have a race against time to find them. As the searching goes on the remotes will make little noises to alert the hunters to the area they are hidden in. Once all the remotes are found or the timer runs out then points are awarded to the player who was hiding them and it moves onto the next person to hide them, the game continues until each player has hidden the remotes, the winner is the player with the most points at the end of all this, so best to be creative with your hiding places. Ours have involved inside cushion covers, behind furniture, in plants and inside the curtain linings just to name a few!

        Party Games
        The Party Games area has a selection of board game based competitions which see players competing in lots of mini games against each other to move the most places and win. The best example of this is the 'Board Game Island' game. This is a game for one to four players, to start the game you will all compete in a mini game to determine the order of play. The player who wins the mini game gets the bonus of a 2nd dice to roll numbered 1-6, the 2nd place winner also gets a 2nd dice numbered 1-3 and 3rd place gets one numbered 1-2. The 4th place player just gets their one standard dice. Along the route to the finish there are various hazards and traps you need to defeat to continue including a dragon that sends a spike ball rolling towards you if you don't roll the correct number on the dice and a little lake of barrels which you must choose the right path across. This game takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete and it can get very competitive.

        I also enjoy playing the Bingo game in the party games section. Each player is given a bingo card with pictures of all the mii characters on it. Each ball that comes out of the machine has a mii face on it which you must then mark off on your card. The winner is the first to mark off a complete line of mii's. There are also some mini game balls in the ball machine too, if one of these comes out then everyone competes in a mini game and the winner of the mini game gets to mark off a mii of their choice from the card to help them win. This game takes around 5 to 10 minutes and I actually find it really addictive!

        Mini Games
        As well as the main game play areas there is also a mini game area where you can go to choose and practice any of the mini games. I like this bit when I'm just trying to fill a bit of time, although often find myself playing for longer than I had planned.

        The mini games vary from having to hold your remote as still as possible to keep a pile of ever-growing parcels and presents balanced in your mii's arms to choosing a random direction on a rail track to avoid crashing. There are also mini games that involve racing other players, shooting targets and even setting off fireworks.

        The sound in the game is quite honestly annoying to begin with, but the more you play then the more you seem to become immune to it. The graphics are good and run smoothly, all of the animation in this game is basic yet bright and colourful making the game appear very attractive.

        The controls are simple, mainly point, click and press a button for most of the mini games, but all of the controls are shown at the start of each mini game and there is always the option to select practice first if you're not sure what you're doing.

        I find this game to be very addictive, the mini games are catchy and fun and the multiplayer games always make me wish that there was someone living with me who wanted to play them just as much as me.

        ** Price and Availability **

        I received Wii Play for my birthday in November 2010 so as it was a gift I'm not sure how much it cost, upon having a quick look on play I can see that it is currently selling for £24.49 for the game only version, or £37 with the Wii remote included.

        ** My Experience and Opinion **

        I have played this game many times over the last year and I find it both addictive and enjoyable. It has been great for playing on our 'Wii Nights' that my friends and I have on a regular basis and it is also a great fun distraction for babysitting, they kids enjoy it and it wears them out at the same time!
        I would definitely recommend this game to all ages, it is great interactive fun for the entire family!


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          15.02.2011 13:24
          Very helpful



          A great game loaded with lots of games which keeps you entertained for hours!

          ~ Personal Experience ~

          I am a big fan of family type games as we tend to play quite a few board games as a family and if we can get a console game which is as good as the board game then we invest in them especially for the Wii console.
          When we bought this we had in mind how many players would be able to play it as we tend to have on average four players playing if we are going to play fun console games like Wii Party, Wii Sports and games alike.

          So what's the game like to play?

          It's jam packed full of mini games (80 in total) and all of them are brilliant and full of fun and will keep you entertained for hours on end. If your competitive it can be quite annoying at times as it tries to even the game up at certain points especially during the board game island.

          There are many features (most games are either 1-4 or 2-4 players): -

          Hide N Hunt: This is fun as you have to hide the remote within your room and the opposition has to find it within the allocated time.

          Time Bomb: You have to have precision handling here especially with the Wii remote and have to pass the remote to your opponent without shaking it, yes you know what happens if you have a shaky hand! Boom!
          Animal Tracker: The console makes an animal sound and the players have to guess which one made it.
          Buddy Quiz: basically one player chooses to be a buddy and then answers a set list of questions. Then the other players have to guess what that player would have answered.

          Board game island: This is our favourite part of Wii party as one of the longest to play and anyone can win depending on their luck and what parts of the board each player lands on, very entertaining and fun to play.
          Globe Trot: This is our second favourite game as each player trots around the world trying to collect power cards which will enable them to reach a tourist destination before any else, beware though you need enough coins to take a snap!

          Bingo: What do I need to say its bingo but with Mii heads instead of numbers, quite humourous!
          Swap Meet: basically it's the game pairs but with Mii characters. You also have to get a row of the same character and you win points.

          Spin off: Basically the game wheel of fortune but with coins instead of cash and mini games thrown in to make it even more exciting, quite fun in my opinion.

          Balance Boat: This can be hilarious but can make you cry if you get towards the end and suddenly you get your balance wrong and you have to start again which can be frustrating. Great fun for lots of players.
          Friend Connection: This is where two players answer questions to see if they are as compatible as you think you are, can return interesting results!

          Match Up: Basically match the Mii characters and you win.

          ~Cost & Store ~

          We bought our game from the store ASDA for around £29.99 which was quite some difference from the big game stores which were selling it around £40. I tend to see this trend quite often and find that most times supermarkets are cheaper than the big boys.

          ~ Conclusion ~

          Fabulous for socialising, great for family fun and you have kids they will love this, aswell as adults. This can be a great addition to your Wii games and would be great for events such as parties and family/friends gatherings.

          The cost I am sure is even cheaper than when we bought this game and is well worth the price we bought it at. The graphics are great, the playability is brilliant and there is no age limit on who can play.

          A real fun game which keeps you entertained for hours, I never got bored playing this game.

          ~ Overall Ratings (out of 5) ~

          Graphics: 3/5
          Fun: 5/5
          Easy to play: 4/5
          Cost: 4/5


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            07.02.2011 23:02
            Very helpful



            A good game for a family night in.

            A couple of years ago I received a Wii for a birthday present, my main reason for wanting it was so that I could buy the Wii Fit game for it. Over the last couple of years I have received various games as gifts and even bought some myself. One game I received this Christmas was Wii Party, I had seen this advertised a few time on TV and thought it would be an excellent game suitable for all of the family so when I received it I was keen to try it out.

            The game comes in the standard computer game style case, this is white in colour with a plastic cover going around it to protect the paper label folded around the case. The case itself is made from white plastic and the label is very colourful and eye catching, on the front of the case is a large bright pink circle with a spiky edge, written across the middle of this is the word Wii Party in large white letters. Written in the top left hand corner is the word Wii this is in grey lettering, although quite large it does not really stand out compared to the colourful pictures which cover the case. Right at the bottom of the case is a small sentence about the game stating "enjoy over 80 mini games at the party your Mii was made for", this is written within a small grey square in white lettering and again does not really stand out. The rest of the cover is taken up by bright and colourful pictures of various Mii characters taking in part of some of the games which make up the Wii Party game. The back of the case is again quite similar in that it is mainly taken up by pictures of Mii charatcers taking part in various Mini games, there are one or 2 sentences stating how the game is suitable for the whole family and is hours of fun. There is also the Nintendo logo on both the front and back of the case to show that it is a genuine product. The case simply pulls apart and opens like all computer game or DVD boxes, on one side is the disc, there is a small white button in the centre which you simply press to release the game. On the other side of the case is the instruction booklet, personally I have not thoroughly read this, but have had a quick look through it, it is one of the easiest instruction booklets that I have looked at, it is easy to follow, colourful and most of the instructions are illustrated by clear and colourful pictures.

            The game is made up of various different sections including Party Games, 1 to 4 player games, Pair Games, House Party Games (2 to 3 players) and Mini games, I will explain these in detail later. The type of game you wish to play from the various sections I have listed can be selected from the Main Menu, you simply hold the hand icon (moved using the Wii remote) over the section you wish to select a game from and press the A button on the remote, this will then take you to the next screen allowing you to make various other selections regarding the game you are about to play. Each section is colourfully illustrated by a picture of one of the games included in that particular set of games. On the main menu there are 3 other options you can select these are 'suggestions' and 'Rankings'.

            Suggestions - If you are unable to decide what game to play select suggestions, this will bring the games master, he is a character which wears a top hat and suit, he speaks in his own language but there are subtitles so you know what he is saying. He will ask you various questions about the number of players and types of games you like and will suggest some helpful recommendations to fit in with your answers.

            Rankings - Selecting this will bring up the current scores and rankings along with the best times for some of the games and mini games where records are recordable.

            When you have chosen the section you wish to play you then decide which Mii character you want to be (normally this is your own personal Mii already set up on the Wii console) and also how many players there are, this is dependant on the section you are selecting a game from but is between 1 and 4 players, the computer will fill in for the other characters if there are less than 4 players.

            PARTY GAMES
            This is one of the selections listed on the main menu and is made up of 5 different games, these are games suitable for up to 4 players to compete against each other and make up some of the longer games within the Wii Party game.
            * Board Game Island - This game is for 1 to 4 players and will take roughly 45 minutes to play. This game is like a regular board game but on the computer, it is set on an Island, each round a mini game is played to determine which player goes first, this makes playing fairer and also makes the game a lot more fun. There are other various rules which are explained as the game goes along but the general idea of the game is the same as all board games the first one to the end wins.

            * Globe Trot This is again 1 to 4 players and takes about 1 hour to play. This is similar to a board game, players are given a list of destinations and have to work their way around the globe to the different locations using different methods of transport, once at a destination coins are needed (collected on the way around) to by a commemorative photo. The idea of the game is the one with the most photos wins, again their are other rules pointed out as you play. I have only played this once, it was not my favourite game but I think after a couple of goes when you know what you are doing it would be a lot better.

            * Mii of a Kind - This is one of my favourite games in this section, it is for 1 to 4 players and takes between 30 and 45 minutes to play, each player has 6 Mii's and the aim is to get 2 lots of 3 Miis wearing the same colour, you swap Miis by selecting one from the middle and exchanging it for one of your own. Again the order of play is determined by playing mini games, you get various points for having 2 lots of 3 wearing the same colour, all boy Mii's or all girl mii's, the one with the most points at the end wins you can play this game with either 3 or 5 rounds.

            * Spin Off - Again one of my less favourite games suitable for 1 to 4 players and takes half an hour to play, the idea of the game is to gather the most medals this is done by spinning a wheel and playing different mini games. I have only had a go at this game once and did find it a little drawn out.

            * Bingo - I have never played this game but have had a have a look at the instructions to see how it is played, as with the others it is suitable for 1 to 4 players and will only take about 15 minutes to play according to the instruction booklet. It is like regular bingo and you have to match players faces displayed on the bingo balls dropped from the machine, the one who gets a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is the winner.,

            PAIR GAMES
            These games are designed for 2 players, me and my fiancé have played these games quite a few times and they really are quite enjoyable and a lot of fun.
            * Friend Connection - This game will only take about 5 minutes to play and it really is a laugh. First you have to answer a serious of about 5 or 6 questions without conferring to see how compatible you are, and secondly you play a mini game where you have to work together. Afterwards you are given a percentage of how well you know each other, they then show you each others answers to the questions which is quite funny especially if you try to put what you think the other person will put, mine and Marks highest percentage was about 86% but we have got a lot lower, the questions are random and change each time.

            * Balance Boat - Again a really good game which lasts between 5 and 20 minutes depending on how well you do. You have a boat which is floating in the sea, you are then each given a mii character to place on the boat but you must keep the boat balanced. In between each round you play a mini game, if you score the correct amount of points by working together you get a Mii character each of the same size, however if you fail then one of you gets a really big Mii and the other a really small mii making balancing the boat much harder. You have to put the right coloured Mii on the matching boat mast colour.

            * Match Up - This game is also only about 15 minutes long, I have played it a couple of times but to be honest I am not very good at it. It is basically a game of pairs where you match up 2 Mii characters wearing the same colour, each one is covered by a black dress so you have to remember which Mii is wearing which colour. You have to gain hearts throughout the game and loose hearts when you guess incorrectly.

            HOUSE PARTY
            The games in this section are for 2 or more players and they actually use the room you are playing in as part of the game. To be honest I have not played all of these games much, but I think I have played each of them at least once.
            * Animal Tracker - This is the game I have played the least and it only takes 5 minutes to play. You each have a remote which is laid on the floor next to each other, an animal is displayed on the TV screen each remote will make an animal noise and the first person to grab that remote wins a point, the person with the most points is the winner.

            * Hide N Hunt - I think this is my favourite game in this section, one person basically hides each remote somewhere in the room and the other players have to find them, each remote will bleep every few seconds, its harder than it sounds!

            * Time Bomb and Word Bomb - I have only played these games one each, you have to pass the remote around the players without setting off the bomb, in word bomb you have to think of a word that matches the word displayed on the screen. To be honest these are my least 2 favourite games in this section.

            * Buddy Quiz - This is suitable for 3 to 4 players, one person is the buddy a series of questions are asked and all the players have to guess the buddy's response by pressing a button on the remote. Points are gained and the person with the most points wins.

            This option will take you into another menu which is made up of a further 4 options each consisting of different ming ames. The sections are as follows
            * Free Play - These games are for 1 to 4 players and each takes only 5 minutes sometimes less or more. You can pick any game from the mini game list that you feel like playing.

            * Battle - Again 1 to 4 players can use this options and the games range between 5 and 30 minutes long, this depends on what you decide to play. You compete against other players by playing mini games, the first person to win 3 or 5 mini games is the overall winner. The games chosen for each round vary each time.

            * Solo - These are for 1 player only and the length of the games ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour, you travel along a road of mini games to reach you goal, mini games are played along the way.

            * Challenge - The games in this section are for 1 to 4 players and the time taken to complete is between 5 minutes and half an hour. These are the most challenging mini games of the Wii Party and have to be unlocked by playing other games.

            There are probably about 40 to 50 mini games in this section, there are too many to list individually but some of them consist of
            Derby Dash
            Jumbo Jump
            Flag Fracas
            Jam Ram
            Follow your face
            Space Brawl
            Pearl Plunder
            Face Flip
            Cry Babies
            Walk Off
            Balloon Buggies
            This is just a few of the mini games and the difficulty level and length of time varies. Some of the games are very simply but are good fun especially when there are more people playing. we have played the mini games with just the 2 of us and with 1 or 2 other people, I have not played these games alone, I'm not sure whether I would find them as enjoyable alone as these are the sorts of games which really are more enjoyable and a laugh when playing with a group of you.

            Other ways of playing the Mini games depend on the amount of players, certain mini games can be played in the following ways as well as the regular way of playing against each other
            1player VS 3player Battle Mini games
            1player VS 1player Mini games
            Pair Mini games
            Challenge Mini games
            Some of the games can only be played in certain ways for example the ones being played in the 1 VS 3 player section are not found in the other mini game sections. There are so many different mini games and so many different ways of playing them that I am yet to work my way through them all but what I have played so far I have been impressed with and have found them very enjoyable.

            Who is the game for?
            Basically anyone, very young children may struggle with the games but Wii Party really is a game for the whole family. Our Wii Party game got a lot of use over Christmas we have played it with just the 2 of us (Mark and myself) as well as with other members of the family of different ages. None of the games are very complicated so even people who are not computer minded will find this easy and enjoyable to play. The Wii party game is ideal for a night in with your partner, friends or family, there is something for everyone ranging from interactive games using the whole room or less energetic ones. We find that you can easily pass a couple of hours playing the different games and do not get board or play the same game twice (unless you want to)

            Now I am not sure where my game came from as it was a present but it can be bought from most computer game shops as well as various places online including Play.com, I found it on Amazon for just £26.87, personally I feel this is an excellent price for this game, there is so much involved with it and so much to do. It is not the sort of game that once you have completed all sections you will be board of it and not want to play it again, I have found that you really do get your moneys worth out of it. It can also be purchased as part of a package which includes a Wii remote and the game. As with most things the price does vary a little depending on where you buy it from

            I would definitely recommend this game, it is ideal for the entire family, people of all ages can play, there really is something for everyone. it is not overly expensive, compared to other games I have played I would say that Wii Party is well worth the money. I would recommend this to anyone and feel that most people would find it enjoyable and a fun way to pass an evening.


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              24.01.2011 13:52
              Very helpful



              Family friendly game, good for get together

              Me and my boyfriend were given this game at Christmas time. We are both a fan of the Wii, not full on gamers but more the social gaming type so only tend to play when we have people round. In my opinion it is excellent for this.

              There are so many different games. You get to choose from pair games, party games, house party or even just minigames. What I do like is that for each game it will tell you how long it will approximately last.

              The pair games are good if you only have two people or two controllers. In this section you can either play against each other or work together.

              The party games tend to be the longer ones. These require 4 people to be in the game. So if you only have two controllers or not enough people then the computer will step in and be the remaining. The party games are based and determined by the minigames. The better you do in the minigames the better you'll do in the party game. What is good about this game however is that you can never tell who will win. Most of the games tend to have a twist to mix up the outcomes which always makes it interesting (or frustrating if you're winning).

              The house party games are also good fun, however I think i was a bit dissappointed with them. The adverts on the tv probably show you the best ones like the time bomb game. They are all good the first couple of times but then for me i did think they lost their novelty a bit. I imagine they are probably aimed for younger people rather than adults however saying that we have had a laugh with them.

              The final bit gives you the option of just playing minigames. I have played other computer games before where once you've played it a couple of times the games are repeated and you lose interest. I am not saying this wont happen but With Wii party there are so many different types of games including challenge, battle and solo. I am not going to lie some of the minigames are better than others and some are just completely random but I think that just makes it more enjoyable.

              So in summary this will probably not be your cup of tea if you're a serious gamer after something with a bit of a challenge. However if you want something that will inject a bit of fun into your family and friend get togethers then i would recommend this game.


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              13.01.2011 21:48
              Very helpful



              wii have played this a LOT

              It started at Christmas, and then through New Year's celebrations, cold days at home and whenever they have been allowed to play it, the party has gone on in our house, led by two under 8's, but enjoyed by everyone. Truth be told "Wii Party" wasn't a game I thought I would play, for a start I'm not a big wii fan, I'd far rather play with the PS3, but given how enduring this game has been in our house, and how much it has been enjoyed by the rest of the family it was probably inevitable that I too would join the Party. Join I did, and, despite myself I have to say that I've come to the conclusion that Wii Party is a fun, varied and utterly involving game that can be enjoyed by all. It's probably the best title that I have played on the wii, and it really makes full use of the wii platform and is, in my opinion, an absolute must have if you own the console.

              Wii Party, like many another wii game sees the Mii's (mini representations of people as generated on wii) being pitched against each other in a number of challenges seeing up to 4 people playing on screen with the wii motion sensitive control. You can play by yourself against a number of computer generated mii's or against 3 other real people assuming you have enough controllers. Our game came with one controller, and we bought it for under £30 on promotion from Toysrus, we already had two other controllers but have played with 4 people when friends have come to play and brought an extra controller.

              The basic premise of the game is the same however you play, there are a series of mini-games which can be accessed in varied ways to make a longer or shorter game - for example the miis play the wheel of fortune or travel around a game of life style board and end up playing games against each other as they advance. Probably our favourite way of playing is the board game style which can last up to 45 minutes and sees you being ranked at the end of the game. Each style of playing has a time guide on it (eg Bingo takes 15 minutes), and these seem to be accurate enough. You can also play in free play and just access the mini games directly.

              Probably the most important thing to know about this game is whether the mini games, which, however you play it, are the bread and butter of the game, are any good. Truth be told some of them are crazy but most of them are extremely playable, simple and fun. My daughters really enjoy the game where they have to stop a baby from crying by moving their remote up and down, and swinging on a rope and then seeing how far you can jump is also a favourite. Some of the games are simple but fun - you may have to move the remote up and down to run for a flag on a beach, or try and carry a whole pile of presents without letting them drop. Some probably shouldn't be as enjoyable as they are - one sees you on a train track having to choose to go left, right or straight on - the wrong choice is the end of the journey, the goal being to survive as long as you can. This being wii the graphics in all the mini-games are cutesy and not particularly fantastic to look at, due to the nature of this console they are starting to look pretty tired in comparison with their HD counterparts, however the game play is, undeniably, very good.

              I would have to say that the music in this game is, if I am being kind, slightly cheesy, it's pretty annoying after a while, it sounds like the kind of music you listen to when on hold to a call centre to be frank, however it does fit the style of the game and where this game wins is in the sheer diversity of what is on offer. There is a list in the manual of how many games there are - it's at least 50, and mostly they are very varied, even if some of them do verge on the surreal (herding hamsters anyone?), most are pretty gentle and fun, though there is one game where you have to throw logs at people for some reason, and others see you chopping trees, doing pull ups, guesstimating how many people are on a train or trying to take photos to capture as many people smiling as you can.

              As you can set the difficulty of the games and, indeed, the skill level of the CPU playing against you if you are playing solo, this game really does cater for the very young and up. We've found that in this case 3+ is actually accurate rather than wildly optimistic, and seeing as some of the games really involve very little skill (eg chopping vegetables really is just a case of waving the controller up and down), they are accessible by all, and in the main the controls are intuitive and easy. That's not to say that there is not enough here to challenge and amuse an adult, there is, but the game does really succeed in making playing a console a sociable and fun event. We have enjoyed the game where you have to hide and find the wii-motes, which make a noise to give you a clue as to where they are, and you also have the option to play challenges as a pair or even against each other. It's all cleverly designed, highly playable and fun stuff.

              I really do think this is a good game, despite my reservations about the wii system - it's testament to how good this game is that since purchase our wii, which had languished unused for a while being eschewed for the PS3, has been much used, it's really given our wii a new lease of life. On that basis I highly recommend it!


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                05.01.2011 14:11
                Very helpful



                A brilliant family game that everyone will love!

                This game was one that featured on my children's wish list for Christmas but when I went to Game they were sold out and said that its popularity had caused it to be sold out almost everywhere and in fact people were re-selling them on the internet for up to £80!

                However, on returning with another game choice a staff member had spotted one copy laying around so we snapped it up and I am very glad that we did.

                The games can be played by up to four players but there are many ways in which to play:

                1. Party Games can be played by four players all competing against eachother;
                2. Pair Games - especially made for two players;
                3. House Party - two or more players can play and the room in which you are playing actually becomes part of the game e.g 'Hide 'n' Hunt where one player hides one or more remotes in the room and the hunters have to find them before a time limit runs out; and
                4. Mini Games - again this section has sub-sections for ways to play: Free Play; Battle; Solo; Challenge; 4 player Battle; 1 vs 3 battle and 1v1 Battle!

                My Opinion:

                There are too many game to list and go into detail so I will comment on how well this game has been received in our household by my children - THEY LOVE IT!!!

                There is so much to do and so many ways in which to play that this game really does have longevity and is very entertaining. The choice enables my two children (7 year old boy) and a (6 year old girl) to find games that they love and are good at so there hasn't been too much frustration and upset which has happened in the past with other games.

                The fact that you can play as your mii character is also a great attraction for them. In one game where you choose a firework and set them off to see whose will last the longest before going bang in the sky, the winner gets to see their character's face large in the sky in pretty firework colours and in another where you have to try to tip the correct colour balls into the corresponding bins, mii character faces are on the balls and they love calling out when they see members of our family.

                As a family we particularly like Derby Dash where you are a jockey and have to race whilst keeping a watchful eye on your horse's stamina so that he doesn't run out of puff before the end of the race. (My father loves a flutter on the gee gees) and when we took the wii and this game round on Christmas Day, he loved being a jockey and trying to win the race so much we couldn't get him to change game choice for quite a while!

                So that is another good thing - there is something for both young and old. All the games are quite short and quite often fast and we haven't got around to playing absolutely all the games in all the various ways but I can truly seeing this game lasting a long long time and being enjoyed for many more years to come.

                The graphics are good and all your character info, game records and rankings are automatically saved once you create a save file so you don't have to worry about getting to a point whereby you can save how far you have gotten in terms of ranking etc

                There is a helpful suggestion option if you can't decide upon which game to play - you enter the amount of players and the type of game you want and you will be provided with some relevant options! There is also an option where the computer picks random games during competition mode which also helps to save arguments!

                Another good option is that you are allowed to have a practise on the minigames before taking part which is helpful especially when my children do play with their grandparents (who aren't too technically minded and not so good with the wii controllers)! They can get an understanding of what they need to do before actually competing.

                All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend this game which costs £29.99 or £39.99 (with a wii remote) but is well worth the money!

                Thanks for reading. x

                also on ciao under ryanellaxx


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                04.01.2011 12:40



                Really excellent fun

                I bought my son the WII Party game for Christmas, as he'd seen the ads on TV and this was top of his Xmas List. And since he opened his presents, just about everyone has been playing it regularly. Its really great fun for all ages. The games are reasonably simple, and once you've mastered the WII controller, then people of all abilities can play.
                One small comment, the games are best when you have multiple players (for maximum family fun its also best to have 4 controllers). And its more beneficial to have players of the same ability competing, otherwise the lessor players tend to get somewhat thrashed!!! (as I've found out over the last few weeks). But once you get the hang of it, you'll soon become competitive.
                So what exactly is WII party? Well, it has 80 plus games, with various different types. There's Party Games, which involve players competing against each other to win points. These include Board Games, Bingo, and a Wheel of Fortune style game. Each of these play modes are interspersed with various minigames where the players compete to determine order of play. Some of these Party Games can be quite lengthy, and can take up to an hour to complete. So make sure you leave yourself enough time!!
                There's also the ability to play individual games. These can be 1,2,3 or 4 players. Again, there's great variety here, and everyone will find their own personal favourites. You can play sports...ski jumping, taking penalties, golf chipping, rope swinging. Or you can enjoy balancing games, question and answer games, hide and seek, word games... There are just too many to mention.
                In summary, good value and good fun for all ages!!


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                07.12.2010 12:17
                Very helpful



                Add a couple drinks for some adult fun

                We had a pile of old games we never play so I got them together and headed into town to do a bit of a trade-in. Thankfully with the trade-ins I got £38 so more than enough to buy Wii Party (£34.99). I had a little chat with the guy behind the counter to see if the game is available to buy without the remote as we already have 4 but sadly it's not sold separately (yet). I was hoping he'd say yes and then I'd have more trade-in money left to spend.

                Power on:
                My son and partner had seen the adverts and were very excited to have a go. We put the baby to bed and got the game going. With three of us playing we just add a computer player in where needed. My 7 year old can figure out the games and how to play them which is always a good start. He asks to play it all the time and he and his friends have fun giving it a go after school.

                Moving on from the kids being able to understand the games it's quite nice that some of the games are luck and not skill. Means that some of us (me) who aren't always as good at skill games have a chance to kick some tail!

                1-4 Players:
                There are games to play on your own and games to play with family and friends. One of my favourites is a solo bubble blasting game. I found it by going to the suggestion bit which takes some details about number of players and what mood you're in and gathers some game ideas for you.

                Our family favourite is to do a minigames battle which you can do best out of 3 or 5 games. Good fun, random games are chosen and if my son wants to play and we can't be bothered it's rather quick to finish.
                My partner and I tried the pass the bomb one that you see on one of the adverts and to be honest it's rather boring. Maybe if we had four players (and some drinks) it would have been more interesting.

                Bingo is rather fun for a quiet evening. It not only pulls up bingo pictures but also offers some minigames. Sadly we played once and didn't get a single minigame but the other times we got a few.
                Free play allows you to choose from all the games so if you fancy playing a certain game you can have a go.

                We played a cheater game where one person's remote will vibrate to give them the winning advantage in a game and at the end of that game everyone votes on who the cheater was. Only problem with this game is that you can hear the remotes buzzing as you're all sitting next to each other!
                There are a couple of games where we've done exactly what the instructions say and yet our characters don't always do the moves which is a bit annoying but it's only one or two games so no big issue.

                Some games only show up when playing as two players and some when only playing solo which makes me wonder because for the ones I've seen I can't understand why four players can't play them but oh well.

                Computer players:
                At first we tried them on easy mode and found we wanted some more competition so put it up to advanced thinking this should be a good laugh and yet we all still easily beat the computer person (aside from me in the jungle rope swing!).

                To buy or not to buy:
                Wii Party has a good selection of games and the kids like it so that's a plus from me. Add a couple drinks for some adult fun.

                © oioiyou 2010


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                21.11.2010 18:02
                Very helpful



                A great party game, but lacks the breadth and depth of other titles.

                We got Wii Party especially for playing with a group of friends and family as we had heard that this game particularly suited such occasions. The first thing we particularly liked about the game was the extra Wiimote which came with the game. Having bought the game in Asda with a big discount, coming in at under £30, it felt like a bargain that we got a free controller in the box.

                The game itself is really good for large groups of people. There are a number of different game modes which all essentially involve playing very small but fun games with a group of people. You can technically play alone against 3 computer opponents, but that takes away from the entire point of the game. If you are after a single player source of entertainment, I would suggest that this would not be the right option for you. The games are very different and involve very different types of activity and controls. Most take under 5 minutes to complete which allows you to frequently switch between different games, game modes and to alternate the participants.

                The breadth and depth of available games is quite staggering. It took us a good few days, several hours at a time before we went through all the ones which are available. If you don't have the full component of 4 players, you have to add a necessary number of computer players to make up the numbers as almost all the games are designed for 4 people. There is a game mode where you play with 2 players if you wish to do so.

                All in all, this game is great for the purpose of playing small games in a party, but not great for other types of gaming. The price may seem prohibitive, but all you need to do is shop around and no doubt you'll find it significantly cheaper than the £45 in some shops as part of promotional deals.


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