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Mario Kart Wii U (Wii U)

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3 Reviews
  • It has added mercedes cars
  • variety
  • On some sites it is really expensive
  • Game can be frustrating on harder difficulty levels
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    3 Reviews
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      29.10.2015 14:37
      Very helpful


      • "variety "
      • "online play"
      • "new weapons "
      • "Lots of new levels"


      • "200cc extremely difficult to master"

      Extremely fun and worth buying a wii u for

      I have bought every single Mario kart ever released and have never been disappointed. There is always something new. The DLC which was released was very good with several new character and cars. Also having several colours for Yoshi was a nice touch. I thoroughly enjoy the online play pitting my skills against everybody in the world. This game was one of my main reasons for purchasing the wii u. The graphics are amazing bringing the older SNES levels up to the 21st century but they are still as good as they were 20 years ago. The game still gives me the buzz i had for the game when i was 8. My son is the same age i was when the first game was released and he loves playing this with me. The 200cc mode is insane compared to the others and is extremely difficult.

      Having the ability to change the driver there are also hundreds of different kart variants. from the chassis to the wheels and the parachute all can be configured to suit your driving style. also having the ability to record levels i a big feature as you can watch back at a last minute with a shell or mushroom. Or if you had fun with a few friends on a level keep the recording as bragging rights for the next game.

      the only negatives that can be added to this title is the difficulty. the highest level of 200cc is insanely hard. you can go from 1st to last in the space of two corners by a barrage of attacks or if you make a mistake and fall off the track this can make you say a few choice words and frustrate you slightly other than this it is a thoroughly enjoyable game with great graphics, great music and hours of fun alone or with friends.


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      31.08.2015 16:40
      Very helpful


      • "Excellent DLC"
      • "Lots of nods to Nintendo franchises"
      • "Stunning graphics"
      • Innovative
      • "Easy to pick up and play"


      • "Game can be frustrating on harder difficulty levels"

      Worth buying a WiiU for - best social gaming experience around.

      I'm happy to admit it: I'm a Mario Kart addict. Since Super Mario Kart (which still resides in my cupboard) to Mario Kart 7, I've tried to play every one, and have owned many of them.
      Still, it's said that the Mario Kart that was released closest to when you were in your teens will be the one you remember most fondly and for me that was Mario Kart 64. I adore that game and it still gets wheeled out for gatherings. Until now.
      Mario Kart 8 is Mario Kart 64 on steroids. It has stolen my 64 love and it is highly unlikely to return it.
      Let's check the positives.
      Mario Kart 8 (MK8) is a stunningly gorgeous game. Lovingly rendered drivers react to the races with facial expressions and gestures, Nintendo themed tracks burst with colour and vibrancy and a multitude of lighting effects make a MK8 race a real spectacle to behold.
      In addition, Nintendo's excellent choice of music is fitting and atmospheric and adds to the experience.
      But without good gameplay, good graphics are nothing. And handily, MK8 delivers by the bucketload. Each course has been cunningly designed to take advantage of the new ability for Karts to travel using anti-gravity, meaning you are often looping over and above your rivals. Each track is memorable, exciting and full of sneaky shortcuts to exploit.
      The handling of the Karts is something that is easy to pick up and ever so satisfying to master. Throw into the mix several hundred different variations of Kart chassis, wheels and gliders and you'll find you're often mixing things up, which keeps it fresh. Races are tricky, exciting and the barrel load of items you can use to leapfrog your opposition all add to it.
      In terms of longevity, there's 8 Grand Prix, each with 4 courses, and a further 4 can be unlocked with DLC. Time Trials, Battle Mode and online races add to the life of the game, but where it comes into its own is with four buddies. I've enjoyed countless evenings of racing, swearing, laughing and hilarious facial expressions playing MK8 with friends. The action replay of each race is sure to lead to more entertainment as you watch Princess Peach viciously pummel Toad with a green shell to steal 2nd place. I would go on record as saying it's the best 'party' game I've played.

      So we come to the negatives. Or rather, the negative. No game is perfect and MK8 is not an exception to this rule. When playing the most challenging difficulty levels the game has a habit of hitting you with a barrage of items when you are in first place, quite often on the final lap. Therefore despite your driving skill it can often leave you feeling a bit cheated.

      To summarise: I bought a WiiU for this game. If you enjoy Nintendo, gaming with friends or gaming with your kids - buy this game.


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      26.02.2015 21:21
      Very helpful


      • "Customisation of vehicles"
      • "Online Play"
      • "Longevity / Replayability"
      • Graphics
      • "Pick Up & Play"


      • "Steering Wheel Mode"

      A racing game for people who don't necessarily like racing games

      Mario Kart 8 is a flagship Wii U game - I got it bundled in with the Wii U I bought for my Daughter at Xmas 2014. Many people will have bought the Wii U specifically to play this game.

      My story isn't quite that simple, I'm not a big fan of Racing games and my Daughter has never shown any inclination towards them either, however she stumbled across a display console in a toy shop, played the demo and from there on in we were both hooked.

      The game is pretty simple and very easy to play, three laps of a colourful, charming and often gravity defying circuit racing as one of a huge number of Mario characters against up to nine other larger than life characters. Power ups are dotted around the course and can be used to blow up, shoot or otherwise hinder the opposition, or to simply speed you up in pursuit of first place.

      The courses are divided into a variety of cups, master the easiest cup to unlock the next set of tracks, complete that cup and you unlock yet more until such time as you've got all the tracks. Similarly the range of characters you can use can be expanded by unlocking them as you go along. As a bonus you can unlock characters in single or multiplayer mode.

      There is yet more unlocking to be done in terms of vehicle modifications - you start with a decent range of vehicles and get to choose your own chassis, wheels and parachute... the range expands as you go along and you can create some very amusing scenes such as Donkey Kong riding a teeny bike.

      Online play is a joy, particularly when competing against friends and family who you can 'trash talk' using the gamepads built in microphone. You can play using the standard mode of just racing or you can play a small number of other variants either as a member of a team or as a free for all.

      Online play against the world is largely for fun, though there is a crude ladder system whereby you start with 1000pts and either gain or lose points dependant upon where you finish in each race... I believe the system pairs you up with similarly skilled opponents as I've yet to feature in a race with someone obviously far superior in terms of their score.

      Whichever mode you use you get to watch replays of the races and these in themselves are excellent value, offering mutiple angles of key moments like the time you wiped out a friend with a strategically thrown banana skin or when you took a corner perfectly to overtake three opponents.

      The only minorgripe I have is the default setting for use of a remote, which is to assume its in a steering wheel... some may find steering by moving your hands easier than pressing the left and right buttons but not me.

      It's an otherwise excellent game all round.


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