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Wonder World Amusement Park (Wii)

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Brand: Eidos

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2013 09:58
      Very helpful



      another dull "party" game for the wii

      ===Wii and me===

      I am not a huge gamer. I am however a huge geek and very occasionally I am drawn in by sexy Zelda shaped games on Nintendo consoles. Allan also quite enjoyed having a Wii and as such, when we moved in together, my collection of games for the Wii expanded considerably, what's his is mine and all that! As ciao happen to have a bit of an incentive on, I've finally decided to delve into a few of the games. What fun!

      ===Run away to the carnival===

      The Wii is notorious for having family orientated games that probably won't appeal too much to gamers or adults who aren't incredibly easy to entertain. As such I tend not to really bother with most games on the Wii. One evening a while back, Allan and I were both incredibly bored and decided through a process of random elimination that we'd stick in the Wonder World Amusement Park game that we had in the pile.

      Upon popping your disc in you'll be asked to select which mode you want to play in: Story mode, Party Mode or Quick Play Mode. There's also an options button on this screen if you want to twiddle with any sound settings. Before all of this you can create your own little character with accessories and outfits that you can get through playing the game. Not an aspect I really enjoy with any Wii game myself.

      ===Story Mode===

      You are presented with a Fair Ground/ Carnival map with five areas, only one of which is unlocked. Choose this and you will be presented with an interactive visual of the fairground area you've chosen. You can pan around with your controller and see little booths kicking about at the sides, each of which contains a game that you can play. The rules will be explained briefly and then the game will begin. It's easy enough to navigate and understand, so I don't see many people having trouble with it, even the kiddies will be able to grasp it I'm sure. Each section of the park is has it's own theme and has 6 games and a "ride" for you to play through. To unlock more games and areas of the park you basically need to win enough tokens and games to trade for unlocking areas. You can also use your tickets to unlock different outfits as mentioned before. I'll talk about a few of the games but mostly they are all very similar so I won't bore you with a run down of all 35 games

      ===Carnival land===

      The first world that we tried out was carnival land and the The first game we tried was the hook-a-frog game. Rather than mirroring my experience at picking up men in bars before I met Allan, It's similar to whack-a-mole. There are lots of lily pads in a pond and frogs jump out of the water onto them and open their mouths. The player controls a rod with bait on the end and if you hover above the frog and push the button to lower the bait just as the frog opens its mouth, it'll go for the bait and you've hooked yourself a frog. The winner is the person who hooks the most frogs in the allotted time. I didn't like this game much. Firstly it took me a little while to get the hang of the controls, even when I had, it felt like a rather unresponsive game which meant missing a tonne of frogs. It felt a bit clunky and needed to run smoother for it to be a worthwhile game. I'd give it a 2/5 rating.

      ===Crack shot ===

      I was impressed with this little game. It's an arcade style shoot-the-targets I've got another game dedicated to being an arcade style shoot-the-target game and the multiplayer on it is a terrible turn based thing which leads to boredom for the person not currently taking their turn. This one, however, allows all the players to fire at will all at the same time. It is a little bit of a "hit-everything on the screen" game but depending on the reflexes and aim of your other players it can get quite competitive as they are demolishing the same targets you need to shoot to get points. As it stands you are presented with a Saloon bar with a tonne of jars, mugs and glasses of various sizes all over the place. Each one you shoot will get you points and the person who shoots the most in the allotted time, wins. I'd give it a 4/5 rating, the only problem being that the set up doesn't change so you could easily play it a few times and get very bored. A little variety would be good, even some moving targets might liven things up.


      Does anyone remember Buzz off? This one is a Wii version of that game. You are presented with a wobbly wire and a hoop that goes around out. You have to keep your hand steady and move the controller so that the hoop makes it's way from one side to the other without touching the wire. The winner is the person who does it the quickest, keeping in mind that any time you hit the wire, you'll get a time penalty. It's a good one for a giggle and quite a classic. 5/5 from me.

      Other games in this area include reassembling pictures, coconut tosses and whacking rodents.

      ===Spooky Land===

      Spooky land is the ghostly themed area of the park and as such all of the games have a bit of a "creepy" theme. Though nothing that is actually creepy, just amusement park creepy, so don't worry too much about your kiddies. The games are a bit of a rehash of the ones in the carnival land with Shooter games, throwing games and other twists on the earlier games. They are interesting enough to not get too old straight away but I'd not fancy working through them all again so I could unlock the next area.

      ===Fairytale land===

      This is another disappointing rehash of the previous games. You can swat bugs instead of the rats in the carnival games or collect them instead of collecting frogs. You can shoot wisps (a weird creation of Nintendo) instead of targets and you can throw things at giant teeth instead of coconuts. Nothing really new apart from the surroundings

      The same can be said of Pirate Land and Space land. It's basically repeating the games and just giving them a bit of a visual make over. I got so incredibly bored working through them all.

      ===Multi Player Modes===

      Both Party mode and Quick play Mode are Multiplayer options. Party mode allows you to set the games you wish to play with your friends and designate a number of rounds so you can play best of three. At the end of the session you've set up the person with the most wins is, rather obviously, the winner. Quickplay mode is just what it says on the tin. Rather than having to set things up you can just choose a game to dive into if you want to play more than one, just choose another game afterwards. Some of the games you can choose are not multiplayer games but it will tell you when you are choosing them which ones are and which ones aren't. If they aren't multiplayer, then you can simply take turns playing them, but that can get a bit boring. Similar to other games like this, you can only play the games you have already unlocked in single player mode (or Story Mode) in any of the Multi Player options which, I guess, is a mild encouragement to unlock all of the games, though if you were like me you'll be quite disappointed with the rewarded/ unlocked games.


      I think the most annoying thing about this game is that the games are all set up for different Wii-mote requirements. Some will need both the Wii-mote and the Nunchuck, others need just the Wii-mote. That means that you need to constantly attach and disconnect the Nunchuck if you are playing a variety of games.


      This game doesn't last incredibly long. You need to play to unlock most of the games, but once you've done that, it's a game you can really put down whenever you get bored. It doesn't really hold my attention for more than half an hour which is long enough to have a bash at each game. I'm not a points hungry gamer, I prefer plot so it really didn't do much for me.


      Currently you can get this game for £8.50 brand new or about £3 second hand including postage. That price alone tells me all I need to know about how sought after this game is (not very). If you've got kids, however, it might be a decent one to add to the collection, though you may find yourself having to unlock all the games for them before hand, unless they really want to play the same game over and over. Not that the games throughout are much different from each other, but kids probably won't mind it as much.

      ===The Verdict===

      If you enjoy unlocking things and collecting points and medals then this game would probably be fun. If you have kids, then this should keep them occupied for a long while. If you are me, then you'll probably try all the games once and then get bored with it. Some of the games are easy to control, other games don't really respond to the controllers well making it frustrating. Overall though I'd say it's not the worst game out there for wasting half an hour on after you've unlocked everything. I'd give it three stars out of five though kids will probably enjoy it more than I did.


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