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Worms Battle Islands (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2010-11-26 / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2011 19:59
      Very helpful
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      A must for any fan of the original Worms game.

      Worms Battle Islands. Nintendo Wii

      ** Worms Battle Islands **

      While browsing Play.com for Christmas present ideas in early December last year I came across Worms Battle Island for a great price of just £9.99 and being a fan of the previous Worms games I thought this was too good an opportunity to miss and placed my order.

      ** Worms Battle Islands - The Game **

      Worms Battle Islands is a strategy game where you have a team of 4 worms and you and your team must compete in battles in a turn based play mode to kill the other teams and claim victory over their landscapes and their islands.

      At the start of the game you are taken to the main menu where you are given the options of:
      Versus: This is multiplayer mode. I have never played this as my younger brother doesn't understand the game and no-one else will play it with me!
      Nintendo Wi-fi Connection: This is where you can play in online multiplayer games, I am yet to try this as I don't think I am good enough yet and don't want to embarrass myself.
      Missions: In missions you will have a choice of Training Missions, Campaign Missions and Puzzles. When you play in the missions area you must choose which Island you want to have as your Military Base. I personally chose the snowy one because it was snowing outside! After choosing your island you will get to name your team and your worms. My Team is called Lou's Team... yes I know very inventive, and my worms are named after our dogs, Izzie, Pendle, Sasha and Poppet. The mission part of the menu is all single player.
      Player Island: This is the Island that you chose to be your island and this is the place where you can view all your abilities and skills gained during your games.

      I usually play Worms Battle Islands using Campaign Missions mode, in this mode you must win four battles in four different landscapes and then win a final fifth landscape to take over your opponents Island and claim it as your own.


      I found the game to be full of lots of mini menus before you can actually get started on the game. These are a bit of a pain to navigate through, but unfortunately they are necessary to setting up the game correctly. However once you are through the menus and the game begins then so does the fun part.

      You will be playing on a screen which shows the entire landscape that you need to win to take over and all of the locations of both your worms and your enemy worms.

      Using your weapons menu you can select a variety of weapons ranging from missiles, homing missiles, grenades, cluster bombs, uzi's and shot guns all the way through to the more unusual banana bombs and sheep! Once you have selected your weapon you must aim in the direction of the worm you want to exterminate and press and hold the relevant button to fire your weapon. There are a few things that will affect the accuracy of your shot such as wind direction and speed and also the amount of fire power you give the shot, these are all factors which you will get used to over time, especially when your missiles start flying back towards you because the wind is blowing the wrong way but you didn't notice... you will soon pay attention!

      When using the banana bomb you must be careful that none of your worms are in the area you are aiming for as this is a very powerful banana that you are throwing, once the initial banana explodes a load more of mini bananas will be produce and also explode causing certain death to any nearby worms and also destroying the landscape!

      When using a sheep you need to be aware that if it bounces towards a worm and there is an object in the way it will turn around and head back towards you. The sheep creates a very effective explosion when used in the right way and is one of my favourite ones to use. The teams take it in turn to take shots at each other and the round ends when there are only worms from one teams remaining. When another team is taking a shot you cannot move your worms, just sit and watch the shot. If a worm is killed they will blow themselves up at the same time as saying some funny little one liners such as "bye bye" or "aint no alien abducting me!"

      After winning or loosing the round you will be shown a statistics screen which will tell you all the match facts such as Best Shot, Most Useful Worm, Most Violent Worm and Most Useless worm.

      I found the controls quite hard to get used to and often found myself pressing the wrong buttons and blowing myself up, however after a few disaster rounds I was soon getting the hang of them and having less accidents with the grenades! The wii remote is used on its own and it is held horizontally for all game play.

      I bought this game for £9.99 in December 2010 and it is still retailing for around the same price at the moment, some of the games shops in Birmingham I noticed have it for £7.99.

      ** My Experience and Opinion **

      I like this game, it is fun to play, but it can be very frustrating especially when the other teams do a absolutely perfect shot that you know you would have never been able to do and now half your team is wiped out! I don't play this game constantly like I do some other titles however I do play on a pretty regular basis usually when I don't fancy jumping around like a lunatic. I recommend the game but not for young children due to the violent nature of the game even though the cute cartoon worms may look appealing!

      Thanks for reading :)


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