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LEGO City Undercover (Wii U)

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3 Reviews
  • Variety of games within the game
  • Large scale Lego world
  • Long loading screens regularly
  • Load time upon starting the game
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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2015 20:02
      Very helpful


      • "Variety of games within the game"
      • "Good graphics"
      • "Open world to explore"
      • "Challenging missions"
      • "Clean Family Fun"


      • "Load time upon starting the game"
      • "QUite a few cutscenes (but they are funny!)"

      A fantastic, humerous and fun game for children of all ages

      This game goes down as an instant classic for me.

      Building on the fantastic franchise of video games, Lego goes Grand Theft Auto in this instalment which sees you playing as Chase McCain in pursuit of some dastardly villainous villains.

      The load times can be cumbersome but this is due to the depth of the game which is largely ‘open world’ - you can run around to your heart’s content exploring Lego City – shorter load times could have been compensated for by more loading throughout the game but I think the right decision has been made, particularly considering the retro cop music which fires up during loading!

      When you first start there are a lot of cut scenes and you could be forgiven for getting a little impatient but the cut scenes are essential in giving you the background for the game plot and aside from anything else they are genuinely funny with plenty of private jokes for the grown-ups as well as the kids.

      Once the game gets going you’re tasked with some pretty basic early ‘missions’ which are all about getting you used to the controls of the game. As with all Lego games there’s plenty of bashing to be done and almost as much reassembly required building items central to how the game pans out. You get to walk, drive, fly and swim around (but be careful of sharks!) in pursuit of bad guys or to just otherwise explore / complete the missions.

      Lego City Undercover is one of few games I’m aware of that use the gamepad to the best of its abilities. The default setting is for the pad to be a ‘sat nav’ showing you a map of the city; however it’s much more than that, it’s a police communicator which can be used to talk to people at the station, find hidden objects, locate bad guys and myriad other things.

      Considering the things you can do whilst trying to complete a mission it’s basically multiple games in one… it’s a racing game (many missions involve driving places quickly or whilst avoiding damage), it’s a role playing game (you unlock different characters which have individual skills and abilities), it’s a beat em up (when you’re in pursuit of a criminal mastermind you better be ready to fight off some henchmen) and it also incorporates some puzzles to keep the mind sharp.

      In order to progress you must complete set missions… it’s linear to a degree, however there are superbricks to find, characters to unlock and various other things to keep you occupied if a mission is proving difficult, I’ve lost count of the times my Daughter has wandered off exploring!

      Lego City Undercover comes at a premium price but for that you get a premium experience… my Daughter is many hours in and has completed 7% so longevity is not a problem… I can’t wait for her to finish it so I can start all over again and complete it on my own!


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      24.05.2014 10:01
      Very helpful


      • "Simple gameplay"
      • "Large scale Lego world"
      • "A good storyline"
      • "Ability to use multiple vehicles"
      • "Great graphics"


      • "Long loading screens regularly"

      Another great Lego adventure

      Having previously played a few of the Lego games on other consoles I decided it was time to give one a try on the Nintendo Wii and so chose to go for one specifically designed with this console in mind.

      The game is sees Chase McCain being called in to Lego City to help his old precinct with some issues they are having and to help track down a major criminal gang. Straight away for me I felt concern that Lego games are known for being funny and light hearted and so I am pleased to say that even with a game based on crime and tracking down criminals this game has stuck to the basic Lego game principals in that it remains light hearted, fun and enjoyable to play.

      The game itself is once again a triumph for Lego as the detail given to the worlds they create continues to impress and for me this helps to draw you in immediately and want to play the game and be part of the Lego world. The bright colours of previous Lego games remain in this as they continue to ensure this is a game designed to catch and hold your attention which I love and think enables this to appeal to gamers of all ages.

      The control system is very simple as with all Lego games which means that you can be a casual gamer and play this with ease. The game though thankfully does make use of the game pad and the screen on this as it is used for a number of things in the game including as a communication tool, scanning for footprints, checking for hidden items and more which I have found to be really fun and a great addition to the previous Lego games.

      The characters are all well developed and make sense and the game enables you to feel like part of the world meaning I found this to be a really fun game I have loved.

      On the negative side is the amount of loading screens and how long each of these take meaning it can be frustrating but overall it is a superb addition to the Lego world.


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      20.04.2013 23:41
      Very helpful



      Fun, enjoyable game suitable for all ages.

      My 11 year old and 8 year old son's got a Wii U for Christmas to share. As soon as they saw that there was going to be a new game in the LEGO series they wanted it, so they used their Christmas money to pre-order the LEGO City Undercover. Fast forward four months and the game arrived on the 1st April.

      The fun and excitement started from the moment they opened the box as it contained a limited edition minifigure of Chase McCain, the police officer and main character.

      The main aim was to work your way through the city hunting down bad guys to get information from them to help catch the main bad guy Rex Fury. Just like other games in the LEGO series you get to smash up breakable object in order to collected bricks to use throughout the game to build other object that help you to advance further in the game ie stunt ramps, calling points and helipads. You also collect studs/money with can be used to purchase characters, and vehicles.

      One feature in the game that my boys especially liked was the colour gun, you earn this half way through the game when you go undercover as a bad guy. What they loved about the gun is that you can go up to colour machines spread throughout the city and select a colour to change the gun to. Once you have done this anything you shot at that is breakable turns that colour, my eldest turned everything blue as it is his favourite colour, and it came in handy when he got a pink car and could turn it blue.

      Main game play take place on the tv and the Wii U screen is used for taking phone calls, taking photo's, maps and navigation.

      The game was easy to complete and only took a day, but then I would class my two boys as intermediate gamers. Although they completed it my boys have still continued to play as they enjoy free play mode and re-exploring the city for thing they may have previously missed.

      One big negative thing about the game for me is that it is only one player, unlike previous LEGO games where the boys could play as a team, therefore siblings playing the game together could lead to arguments, especially on day of purchase.

      In addition the game can take time to load for example when entering headquarter this can be frustrating at times although it never takes longer than a minute or so but as those with children know this can seem like hours to them.

      One thing that I do like is that you can not die, well you do but you are instantly reborn and continue from where you left off, this comes in handy when my 4 year old nephew plays the game.


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