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7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet - Jason Vale

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  • It actually works
  • Easy read
  • Quick fix
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    5 Reviews
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      12.05.2015 13:15
      Very helpful


      • "It actually works"
      • "Diet/health boost boot"
      • "Easy read"


      • "Quick fix"

      Brilliant healthy quick fix to loose a few lbs

      I do love this book and I will keep it in my kitchen forever as it can be used over and over again for years to come. Its a great way to loose a few pounds before an event or kick start your healthy lifestyle. I bought it for both.

      I had put on over a stone over 2 years due to working on intense property projects and didnt have the time to eat properly or healthily. I am useless at exercise and never seem to be able to stick to a work out video or going on a run so I heard about the Juice Diet and this book was widely available and cheap enough so I bought it alongside a juicer from amazon.

      I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. As soon as the book arrived I gave it a good read. I think Jason Vale really knows how to communicate and relate to his readers. I mean he was obese and on the road to destruction so I felt he really had the right to be saying what he was.

      The recipes are really interesting, some quirky and not as you would expect. There were certain ingredients I was unsure about in a juice like beetroot but many I loved like avocado (I could eat them daily), lemon, pineapple and lots of really fresh sounding produce.

      Funnily enough I was worried this diet would be costly as there is so much you need to buy (68 apples for instance) but it came in at a 3rd cheaper than my usual weekly shop so I was chuffed as you have 5 fulfilling juices a day.

      Once I had all the ingredients it was time to go. I was dubious as to if it would work but thought the facts seems obvious - you're not consuming solid food so surely you loose weight. My goal was rather big so the 7lbs target was just the beginning and would be a great starting point. Jason gives you lots of advice and tips and its amazing how a week can sail by.

      To be honest if you can't commit to a week of your life then don't even bother buying this book. It's one week that is it, its not a lot to ask and its barely any effort at all.....you're just making juices and drinking them and the lbs fall off (apparently).

      Well I lost 2lbs the morning of my second day, I was ecstatic and hopeful for the rest of the week. The juices were really yummy and even though I didn't take them as easily as the book suggests I still got them all in and never once felt hungry. I also didn't have any cravings for anything. The only thing I will say is that if you're used to cooking daily you will miss this. I lost 8Lbs in the week and I won't look back. I felt amazing! My family are now doing it.


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      14.12.2012 18:13
      Very helpful




      The title of my review is a quote that Jason must repeat at least a billion times in his book!

      I bought a juicer a while ago and this book came with it. I'd never heard of Jason Vale, aka the juice master prior to recieving this book and wasn't too impressed after reading the first couple of pages but decided to read the whole thing to see if it would give me any tips or tell me something that I didn't already know about juicing and juice fasting.

      Untortunately, it didn't - the book mainly talks about how amazing Jason is, how amazing the supplements that Jason sells on his website are, and so on. Jason tells us in the first few pages that we need to read the book from start to finish without skipping any pages, so I did. After about twenty pages I was really bored. The guy just seems to ramble on and on and on about completely irrelevant stuff which I have no interest in at all and his attempts at humour fail miserably.

      After reading through about a hundred pages of rambling and boasting I eventually came across the 'can't be a*sed syndrome' chapter, which I actually found quite motivating and mildly humerous. However, Jason makes the mistake of talking to the reader like they're overweight and unmotivated whereas this really isn't the case for me and I found it quite patronising. I work hard to keep in shape and eat right so to keep reading the same things over and over in regards to motiviation and weight loss was quite annoying.

      He states in his first chapter that he didn't want to put 'diet' in the books title but was forced to by the publishers, yet everything about the book just screams generic diet book! He does mention the health benefits of juicing very briefly and says that one glass of juice contains more nutrients in it than a weeks worth of the average persons meals put together, but he never really goes into detail about the nutritional and scientific side of it which I found dissapointing. As for the diet plan, I found it really vague. He lists the ingredients like 'five carrots, one tomatoe, apples.'

      He never, ever tells us how many apples we need which I found soooo annoying and had to look online - turns out it's 2 apples per juice. Almost all of the juices need to be blended with an avocado and ocassionaly yoghurt, but as I'm a Vegan I didn't put yoghurt in mine. You also need to buy various supplements including wheatgrass and spiriluna. I followed the plan for three days but found the plan too repetitive and kept getting annoyed and confused about the portion sizes because he's so vague in his description. What I do like is that each recipe has a page next to it which gives information about what vitamins the particular juice contains eg calcium and so on although again, he's very vague with how much of the vitamin the juice actually contains.

      Overall I'd recommend watching fat, sick and nearly dead then buying a juice recipe book and finding a juice fast plan on join the reboot (a website). The book is vague, boring and should be titled 'I'm so great, look at me, buy my stuff!' by Jason Vale.

      Two out of five stars.


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        14.04.2010 22:19
        Very helpful



        7 juicy days to lose at least 7lbs if you can stick at it

        7lbs in 7 days super juice diet - here we go again I thought. Even though I know that the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is a balanced diet and exercise I'm still a sucker for a quick fix. My husband constantly teases me about the many diet books I have lying about the house. I should really be a size eight with all the diets I've been on but I can assure you I'm not!

        I got this book free when I bought a Phillips juicer (I was actually buying the juicer to do another detox diet!). Jason Vale has quite a distinctive style of writing. It's certainly very easy to read but some people might find it a bit patronising at times.

        Firstly in the book we find out about Jason himself, or the Juicemaster, as he is known! Jason used to be overweight and have various health problems such as asthma and exzema. Juicing changed his life and he now lets others in on his secrets.

        We then hear from some people who have had great results following this very diet. At this stage I was very cynical about this diet as I thought there was no way I could survive on just juice for 7 days! Jason then lays out the 'rules' and it's clear this is an all or nothing diet but he also says 'Keep an open mind' so I did!

        The book goes on to explain many of the benefits juicing can give you including better skin, more energy and better sleep. Of course though the main reason people do it is to lose weight! And that's what I wanted to do.

        Jason asks that you read the whole book through in order and what follows in the next few chapters is him answering people like me who are cynical about whether this is healthy or sustainable. He also talks about the nutrients we receive from fruit and veg and how they can often help with medical conditions. I actually have another of his books, Juicemaster - keeping it simple, and he goes into more detail on what juices help with what here.

        I found that it was important to read all the chapters of this book as they are very motivating and it gives you the background ready to start the actual diet.

        We finally get to the actual diet...

        Firstly he tells you what you will need and if you haven't already got most of this stuff it's going to be an expensive start to the diet! You need a decent juicer, a blender, a good flask and your ingredients - there are also some other things he recommends. I don;t think they're all needed though.

        The list of fruit, veg and supplements you have to buy is extensive and this is a definite downside to this diet - it is expensive to follow. I actually bought slightly less after the first two days as I wasn't using quite as much as he states in each recipe as I didn't need it.

        Each day then has a breakdown for what you should drink. You start every day with a hot water with lemon, lime or mint. You then go on to have a juice for breakfast, one mid-morning, one early afternoon, one late afternoon, one in the evening and a natural tea before bed. He also recommends two exercise sessions a day. Every day also has juicy comments for you to read to motivate you through the day.

        There's then a Juicy Journal for you to record your progress and your thoughts and feelings throughout the seven days. I did read these but I didn't fill in the details. The next chapter is all your recipes for the diet.

        The final stage of the book 'Turbo charge plan' is about how to maintain this healthy, juicy lifestyle in the future. It contains some key principles as well as some more recipes for the future.

        I completed the seven days and was very pleasantly surprised by how I felt during it. I wasn't constantly hungry as the juices really are quite filling, the thing I found hardest was not chewing on anything but more out of habit than because I was hungry. I'm not saying it doesn't take any willpower - it does especially when all around you are eating but if I can stick to it anyone can!

        Actually that wasn't the hardest thing, the hardest thing was cleaning the juicer. As I work I had to make three juices in the morning and then clean the juicer before I left the house. You really have to clean the juicer right away or it's absolutely disgusting. You do have to be pretty organised to do this diet especially if you spend most of the day out of the house as most of us probably do!

        As I mentioned before it's also quite expensive, once you've bought all the equipment, ingredients and recommended supplements you really have to see the diet through as you've spent so much!

        Oh and spirulina - one of the recommended buys from a health food shop - really is the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted and the taste does not disappear in the juice.

        Sooooooo was it worth it? Well, I was delighted to lose ten pounds :-) and I bought some of his other books and I do drink fresh juices quite regularly now. I can't keep it up to the same extent he recommends though and I take my hat off to anyone who can. I will do this every three months though before a big occassion.


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          15.05.2009 10:51
          Very helpful



          Worth a Look

          Jason Vale 7 pounds in 7 days

          Jason Vale was initially an overweight, heavy smoker with severe Asthma, Eczema and psoriasis who transformed or reformed himself into "Jason Vale" author of various books on Juicing and Diet and according to the various Blurb has sold over ½ million copies in the UK alone.

          Jason is now on a mission to transform the eating habits of the nation Jamie Oliver style via his business www.juicemaster.com.

          I first heard about Jason Vale's diet whilst reading a magazine article concerning Jordan and how she lost 2 Stone after the birth of her child with Jason Vale acting in an advisory capacity.

          What appealed to me initially was the idea that harnessing the natural goodness from Fruit and Vegetables into a juice can be a great dietary aid; intrigued I bought the book and delved further.

          Jason's style of writing is direct and quirky and also occasionally a little bit "sales orientated" but this doesn't deviate from what is essentially a highly informative and interesting read.

          The initial Chapters focus upon informing the reader about Jason's journey towards Juicing whilst incorporating general information regarding how certain foods affect our bodies and why we need to make changes.

          The book also contains a good selection of Juicing and smoothies recipes and a helpful A-Z section of Fruits and Vegetables and their nutrients etc.

          Overall, the book is Informative, helpful and definitely a good start for people who want to explore juicing. I did loose the 7 pounds in 7 days following the plan and think that as a Detox the plan is easy to follow and sustainable for 7 days.

          Enjoyable Read, bursting with information, effective introduction to Juicing and the benefits.

          Jason's style of writing and humor may not appeal to everyone and there is a lot of emphasis upon steering the reader towards the Jason Vale Brand. Although in essence this is just good marketing and common place for most diet and health orientated books.


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            15.01.2009 22:55
            Very helpful



            Try this if you need to lose weight quickly and learn to keep it off

            Why did I get this book?

            I got this book free with the Philips juicer I bought for my husband's birthday in September.
            When I saw the title I chuckled and thought "another rubbish diet". I read it anyway and liked the tone straight away.
            Jason Vale used to be unfit, he used to smoke a lot, he used to be lazy and addicted to fast-food. He decided to do a complete u-turn and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

            What is the book about?

            The first part of the book is mainly about giving the reader a kick up the backside. You may decide it's not for you or you may do what I did: read it, get motivated and get on with the 7 day detox.
            The detox lasts 7 days and consists of drinking only freshly-made fruit and veg juices and water and herbal teas in between.

            It sounds like torture but I was amazed at how full I felt after drinking each home-made juice. There are a lot of avocados, bananas and pineapple involved and that's already quite filling.

            I'm not going to say it's easy. It wasn't. But come day 3 I was used to the routine of juicing 5 times a day and didn't feel like raiding my kitchen cupboard.

            I'd advise you to clean your juicer straight after use or it can be a pain if you leave it on the kitchen side as you won't feel like cleaning it later on in the day.

            The second part of the book tells you what food you need to buy. There is a shopping list of essential items (fruit and veg) and some optional stuff which you can easily find in Holland and Barrett.

            Once you have done all the shopping and armed yourself with willpower and determination you can get on with the detox.

            What I liked about this book is that Jason Vale warns you about every possible feeling you may experience while doing the detox (both physical and mental).

            Each day of the 7-day plan is different. You get to try varied fruit/veg juices and if you get bored of them, Jason even suggests different ones you can replace the ones on the plan with. I like this as I'm not usually one to be told what to do, so that gave me some flexibility.

            All along the book, I enjoyed the motivating no-nonsense tone. Every day, I'd reread some pages to keep myself motivated.

            J.Vale explains what each juice will do to you, what effects they will have on your body.

            Once you've finished the 7 day plan, which I think is quite an achievement, Jason Vale suggests some menus for the following 2 weeks so your body can get back to eating solid food.

            I know it may sound crazy or dangerous to some of you but I did this detox and I'm still here. Best of all I'm lighter, don't stuff my face anymore and think carefully about what I eat now. I can also fit into my size 10 jeans again and I have more energy than before.

            It may or may not be for you but as long as you find the willpower, you can do it.

            Where can I get this book?

            You can buy this book on Amazon for £3.99. The original price was £6.99.

            It was published in 2006.

            The ISBN is 0-00-777165-7


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